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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

618 East Main Street
Steven R. and Brenda M. Kreamer to Christian S. Kreamer for $1.

2 East High Street Lot 24
Chris L. and Beth A. Reddinger to Leanne and Adam Byriel for $250,000.

444 East Main Street
Steven G. and Cherie K. Myers to Katherine A. Zurbach, Alexander G. Daly for $430,000.

104 North Railroad Street
Mervin D. and Bonnie R. Wampler to Dennis J. and Nathaniel C. Tulli for $217,500.

638 East Maple Street
James K. Brandt to Pamela A. Weaner for $140,000.

7 West Sheridan Avenue
Rose M. Beidler to Glenn G. Beidler, Jr. for $1.

35 East Main Street
Joseph and Cheryl Bartoszek to Frederick A. and Debra A. Hess for $1.

30 South White Oak Street
Scott Schollenberger, Jr., Kimberly M. Maurer to Lakeview Loan Servicing for $4,399.

248 West Sheridan Avenue
Kathryn J. and William G. Quinn, Jr. to Michael P. McCloskey, Icelee R. Banks for $273,000.

434 West Main Street
Mark M. Hoke, Jr. to Anthony R. and Kim L. Rollins for $170,000.

Bethel Township

255 Beagle Road
Larry A., Phyllis M., and Trinelle H. Wyles, Michelle W. and Richard Herbert to Matthew S. and Sylvia L. Lapp for $380,000.

WS Union Road
Larry A., Phyllis M., and Trinelle Wyles, Michelle W. and Richard Herbert to Matthew S. and Sylvia L. Lapp for $1.

292 Union Road
Larry A., Phyllis M., and Trinelle H. Wyles, Michelle W. Herbert to Larry A., Phyllis M., and Trinelle H. Wyles, Michelle W. Herbert for $1.

131 Laurel Drive
Amie M. Adams to Amie M. and Tammy J. Adams for $1.

City of Lebanon

1637 Robin Road
Dennis L. and Karen E. Shalters to Jose F. C. Guzman, Miladys G. D. Corniel for $274,900.

255 North Lincoln Avenue
Keystone Spikes Corporation to Matrix Inc. for $760,000.

917 East Lehman Street Lot 82
Linda L. and Thomas P. Hartman, Sr. to Nicholas E. Zell for $170,000.

115 Lehman Street Lot 193 Block 28
Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Gregorio J. T. Castillo for $153,000.

12 East Maple Street
Trishare Inc. to Terry R. Lerch for $215,000.

518 North Gannon Street
S & L Renovations LLC to Grecia E. D. Santos for $97,000.

115 South 10th Street
Christian B. Miller to Aaron Donnachie for $100,000.

117 South 10th Street
Christian B. Miller to Aaron Donnachie for $100,000.

1314 Brandywine Street
Daniel Santana Estate, John Santana, Tammy Bender to Gary Z. Horst for $40,000.

443 North 10th Street
BSRE Holdings LLC to John D. Light for $30,000.

430 Elm Street
Chethra Adams to Edwin and Aida L. Pabon for $181,000.

242 East Maple Street
Mark J. and Betsy Bartal to Oscar Lopez for $158,900.

803 Cornwall Road
Gideon Lantz to Steven M. King for $218,000.

428 Cumberland Street
Lancaster Area Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Rabecca W. Ngugu for $170,000.

26 Woodland Estate Unit 40 Building 12 Phase 3B Woodland Estates
Donald G. and Linda K. Rubright to Henry R. Finkle for $203,000.

443 New Street
Flint IRA LLC to Yesenia Salcedo for $108,000.

34 North 7th Street
Terry R. Lerch to Zook Rentals LLC for $165,000.

1537 Agnes Street
Michael D. Houtz to 1537 Agnes Street LLC for $35,000.

607 Walnut Street
Patricia H. Trizzino Estate, Maryann T. Stentella to Rosa M. G. Rivera, Derrick Rodriguez for $161,000.

1512 Willow Street
Printed Terry Finishing Co. to Lebanon Screen Printing Inc. for $1.

631 Maple Street
Bryanna J. Heilman to Sharona K. Evans, Christopher Irwin for $145,000.

484 New Street
Dennis C. and Carol J. Dieffenbach to Bonnie Lampkin for $80,000.

1233 Cornwall Road
Jacob and Liviana Calini to PA Department of Transportation for $1.

710 Hill Street
Ty L. and Emily J. Lombardo to Tammy J. Fox for $165,000.

103 East Walnut Street Lots 138 and 139
Christopher M. and Joy A. Pastal to Margaret J. Clifton for $275,000.

123 South 5th Street
Central PA Express LLC to John Clark, Sr., John Clark, Jr., Janiya and Jontina Clark for $200,000.

247 Guilford Street
Joel P. Nieves, Ana D. Perez to Anthony C. Gomez for $157,000.

407 Canal Street
Howard F. Wood to Darren Nesmith for $160,000.

309 North 5th Avenue
Annamae J. Waltermyer Estate, Annamae Waltermyer Estate, Justina M. Eggert, Gergory A. Waltermyer to George Hanna, Andrew Morcos for $52,000.

625 Quentin Road
Radha Holdings LLC to Golden Lebanon LLC for $8,703.

536 East Mifflin Street
R J Sells Body Shop Inc., Sells R J Body Shop Inc. to Ronald J. Sell for $1.

Cleona Borough

126 North Center Street
BP Real Estate Investment Group LP, LK16 Group LLC to Benjamin Giardino, Catherine Radkiewicz for $219,900.

Cornwall Borough

164 Forge Drive
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC to Tyler Devereux, Elizabeth Gagnon for $149,500.

363 Boyd Street
Gregory A. and Lisa J. Shutter to Jeremiah and Kristina Seibel for $141,500.

NS Gold Road
Timothy J. Salem to Gary and Jazmine Gristick for $60,000.

240 Rexmont Road Lot 13
Timothy H., Carol A., and Megan E. Silvius to Lisa M. Hahn for $132,000.

1019 Stanford Drive
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Janet L. and Paul R. Fries for $362,647.

East Hanover Township

47 Sherks Church Road Lot 4
Uriel A. and Kendra Y. Yodfat to Randall M. and Diana R. Fischer for $1,250,000.

81 Pleasant View Road
Kirby M., Daniel R., and Suzanne L. Reichert, Jr., Joy L. Geesaman, Rebecca M. Forney to Kirby M. and Daniel R. Reichert, Jr., Rebecca M. and Andrew W. Forney for $210,328.

10207 Jonestown Road
Harry R. and Dixie L. Grubb to Grubb Irrevocable Trust, Richard M. and Donald L. Grubb for $1.

10 Bullfrog Road
Kathy J. Hand to Krista M. Antonis, Robert B. Hicks for $426,000.

Heidelberg Township

941 Schaeffer Road, Etc.
Terry R. Lerch to Lerch Flippers LLC for $1.

107 East Reistville Road
Stevie L. and Katie Z. Lapp to Elam K. and Fannie L. Lantz for $190,000.

131 Distillery Road
John D. and Joanne Z. Burkholder to Scott T. and Tracy V. Shimp for $380,000.

523 Albright Road
Darryl L. and Lorinda K. Koch to Dane A. Koch for $233,000.

Corrective Deed – 280 North Locust Street Lot 1
Z & M Properties LLC to Z & M Properties LLC for $1.

280 North Locust Street
Z & M Properties LLC to Keystone Fence Supply Company LLC for $2,457,371.

Jackson Township

121 Oaken Way
Douglas L. Anderson, Beverly J. Johnson to Devin Chapman, Felisa Saldutti for $401,500.

Corrective Deed – 516 East Rosebud Road
Miriam Loose, Cynthia L. Mann to Adam and Emily Rudderow for $1.

122 Arbor Drive Lot 413 Block G
Grace M. Marquette to Robert and Mildred Bashore for $215,000.

826 Hilltop Road
Raymond J. and Lisa M. Zimmerman, Jr. to Amos Z. and Catherine S. Esh for $300,000.

215 West Jackson Avenue
Mildred M. and M. Kenneth Carpenter, Jr. to Ronald J. and Mary A. Kaczmarek for $251,000.

(UPI #23-0000000-000000-0000)
Curtis R. and Darla J. Musser to Melvin S. and Barbie P. Beiler for $980,000.

Jonestown Borough

204 Rose Lane
Jacques and Annabelle Philippe to Jacques Philippe for $1.

215 South Broad Street Lot S-101
Justin T. and Tara N. Bennethum to Justin T. Bennethum for $1.

310 Swatara Creek Drive Lot G-178
Stephen M. Klinger to Gary L. Boose for $245,000.

Millcreek Township

46 South Sheridan Road
Martin S. Fidler, III to Timothy W. Martin for $128,000.

120 Memorial Boulevard Lot 7
David C. Welling to Evelyn F. Rhoads for $170,000.

107 Peach Street
Theresa Schaefer to Joseph L. Pyszka for $160,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

410 Lancaster Avenue Lot 2
Kerry J. and Desiree C. Lodish, Jr. to Bradley J. Mellinger, Jill McCorkel for $400,000.

Myerstown Borough

201 South Locust Street
Landon W. and Kimberly J. Martin to Jade N. Ginder, Jaden T. Musser for $285,000.

208 East Main Avenue
Steven W. Stein, Jeremy L. Frank to Adam E. Hummel for $225,000.

North Annville Township

693 North State Route 934
Randolph and Wanda F. Taylor to Lancaster Street Apartments LLC for $310,000.

1561 North State Route 934
Mervin M. Fansler Estate, Mervin M. Fansler, III, Cynthia Walter to Linda L. and Thomas P. Hartman for $226,900.

North Cornwall Township

110 Bentley Court Lot 41
Mary J. Johnson to Lance R. and Krystal E. Vallieres for $350,000.

1116 Cornerstone Lane Lot 219
Albert A. Alley to Albert Alley Residence Trust, Albert A. and Virginia A. Alley for $1.

1116 Cornerstone Lane Lot 219
Virginia A. Alley to Virginia Alley Residence Trust, Albert A. and Virginia A. Alley for $1.

1821 Cornwall Road
Richard C. and Carol J. Kreider to Springwood Development Partners LP for $2,568,000.

(UPI #26-2329180-366355-0000)
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Michael and Kyley Anderson for $404,055.

3295 West Oak Street
Gail J. and Randall S. Reich to Marjorie W. Merchant for $355,000.

1405 Cornwall Road
Agustin T. Barbosa to PA Department of Transportation for $1.

138 Northwood Court Lot 138
Susan M. Hutchins to Amy M. Krow for $205,000.

743 Farmwood Lane Unit 82
Maureen C. Shaak to Michelle D. Waller for $263,000.

1811 Walnut Street
Ronald J. and Carol A. Combs to Combs Residence Trust, Ronald J. and Carol A. Combs for $1.

North Lebanon Township

625 Weavertown Road Lots 2 and 24
Lorna D. Goshert to Dale E. and Mary A. Gruber for $100,000.

301 Light Street Lots 124, 125, 126, and 127
Cameron Batz to Chethra Adams for $310,000.

1525 Jody Avenue Lot 15
Frances K. Lindsey to Victor S. Herrera, Martha F. D. Sanchez, Ramona Fabian for $239,000.

818 Briar Edge Court Lot 9
Terrence R. Maus Estate, Terrence Richard Maus Estate, Annette M. Donley, Aija Maus Estate to Jayne M. Dattilio for $264,000.

North Cherry Street
Michael R. Lahr to Mandy Allen for $1,000.

ES Mount Zion Road
Seyfert Orchards Inc. to Little Stream Acres for $2,600,000.

2905 Tunnel Hill Road
Angela D. Hershey to Nolan M. Pickel for $245,000.

911 East Canal Street
Diana I. Streeper to Berchman H. and Susan L. Savoie, Jr. for $257,000.

1819 Ashton Drive
Joseph D. and Rose S. Glant to Seasosand Thach for $285,000.

584 Doris Drive
Janet L. Good Estate, Kim M. Good, Joy A. Thompson to Kim M. Good for $1.

North Londonderry Township

808 South Railroad Street
Todd Dawson to Danielle C. and Todd Dawson for $10.

44 Waterford Lane
Glenn A. Rauchut to Shane M. and Brittany N. Robb for $335,000.

34 Lexington Drive Lot 137
Jared L. Reed to Megha N. Kadariya, Ishora Phuyal for $500,000.

967 Syner Road
Deborah A. Sholly, Richard L. Shenk to Nicholas S. and Lindsey A. Sholly for $52,000.

96 Shady Lane
Landen B. and Salma Green to Maureen A. Rudy for $250,000.

30 Hartford Drive Lot 145
Edward L. Gnall to Edward L. and Laurie K. Gnall for $1.

27 Auburn Drive Lot 162
Lois A. Zanti to Rajesh and Laxmi Khatiwada for $475,000.

614 Cambridge Court
Joan M. Pannone Estate, Joan Marilyn Pannone Estate, Donna Green to Bruce and Diana Young for $175,000.

Palmyra Borough

503 North Railroad Street
Michael P. and Diane M. Leonard to David A. and Staci L. Wenger for $250,000.

30 North Grant Street
Kathleen and Randall Byers to Heather D. and Roberto C. Rodriguez for $187,500.

333 East Oak Street
Zachary S. and Anne T. Hoover to David J. L. Hunter, Hannah R. Cleckner for $290,500.

232 North Locust Street
Stephen Miller, Joyce Shifflett to Joyce Shifflet for $1.

707 West Walnut Street
Russell N. Weary to Essam O. Wahby for $250,000.

45-47 North Grant Street
Ronald L. and Cynthia S. Smith to Alexis Espinoza for $170,000.

322 East Cherry Street
Jeffrey P. and Kathleen G. Longenecker to Debra Bollana for $168,000.

28 North Lincoln Street
James E. Reifsnyder to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $45,000.

206 East Main Street
T And T Enterprise LLC to Ty L. and Emily J. Lombardo for $280,000.

534 North Chestnut Street
Arvel G. and Thelma V. Deppen to Michael W. Gallagher, Sandra L. Matthews for $185,000.

South Annville Township

400 Bachman Road
Michael A. and Vicki I. Deitzler to Leslie A. Louvier for $280,000.

406 Mayapple Drive
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Melanie C. and Joseph A. Nowak for $314,126.

622 Louser Road
Michael J. and Kimberly A. Matarazzo to Michael J. Matarazzo for $1.

622 Louser Road
Michael J. Matarazzo to Jonathan B. Burkholder for $300,000.

(UPI #29-2311697-365584-0000) Unit 358 Building 1
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to James R. and Lee A. K. Podgorney for $324,459.

1400 South White Oak Street
Frank H. and Edna M. Horning to Matthew R. Sauder for $328,000.

351 Fieldstone Drive Lot 13
John R. and Rachel M. Rich, III to Philip W. and Lynn M. Altland for $487,000.

972 Church Road Lot 2
Philip W. and Lynn M. Altland, Jr. to Frank H., Edna M., and Loren Horning for $850,000.

South Lebanon Township

7 Keystone Drive Lot 3
Miriam Enck Progner Estate, Miriam D. Enck Estate, Counsel Trust Company to 7 Keystone Drive LLC for $2,540,000.

815 South 3rd Street
Henry J. Arnold, Jr. Estate, Sandra A. Podjed to Camryn Putt, Justice Belleman for $150,000.

9 Mine Road
Brett S. and Stephanie L. Harple to Brett S. Harple for $1.

406 Edgewood Drive Lot 67
Betty F. Walmer, Nancy E. Mitchell to Joseph and Rose Glant for $244,000.

South Londonderry Township

(UPI #31-2295934-347538-0000)
Springbrook Farms Inc., Pusey and Raffensperger Buildings Inc., Henry S. Weber, Jr. Estate to Jeffrey J. and Debra K. Farese for $428,529.

825-829 Lawn Road
Matthew B. and Julee A. Owlett to Stephen Y. and Cecilia Chelius for $308,000.

Quit Claim Deed – 188 Barnwell Lane Lot 32
Jason M. and April D. Sibbach to Sibbach Family Living Trust, Jason M. and April D. Sibbach for $0.

43 Carriage Road Lot 108
Clarence W. Hitz, Jr. to Mackenzie P. Enders, Amber L. Hartranft for $250,000.

545 Brookwood Drive Unit 140
James J. Worrilow, Emily M. Schleicher to Mei F. Jiang for $268,000.

1329 Mount Wilson Road
Irene E. Hess to Irene E. Hess, Nicholas J. Bartolomei for $1.

34 Knight Court
Frank N. and Cheryl L. Malovic to Douglas A. and Lindsay M. Knepp for $440,000.

401 Timberbridge Lane
Esther S. and Roy E. Wert to Lucian A. and Kimberly A. Contino for $475,000.

Quit Claim Deed – 669 Springbrook Drive Unit 64
Carol L. Lehr to Carol L. Lehr Trust, Carol L. Lehr for $10.

75 Harvest Mill Lane
Michael J. Orr, Brooke Larson to Cartus Financial Corporation for $268,000.

75 Harvest Mill Lane
Cartus Financial Corporation to Timothy A. and Alex T. Mee for $268,000.

Swatara Township

2373 Quarry Road
John F. Latshaw, Jr. to Kathleen A. and Randall Byers for $160,000.

360 Lighthouse Drive Lot 112
Logan J. and Ashley R. Williams to Ana L. R. Zavala, Domingo Bazan for $251,000.

8 Wunderlichs Lane
Joanne and Thomas Peterson to Nathan P. Maulfair for $25,000.

167 Lighthouse Drive Lot 79
Shawn A. and Michelle L. Jackson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency for $125,000.

201 Irene Drive Lot 134
N A Martin Plumbing Inc., NA Martin Plumbing Inc., Martin N A Plumbing Inc. to Jarrid D. Baker for $187,000.

Union Township

149 Ridge Road
Shane T. and Nicole A. Felty to Shane T. and Nicole A. Felty for $1.

524 Shepherd Street Lot 62
Christopher L. and Jennifer R. Marks to George Thompson, Mattie Cyphers for $295,000.

West Cornwall Township

205 Castle Avenue
Julie A. Lynch to Margaret M. Lichty for $365,000.

1081 Alden Way Unit 57
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Ellen M. Sameth for $302,444.

166 Riders Way Lot 60
Lynnette M. Fox to Ashley Pyszka for $200,000.

West Lebanon Township

2328 Guilford Street Lots 205, 206, and 207
David M. and Edith E. Turner to Andrew R. and Charlene M. Newswanger for $311,000.

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