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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

246 East Maple Street
Kimberlee E. and Richard S. Linette, Candice M. Cordero to Brian R. and Erica L. Pluck for $269,900.

7, 8, and 9 East Main Street
Livingwater Properties to CQH Properties LLC for $584,000.

400 West Sheridan Avenue
Joseph S. and Karen M. Viozzi to Connor D. Wolf for $237,000.

1015 East Main Street
Enrico and Tiziana Mancino to Annville Outparcel LLC for $700,000.

120 North College Avenue
Dorothy J. Jennings Williams Estate, Sean W. Kelley to Brittany Reed for $1.

244 East Main Street
Flippers and Keepers to Ralph J. Fetrow for $289,000.

239 North Lancaster Street
Torrie N. Masteller to Theresa C. Mack, Joseph Wise for $103,750.

457 East Main Street
Matthew S. Ponchin, Olivia A. Salamon to Samuel R. Snyder, Morayma O. M. Molina for $190,000.

Bethel Township

2328 South Pine Grove Road Lot 2
Janelle Arnold, Kirk Artz to Caleb P. and Erin N. Stauffer for $316,350.

E of Ulsh Lane
Charles J. Snyder to James and Carley McKinney III for $117,000.

267 West Main Street Lots 41, 42, and 43
Amy L. Binkley to Gregory L. Sweigart, Ellen D. Eshleman for $236,000.

128 Blue Mountain View Drive Lot 17
Jennie Jane Snyder Estate, Jennie J. Snyder Estate, Dawn M. Bucher to Dawn M. Bucher, Jeffrey A. Snyder for $1.

City of Lebanon

211 East Guilford Street
Kevin T. Albert Sr. to Jorge L. R. Echavarry, Nilmarie Romero for $135,990.

305 Mifflin Street
Kenneth L. and Audrie L. Yetter to I360Realty.Com LLC, I360Realty Com LLC for $39,000.

1517 Elm Street
Jennifer M. and Esterlin Melendez to Eloisa E. Astacio for $125,000.

1028 Orchard Avenue
Janet D. Heiser to Starrwar Properties, Starr War Properties for $40,000.

338 Canal Street
Winfield R. Boyd Jr. Estate, Winfield R. Young to Weaver Acres for $51,700.

113 South 2nd Street
Frank Tomecek Jr. to Luis A. R. Pichardo for $158,000.

1255 Bittner Boulevard Lot 5
Samuel K. and Malinda S. Glick to Bitner Enterprise for $762,000.

444 Elm Street
George H. and Catherine M. Welch to Sambo and Salan Pich for $30,000.

39 South First Avenue Part of Lot 61
Richard L. Cooper to Luis A. Colon, Desiree N. Ruiz for $150,000.

934 Quentin Road
Caleb P. Stauffer to Randy C. Baker, Edward L. Hurd for $159,000.

1574 Chestnut Street
Russell D. Whitman to Russell D. and Andrew J. Whitman for $1.

526 Canal Street
Lebanon Valley Rental Properties to Keim Brothers for $44,500.

240 South 6th Street
Wilmer Martin to 4H Holdings for $168,000.

441 North 9th Street
Pennymac Loan Services to Rubios Enterprises LLC for $48,680.

425 North 4th Street Lot 66
Edwin Thorn to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp for $2,516.

515, 516, and 517 Lehman Street
Lehman Street Mennonite Fellowship, Church Lehman Street Mennonite Fellowship to Zook Rentals LLC for $60,000.

519 Lehman Street
Merle and Heather Zimmerman to Zook Rentals LLC for $90,000.

434 North 5th Street
Lehman Street Mennonite Fellowship, Church Lehman Street Mennonite Fellowship to Zook Rentals LLC for $15,000.

513 Lehman Street
Gregory L. and Loretta R. Martin to Zook Rentals LLC for $160,000.

1032 Colebrook Road
Gregory G. Trostle to God Love & Real Estate LLC for $166,000.

1119 Meily Street Lot 2
Jose A. and Maria Garcia to Enrique Requena II for $92,000.

818 Walnut Street
Gumercindo G. Figueroa, An H. Duong to Alaa Nassar Sr., Ola Abouheif for $64,700.

634 Walnut Street
Diane M. Sirriannia to Amos Zook Jr. for $87,000.

142 East Maple Street
Robert D. and Ashley M. Count to Robert D. Count for $1.

1015 Martin Street
TGM Real Estate to Sarah M. and Russell A. Read II for $215,000.

219 South Lincoln Avenue
Noah Lehr to Maxwell B. and Desiree E. Amerman for $265,000.

510 Spruce Street
Wilfredo and Celines Rodriguez Jr. to Francisco R. Alcantara, Fermina Pena for $120,000.

516 Locust Street
Buddy Shumate Estate, Jeannette M. Moody to Jeannette M. Moody for $1.

410 North Fourth Street
Luz J. Blanco to Wanda Navedo for $135,000.

1596 Berry Drive Lot 56
Raymond D. Wolfe to Raymond D. Wolfe for $1.

343 South 1st Avenue Lots 494, 495, 496, 497, 498, etc.
Terrence M. and Catherine U. Anderson to Maria E. R. Suarez, Robinson D. Frias for $184,900.

448 New Street
Corey and Trisha L. Stine to Angel E. A. Arocho for $82,900.

1138 Mifflin Street
Edwin Rodriguez Estate, Jeanette Torres to Benjamin R. Oliveras for $70,000.

723 North Sixth Street
David H. Miller Sr. Estate, David H. Miller Jr. to David H. Miller Jr. for $1.

363 North 4th Street
Charles R. Jordan III, Audrey M. Lied, Deborah K. McCarren to Chad E. J. and Rebekah L. Sanders for $70,000.

1416 Elm Street
Michael D. Yocum to Abdel K. A. Fattah for $159,900.

600 State Drive Lot 1 Block H, and Part of Lot 18 Block H
William A. and Brenda M. Lane to William A. and Brenda M. Lane for $1.

125 South Quince Street
George O. and Maryellen K. Martin to Gaboons for $60,000.

350 East Guilford Street
Larry A. Jones, Robin C. Swope to S & L Rental Properties for $110,000.

509 Chapel Street
Stone Edge Real Estate to Seddik Babou for $38,000.

314 Guilford Street
Kathleen M. Kimmel to Brian J. Krall for $40,000.

107 East Cumberland Street Lot 31
J. Brian Krall to Laura E. G. and Justin N. Ashcraft for $200,000.

429 North Gannon Street
U.S. Bank National Association to Cesar D. Liriano for $35,000.

414 South Lincoln Avenue
William L. and Mary A. Fields to Rebecca D. and Margaret Starr for $119,900.

34 North 5th Street
Philip J. and Andrea J. Lerch to Lydia House LLC for $47,000.

516 Maple Street
Bryan A. Ziegler to Beth A. Roth for $1.

621 Union Street
Sierra M. Vargas to Jose A. D. Feliz, Megan E. R. Diaz for $30,000.

Cleona Borough

307 East Chestnut Street
Pamella J. Heagy to Pamella J. and Bruce J. Gruenwald for $1.

22 North Washington Street
Kellie J. Kohr to William Bering for $96,000.

134 East Penn Avenue
Frederick A. and Debra A. Hess to Heather M. Herman for $175,000.

Cornwall Borough

1022 Riverstone Circle Unit 379
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Angela Santmier for $275,430.

1032 English Drive Unit 327
Mary A. S. Craig to Stephen W. Guion for $270,000.

138 Julia Lane Lot 20
Mary L. Fields, Unknown Heirs to Randler & Bolinder Real Estate for $148,000.

1062 Villa Drive Unit 317
Richard S. and Kim I. Shay to Glenn R. and Joanne L. Hower for $246,000.

1051 English Drive Unit 366
Edward C. and Carol E. Gregorich to Heather W. Buffington for $243,000.

East Hanover Township

3 Trout Lane Lake
Justine M. and Michael P. Fetterhoff to Ray R. and Susan W. Stichler for $11,000.

40 Dead End Road
Michael D. and Gail P. Smith to Richard A. and Shanne B. Shadel for $30,000.

Heidelberg Township

102 Valley View Road Lot 5
Virginia L. and Frederick N. Dulabohn to Emanuel G. Fisher for $191,000.

166 Sunnyside Road
Connie M., Brian K., and Rhonda L. Etzweiler to Brian K. and Rhonda L. Etzweiler for $1.

Jackson Township

138 Oaken Way Lot 42
Beth E. Bradnick to Joshua A. and Erika J. Bond for $375,000.

22 Bower Drive Lot 196
Bertha Dipietro to George F. and Janet Y. Seibert for $222,000.

48 Scenic Drive
Robert and Nancy A. Pelak to Leonard J. and Brenda E. Domyan Jr. for $225,000.

55 Scenic Drive Lot 347
Kevin E. Thomsen Estate, Alice G. Thomsen to Alice G. Thomsen for $1.

671 West Lincoln Avenue Lot 8 Etc.
Ellen G. Goodyear Estate, Audrey E. Stoudt, Duane W. Goodyear to Alyssa Rowe, Keith Stoudt for $145,000.

WS Martin Road Lot 3
Clair G. and Erma G. Martin, Sheldon E. and Melody A. Bicher to Clair G. and Erma G. Martin for $121,390.

501 A East Main Avenue Etc.
Clair G. and Erma G. Martin to Jenell L. Martin for $1.

899 East Lincoln Avenue Lot 1 and Part of Lot 2
HPD Flip 2020, HPD Flip 2020 GP to Sidnal for $280,000.

Jonestown Borough

129 East Market Street
Heather M. Strupp to Lakeview Loan Servicing for $3,713.

135 Creek View Drive Lot 211
Gerald S. and Nadine R. Mothes to Johnathan D. and Jessica L. Lehman for $300,000.

126 West Chestnut Street
Davin Haupt to Oved L. S. Figueroa, Brittany N. Soto for $250,000.

191 Twin Creeks Drive Lot G-3
Jason A. and Jessica L. Lambrino to Susann D. Spangler for $303,000.

9 Williamsburg Drive Lot G-30
Joshua D. and Jennifer L. Boisvert to Jeffrey and Cynthia Deitzler for $309,000.

349 Swatara Creek Drive Lot T-124
Jessica L. and Johnathan Lehman to Tyler G. Fahler, Alyssa M. Patches for $171,000.

Millcreek Township

138 West Main Street
Jeffrey A. Light to Erin M. Becker for $179,900.

4 Perri Avenue Lot 9
Jordan R. Horst to Mervin R. and I. Louise Horst for $180,000.

NS North Street
Ernest M. Weidman Estate, Michael R. Weidman to Michael R. Weidman for $1.

17 Progress Drive Lot 11
Barry Spohn to Gregory L. Gartner, Kayla M. Richards for $247,000.

333 West Main Street
Cassandra J. Pope to Christopher R. Martin for $1.

107, 108, 109, and 110 South Millbach Road
Lamar M. and Bonita Z. Weaver to Carlton and Kirsten Weaver for $1.

Mt. Gretna Borough

409 Yale Avenue Lots 137 and 138
GDT Properties Inc. to Jonathan J. Elder, Wilma Chan for $70,000.

410 Pennsylvania Avenue Lots 117, 118, and 119
GDT Properties Inc. to Wilma Chan, Jonathan J. Elder for $479,900.

Myerstown Borough

834 and 836 South Railroad Street
Donna D. Rensel to Donna D. Rensel for $1.

213 West Maple Avenue
100 South Ramona Real Estate, Cornerstone Woodworks to Thomas J. and Amanda L. Frazier for $46,900.

11 East Park Avenue
John M. and Michelle Weiant to Emory J. and Katelyn M. Voydik for $162,000.

212, 213, and 214 West Main Avenue
Christopher and Silvana Schwalm, Waldemar Plichta, Mary Nimiotka to Vincente L. and Heather M. Gomez for $253,000.

North Annville Township

2040 Boltz Lane
Thomas H. Israel Estate, Ann E. Uphouse to Donald L. and Kristie S. Fernsler for $270,000.

2930 Water Works Way Etc.
David L. and Debra A. Patches to David L. and Debra A. Patches for $1.

North Cornwall Township

505 Byler Circle Unit 21
Brenda R. Hartman to Richard S. and Kim I. Shay for $185,000.

2008 Penn Street Lots 474, 475, and 476
Anja J. Fackler to Robert W. R. Morales, Sharon L. M. Ramos for $206,500.

10 Stoneleigh Drive
Margaret D. Broussard to Michael A. and Vicki L. Deitzler for $550,000.

2009 Acorn Drive Lot 74
PA Deals to Karina A. L. Tavarez for $170,000.

1912 Carlton Drive
Aaron Donnachie to Lizette S. Colon for $118,500.

1825 Carlton Drive Lot A-12
Marilyn J. Brooks Estate, Lori M. Henry to Marlyne Loriston for $163,700.

1624 Center Street
Sydnie R. Parker to Jacqueline A. Matucha for $165,000.

502 Byler Circle Unit 54
Penny L. A. Smith to Elmer K. Kauffman, Exchanger and Canaan Capital Group LLC QI for $215,000.

901 Meadowood Circle
Matthew R. Knoster to Joshua D. and Elaine N. Lewis for $500,000.

920 Cross Creek Court
Douglas A. Etter to Robert M. and Kara B. Taylor for $550,000.

(UPI #26-2341809-357417-0000) Units 143-160 Inclusive
Springwood Development Partners to Builder Services Group Inc. for $552,651.

871 Dawson Street
Clarence E. Nye Estate, Susan D. Smith, Daniel J. Nye to Susan D. Smith, Daniel J. Nye for $1.

1800 Chestnut Street
Aaron J. Kopp to Kopp Properties for $1.

124 Northwood Court Lot 124
E. Allen and Patricia E. Griffith to Guru Subedi for $137,000.

North Lebanon Township

900 East Kercher Avenue Lot 1
Crystal A. Martzall, Alexander S. Jones to Alexander S. Jones for $0.

1603 Greenwood Drive Lot 68
William B. and Kathy D. Allwein to Barry Spohn, Shannon Nichols for $268,500.

1654 Heilmandale Road Lot 3
Robert H. and Pamela M. Ponting to Benjamin L. and Jenna L. Deshong for $172,000.

1 Fawnwood Drive Lot 52
Dianne J. D. Pasion to Juan C. Reyes, Suhay A. Figueroa for $260,900.

80 East Brookfield Drive
Brian L. Wolfe to Jessica and Angel S. Medina for $270,000.

1114 Harvest Drive Lot 7
Daniel L. Johnson, Shannon McCauley to Alex D. and Melissa D. Gamble for $277,000.

SS East Canal Street
Lancaster Area Habitat For Humanity Inc., Lancaster Lebanon Habitat For Humanity to Calvary Chapel Lebanon, Church Calvary Chapel Lebanon for $90,000.

SS East Canal Street
Calvary Chapel Lebanon, Church Calvary Chapel Lebanon to Community Homes of Lebanon County Inc. for $1.

57 East Brookfield Drive Lot 30
Charles L. and Jennifer M. Huff to Ethan T. Harro, Sydnie R. Parker for $265,000.

1022 Mulberry Street
Stewart A. and Vicki A. Williammee to Cody G. and Amber L. Moll for $125,000.

726 Suzanne Drive Lot 20
Barbara L. Fry to Justin and Jessica Bleyer for $245,000.

2056 Water Street Lot 63
Donna L. Heagy to Jesus A. C. Pagan Sr., Nancy S. R. Vazquez for $232,700.

1419 Sandhill Road
Michael C. and Nancy L. Fitting to Aimee L. Brandt, Kenneth Rummel for $200,000.

748 Suzanne Drive
Clarence V. Michael to Mohamed A. Sallam, Walaa G. Adel for $268,000.

854 Jay Street Lot 39
Matthew M. and Shannon K. Dove to Matthew M. and Shannon K. Dove for $1.

861 Jay Street Lot 80
Hennick Construction Inc. to Nicole L. and Joseph C. Letizia for $330,500.

North Londonderry Township

164 Woodcrest Drive Lot 5
Haven Homes and Renovations Inc. to Michael B. and Pamela L. Slatt for $130,000.

1602 South Forge Road
Jeffrey S. Miller to Wesley D. Weaver for $194,000.

14 White Oak Circle Lot 144
Stacey McCarl to Stacey A. McCarl, Joshua P. Galinato for $1.

188 Spruce Court Building 9 Unit 8
Andrew J. Hurst to Sarah B. Rabuck, Bradley B. and Janice W. Bicksler for $212,000.

1641 Old Forge Road
Kathleen, Steven N., and Bruce L. Gingrich Jr. to John K. Henry II, Amanda M. Corsnitz for $290,000.

201 Barrington Court Plot 163
William and Donna Hassenfritz to Donna Hassenfritz Family Trust, William Hassenfritz Jr. Family Trust, Kirk W. Hassenfritz for $1.

1 Cedar Lane
Valerie D. Gingrich to Kayla L. Valentine for $340,000.

1110 Hoffer Road
Katie M. Martin Estate, Katie Martha Martin Estate, Patricia M. McPoyle, Larry E. Martin to Patricia M. McPoyle for $1.

7 Willow Lane Lot 141
Gloriana S. Barkanic to Gloriana S. Barkanic, Kevin S. Wagner for $1.

1345 Cambridge Court Plot 253
Lauren Young to Robert Stephens, Nadine Bridges, Richard Atkinson for $175,000.

104 Oxford Road Lot 23
Sandra A. and David A. McCloud to Bhuwan and Liza Gautam for $365,000.

Palmyra Borough

103 East Ridge Road Lot 2
Kenneth P. Phreaner Estate, Ann Zehr to Kenneth W. Phreaner for $1.

232 East Cherry Street
Meghan Rivas to Tarek Abdelwahed, Mohamed Aly for $156,000.

921 East Main Street Lot 1
Palmyra Cedar to Palmyra Cedar for $1.

901 East Main Street Lot 2
Palmyra Cedar to Palmyra Cedar for $1.

129 North Locust Street
Franz J. Singer Living Trust, Franz J. Singer to Michael and Stephanie Sechman for $135,000.

247 North Railroad Street
Franz J. Singer Living Trust, Franz J. Singer to Michael and Stephanie Sechman for $170,000.

645 West Main Street
Franz J. Singer Living Trust, Franz J. Singer to Michael and Stephanie Sechman for $380,000.

Richland Borough

411 Oak Street Lot 30
Kermit J. Kreiser, Erin Illyes to John M. and Michelle L. Weiant for $237,000.

205 East Main Street
David M. and Trudy L. Heisey to David M. and Trudy L. Heisey for $1.

South Annville Township

881 Church Road Lot 7
Walter E. and Laurie C. Pae Jr. to John R. and Arlena A. Myers Jr. for $710,000.

SS Woodlawn Drive
Paul A. and Vivian D. Yutzy to Paul A. Yutzy for $1.

457 Spruce Street
Douglas S. Dohner, CDDST Irrevocable Trust to Dawn M. Breidigan for $1.

1000 Clearview Lane Lot 3
Donald H. Umberger to Ralph E. and Janet K. Moyer for $300,000.

81 Mount Wilson Road
Jeffrey T. and Jennifer L. Usner to Ephraim W. and Emily B. Church for $1,737,940.

NS Church Road Lot 6
Walter E. and Laurie C. Pae Jr. to Cody D. and Jennifer E. Harvey for $210,000.

702 Nottingham Way Unit 10
David A. Szili to Christopher S. and Erin E. Coombe for $347,500.

848 Locust Road Lot 4
Interstate Rental MGMT Group to Michael Sholley for $280,000.

South Lebanon Township

281 Crimson Court Lot 65
Michael D. and Adrianne Barton to Damien and Samantha Heisey for $422,500.

102 Elizabeth Avenue Lot 30
Travis R. Reifsnyder to Tonya M. Neiswender, Stephen A. Prosser for $191,000.

25 Jayanne Drive Lot 58
Herbert C. Light Estate, Alice L. Light to Alice L. Light for $1.

21 School Lane Lot 91
Rachel L. and David K. Furno to Stephen J. and Riannon R. Fisher for $335,000.

404 Larkspur Lane Lot 34 and 35
Edward George Tomaszewski Estate, Edward G. Tomaszewski Estate, Joseph J. Tomaszewski to David E. and Joseph J. Tomaszewski, Mary B. Youse for $1.

1610 South 5th Avenue
Hilda M. Stickler Estate, Darlene M. Fies, Joanne E. Anspach to Jasmine Metz for $475,000.

5 Wheatstone Lane Lot 59
Lois A. Heagy to Lois A. and Peter R. Heagy for $80,000.

1310 Jill Ann Drive Lot 131
Kristi D. Becker to Susan Hughes for $149,900.

811 East Evergreen Road
David S. and Sandra K. Smith to Nathanael T. Hostetter, Morgan Miller for $249,500.

36 Strathford Drive
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Richard A. and Alaina K. Taormina for $480,674.

22 Clover Drive Lot 104
Luke T. and Marijane Scipioni to Luke T. Scipioni for $1.

909 Smith Avenue
Timothy J. Duval, Gwen W. Duval Estate to Janet A. Quandel for $231,000.

1516 King Street
Kathleen M. Allwein, Jane E. Mitchell to Juan J. and Naomi M. Espinosa for $144,000.

South Londonderry Township

1927 South Forge Road Lot J Etc.
Matthew D. and Ashley C. Lukasak to Vlad T. Ciuta, Rachel S. Westhoff for $221,500.

10 Fieldcrest Drive Lot 11
Walter G. Roberts to Chabi and Deepa Guatam for $385,000.

21 English Drive Lot 58
Michael J. and Beth M. Dzurko III to Sameer and Dhan B. Gurung for $350,000.

5541 Elizabethtown Road
Leo D. and Ashley M. Moss to Leo D. Moss for $1.

284 Bridle Avenue Lot 61
Andrew and Amanda Sprenkle to Tharka S. and Krishna K. Rai for $460,000.

145 West Main Street
Keith A. Dienno to Infinity LB Mechanical Inc. for $135,000.

5514 Elizabethtown Road
Kolbe Straw to Tanner W. Fahnestock for $185,000.

264 Crestview Circle Lot 7
Charles W. Symanski, Judith S. Mondschein to Carolann and Gerald Walters for $397,000.

110 Chicory Drive Lot 85
Francis and Jacqueline Reiley V to Matthew E. and Elizabeth C. Styborski for $389,000.

119 Timber Road Lot 5
Clifford F. and Michelle D. Batz to Aaron B. and Jennifer Snyder for $380,000.

5668 Elizabethtown Road Lot 1
Charlene R. Kreider to Robert D. and Clairissa A. Mertz for $1.

198 Hummingbird Way Lot 1A
Bonnie K. and Thomas G. Bowman to Joseph and Susan Kishel for $20,000.

Swatara Township

SS Greble Road Lot 41
Hunter Creek Partners LLC to Josh Marderness, Brandy Zeeger for $283,013.

10 Monroe Avenue
Alex V. Kneasel to Bonnie S. Getz for $187,000.

526 Darlington Avenue Lot 15
Hunter Creek Partners to Krishna and Tulsa Adhikari for $258,062.

2274 Quarry Road
Anthony M. Norton to Dallas T. Sanders for $199,900.

Union Township

25 Plymouth Drive Lot 55 Etc.
Paul M. Szerba Jr. to Kevin J. Shindel for $150,000.

8 Gold Mine Road
Larry E. and Carol E. Kreiser, Jay P. Deiter to Josiah M. and Hope M. Grunwald for $236,000.

529 Shepherd Street Lot 50
Patricia J. Mishoe to Blair M. and Edward W. Knibbs for $234,000.

138 Fisher Avenue
Jaran C. and Leanna M. Lehman to Jason L. Lehman for $135,000.

17 Grant School Lane
Elizabeth Deitzler to Tabatha J. Reigel, Robert J. Pluebell for $261,500.

West Cornwall Township

136 Riders Way Lot 19
Andrew Gibbons to Giovanni A. P. Echevarria for $183,000.

181 Old Mine Road
Edward and Denise Bollard to David and Faye M. Girdany for $475,000.

80 North Cornwall Road Lot 11
Phillip J. Stober, Barbara M. Vitanza to Michael A. and Karen A. Gerhart for $775,000.

West Lebanon Township

1944 Church Street
David L. Wood Estate, Ann M. Miller to Samantha Blessing for $79,900.

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