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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

122 South Spruce Street
Linda A. Kruger to Linda A. Kruger for $1.

125 South Spruce Street Lot 29
Betty J. Sattazahn Estate, Michele S. Morris to St. Paul The Apostle Parish Charitable Trust, Church St. Paul The Apostle Parish Charitable Trust Gainer Ronald W. Most Reverend Bishop Of The Diocese Of Harrisburg, Church Gainer Ronald W. Most Reverend Bishop Of The Diocese Of Harrisburg, Bishop Of The Diocese Of Harrisburg Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer, Church Bishop Of The Diocese Of Harrisburg Most Reverence Ronald W. Gainer for $249,900.

Bethel Township

(UPI #19-2345397-391017-0000)
Jacqueline Wolfe to Jacqueline Wolfe for $1.

121 Long Road
Pauline E. Grumbine, Michael R. Blecker to Pauline E. Grumbine, Michael R. Blecker for $1.

139 East Main Street
Angela Cali Estate, Salvatore and Paolina Cali to Salvatore and Pietrina Cali for $95,000.

1519 Mount Zion Road Lot 5 and 1525 Mount Zion Road Lot 2
Cody J. Veach to Judith A. Gordon for $1.

1804 Mt. Zion Road
Pauline E. Grumbine, Michael R. Blecker to Pauline E. Grumbine for $1.

233 Mechanic Street
Doris M., Russell L., and Perry L. Henning, Jr. to Doris M. Henning for $1.

378 Forrest Drive
William J. Dickinson III Estate, William J. Dickinson Estate, Cynthia Krasne, Matthew M. Dickinson to Cynthia Krasne, Matthew M. Dickinson for $1.

413 Freeport Road
Jacqueline Wolfe to Jacqueline Wolfe for $1.

516 Freeport Road
Connie M. Brown to Griselda and Godofredo Carranza for $252,000.

City of Lebanon

1009, 1010, and 1011 Willow Street
Terry R. Lerch to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $140,000.

101 East Pershing Avenue Lots 621 and 622
Eileen M. Heilman to Nathan D. Urban, Bryanna J. Heilman for $185,000.

1016 Mifflin Street
John J. Miller to Jonas F. and Barbara L. Lapp for $145,000.

1017 Maple Street
Tina A. Stilwell to Isaac George for $75,000.

1104 Guilford Street
Frank Tomecek, Jr., Howard F. Wood to Seth Boyer for $136,000.

1128 Chestnut Street
Ruth A. Yordy to Aman Soin for $8,500.

12 Woodland Estates
Margaret M. Kapp, Robert J. Dellinger to Jean L. Kotkas for $196,500.

1202 Lehman Street
Yolanda A. Mendoza to Faustino M. Cepeda for $1.

14 Tiffany Lane Lot 54
Amada A. L. Caceres, Emilio Gonzalez to Melvin G. Liriano, Genesis M. Gonzalez for $149,500.

1400 Chestnut Street
Gainer Ronald W. Most Reverend Bishop Of The Diocese Of Harrisburg, Church Gainer W. Most Reverend Bishop Of The Diocese Of Harrisburg, Bishop Of The Diocese Of Harrisburg Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer, Church Bishop Of The Diocese Of Harrisburg Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer, Diocese Of Harrisburg, Church Diocese Of Harrisburg, Diocese Of Harrisburg Real Estate Trust, Church Diocese Of Harrisburg Real Estate Trust, Congregations Of Assumption Of The Blessed Mary Church, Church Congregations Of Assumption Of The Blessed Mary Church, St. Gertrudes Church, Church St. Gertrudes Church, St. Cyril And Methodius Church, Church St. Cyril And Methodius Church, Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Church Sacred Heart Of Jesus Church, St. Paul The Apostle Church, Church St. Paul The Apostle Church, St. Joan Of Arc Church, Church St. Joan Of Arc Church to 1400 Chestnut LLC for $2,200,000.

19 South 2nd Street
Debra A. and Scott Lacey to Fred G. Stafford for $1.

22 Lehman Street
Humberto Miranda to Justin I. Carrero for $115,000.

228 South 10th Street
Jordan R. and Jamie R. Ebersole to Abdeslam Bouhach for $67,000.

232 East Grant Street Part of Lots 522, 523, 524, and 525
John E. and Kylee A. Pastal to Joseph M. Flaim for $208,000.

256 South 2nd Street
Erica N. Kleinfelter to Kimberly A. Kalista for $216,000.

306 South 6th Street
Gregory C. and Carol A. Menges to Keith and Amy J. Donnachie for $38,000.

309 East Poplar Street
Bithia M. Rissinger to Denise Herr, Lottie Fortson for $185,900.

311 East Weidman Street
Nelson K. Martin to Steve M. Ebersol for $70,000.

315 South Lincoln Avenue
Mariellen M. Lantz to Neil H. and Brenda M. Wagner for $88,000.

348 North 5th Street
Lebanon Property Solutions LLC to Saiph Group LLC for $75,000.

396 Oaklyn Road Lot 10
Randall E. Barlet Estate, Bridgette M. Barlet to Dale and Gloria R. Ebling for $220,000.

40 North 7th Street
JL Audio Video LLC to Miranda Trust Development LLC for $175,000.

426 South 7th Street Lot 27
Juana E. Escoto Estate, Mabel Tavarez to Mabel G. E. Davis, Tazmin Z. T. Escoto for $1.

427 North Sixth Avenue
John J. Miller to Jennifer L. Jury for $132,000.

428 South 14th Street
Michael E. Kauffman to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $190,000.

462 North 6th Street
Sara J. and Timothy J. Seabold to 716 Walnut Street LLC for $85,000.

464 North 5th Street
Luis J. H. Burgos to Danilson M. G. Colon for $145,000.

616 Canal Street
D J Hains LLC, DJ Hains LLC, Hains DJ LLC to Benito H. M. Reyes, Gabriela F. F. Peralta for $145,000.

622 Elm Street and 507 Bollman Street
Donald M. Yorkoski Estate, Judith A. Yorkoski to Vincent Russo for $145,000.

822 East Guilford Street
Charles W. and Tina M. Howell, Jr. to Tina M. Greeninger, Toronka Simms for $160,000.

825 Water Street
Luis S. Zavala, Evelyn J. R. Paz to Evelyn J. R. Paz for $1.

921 Mifflin Street
Terry R. Lerch to Angelique K. Engle for $120,000.

Cleona Borough

11 East Chestnut Street
Hurst Holdings LLC to RMRR Properties for $125,000.

22 South Mill Street
Great Row LLC to Ramon L. Diaz for $135,000.

5 West Chestnut Street
John S. Baird to David A. and Staci L. Wenger for $120,000.

Cornwall Borough

113 Forge Drive
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC to Bridget A. McNeill, Trevor L. Holbert for $134,000.

143 Julia Lane
Michelle M. White to Michael B. and Alicia T. G. Duffy for $240,000.

264 Tice Lane Lot 8
James and Andra H. Rudershausen to James C. Rudershausen for $1.

East Hanover Township

10451 Mountain Road
Susan M. Eshelman Estate, Donald E. Eshelman, Brian Kiscadden Estate, Brian S. Kiscadden Estate, Colleen Delong to Ray R. and Susan W. Stichler for $335,122.

10886 Jonestown Road
Victor and Karen Barnhart to Matthew Barnhart for $77,300.

21 Blacksmith Lane
Brian R. and Scott A. Miller to Dale N. and Vernice J. Helms for $100.

21 Blacksmith Lane
Dale N. and Vernice J. Helms to Dale N. and Vernice J. Helms for $1.

4 Homestead Road
Grateful Acres Family LLC to Johnnie E. Hoffman III for $358,000.

N Of Mountain Road
Thomas E. Geesaman to Jordan Waybright for $40,000.

Heidelberg Township

144 Linda Sue Lane Lot 9
Sylvan L. Stoltzfus, Jr. to Kent L. Weiler for $215,000.

1720 Heidelberg Avenue
Annabelle Seiverling to Landmark Homes at 897 Inc. for $1.

1742 Heidelberg Avenue
Seth M. Weaver, Elisabeth A. Alspaugh to Landmark Homes at 897 Inc. for $1.

196 Distillery Road
Dennis R. and Anita Zimmerman to Carolyn and Jay E. Zimmerman for $400,000.

2665 Heidelberg Avenue
Luke N. Ulrich, Jr. to Luke N. Ulrich, Jr. for $1.

2675 Heidelberg Avenue
Leon M. and Roxanne J. Martin, Luke N. Ulrich, Jr. to Leon M. and Roxanne J. Martin for $1.

620 North Market Street
David M. Bender to Durell L. Martin for $375,000.

Jackson Township

109 Country Lane
Helen B. Godshall to Galen R. and Sadie R. Miller for $440,000.

114 Reilly Road
Eric E. and Sabrina Derr to Sabrina Derr for $1.

190 Martin Road
Paul M. and Barbara S. Brubaker to Leonard M. and Lavina B. Horning for $423,000.

255 Ken Lin Drive
Samuel I. and Alexis R. Hartzell to Samuel I. and Alexis R. Hartzell for $1.

291 West Lincoln Avenue Lots 2, 3, and 4
Equity Trust Company, Charles Wolfe IRA to Neighborhood Bakery & Coffee LLC for $1.

35 Pineapple Road
Amanda F. Lesher Estate, Amanda Lesher Estate, Amanda Faith Lesher Estate, Raegan J. Lesher to Anthony L. and Jolene K. Good for $182,000.

365 North Locust Street Lot 3
Hilda J. Dehart to Betty J. Snader for $1.

419 Woleber Road Lot 18
Charles D. Anspach to Nathaniel E. and Alyssa L. Nagle for $330,000.

505 North College Street
First Choice Home Buyers LLC to Joshua A. Finkey for $225,000.

6 Colony Road Lot 52
Joseph T. Smith to Shirley A. Ebersole for $256,000.

800 Hilltop Road
Amos Z. and Catherine S. Esh to Middle Creek Investments LLC for $460,000.

Jonestown Borough

326 Swatara Creek Drive Lot G-170
Shawn R. and Marissa J. Koch to Erik Y. Kwon for $284,000.

Millcreek Township

132 North Sheridan Road
Richard L. Cleary to Barnaby Holmes for $189,900.

5 Stump Road
Benjamin Z., Miriam S., and Moses G. Lapp to Benjamin Z. and Miriam S. Lapp for $1.

709 State Route 419
Leroy H. and Grace Wise to Darren R. and Carolyn S. Wise for $1,900,000.

Myerstown Borough

112 South College Street
Doris E. Hartranft to Jeffrey Eisenhauer for $128,000.

515 South Railroad Street
Robert E. Ebling Estate, Gloria R. Ebling to Gloria R. Ebling for $1.

515 South Railroad Street
Gloria Ebling to Daniel R. Ebling for $200,000.

North Annville Township

591 Hostetter Lane
Richard W. Black, Jr. to Richard W. and Michele R. Black, Jr. for $1.

North Cornwall Township

(UPI #28-2296544-361334-0000)
City of Lebanon Authority to North Cornwall Township for $67,000.

1006 Lilac Lane
Marilyn Fellin to Noel Rodriguez for $261,000.

102 South 22nd Street Lot 102
White Rose Capital LLC to Franklin A. R. D. Cruz, Yolbelis A. M. D. Reyes for $177,000.

115 Walden Road
Lloyd E. and Sherri L. Stom to Adam P. and Melissa M. S. Haynos for $375,000.

1510 Wheatfield Lane Lot 27
Jay G. and Susan E. Fisher to Robert J. and Debra M. Cool for $326,000.

1619 Center Street
Scott W. Billman to George Hanna for $67,500.

1665 Northfield Drive Lot 20
Rebecca A. and Bruce M. Case to Rebecca A. Case Revocable Trust, Rebecca A. Case, Bruce M. Case for $1.

1736 Center Street
James H. and Jewel C. Fessler to Heath A. Fessler for $40,000.

176 Furnace Court Lot 176
Patricia A. and Herman W. Dundore to Shyam K. N. Kutty, Vidhya P. Nair for $192,000.

1804 Carlton Court
Mary L. Sherman to Abbie M. Sherman for $1.

1818 Carlton Court
Curtis W. and Lucy A. Kohr to Mersy R. C. Pena, Miguel F. C. Soriano, Miledys P. Decastillo for $206,000.

225 Northwest Drive Lot 23
R. David and Bonita A. Long to Long Family Irrevocable Trust, R. David and Bonita A. Long for $1.

24 Greystone Crossing Lot 98
Minh and Hong Tran to Minh V. and Hong K. Tran for $1.

248 South 22nd Street
Todd A. and Shannon L. Strauser to Courtney A., Angelique G., and Erikka L. Dimond, William R. Berger for $269,000.

37 Creekside Drive Lot 35
Narrows Glen Inc., Landmark Builders Inc. to Igor V. and Viktoriya D. Grinev for $432,300.

512 East Penn Avenue
JBCS Real Estate LLC to EDS Automotive And Service LLC for $429,000.

62 Walden Road Lot 51
Troy E. Smith, Laura E. Woomer to Troy E. Smith for $10.

8 Wheatland Circle Lot 32
Richard E. Roof to Blaine E. and Christen J. Peffley for $125,000.

North Lebanon Township

(UPI #19-2345397-391017-0000) Lot 147
John G. and Paula S. Pacelli to Brian E. and Peggy L. Patton for $385,000.

101 Cedar Lane
Richard and Shirley A. Peschko to Cindy Reynolds, Richard Peschko for $1.

106 East Brookfield Drive
Andrew R. and Tehayenish White to Kyle and Caislin Ingram for $280,000.

1101 Garden Avenue
John K. and Roberta K. Thompson, Jr. to Edward R. and Patricia F. Waizenegger III for $365,000.

141 Ginger Court
Gerald A. Kehr Living Trust, Heather F. Kehr Living Trust, Heather F. and Gerald A. Kehr to Gerald A. and Heather F. Kehr for $1.

1743 Garfield Avenue
Kimberly N. and Dustin E. Long to Dustin E. Long for $1.

2115, 2116, and 2117 Water Street
Henry J. Arnold, Jr. Estate, Sandra A. Podjed to Nelson L. and Elsie M. Ebersole for $219,000.

2605 Tunnel Hill Road
Nancy J. Krieder to Nelson L. and Elsie Ebersole for $180,000.

3033 Tunnel Hill Road
Robert L. Wickham to Mihail and Maria Zafirellis for $261,000.

3210 Joyce Street
Whispering Hope Enterprises LLC to 302 Investment Group LLC for $125,000.

382 Snow Drive Lot 1
Raymond A. and Thelma J. Snyder to Thelma J. Snyder for $1.

585 Cherry Street
Philip J. and Jacqueline A. Becker to Carlos and Mariana Miragaya for $260,100.

614 North 4th Avenue
Richard Vautrin to Robin D. Daub for $166,000.

628 Elizabeth Street
Stephen M. and Wendy Stumpf to Derek M. Church, Desiree A. Dieter for $230,000.

636 North 11th Avenue Lot 93
Scott R., Douglas G., Bradley J., Madison, Emily, and Joseph Peters, Debra D. Wealand to Steven D. and Amanda Grier for $236,000.

840 Melody Lane
Michael E. and Sandra Higgins to Tim A. Chambers for $305,000.

916 Briar Rose Avenue
Kathleen Greka, James R. Curtis to James R. Curtis for $1.

North Londonderry Township

1114 South Green Street
Bruce R. and Janet R. Wieder to Austin Zechman, Hailey Ebersole for $260,000.

1333 East Main Street Lot 1
Long Nursery Inc. to Jacob R. Lehman for $210,000.

144 Spruce Court
Cynthia G. Herr Estate, Cynthia J. Herr Estate, Heather L. H. Dunkleberger to Abel B. Guardia for $217,000.

185 Pickwick Circle
Joshua and Jasmine Weber to Christopher J. and Jenna N. Bonner for $430,000.

20 Wheatstone Court Lot 161
Noreen S. and Douglas R. Jones to Tyler C. and Mary E. Gibson for $430,000.

22 Shady Lane
Debra L. McIntyre to Joel and Kaitlyn Hartlaub for $235,000.

23 Sandy Drive Lot 151
Nancy M. Keller to Larry R. and Melissa M. George for $200,000.

390 Eisenhower Road
Steven R. Popp to Nathanial and Alanna Enck for $301,000.

44 Augusta Drive
Daniel J. and Alexia M. B. Field to Cartus Financial Corporation for $550,000.

44 Augusta Drive
Cartus Financial Corporation to Tek N. and Meena D. Acharya for $550,000.

5 Villa Lane Lot 15
Ellis Charles Barnett Estate, Ellis C. Barnett Estate, Michael A. Barnett to Michael A. Barnett for $1.

55 Fairfax Lane Lot 106
Shelly L. Rambler to Caitlyn Deimler, Austin McGrath for $1.

664 Eisenhower Road and 700 Eisenhower Road
Russell L. and Ora B. Bomgardner to Russell L. and Ora B. Bomgardner for $1.

67 Cottonwood Court Lot 142
Steven L. and Adrienne G. Burger to Nathan S. and Maryn L. Forney for $440,000.

ES Gravel Hill Road
Eric L. Hoover, Breanna J. Maust to Alexandra Pinamonti for $531,100.

Palmyra Borough

121 North Green Street
Tyler C. and Mary E. Gibson to Allison Haughey, Justin Kulp for $257,500.

157 North Lincoln Street
Lloyd M. and Ada N. Sensenig to Damien A. Fried for $175,000.

207 North Franklin Street
Michael Scott Greenawalt Estate, Michael S. Greenawalt Estate, Jennifer L. Greenawalt to Jennifer L. Greenawalt for $1.

22 Franklin Street
Matthew A. and Karen L. Nye to Karen L. Nye for $1.

313 South Lingle Avenue Lots 22, 23, 24, and 25
Imnerbraek Nuschele Group, Patricia A. Wilson, Pamela K. Becker, Joni M. Brock to Denver H. and Patricia A. Wilson for $250,000.

366 South Center Avenue Lot 4
Adam J. and Brynn N. Mason to Adam J. Mason for $1.

408 South Lincoln Street Lot 1
Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Flippers & Keepers LLC for $82,999.

439 North Chestnut Street
Dorothy Greeninger to Jennifer Grube for $221,000.

524 East Cherry Street
David P. and Susan B. Lehman to Abby B. Anderson for $340,000.

700 West Maple Street
Emily Honeycutt, Casey S. Moyer to Rhiannon M. Moore, Caleb M. Williard for $170,000.

Richland Borough

SS Church Street Lots 16 and 17 and Part of Lot 15
Bruce G. Steiner to Gregory M. and Fritzie P. Moyer for $55,000.

South Annville Township

(UPI #29-2311681-362752-0000) Unit 60
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Lisa Krcmarik for $335,990.

632 Louser Road
Helen W. Miller to Matthew Maney, Neil Shook for $304,000.

740 Fieldstone Drive Lot 134
David S. Culver, Rubith F. Cadena to Tullika Garg, John H. Belanger for $475,000.

NS Mine Road Lot 1
Garry L. and Mary M. Longenecker to Oliver Q. Woelfling, Erin N. Blackman for $160,000.

S Of Bowman Lane Lot 2A
Bonnie K. and Thomas G. Bowman to Joseph and Susan Kishel for $10,000.

South Lebanon Township

1109 South Lincoln Avenue Lot 5
Michael W. and Frances M. L. Riley to Matthew D. Montano, Valerie N. Sylves for $561,000.

17 Eastfield Drive Lot 28
Marlys A. Ogurcak, Annetta Hoke Estate, Annetta B. Hoke Estate to Marlys A. and Albert D. Ogurcak for $1.

19 Clearview Drive Lot 45
Daniel T. and Timothy M. Hoover to Ashlie N. Haag for $239,900.

20 Wheatstone Lane Lot 51
Glenn D. and Lucille A. Schneider to Craig and Kathleen Ziegler for $189,500.

33 Evergreen Road
E. Jere Snavely Estate, Kim L. Weidman to Thomas L. and Janell M. Craun for $214,000.

332 Charles Street Lot 219
Michael A. and Aimee Wolfe to Michael A. and Aimee Wolfe for $1.

409 Meadowview Drive
David and Cindy Pope to Stephan and Julie B. Wilson for $349,900.

523 East Walnut Street
Kyle and Caislin Ingram to Malvone RE LLC for $150,000.

74 Falcon Circle
Jonathan Flowers to Jonathan and Erica A. Flowers for $1.

South Londonderry Township

11 Carriage Road
Terry E. and Marcia S. Gingrich to Bryan M. Gingrich for $325,000.

161 Chesterfield Drive Lot 110
Richard C. and Colleen M. Bagley to Cheetan Guragai, Sujana Basnet for $460,000.

1662 South Forge Road
Doris J. Beers to Doris J., and Thomas E. Beers for $1.

198 Hummingbird Way Lot 2 and Lot 2A
Joseph and Susan Kishel to Joseph and Susan Kishel for $1.

264 Schoolhouse Road Lot 5
Martha T. Slayman to Edgardo N. Rodriguez, Samantha A. Haak for $299,000.

272 Schoolhouse Road
Peter A. and Sherry L. Dragich to Brice P. and Kristen L. Sanders, Daniel R. Border for $650,000.

2751 Horseshoe Pike
Andrew D. and Suzanne R. McWilliams to Juniper Ridge Properties LLC for $269,900.

2950 Horseshoe Pike
Andrew J. and Karin A. Jocham to Dry Run Farm LP for $682,500.

Corrective Deed – 193 East Market Street
Michael J. Annibali Estate, Georgianna E. Annibali to Georgianna E. Annibali for $1.

Swatara Township

157 Troy Avenue
Wilmer R. Light Estate, Mary A. Guldin, Joseph M. Light to Joanna M. Guldin, John G. Noll II for $92,672.

2397 Quarry Road
Integrity First Home Buyers LLC, CR Property Group LLC to PA OGM Group LLC for $149,995.

243 Mountain Drive
Kevin D. Hoke Estate, David R. and Gary L. Hoke to Michael L. and Vicki G. Zechman for $111,100.

302 Lighthouse Drive
Heather N. Wiliiams to Austin M. Jenkins for $180,000.

390 South Lancaster Street
Jason M. and Christine L. Horst to Jason M. Horst for $1.

53 Greble Road Lot 2
Sven Fake, Tara Emery to Milan and Lisa M. Vracarich for $330,000.

6 School House Lane
Richard A. and Mary E. Marks to Richard A., Mary E. and Michael R. Marks for $1.

SS Mowery Road
Wilmer J. and Theresa Weaver to Mitch D. and Cassandra L. Anderson for $230,000.

Union Township

4 Pine Lane
Caroline G. and Jennifer L. Allen, James Keen, Ronald F. Richards to Caroline G. Allen for $1.

5 Harbor Lane
Jaymen and Pravina Patel to Jaymen, Pravina, and Jigar Patel for $1.

West Cornwall Township

(UPI #34-2334223-348326-0000) Lot 76
S. Gerald Musser, Karen M. Musser to West Cornwall Township for $1.

130 Riders Way Lot 16
Christina M. Ashmore to Christina M. Ashmore, Thomas M. Piersol for $0.

205 Riders Way Lot 33
Doris Tobias to Wilbur E. and Regina G. Burkholder for $187,000.

400 Birch Avenue
Lee D. and Cheryl A. H. Kasun to Shannon Eichenseer, Melissa M. Pietras for $700,000.

43 West Main Street
Laurel J. Boltz to Elam B. and Mary Z. Stoltzfus for $210,000.

63 North Lebanon Street
Dale J. Bomberger to Dale J. and Louanne M. Bomberger for $1.

Confirmatory Deed – 374 South Butler Road Lot 6 Etc.
Rocket Dog LLC to Rocket Dog LLC for $0.

NS West Main Street
S. Gerald Musser, Karen M. Musser to West Cornwall Township for $1.

West Lebanon Township

2015 Church Street
C N H Properties, CNH Properties to Henry V. D. V. D. L. Cruz for $85,000.

2219 Lehman Street
House Cash LLC to Benjamin B. and Elizabeth J. Huber for $150,000.

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