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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

WS South Spruce Street Lot 2
Annville Township to Lawrence and Tonya Mayes for $15,000.

1403 Cedar Street Lot 38
KNG Holdings to Diana P. J. Bustos, Wladir B. V. Barandiaran for $195,000.

236 South 3rd Avenue Etc.
Karla M. Ludwig to Stephen W. and Kristen E. Allwein for $570,000.

1420 Todd Court Lot 40
Stephen W. and Kristen E. Allwein to Andrew and Joelle Hurst for $410,000.

21 East Main Street
MASL Properties LLC to MASL Services LLC for $1.

Bethel Township

205 Valley Drive
Jonathan R. and Sherri L. Nye to Jonathan R. and Sherri L. Nye for $1.

543 Beagle Road
Dwight L. and Jolene L. Zimmerman to Jesse Z. and Darlene F. Zimmerman for $1.

City of Lebanon

813 Cumberland Street
ARC DBPPROP001 to New Vision Holdings LLC for $10.

515 Church Street
Kyle Wenger to Darlinton Buitrago for $116,000.

712 Walnut Street
Steven A. Girard to Integrity First Home Buyers for $39,500.

140 South 8th Street
Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to EH Company LLC for $50,000.

1030 Lehman Street
Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to EH Company LLC for $60,000.

230 South 10th Street
Bernell W. Herr to Reputable Streamline Properties for $55,000.

927 Kreider Street
Kevin R. Kline to Jerry M. Earhart for $169,000.

29 Hoke Avenue
Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Melissa L. Landry for $165,000.

538 Walnut Street
Ruthann Davies to Gumercindo Garcia, An H. Duong for $45,000.

21 and 23 Lehman Street
Jerry C. Morris to Jerry C. and Gerald S. Morris, Dawn M. Austin for $1.

513 Chestnut Street and 522, 523, and 524 Walton Street, Etc.
Christopher Kimmell to BD Thorpe Holdings for $165,000.

517 Chestnut Street
Christopher C. Kimmell to BD Thorpe Holdings for $125,000.

915 Guilford Street
Larry Jones, Robin C. Swope to Michael A. Yoder for $20,250.

1317 Elm Street
Rebecca Lockard to Stephen Moore for $116,000.

223 East Cumberland Street
Paul Stoltz to CY Properties LLC for $110,000.

1241 Willow Street
Thomas E. and Kristen M. Wolfe to Jhoanna A. P. Paulino for $75,000.

908, 909, and 910 Cumberland Street
Starrwar Properties, Starrwarr Properties, Starr War Properties, Starr Warr Properties to Iskander A. and Antoinette Issis for $95,000.

614 Orange Street
Hope Kambakis to Lydia House LLC for $42,500.

239 Walnut Street
Craig B. Gates to Joseph S. Clark for $79,000.

637 Maple Street
Renee L. and Renee L. Wike to Mary T. McCabe for $117,000.

474 North Fifth Street
Angel L. and Madeline Rosado to Ramona Fabian for $15,000.

897 East Mifflin Street
Stephanie W. and Christopher A. OHara to Anthony Cherry for $115,000.

1123 Brandywine Street and 1116 Brandywine Street
Carole F. and Scott D. Koons to Scott D. and Cheri A. Koons for $1.

941 East Scull Street
Integrity First Home Buyers to Alexander M. Olson for $130,000.

901 Reinoehl Street
Loretta A. Shimer to Geronimo S. Serrano for $195,000.

831, 832, and 833 Hill Street
Sean F. and Cheryl M. Adams to Glick Properties LLC for $207,000.

824 Federal Street
J. Brian Krall to KZ Hometown Investments for $39,000.

425 Willow Street
Evan G. and Tracey C. Stauffer to VJW Enterprises for $114,000.

Cleona Borough

116 North Washington Street
Juan Torres, Norma Barraza to Eric Knight for $235,000.

Cornwall Borough

138 Ironmaster Road Lots 1 and 2
George L. and Cynthia J. Jenkins to Nicholas Kreiser, Megan Bogus for $394,500.

30 Valley View Drive Lot 54 Phrase C
Byler Management Co. LLC, Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC to Frank L. Cuce, Shriver Lenox for $925,000.

120 Iron Valley Drive Lot 20
Dennis and Marlene Bialecki to Kayla and Brendan Gephart for $1,110,000.

113 Iron Valley Drive Lot 18
James E. Williams, Marilyn T. Knight to Tommy J. and Erin E. Takemoto for $575,000.

742 Aspen Lane Lot 227
Mark P. and Maryann J. Kearney to Arthur J. Arnold Jr., Carol E. Liguori for $490,000.

NS Boyd Street Lot 19
Byler Management Co. LLC to Jeremiah J. and Gia Zimmerman for $325,000.

1014 Riverstone Circle Unit 375
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Paul F. and Jean E. Kreuzberger for $346,495.

East Hanover Township

19 Sherks Church Road
Orin A. and Lisa M. Clark to Clayton S. Minnich, Kaylea L. Lerch for $275,000.

1893 Blacks Bridge Road
Kenneth R. and Eleanor L. Myers to David L. and Michael S. Myers for $1.

10780 Jonestown Road Lot 1
Ricardo A. O. Fuentes, Ana M. I. Madariaga to Sharon A. H. Tinder for $42,000.

7 Racehorse Drive
Dennis M. and Dawn M. H. King to Dennis M. and Dawn M. H. King for $1.

ES North State Route 934
Conrads Olde Mill to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

Heidelberg Township

107 Mountain Trail Road Lot 1
Lester S. and Elva M. Zimmerman to Derrill L. and Marilyn L. Hoover for $404,000.

3 Trump Lane
Gregory L. Trump Estate, Nicholas Trump to Deborah A. Trump for $1.

236 South Lancaster Avenue
Anthony J. and Annalisa Long to Micah J. Rutt for $185,000.

500 Oak Street
Mary E. Smith Estate, Stephanie Kleinfelter to Jordan K. and Tonya Zimmerman for $151,000.

350 South Lancaster Avenue Lot 6
Edwin D. and Bethany G. Strubhar to Raymond and Hope Pope for $290,000.

ES South Lancaster Avenue
Anthony J. and Annalisa Long to Micah J. Rutt for $1.

214 Albright Road
Elaine M. Burkholder to Justin M. and Amanda J. Gehman for $105,000.

Jackson Township

21 Springhouse Drive Lot 152
Victorine M. Dissinger, Patricia L. Singer to Gerald M. and Mary S. Cook for $215,000.

1030 North College Street
Virgil D. Martin to Isaiah G. Zeiset for $190,000.

13 Dragonfly Court Lot 131
Scott A. and Michelle E. Schmidt to Katelyn M. Uglialoro, Richard M. Minetree Sr. for $274,000.

6 Gable Drive Lot 84
Bryan C. and Ashlie N. Haag to Bryan C. Haag for $1.

159 Gable Drive Lot 71
Susan C. Evans Estate, Kevin M. Brown to Baja Dreams for $186,000.

151 Oaken Way Lot 22
Matthew and Kori Landis to Chris M. and Taylor J. Hibshman for $429,900.

501 Stracks Dame Road Lot 10 Quit Claim Deed
Jesse K., Martha H., Jay M., and Brenda D. Weaver to Jay M. Weaver for $0.

501 Stracks Dam Road Lot 10 Quit Claim Deed
Jay M. Weaver to Jay M. Weaver, Samantha Gelsinger for $0.

536 East Lincoln Avenue
Dane M. Willems to Dane M. and Sara L. Willems for $0.

235 Limestone Drive Lot 209
Christopher S. and Erin E. Coombe to Royer Properties for $195,000.

Jonestown Borough

204 Rose Lane Lot 4
Jacques S. and Annabelle Philippe, Andre N. and Basmatie Sarjoo to Jacques and Annabelle Philippe for $1.

233 Rose Lane Lot 28
Norika Francismezger, Matthew Colecchia to Francisco Martinez for $275,000.

30 North King Street
John C. and Caroline L. Jernigan to Alissa M. Shimanski for $210,000.

120 Creek View Drive Lot 224
Steven W. Mervine to Jordan B. and Kateleigh N. Hershman for $305,000.

323 Swatara Creek Drive Lot G-192
Nicole L. Brandt to Nikki L. Showalter for $245,000.

226 Rose Lane Lot 15
Thomas J. and Kathleen Tinklenberg to Lauren E. Bruce for $315,000.

Millcreek Township

10 Village Drive Lot 30
Robert A. and Jennifer L. Sill to Duane T. and Jeanne Dixon for $255,000.

300 West Main Street
Patricia M. Brubaker to Grube Properties LLC for $57,500.

28 Treeline Drive Lot 120
Brandy L. and Dean R. Martin to Ryan M. Snook, Sophia M. Balmer for $240,000.

332 Stricklerstown Road Corrective Deed
Eleanor R. Hartranft Estate, Barry L., Rickie A., and Randy L. Hartranft, Donna M. Claypoole to Randy L. Hartranft for $1.

5 Evergreen Way Lot 321
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Lydia J. Eberly for $196,246.

Myerstown Borough

214 East Carpenter Avenue Lot 30
Jerry C. Morris to Jerry C. and Gerald S. Morris, Dawn M. Austin for $1.

North Annville Township

711 West Main Street Lot B Etc.
Steven B. and Anita L. Hitz to Stacie M. Marrie for $117,000.

2045 Boltz Lane
Anthony and Karen E. Gabrielli to Paul A. and Lisa M. Vasilak for $500,000.

North Cornwall Township

218 South 17th Street Lots 74 and 75
Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to EH Company LLC for $90,000.

2111 Fieldcrest Road
James M. and Samantha J. Matters to Terry B. and Terrie C. Witt for $399,000.

848 Byler Circle Unit 118
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Michael T. Kelly for $204,060.

1300 Cornwall Road Lot 1 Etc.
Stephen K. and Patricia A. Gaidos to Haitham Ameen for $275,000.

1907 Center Street
Daniel E. Fahnestock to John J. Miller for $88,000.

808 South 16th Street Lot 51
Bruce L. and Georgianna S. Wilson to Andrew D. Shelly, Ashley Sweigart for $349,500.

118 Millview Court
Royer Properties to Virgil D. Martin for $120,000.

1725 Summit Street Lot 2
Equity Trust Company, Mark A. Dennison IRA to Craig M. and Pamela J. Brower for $245,000.

2018 Carlton Drive Lot 2018
William G. Tankersley Estate, Brian Tankersley, Scott L. Grenoble to Halima Jdioui, Mostapha Elfaiq for $140,000.

911 Meadowood Circle Lot 202
Michael P. and Wendy R. Royer to Kyle N. Gorman for $563,000.

850 Byler Circle Unit 117
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Matthew G. Glick for $182,060.

North Lebanon Township

1517 North 7th Street Lot 9 and Part of Lot 10
Brenda J. Gallagher Estate, Mary Taylor to Rebecca Brough, Gwendolyn Ward for $124,590.

1001 East Maple Street
Mary E. Zellers Estate, Richard A. Zellers to James E. Zellers for $80,000.

1829 Janet Avenue Lot 141
Sean M. and Melissa L. Landry to Thomas A. Rivera for $285,000.

1214 Lochwood Drive Lot 1
Scott B. and Linda L. Artz to Kirk Z. and Janelle S. Artz for $1.

1519 Sholly Avenue
Ian and Samantha Heim to Zachary A. Krise for $300,000.

1398 Ridge Road Lot 15
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Jose E. R. Silverio, Alexandra M. T. Vargas for $199,000.

843 Garden Avenue Lot 12
Bonnie L. Peffley, Susan K. Long to Robert H. and Brian K. Woodson for $148,000.

700 Wynnwood Drive Lot 6 Etc.
Cory L. Horst to Alexis and Zachary Edwards for $220,000.

879 Richard Drive Lot 5
Janet L. Lehman to James A. and Alison G. Roth Jr. for $139,900.

1700 Quarry Road Lot 73
Cameron P. and Samantha S. Kreiser to Samantha S. Kreiser for $1.

125 Ginger Court Unit 181
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Robert W. and Sharon K. Houser Jr. for $345,792.

129 Ginger Court Unit 179
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Steven M. and Teri A. W. Curran for $410,226.

North Londonderry Township

1302 Cambridge Court
Greg Steven Meily Living Trust to Chad Stine for $169,900.

502 Hedge Row Lane Lot 29
John H. F. and Melissa Stanley to Jason and Michele Orellana for $575,000.

1305 South Queen Street Lot 16
Lemoyne E. and Elizabeth I. Coady to Edward L. Coady for $1.

216 Sweetwater Drive Lot 200
Cameron A. and Sarah S. Sweigart to Ryan D. and Tanya L. Shaw for $445,000.

951 South Forge Road Lots 121, 122, 123, and Part of Lots 120 and 124
Michael T. and Kathleen A. Kelly to Julia Jefferson for $212,000.

17 Plum Street
Matthew S. Beard, Amber L. Moyer to Matthew S. and Amber L. M. Beard for $1.

9 Lynnwood Drive Lot 14
Daryl W. Jones, Linda E. Couture to Elena S. Baptist, Alex E. Gerhart for $230,000.

321 Wheatstone Drive Lot 206
Michael S. and Jill B. Wagner to Michael R. and Kelly Mumma for $302,500.

Palmyra Borough

137 North Chestnut Street
Smith Manor Construction LLC to Sol S. and Donald G. Foust Jr. for $195,000.

55 South Lincoln Street Lot B and Part of Lot 15
Andrea Pellerito to Sheri M. Guiseppe for $178,500.

103 South Lingle Avenue
Nicholas M. Payne to Collin Wathen for $140,000.

99, 97, 95, and 93 North Penn Street
Darrell G. Eckert to Eric T. and Beth A. E. Hoy for $1.

105 South Lingle Avenue
Ryan and Tanya Shaw to Erik H. S. Duran, Julie M. Soto for $200,000.

WS North Grant Street Lot 5
Starr M. Skishalley Estate, Steven M. Skishalley to Steven M. Skishalley, Jody M. Mitchell for $1.

554 North Chestnut Street and 556 North Chestnut Street
Mark D. and Yvonne Countryman to Mark D. Countryman for $1.

230 North Railroad Street
Michael Wagner, Elizabeth Dreibelbis to Jeffrey P. Kennedy for $169,900.

103 North Franklin Street Lot 63
Raymond L. Brown to Lindsey L. Kaschak for $237,500.

19 West Broad Street
Timothy J. and Samantha L. Darcas to Graham R. Horst for $159,000.

Richland Borough

400 Oak Street Lot 17
Eric M. Longenecker to Eric M. and Nicole L. Longenecker for $1.

124 South Race Street
Nancy A. Smith Estate, Robert T. Smith to Jonathan Claypoole for $155,000.

102 North Race Street Quit Claim Deed
Alana N. Bohn, Benjamin J. Rosenberger to Alana N. and Benjamin J. Rosenberger for $1.

South Annville Township

3 Wren Drive Lot 78
Marilyn T. Ringstaff, James L. Dye to Kenneth and Barbara Sutton for $337,000.

(UPI #29-2313622-362237-0000) Lot 36
Gardel, Garman Builders at Bachman Run LLC to Matthew D. and Kori J. Landis for $448,990.

541 South Lancaster Street
Rebecca L. Reed to Michael J. and Wendy Marini for $1.

South Lebanon Township

169 Linda Way Lot 22
Narrows Glen Inc. to Connie R. and Brian T. Witmer for $100,700.

1 Iona Road
Frime LLC to Parklynn Property Services LLC for $168,000.

744 South Third Avenue
Michael Anoia to Charleys Rodriguez for $185,000.

South Londonderry Township

46 Mockingbird Lane Lot 15
Seth R. and Abby B. Anderson to Wesley R. and Brianna N. Price for $700,000.

168 Schoolhouse Road Lot 75
Anthony F. and Wanda S. Shastay to Thomas and Noreen Dunn for $235,900.

285 East Market Street
Shirley J. Boltz Estate, Debra K. Boltz to Samantha A. Schaeffer for $240,000.

110 Fox Road
Glenn D. Steyers Estate, Karen L. Steyers to Timothy D. Steyers for $1.

7 Gold Finch Drive Lot 15
Michael and Krista E. Barley to Michael Marr, Qi Chen for $509,900.

401 Bridle Avenue Lot 95
Cesar D. Zamora, Karen Noriega to Cesar Z. Camero, Karen Noriega for $10.

399 Margaret Lane Lot 5
Joyce R. Greene to Nathan R. and Kassandra Kinney for $205,000.

2035 South Forge Road
Scott T. and Sharon Weaber to Ian A. and Samantha N. Heim for $519,900.

Lot 47 Etc.
LCSheriff Inc. to Tyler W. and Emily A. Kemberling for $65,000.

5379 Elizabethtown Road Lots 3 and 4
Gloria F. Spangler Estate, Mary A. Eshleman to Noah S. Farver for $181,000.

350 Timber Road Lot “T” Etc.
Joan S. Briody Estate, Rebecca Briody to Rachel and Rebecca Briody, Kathleen B. Roberts for $1.

5537 Elizabethtown Road
Kathi J. Mertzger to Kathi J. Burns for $1.

5670 Elizabethtown Road
Charlene R. Kreider to Kevin A. and Jodi R. Kreider for $1.

75 Cobblestone Drive Lot 46
Blair A. and Zachary R. Yiengst to Blair A. and Zachary R. Yiengst for $1.

Swatara Township

218 Swatara Circle Lot 50
Danika McCurdy to John M. Zimmerman for $260,000.

168 Black Oak Road Lot 1
Brian P. Gleason to Tyler R. Van Blargan, Desiree M. Mauriello for $277,000.

14 Greble Road
Margaret E. Tobias Estate, Donna J. Breidegam, Patti M. Livering to Paige D., Kenneth M., and Kelly J. Bachman for $168,000.

30 Kreider Drive Lot 22
Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Wells Fargo Bank for $0.

4 Garfield Avenue Lots 1, 2, and 3 of Section “K”
Carlos M. Fuentes, Ramona F. D. Medero to Carlos M. Fuentes for $1.

204 Mowery Road Lot 1
Ethel A. Kohr, Darlene D. Leeper to Andrew M. Via Sr. for $190,300.

90 and 246 Mountville Drive
Michelle L. Jeffries to Tyler K. and Kimberly S. Longenecker for $790,000.

Union Township

531 Shepherd Street Lot 51
Kevin M. and Michaleen J. Vaughn to Kevin M. and Michaleen J. Vaughn for $1.

80 Fisher Avenue
Sally A. Stoner, Michael T. Grimm to 4085 Properties for $265,000.

56 Racehorse Drive Lot 9
Adam D. Koons, Emily H. Teeple to Adam D. and Emily H. Koons for $1.

7 Lambs Lane Lot 4
Brian K. Delp to Kevin R. Kline for $260,000.

118 Ridge Road
Ernest M. and Rodica Spitler to Isadore and Loretta Ollar for $425,000.

West Cornwall Township

165 Old Mine Road Lot 1
Adam Alec to David B. Gorrell, Lisa A. Spangler for $100,000.

65 Locust Avenue Lot 1
Dudley J. and Martha E. Emick III to Donna L. Sheaffer for $289,000.

32 Birch Avenue
Russ J. and Cheryl A. Burke to Lori and Alan Borys for $340,000.

451 South Butler Road
Eastern Enterprises Inc. to Thomas and Angelia Esbenshade for $115,000.

105 Heights Avenue
James R. Musser to John E. and Vicky S. Marshall for $285,000.

West Lebanon Township

425 North 22nd Street
John C. and Pamela A. Brenner to Bruce M. Basselgia for $177,000.

2201 Lehman Street
Malvone RE to Flippers & Keepers for $325,000.

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