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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

144 Woodside Court
Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB2, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Domonique A. Dutrieuille, Howard L. Murray Jr. for $180,000.

143 South King Street
LVC Kings to Alexander R. Mercado, Grethel Zuniga for $70,000.

125 North Lancaster Street
Michael E. Bordner Estate, Eric M. Bordner to Eric M. Bordner for $1.

301 East Main Street
Thomas P. and Julie A. Tshudy to Thomas P. Tshudy for $1.

202 West Sheridan Avenue
Matthew C. and Megan K. Ball to Cristina E. and Gerhard F. Mullican for $271,000.

205 West Sheridan Avenue
Casey V. and Emily Burke to Sarah A. Glasser for $150,000.

450 West Main Street
Kevin L. and Stephanie L. Keener to Danielle M. and Robert J. Viola for $206,000.

Bethel Township

17 Horizon Drive Lot 114
Beth A. V. Barto to Rachel L. Guzman for $223,000.

23 Mull Lane
Beatrice D. Mull Estate, Kenneth E. Mull, Ruth A. Funck to Kenneth E. Mull, Ruth A. Funck for $1.

131 Laurel Drive Lot 95
Jacqueline M. Gbur to Amie M. Adams for $156,000.

348 Mowery Road Lot 3
Hennick Construction Inc. to Daniel G. Files, Leslie A. Skinner for $324,900.

City of Lebanon

224 Walnut Street
Deborah J. Isenberg to Frank L. Isenberg III for $169,900.

122 East Pershing Avenue Lot 4
Ralph and Mandi Mase to Back To Your Roots Properties for $175,000.

456 North 5th Street
Edward A. and Alice I. Horney Sr. to Jose F. F. Rivera, Claribel G. D. Felipe for $125,000.

34 North 12th Street
Amr Hassan to Ahmed S. Shalabi for $64,000.

64 Tiffany Lane Lot 40
Terri I. Rodriguez, Juan R. Torres to Tammy M. Marks for $150,000.

1031 Lehman Street Etc.
Rehn Properties to EMS Enterprises for $1,235,000.

1231 Elm Street
James P. and Ann M. Foster to Andrew P. and Martha J. Carrigan for $287,000.

976 Quentin Road
Emily M. and Joseph E. Adams to Lenin Rodriguez, Massiel Daliza for $199,900.

429 Walnut Street
Ivette O. Diaz, Alfredo Rivera to Randolph Williams for $50,000.

631 East Weidman Street
Jasen L. and Tina L. Geesaman to Kermit L. Rosado, Myrna L. Vazquez for $115,000.

1531 Oak Street
David A. Arnold to Katrina Wells for $345,000.

427 Lehman Street
Kevin L. Martin to Milton Cruz for $50,000.

801, 802, and 803 Maple Street
Christopher Martin to Orlando D. Rosado for $44,500.

976 Quentin Road
Lenin and Massiel D. Rodriguez to Lenin and Massiel D. Rodriguez for $1.

237 South Partridge Street
Elam F. and Lizzie B. Lapp to JLJ Enterprises LLC for $17,500.

327 South 10th Street
Kevin L. Kocher to Tammy Suter for $100,000.

929 Hauck Street
Albert L. and Darlene J. Pundt to John Krzesniak for $185,000.

1238 Lafayette Street Lots 69, 70, and 71
Janette L. Frick to Joshua D. Gurdus for $105,000.

21 North 5th Street
Maureen P. Marinkov to Deana L. and David B. Reinhold for $1.

222 South Eighth Street
Jeffrey R. and Denise M. Eager to Premier Home Solutions for $80,000.

523 Walnut Street
Amos L. Zook to Graydex Properties for $379,900.

416 Elm Street
Stephen and Cathy Kaninberg to Arthur Wolfe Jr. for $240,000.

1521 Woodland Street
Randy E. and Jill S. Kreiser to John and Tamara L. Flickinger for $226,200.

754 Lehman Street
Urszula Maleszewski to Omar Santiago for $172,900.

314 North 11th Street
Osbaldo and Danil Pena to Matarazzi Contracting for $15,000.

741 North Hanover Street
Bethany B. and Daniel S. Brandt to Bethany B. and Daniel S. Brandt for $1.

540 North 8th Street Part of Lot 82
Michael L. Zentz to Premier Home Solutions for $50,000.

332 South 8th Street
Andrew J. Schrum to Diana James for $169,000.

9 Berwyn Park
Joseph A. and Mary M. Goodfellow, Patrick Coyne to Denise Mehalshick, Michael Klebba for $276,000.

114 Maple Street
James M. and Tara L. Schlegel to Yuly A. T. D. Roman for $109,900.

727 North 2nd Avenue
Jeffrey L. Sharp to RW Marketing for $90,000.

417, 418, and 419 North 5th Street
Sandra J. and Gerald W. Light to Flippers & Keepers for $65,000.

138 and 142 Cumberland Street
Steven R. and Julie Gibble to Lebanon County Realty for $425,000.

524 Maple Street
Dawn L. Aller Estate, Donald L. Aller to REO Trust 2017 RPL1, REO Trust 2017-RPL1 for $2,947.

50 Woodland Estates Unit 29
Lloyd R. Kreider Estate, Scott R. Kreider to William W. and Nancy R. Smeltzer Jr. for $162,900.

1606 Oak Street
Louise K. Koons Estate, Mina K. Hankins to Amy J. Page, Susan M. Hartman for $169,900.

310 South 1st Avenue
Jay B. Arenas to Jay B. and Joannie Arenas for $10.

27 East Pershing Avenue
Bradley P. Smith Estate, Sharon M. Smith to Dash Management Group LLC for $100,000.

133 South Second Street
Jeffrey Q. Cancel to Lianne M. F. Rosado for $99,000.

5 Guilford Street
Howard F. and Brenda L. Waltermeyer to Scott H. and Tammy V. Waltermeyer for $1.

1019 Lehman Street
Emanuel G. Fisher to Benuel L. Beiler for $135,000.

712 South 6th Street Lots 237, 238, 239, and 240
Carla M. Weaver Estate, Carla M. Peterson Estate, Eric A. Peterson to Christina Laughner, Howard Gathright for $100,000.

407 East Pine Street Lot 76
Mary A. Wagner to Dustin C. Johnson for $190,000.

1015 Lehman Street
Emanuel G. Fisher to Eli E. and Anna S. Blank for $266,750.

1205 Poplar Street
Carl E. White Jr. Estate, Douglas C. White to Barry E. and Goni B. Lyter Sr. for $187,000.

Cleona Borough

211 East Maple Street
Andrew S. and Krista L. Krause to Harmonie J. and Nathan L. Sherk for $194,500.

34 Dogwood Lane Lot 30
Promise Land to Dave L. and Kelly J. Donmoyer for $128,000.

224 Cyrus Street
Rebecca J. G. Harlan to Stephanie R. and Ramon H. Hernandez for $290,000.

Cornwall Borough

332 Pamela Lane Lot 74
Jordyn Columbo to Greg and Kathryn McIlvaine for $181,825.

209 High Street Lot 1
Lucinda S. Donley to Trevor C. and Jacqueline Donley for $290,500.

1010 Villa Drive Unit 291
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to David J. and Vickie L. Spotts for $409,622.

318 Boyd Street Lot 10
Robert L. Thomas III to Merissa L. Dimino for $170,000.

28 Burd Coleman Road
Chester A. Smith Jr. to Joel A. and Jessica S. Smith for $100,000.

138 Maple Lane Lot 28
Matthew and Jenna M. McKenzie to T. Maenad Widdershins, Wayne Chandler for $570,000.

1014 English Drive Unit 336
Gerald R. and Dawn A. Winton to Anthony M. and Christina A. Sutsko for $250,000.

30 Burd Coleman Road
Scott J. and Judy L. Russo to Scott J. Russo for $1.

653 Aspen Lane Lot 101
Michael and Melissa L. Walmer to Michael Walmer for $10,000.

1202 Ash Lane Lot 130
Barbara M. and Samantha R. Wertheimer to Steven Ziegler, Lydia A. Brubaker for $405,000.

East Hanover Township

11 Old Canal Drive Lot 7
Donald E. Witmer to William J. Baer Jr., Erika L. Green for $223,500.

10770 Jonestown Road Etc.
Swatara Real Estate Holdings to Adam L. McTavish for $53,000.

Heidelberg Township

115 Valley View Road
Gloria A. Krall, Audrey L. Leonard, Dawn M. Blouch to Travis G. and Danielle M. Gundrum for $215,000.

4601 Stiegel Pike
Michael B. Reedy, Debra K. Chillas, Lori A. McNaughton, Michele S. Achey to Joseph G., John D., and Christopher L. Barry for $1,800,000.

253 Sheep Hill Road
Andrew J. and Crystal M. Wiegand, Fred Wiegand Builder Inc. to Scott A. Gering Revocable Trust, Megan A. Foster Revocable Trust, Scott A. Gering, Megan A. Foster for $838,500.

450 Sheep Hill
Joseph C. Zook to Joseph E. Zook for $1.

Jackson Township

590 Stracks Dam Road
Margaret Walmer Estate, Margaret B. Walmer Estate, Harry W. and James A. Walmer, Nancy L. Boyer to Nancy L. Boyer for $1.

51 Lengle Road
Leon B. and Erla M. Weaver to Gerald N. and Marie Z. Weaver for $1.

30 West Rosebud Road Etc. Lots 15, 16 Block B
Malcolm C. and Constance M. Stephens to Malcolm C. and Constance M. Stephens for $1.

10 Oak Tree Lane
Mark L. and Julie M. Girton to Kenneth D. and Joan A. Wasenmiller for $350,000.

1071 Miller Road
Maureen E. Brubaker to Bonnie L. Heist for $1.

28 East Strack Drive Lot 1
Jonas J. and Fannie Z. Peachey to David M. and Linda S. Peachey for $160,000.

139 Wintersville Road
Gary S. Hurst, Twila H. Weaver to Adwin K. Dueck, Heidi R. Zimmerman for $235,000.

10 Oak Tree Lane Corrective Deed
Mark L. and Julie M. Girton to Kenneth D. and Joan A. Wasenmiller for $365,000.

37 East Rosebud Road
Marion M., Martha M., Reeda L., and Marie H. Sadler to Anthony S. and Kristen R. Varner for $301,000.

37 Laurel Drive Lot 32
Mike G. and Mary Moeslein to Courtney Brandt, Andrew Achenbach for $165,000.

Jonestown Borough

17 Hill Street
Mary J. Grimes to Pamela Sides Glasgow Living Trust, Dennis R. Glasgow, Keith W. Lipford for $208,000.

(UPI #13-2322614-397473-0000)
Mary J. Grimes to Donald K. and Peggy S. Pietrak for $20,000.

37 North Water Street Lot 4 Section A
Carol A. Bonner Estate, Ryan B. Longenecker to Ryan B. and Loretta Longenecker for $145,000.

41, 42, and 43 West Market Street
John C. and Caroline L. Jernigan Sr. to Bradley D. and Andrea Bowman for $220,000.

Millcreek Township

342 West Main Street
Scott M. and Kim E. Lengel to Lamar N. and Alejandra M. Martin for $245,000.

26 and 28 West Main Street
Kada Group LLC to Amos L. Zook for $275,000.

NS East Bethany Road Lot 1
Hurst Family Limited Partnership to Elvin W. Hurst Family Trust, Helen M. Hurst Family Trust, Elvin W. and Dale Hurst Jr., Dolores H. Funk for $1.

923 Texter Mountain Road Lot 14
Merlyn E. and Naoma I. Witzke to Roman A. and Rebecca A. Lehman for $300,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

216 Brown Avenue Lots 263, 264, and 264 1/2
Thomas O. and Karen M. Muldoon to Elizabeth B. Miller for $441,000.

416 West Yale Avenue
Daniel B. Strickler, Garey D. and Patricia K. Wilmsen Jr., William D. and Stephanie W. Davis to Dress Blues, Dress Blues LLC for $299,000.

Myerstown Borough

18 East Maple Avenue
Ryan Mellinger to Ryan and Hollis Mellinger for $1.

608 South Railroad Street
Craig P. Smith to Xiomara A. R. Roman for $149,900.

145, 146, and 147 West Main Avenue
Jason A. and Sara E. Schwalm, Daniel M. and Ashly L. Landis to John S. and Rebecca Z. Zook for $165,000.

North Annville Township

1680 Church Avenue
Patrick P. and Beverly J. Brewer to Cole M. and Melina C. Brewer for $1.

301 Kauffman Road Lot 3 Section A
Lyndith L. Garosi, Anne E. Land to Nickey R. and Donna M. Cowles for $269,915.

70 Horseshoe Boulevard
Barbara M. Kyne to Diane Nikolic for $1.

North Cornwall Township

50 Creekside Drive Lot 96
Narrows Glen Inc. to Gregory I. Calloway, Brynn E. Plumley for $91,100.

1500 Nowlen Street Lot 3
Steven S. and Janessa M. Shyda to Martin G. Basti for $315,500.

40 Creekside Drive Lot 91
Narrows Glen Inc. to Pankaj and Richa Patel for $472,867.

932 Meadowwood Circle Lot 227
Charles E. and Kimberly A. Love to Hasan Awad for $525,000.

704 Farmwood Lane Unit 105
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Thomas J. Rudy for $180,060.

104 Greenview Lane
Steven B. Kahlon, Nina Golden to Surya P. and Saraswati Subedi for $697,500.

403 Wilshire Drive Lot 66
Joseph R. Hartman to Michael Armendariz for $219,900.

547 East Union Street Lot 2
Angelica M. and Angel R. Vega to Wilmer Martinez for $80,000.

267 South 22nd Street
Patricia M. Keightly Estate, Lynn A. Zimmerman to Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore for $164,000.

23 Creekside Drive Lot 28
Narrows Glen Inc. to Cynthia T. Fonder for $398,601.

(UPI #26-2338497-358292-0000) Lot 1
TKC XLVIII to Southern End Properties for $10.

2007 Acorn Drive Lot 75
Debra A. Perlaki to Debra A. Kowalczyk for $1.

North Lebanon Township

995 Miller Street Lot 63
Nathan Beiler to Nathan P. and Casey F. Beiler for $1.

1688 Grace Avenue Lot 13
Arthur M. and Paula J. Rabold to Arthur M. and Paula J. Rabold for $1.

803 Briar Rose Avenue Unit 126
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Brian A. and Catherine B. Burtt for $345,800.

777 North 8th Avenue
Gloria Pushnik to Gloria Pushnik for $1.

775 North 8th Avenue
Gloria A. Pushnik to Gloria A. Pushnik for $1.

2944 Tunnel Hill Road
Jason M. and Nicole L. Leach to Jason M. Leach for $1.

904 Lantern Drive Lot 95
E. Allen and Patricia E. Griffith to Karen F. and Jesse E. Waltersdorff for $250,000.

336 East Maple Street
Brandi Trumbo to Esmelian Garcia, David C. Santos for $160,000.

624 Pine Street
Robert S. and A. Charity Klembus to Abigail M. Woodhouse, Alan P. McLoughlin for $157,069.

924 Willow Lane
Rosemary G. Boyer, June C. Garman to Rosemary G. Boyer, Dale E. Weaver for $1.

727 East Maple Street
Stanley P. Rzeplinski Estate, Gregory Rzeplinski to Milady S. Moreno for $155,000.

250 East Kercher Avenue
Northeastern Mennonite Conference, Northeastern Mennonite Church Conference to Messianic Mennonite Mission Inc., Messianic Mennonite Church Mission Inc. for $305,000.

252 East Kercher Avenue
Northeastern Mennonite Conference, Northeastern Mennonite Church Conference to Messianic Mennonite Mission Inc., Messianic Mennonite Church Mission Inc. for $725,000.

1132 Harvest Drive Lot 50
Ralph A. and Ralph A. Mase Jr. to Ralph A. and Mandi J. Mase Jr. for $1.

1117 Hunters Chase Lane Lot 40
Jeffrey L. and Susan L. Putt to Elizabeth Marquez, Alexander Luzon for $301,000.

North Londonderry Township

96 Lewis Road
Glen E. Sweinhart Estate, Jason G. Sweinhart to Jason G. Sweinhart for $1.

155 Oxford Road Lot 122
Ellen A. and Tim M. Larsen to Michael L. and Amy L. Nissley for $272,000.

915 South Green Street Lot 8
Franklin A. Eckert Estate, Robyn S. Eckert to William and Rosaria Henderson for $221,000.

15 Windsor Way Lot 83
Joan Govan Estate, Jane G. Robertson to Andrew J. and Rebekah K. Fischer II for $145,000.

1100 South Green Street Lot 119 Section C
DNB Investments to Elliott R. and Stacy L. Durden for $255,000.

24 Hickory Street Lot 106
James W. and Bonnie S. Martin to Conrad A. Martin for $1.

918 Fir Street Lot 26
Nicholas A. and Sandra J. Bressi to Dennis M. and Laurie L. Bergeron for $300,000.

101 Lynwood Drive Lot 69 Section D
Richard D., Jeffrey S., and Annette L. Gerhart to Jenyvee Marba, Thomas E. Gray for $397,900.

704 Cambridge Court Plot 37
Dominic Francis LLC, Francis Dominic LLC to Max S. Yudovich for $180,900.

300 West Elm Street Lot 20
Stephen N. and Alicia M. Cesare to Matthew W. Knouse, Brenda R. Ponich for $257,300.

1554 Cambridge Court
Blake A. and Kaisha A. Feaser to Michelle Cindrich for $174,100.

Palmyra Borough

140 North Grant Street Lots 29 and 30
Christopher K. and Amanda L. Davies to Jeffrey I. and Shannon M. Leedy for $250,000.

31 Sandalwood Drive Lot 29
Alan E. and Connie M. Fake to Kyle A. and Kendra L. Derstein for $231,000.

50 South Mark Street
Larry M. and Mary E. Hess to JHKProperties LLC for $425,000.

242 North College Street
Richard R. and Terri D. Harper Jr. to Palmyra Bologna Company for $130,000.

139 North College Street
Charter Property Solutions to John D. Burkholder IV for $135,000.

48 Cortland Crossing Lot 62
H R Weaver Building Systems Inc., Weaver H R Building Systems Inc. to Pratikkumar T. Patel, Jankiben H. Bhojani for $245,328.

961 East Oak Street Lot 48A
Brian and Tracey Hernley to Tonya R. Blazina for $167,900.

Richland Borough

209 North Race Street Lot 3
Kenneth E. Reedy to Scott A. and Robin D. Smith for $134,000.

3 Georgie Lane Lot 28
Carl R. and Joanne R. Hickernell to James Ojo for $232,900.

South Annville Township

(UPI #29-2312005-363224-0000) Unit 27 Building 16
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Sannel M. Patel for $279,949.

(UPI #29-2312209-363103-0000) Unit 15
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Antonio J. Aguilar for $251,787.

South Lebanon Township

147 Linda Way Lot 24
Narrows Glen Inc. to Enrico and Kristy M. Malvone for $100,800.

616 Meadow Drive
Daniel M. and Marta L. Wolford to Melissa A. Rice for $200,000.

384 Acorn Circle Lot 199
Travis G. and Danielle M. Gundrum to Terri Rodriguez, Juan T. Torres for $180,000.

5 Folmer Street
Starr Property Solutions to Barbara Minnich for $100,000.

3000 State Drive
Lotus Land to Exel Inc., DHL Supply Chain for $12,000,000.

343 Homestead Drive Lot 193
Ernestine E. Houser Estate, Edwin E. Houser, Elaine E. Gibble to Linda K. Knapp for $355,000.

1549 Cambridge Drive
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Rikka A. Banayat for $546,197.

565 Fox Ridge Lane Lot 31
David H. and Michelle N. Doan to Julie M. Nguyen for $1.

1529 Cambridge Drive
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Donald K. and Teresa B. Dresely for $497,374.

3 Fox Road Lot 11
Randall S. Searer Sr. to William N. and Natalia M. Smith II for $242,000.

South Londonderry Township

188 Fox Road Lot 33
Noriko Dohi to Mark E. and Shannon N. Barr for $451,000.

NS West Patrick Road
Longs Excavating Inc. to Kaitlyn B. Westfall, Kevin M. Lesher for $135,000.

44 North Village Circle Unit 79
Larry W. and Marianne J. Rieck to Janet M., Robert K., and Christopher R. Parks, Alicia M. and Lee E. Schlossberg for $224,900.

56 North Village Circle Unit 81
Wade Kurzinger to Wade and Carolyn E. Kurzinger for $1.

212 Piper Circle Lot 7
Jeffrey E. and Diane K. Ellenberger to PNJ Cocoa for $1,275,000.

2853 Horseshoe Pike
Lena P. Manari to A & P Music Properties for $155,000.

32 Carriage Road Lot 99
Sharon L. Plunket to Sharon L. Plunket for $1.

2093 South Forge Road Lot 3 and Part of Lot 2
Nathan B. Shanaman to Alissa Kline for $250,000.

115 Stanley Drive Lot 300
John D. Light to Richard B. and Jennifer L. Andrews for $365,000.

Swatara Township

420 North Mill Street Lot 1
Ryan B. and Loretta K. Longenecker to Steve and Samantha Fortney for $264,000.

528 Darlington Avenue Lot 16
Woodcrest Developers to Amy E. and Ryan R. Troup for $299,370.

36 Township Line Drive Lot 21
Samuel V. and Beth A. Graci to Jared M. and Trisha L. Reiber for $407,500.

301 Cindy Drive Lot 96
David T. and Jennifer L. Batz to Nicholas C. Schiavoni, Jessica B. Batz for $140,000.

(UPI #32-2324842-398383-0000) Lot 11
Woodcrest Developers to Huntilar Corporation for $65,000.

45 Frog Hollow Drive
Rebecca Kelley to Rebecca and Casey Kelley for $1.

1 Wunderlich Lane
Marc R. and Ginny L. ONeil to Marc R. ONeil for $1.

NS Fairview Lane Lots 12 and 13
Marilyn H. Schassberger to Linda S. Tshudy for $60,000.

20 Little Mountain Road
William R. and Rosanne M. ODonnell to Kbash Properties for $280,000.

13 Plum Lane
Charles L. Brown to Sylvia L. Beiler for $128,000.

10 Spruce Lane
Vernon J. Weaver to David J. Toner for $165,500.

2 Applewood Court
Blake Nielson to Old Republic Diversified Services Inc. for $443,000.

2 Applewood Court
Old Republic Diversified Services Inc. to Anthony and Andrea Fellin for $443,000.

23 Arrow Court Lot 9
Ronald Popp Jr. to Dean M. Bossler for $170,500.

Union Township

437 Jonestown Road
Kim M. Derr to Ira Fisher for $1.

522 Shepherd Street Lot 63
Collin P. and Lindsay ONeill to Lindsay A. ONeill for $1.

36 Race Horse Drive
Ruth E. Gerberich to Ruth E. Gerberich Irrevocable Trust, Pamela A. Krall, Gale G. Rostad for $1.

10, 14, 18, and 22 Hill Drive
Dane A. and Isle A. DiAngelis to Rhen Properties LLC for $475,000.

1131 Suedberg Road Lot 2
Christian E. and Sarah Shaffer to Christian E. Shaffer for $1.

200 Shepard Street Lot 128
Jordan B. Hershman to Christopher and Estephany LaRoche for $260,000.

309 Shepherd Street Lot 22
Christopher B. Bortz to Dustin R. and Rebekah A. Ulrich for $248,000.

West Cornwall Township

411 2nd Street Lot 47 Etc.
John M. and Jacy C. Hess to Jaeme B. Stankiewicz for $271,000.

609 Sixth Street
David W. Adams, Mary Kopala to Kevin G. and Jacqueline E. Long for $275,000.

202 6th Street Lot 20 and Part of Lot 22
John S. and Theodore J. Wuori to Theodore J. Wuori for $1.

7 Kauffman Avenue
James S. Roach III to Timothy J. and Daisha A. Love for $410,000.

34 Band Street
Steven M. and Shelby Linstrom to Kristin L. Butler for $175,500.

WS 1st Street
E. Jere Snavely, Kim L. and Brian J. Weidman to Kim L. and Brian J. Weidman for $1.

105 5th Street Lots 11, 12, and 13
E. Jere Snavely, Kim L. and Brian J. Weidman to Timothy D. and Lisa L. MacLean for $178,750.

374 South Butler Road
Sinclair Communications, Sinclair Media I Inc. to Kenneth A. Espenshade for $114,100.

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