Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

1478 East Main Street
Town & Country Developers to Jeremiah Zimmerman for $489,000.

66 North Saylor Street
Richard S. Snyder to Legacy Cash Offer LLC for $158,000.

Bethel Township

141 Elk Drive Lot 73
BP Real Estate Investment Group LP to Wilmer Lantz, Debra Enfield for $299,900.

3049 South Pine Grove Street
Allen L. and Donna C. Knapp to Allen L. and Donna C. Knapp for $1.

465 Shirksville Road Lot 4
Roberta K. Hamer, Lynne A. Galanos to James Champ for $70,000.

461 Shirksville Road Lot 3
Roberta K. Hamer, Lynne Galanos to Joan E. Champ for $440,000.

119 Hemlock Drive Lot 9
Vincent J. and Sharon E. Coyle to Coyle Family Trust, Vincent J. and Sharon E. Coyle for $1.

109 Sunrise Drive
Jacquelynne B. McKinney to Joseph R. and Jacquelynne B. McKinney for $1.

129 Deer Drive
Kenneth and Margaret A. Lahr, Jr. to Ryan Lahr, Melissa Tshudy for $1.

20 Creek Drive Lot 78
Carole A. Cummings, Courtney J. Prokop to Joshua D. and Samantha A. Roy for $400,000.

132 Hamlin Road
Lloyd D. Halteman to Lloyd D. Halteman, Cari L. and Taylor McNeal for $1.

3033 Pine Grove Street Lot 19
Jeffrey D. Peiffer to Samuel J. Peiffer for $150,000.

1 Pine Avenue Lot 23
Paul P. and Theresa R. Stoltz to Matthew Blatt, Kathelyn E. Burrows for $65,000.

City of Lebanon

630 Federal Street
Naomi R. Zimmerman, Sherri L. Plasterer to Jeremiah J. Zimmerman for $1.

444 North 2nd Avenue
Harold A. Bender Estate, Kevin S. Bender to Maria I. R. Lantigua for $80,000.

416 North 1st Street
Dulce M. Cuevas to Joseph Gillette for $75,000.

825 East Mifflin Street
Hasaun Grigger to Joseph C. Mesaris for $176,500.

534 Church Street
Kyle D. Wenger to Reputable Streamline Properties LLC for $50,000.

1003 North 8th Street, Etc.
Edwin D. and Bethany G. Strubhar to Jeremiah S. and Leah L. Stump for $331,500.

631 Chestnut Street
Philip E. Riehl, Nelson G. Martin to Dennis Martin for $1.

639 East Weidman Street
Charles K. Yost to Giovanny R. Figueroa, Leyshia Z. Santiago for $120,000.

433 Canal Street
Philip E. Riehl, Nelson G. Martin to Dennis Martin for $1.

201 West Cumberland Street
Edward J. and Stephanie A. Hicks to Cruz M. F. Lugo, Israel J. G. Feliciano for $173,000.

218 South 9th Street
Abderrahim Laghrissi to Carrero Holdings LLC for $121,000.

417 North 5th Street
Flippers & Keepers LLC to Micrubell Services LLC for $205,000.

407-409 Lehman Street
John C. Lambakis to Flippers & Keepers LLC for $150,000.

1232 Willow Street
Tojo Properties LLC to Travis E. Musser for $85,000.

Corrective Deed – 625 Quentin Road
Radha Holdings LLC to Golden Lebanon LLC for $8,703.

Hud Foreclosure Commissioner Deed – 312 South Lincoln Avenue
Marilyn E., Paul G., and Mariellen Lantz, Trudy Duhon, Unknown Heirs, Juan Fonesa, Jr., KLM Law Group to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0.

532 East Weidman Street
Benigno and Silvia L. Gonzalez to Sergio Acevedo, Jr. for $165,000.

950 Linden Street
Donald E. Schlegel, Jr. Estate, Debra Mills to Revital Home Co. LLC for $13,500.

442 Walnut Street
Ronald and Camisha Harris to Ana E. Quinones for $145,000.

43 Mifflin Street
Florence L. Embrey Estate, John R. Embrey, Julia M. Wagner to Estreet Properties LLC for $52,000.

521 North 7th Street
Jacob K. King to David L. and Elizabeth M. Beiler for $180,000.

523 North 7th Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to David L. and Elizabeth M. Beiler for $1.

Corrective Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure – 631 Chestnut Street
Philip E. Riehl, Nelson G. Martin to Dennis Martin for $1.

1144 Greiner Street
David S. Walmer Estate, David Scott Walmer Estate, Donna M. Walmer to Irvin W. and Ruth A. James for $225,000.

519 Federal Street
Randy R. Firestone to Stonehedge Properties LLC for $32,000.

128 Cumberland Street
Gregory Neiswender to John D. and Mary K. Stoltzfus for $450,000.

333 North 4th Avenue
John D. and Mary K. Stoltzfus to Countryside Ventures LLC for $360,000.

623 East Mifflin Street
Robert W. Fidler Estate, Dodie J. Houtz to Christopher E. Fidler for $1.

609 North Eighth Street
Kathryn M. Arnold Estate, Jan L. Arnold to Amos L. Zook for $68,000.

1700 Oak Street
Wilfred E. and Linda B. Erb to Celene M. Vidal for $1.

632 Federal Street
Alan A. and Trudy J. Derr to Matarazzi Contracting LLC for $10,000.

30 Woodland Estates
Anna M. Ostrow Estate, A. Maria Ostrow Estate, Joann Y. Hauer to Shannon and Scott Gordon for $177,000.

1109 Washington Street
Ronald Thomasco to Danielle Thomasco for $1.

360 Steitz Street
Evelyn L. Longenecker Estate, Joshua Haulman to Joshua Haulman for $1.

350 and 352 North 4th Street
Stoneback Properties LLC to StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $140,000.

31 East Locust Street
Judith A. Huey Estate, Lori L. Wagner to Lori L. Wagner for $1.

225 South 10th Street
Daniel S. and Pamela A. Ramirez to Connor P. Ahnert for $55,000.

441 North 9th Street
Rubios Enterprises LLC to Rosa Fermin for $214,000.

248 South 5th Street
David G. and Lesley A. Vail to Marvin Smith for $85,000.

1107 Woodward Street Lot 102
Miguel A. F. Vargas to Johanna Mejia, Franklyn R. Torres for $224,900.

27 North 5th Street
Patricia M. S. OLeary to Scott OLeary, Patricia O. Lefever for $1.

529 East Cumberland Street
Lydia House LLC to Tim Fox for $75,000.

143 Mifflin Street
Martha M. Buffenmeyer, Dana A. Eisenhauer to Soloman Street LLC for $50,000.

114 South 9th Street
Lion Secure Holdings LLC to Geremew Shifa for $260,000.

441 Cumberland Street
Douglas S. Maguire to Cakes by Moraima LLC for $395,000.

Cleona Borough

119 East Penn Avenue Lot 32 and Part of Lot 31
Ryan D. and Michelle Snyder to Logan K. Greytak, Alyssa T. Rummel for $230,000.

262 South Center Street Lot 109
Deborah J. Stager to Charlene A. Abele for $191,000.

200 South Wilson Street Part of Lots 270 and 271
That Un Kim Estate, Mona J. Kim to Sergio B. C. Paulino for $175,000.

11 East Chestnut Street
Rick L. and Monica L. Clay, RMRR Properties to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $155,000.

246 South Center Street Lot 117 Phase II Walnut Mill
Diane K. Tshudy to Megan E. Garloff for $157,000.

Cornwall Borough

358 Rexmont Avenue
Todd C. Ober Estate, Joshua Ober to Alfredo Figueroa, Jr., Omayra Perez for $160,000.

264 Rexmont Road
Omar and Linda Lapp to Kyle D. Wenger for $390,000.

125 North Cornwall Road East
Lois L., Joseph P., and Esther D. Robinson to Joseph P. and Lois L. Robinson for $1.

607 Aspen Lane Lot 124
Nathaniel P. Haken, Rachel A. Hower to Adam J. and Jennifer E. Brown for $475,000.

East Hanover Township

10118 Jonestown Road
Kevin R. and Shen R. H. Kreiser to Michael A. Schumann, Jamie L. Janwich for $599,900.

65 Harrison School Road Lot 2
Bradley A. Leidich Estate, Vicki Gentzel to Carter C. and Mary T. Conlon for $375,000.

40 Coon Creek Road
Ricky L. and Karen L. Heister to Joshua A. and Ashley R. Hoerner for $400,000.

1713 North State Route 934
Russ E. Cassel to Kyle E. Cassel for $1.

1025 Schoolhouse Road
Arlene A. Weller Estate, Judith A. Seaman to J & J Remarketing LLC for $195,000.

10800 Jonestown Road Lot 2
Mose and Joelle Hess to Mose and Joelle Hess for $1.

10804 Jonestown Road Lot 3
Mose and Joelle Hess to Mose and Joelle Hess for $1.

Heidelberg Township

2032 Heidelberg Avenue
Earl Z. and Edith I. Musser, Earl Z. Musser, Jr. to Edith I. Musser Revocable Living Trust, Earl Z. Musser, Sr. for $1.

124 Gravel Hill Road
Earl Z. and Edith I. Musser, Earl Z. Musser, Jr. to Edith I. Musser Revocable Living Trust, Earl Z. Musser, Sr. for $1.

Jackson Township

20 Thorndale Drive Lot 193
Robert E. Howard, Sr. Estate, Robert E. Howard Estate, Robert E. Howard, Jr. to William and Nancy Waros for $205,000.

4 Applecreek Lane Lot 24
Duane K. and Tracey L. Smith to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for $315,000.

151 Martin Road
Sylvia H. Ebersole Estate, Galen M. Martin to Brenda, Linda, Shirley, and Jay Ebersole, Thelma Halteman for $1.

151 Martin Road
Brenda, Shirley, Linda, and Jay Ebersole, Thelma Halteman to John D. and Thelma J. Halteman for $1,000,000.

697 West Lincoln Avenue
Mary E. Hoover to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

10 Springhouse Drive
Craig L. Redcay to Marcia and Craig Redcay for $1.

740-744 Stracks Dam Road
Moses L. and Rosanna S. Peachey to Simeon K. Zook for $630,000.

Jonestown Borough

24-40 East Oak Street
Dennis P. and Jill A. Farrell to Charity A. and Patrick J. Farrell, II for $1.

Millcreek Township

146 Sweetwater Lane Lot 408
George T. and Joyce A. Hutchison to Nathan J. and Molly E. Bachik for $295,000.

136 West Park Street Plot 22 and 24
Elvin W. and Kim H. Hurst, Jr. to James N. and Sara A. Ulrich for $59,000.

16 Overlook Lane
Ryan and Sandrine Patches to Michael D. Wimmer for $310,000.

Myerstown Borough

221 West Carpenter Avenue
Myra J. and William E. Swonger to Daniel M. and Ashly L. Landis for $1.

238 East Main Avenue
Ruth J. Dundore Hoover Estate, Ruth J. Hoover Estate, Ruth Hoover Estate, Karen E. Anspach to Keith I. and Delphine L. Martin for $79,000.

100 North Hoover Street
Debra A. and Tab A. Barber to Courtney M. Witmer for $265,000.

North Cornwall Township

2020 Greystone Drive
Ashley M. Arnold, Jason C. Hawbaker to Diane Forte for $180,000.

160 Furnace Court
Paul M. and Jennifer W. Felker to Steven P. McKinney, Jr. for $178,000.

Corrective Deed – 3295 West Oak Street
Gail J. and Randall S. Reich to Marjorie W. Merchant for $1.

SS West Walnut Street Lot 1
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Esmailin C. P. Duran, Marileny F. Figueroa for $481,805.

1106 Cornerstone Lane
Andrew M. and Holly Demler to Dean M. and Lindsay M. Hoppes for $750,000.

529 Byler Circle
Aubrey L. Mogel to James R. Ellison for $214,900.

715 Brookside Lane Lot 161 Villages of Creekside
Betty J. Kless Estate, Barbara A. Matteson to Amanda A. Hilderbrandt for $279,900.

North Lebanon Township

625 Elizabeth Street
Danetta Tevalt to Brianna L. Mangano for $122,900.

1787 Ashton Drive Lot 102
Mary F. Killmaier to Jamaal R. and Roycee K. Calloway for $288,000.

1717 Quarry Road Lot 4
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Brandon and Candice Smith for $230,000.

704 East Canal Street
Amanda N. Witters to Gregory S. and Amanda N. Witters for $1.

1128 Harvest Drive
Gregory S. Witters to Gregory S. Witters, Ruth E. Martin for $1.

809 Oak Lane Lot 809
Jose J. C. Hernandez to Yandra Y. C. Zapata, Carlos A. D. Perez for $280,000.

3102 Tunnel Hill Road
Rhiannon V. and Jesse A. Heilman to Jesse A. Heilman for $1.

1844 State Route 72 North, 1850 State Route 72 North, 1899 State Route 72 North
Paul N. and Patricia N. Horst to Horst Family Farm LLC for $1.

1561 North 7th Street Lot 2
Darrel L. and Holly L. Reichert to Melanie Binkley, Zachery Reichert for $160,000.

1243-1245 East Cumberland Street
Patricia M. Ward to Linda K. Strobel for $125,000.

North Londonderry Township

166 Spruce Court Unit 5 Building 8
Michelle M. Wolf to Ericka M. Layser for $230,000.

92 Leno Drive
Ronald W. and Sylvia V. Swanson to Jenna P. Flickinger, Thomas L. Berry for $377,000.

920 King Street
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ibrahim Bentahar for $200,000.

35 Eisenhower Road
Ralph B. Light, Jr. Estate, Barbara A. and William Light, Linda L. Wardlaw to Barbara A. and William Light for $1.

409 Cambridge Court
Aida L. Atwood Estate, Michelle Morgan to Donald R. and Susan M. Davidson for $210,000.

13 Peach Street
Scott A. Blauch to Amy and William H. Corcoran, Leanne Krupzig for $261,500.

14 Valley Drive Lot 41
Matilda M. Wolf to Darrel P. Wolf for $1.

Palmyra Borough

201 West Walnut Street Lots 112, 113, 114, and 115
James L. Kreis to Daniel Eisenhooth for $290,000.

225 North Railroad Street
Consolidated Insurance Services Inc. to Palmyra Bologna Co. for $355,000.

979 East Maple Street Lot 62J
Michael and Angela D. Figueroa, Debra M. Miller to Legacy Cash Offer LLC for $110,000.

335 East Walnut Street
Richard L. Ulrich, Sr. to Lori M. and Jeremy Herr, Sharon Dosch for $350,001.

512 North Railroad Street
Eric D. and Karen E. Kirkland to Legacy Cash Offer LLC for $102,000.

84 Peach Circle Lot 123
Christopher M. and Natasha L. Breen to Stephen Appiah for $365,000.

981 East Oak Street Lot 44A
Philip S. and Sara E. Martin to Brooke Sexton, Amiri Mustafa for $190,100.

Richland Borough

409 Oak Street Lot 31
Juanita and Luis Perez to Juanita Perez for $1.

6 South Park Street
Warren L. Weaver Revocable Trust, Warren L. and Shari L. Weaver, Shari L. Weaver Revocable Trust to John E. and Patricia M. Pasquale for $100,000.

South Annville Township

NS Mine Road Lot 2
Garry L. and Mary M. Longenecker to Paul F. and Dianne Campanini for $169,900.

331 Laurelwood Drive
Grant C. and Susan M. Steele to C. David and Patricia L. Strait for $540,000.

South Lebanon Township

283 Acorn Circle Lot 119
Glanzair Properties LLC to Sahar and Emad Mady for $225,000.

30 Lebanon Valley Pikeway Lot 10
Schott North America Inc., Schott Pharmaceutical Packaging Inc. to Schott Pharma USA Inc. for $1.

1015 South 1st Avenue
Michael L. Boyer, Justin W. Moul to Keith and Amy Donnachie for $100,000.

549 East High Street
Gale H. and Gary J. Moyer, Jr. to Gary J. Moyer for $1.

13 Pennwood Road Lot 24
Claude W. Keyser, Jr. to Norma D. Keyser Estate for $1.

83 Falcon Circle Lot 21
Dennis C. and Patricia A. Batz to Harry B. and Kathy J. Royer for $385,000.

85 Woodland Hills Lane
Noah T. and Jennifer M. Faulkner to Benjamin and Amanda Crum for $700,000.

13 Pennwood Road Lot 24
Norma D. Keyser Estate, Debra A. Bowman, Eugene H. Cooper, Jr. to Debra A. Bowman, Eugene H. Cooper, Jr. for $1.

604 Fox Ridge Lane Lot 25
William C. Binner, Jr. to Imran Khan for $235,000.

550 Charles Street
Megan E. Castor to Adam T. and Rachael Love for $460,000.

100 Herr Street
Billy A. Jones Estate, Erin M. Jones to Legacy Cash Offer LLC for $85,000.

484 Charles Street Lot 147
Daniel A. and Dorian J. Leiss to Michael J. and Eleanor M. ODonnell for $389,900.

1317 Jill Ann Drive Lot 102
First Choice Home Buyers LLC to Benigno and Silvia L. Gonzalez for $275,950.

343 Timber Boulevard
Robert B. and Elaine C. Bishop to Joeffrey B. and Cynthia M. Felipe for $380,000.

South Londonderry Township

40 Harvest Mill Lane Unit 16
Mohit Kumar to Shantilal K. and Shanta S. Patel for $240,000.

2745 Horseshoe Pike
Kenneth I. Lentz to Micheal G. and Sherry L. Lentz for $1.

73 Knight Court Lot 148
Walter W. and Brenda Hiester to Kurtis and Kimberly Amy for $435,000.

5560 Elizabethtown Road
Edgar M. and Cassandra R. Loeb to Stephen Beiler, Jr. for $257,000.

26 Chesterfield Drive Lot 78
Michael J. and Sarah M. Sis to Linda D. and Joseph G. Woefling for $564,500.

95 Springhaven Court Unit 234
Clarence D. and Eileen N. Fox to William G. Larsh for $345,000.

2095 South Forge Road
Rigoberto and Daisy Colon to Christopher Smith for $399,000.

212 Lawn Road
David L. and Pamela J. Laman to Kurt M. Yordy for $138,000.

8066 Colebrook Road Lot 11
Earl S. and Marion G. Hoffsmith to Sidney Hagen, Dylan Wilson for $246,000.

Swatara Township

147 Lickdale Road Lot 2
Scott C. and Georganna M. Lerch to Kevin G. Felty, Sarah A. Scholl for $300,000.

67 Wildflower Circle Lot 111
Stephen M. and Laura J. Smith to Lawrence and Judith DeVincenzo for $349,900.

414 South Lancaster Street
Kimberly A. Eckenrod to Angel L. C. Rodriguez for $158,000.

156 Lickdale Road
Elizabeth J. Stamm to Kimberly A. Eckenrod, Kristen M. Greer for $225,000.

301 East Chestnut Street
Erin L. T. and Matthew D. Hugendubler to Matthew D. and Erin L. Hugendubler for $1.

8 Oldfield Drive Unit 25
Justin Boltz, Ronald and Norma Hipp, Debra A. Houser to Justin Boltz, Francesca Bishop for $1.

153 Monroe Valley Drive
Gail A. Wright, Karen Showers to Jeff and Jenny Martin for $195,000.

974 Thompson Avenue
Patricia A. Binner Estate, Tara Kern to Tara and Charles P. Kern, III for $1.

1825 Grace Avenue Lots 83-89, 75-82, 73, and 74 Section D
Edward and Patricia Waizenegger to Breezy Properties LLC, Middle Creek Investments LLC for $425,000.

Union Township

121 Campmeeting Road Lot 1
Monte L. Fake to Sven Fake for $134,845.

3 Dogwood Lane
Dennis P. and Jill A. Farrell to Patrick J. Farrell, II for $1.

667 Jonestown Road
Karl A. and Bich L. Windish to Ashley E. Dye, Daniel A. Fidler for $175,000.

667 Jonestown Road
Karl A. and Bich L. Windish to Karl A. and Bich L. Windish for $1.

19 Hoover Drive Lot 7
Brian L. and Kassie Whitmoyer to Joshua Clark for $225,000.

314 Shepherd Street
Jorden C. and Shawna Messersmith to Jessica Koller for $306,000.

3 Moechlin Lane
Joseph H. Raimo to Steven W. and Patricia L. Warner for $58,000.

West Cornwall Township

302 6th Street Lot 32 and Part of Lot 28
Jeanie K. Bachand to Stephanie C. Cappetta for $265,000.

502 6th Street
Merritt A. and Katcha L. Neale, Jr. to Jeremiah D. Shuman for $340,000.

249 Horseshoe Pike
Blake T. and Sarah M. Ziegler to Michael and Jennifer Bixler for $329,000.

West Lebanon Township

2323 Guilford Street
Earl J. Gibson to Kailey E. Arnold for $40,000.

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