Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

122 South Spruce Street
Lidna A. Kruger to Christopher S. Stahley for $306,000.

515 East Main Street
David A. and Jill C. Palanzo to Murtaza Akhter, Tabitha Bonnell for $567,500.

322 West Church Street
Alan C. and Victoria M. Funck to Joseph D. Gettle for $145,000.

84 Quittapahilla Drive
Christopher A. Quarry to Christopher M. and Holly C. Rogers for $178,500.

425 West New Street
Steven M. ONeal to Dwight A. and Emily Penberth Jr. for $425,000.

Bethel Township

152 Elk Drive Lot 51
Dale R. and Susan E. Shepler to Caroline and Charlie Vasquez for $275,000.

147 Union Road
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Vendee Mortgage Trust 2001-1, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Jay K. Zimmerman for $168,500.

164 Chase Lane
Hervy S. Gibson Estate, Fern L. Gibson to Delmas L. and Lois Z. Burkholder for $409,900.

591 Shirksville Road
Douglas M. and Louise A. Bush to Randy and Jennifer Shirk for $450,000.

157 Laurel Drive Lot 103
David J. Spangler to David J. Spangler for $1.

117 South Center Street
Wanda M. Weaver to Robert H. Sauder for $150,000.

City of Lebanon

1260 Willow Street
Ramon L. Adorno, Brunilda Martinez to Santiago A. R. and Juana Millan, Santiago R. Rocha for $80,000.

1511 Washington Street
C. Timothy and Sandra K. Stormfeltz to Jason V. Lopez, Elaine M. M. Soler for $165,000.

610 Locust Street
Chris L. Iceman, David B. Emore to Carlos P. Ramos for $100,000.

407 North 5th Street
William H. and Donna P. Thomas Jr. to Jose L. and Iris E. Lopez for $15,500.

441 North 12th Street
Irene M. Sanders to YGK Property Management LLC for $42,700.

30 Tiffany Lane
Arturo J. Q. and Ana Ortiz to Benjamin S. Moyer for $50,000.

(UPI #05-2338687-372702-0000)
Dennis C. McGale Estate, Jennifer D. Smythe, Dennis C. Mc Gale Estate to City of Lebanon, Lebanon City for $387.

571 Guilford Street
Joseph K. and Cindy S. Schlegel to City of Lebanon, Lebanon City for $3,789.

415 Walnut Street
Malcolm E., Jeanette F., and John M. Beck to Cesar D. Liriano for $59,000.

416 North 5th Street
Arturo Q. Ortiz to Anderson D. Varela for $138,000.

377 North 12th Street
June Claire Stubblebine Estate, Edward Stubblebine to Aaron H. Donnachie for $50,000.

328 Lehman Street
Caroline and Charlie Vasquez to David L. Huber for $175,000.

456 North 6th Street
Christopher M. Schauer to Terry D. Lewis for $85,000.

1026 Orchard Avenue
Michael R. and Theresa M. Cheresini, First Choice Home Buyers LLC to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $46,000.

305 North 5th Street and 44 North 8th Street
Wrep Associates, J W M Associates to Wrep Associates for $371,960.

1418 Miller Street
Delbert W. and Catherine P. Roth Jr. to Catherine P. Roth for $1.

590 Reinoehl Street
Kenneth L. Kreitz Jr. to BSRE Holdings LLC for $1.

405 Chestnut Street
Zook Rentals LLC to Benuel S. and Naomi B. Esh for $150,000.

310 Park Avenue
Dustin T. Gensel to Zaidi A. Fanzo for $149,000.

430 North 14th Street
Jonathan D. and Judy A. Fake to Paul J. and Terrie D. Sanders Jr. for $124,900.

354 North 12th Street
Ramon L. Adorno, Brunilda Martinez to Edmer A. Pena for $140,000.

41 North 9th Street
Reputable Streamline Properties LLC to E And M Familia Inc. for $90,000.

1122 Walton Street
Jonathan D. and Judy A. Fake to Crescencia D. Collado for $125,000.

1113 Cumberland Street
Lauren S. Bell, Duke V. Belmonte to Select Home Buyers LLC for $1.

328 Federal Street
Erin Matusiak to Stephen and Annie Stoltzfus for $110,000.

1013 North 9th Street
Nathan D., Tristan L., Kevin D., and Julie A. Koons to Ariel G. Martinez, Keny T. R. Sierra for $25,000.

950 North 9th Street and 820 North 9th Street
Jason M. Allwein to Jaxon Management Partners LLC for $120,000.

223 Federal Street
Patricia L. Seigrist Estate, Richard E. Seigrist to Alvin A. Heller for $50,487.

611 Guilford Street
Lynn M. Przywara to Richard White for $150,000.

119 South 5th Avenue
Frank A. Rivera to Silvetti Investments LLC for $45,000.

714 Walnut Street
Samuel S. Allyger to Matthew McConnell, Keegan Skinner for $102,000.

260 2nd Street
Patrick A. and Monica M. Griffe to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp for $3,354.

320 South 13th Street Lots 35-40 and Part of Lot 41
Jose E. and Ronda A. Velez to James Pride for $210,000.

112 Maple Street
Teague and Mary Maguire to Dale R. Gibney for $120,000.

NS East Poplar Street
Barry M. and Joanne M. McGee to Denise Herr, Lottie Fortson for $100.

414 North 13th Street
Luis M. A. Ruiz, Teresa R. Santiago to Luis M. A. Ruiz for $1.

328 East Pershing Avenue
Anita M. Valentin, Lukas C. Mease to Lukas C. Mease for $1.

404 North Ninth Street Lot 5
Apostolic Church Lawna to Willie D. and Jacquelyn M. Swan, Lebanon Valley Harvest Ministries for $275,000.

Cornwall Borough

1286 Ash Lane Lot 191
James P. Benjamin, Daniel W. Deitzel III to Brian K. and Marcia A. Shaffner for $435,000.

1207 Ash Lane
William G. and Patricia M. Wall Jr. to Jason and Sara Wise for $361,500.

1286 Ash Lane
James P. Benjamin, Daniel W. Deitzel III to Brian K. and Marcia A. Shaffner for $435,000.

1026 Percy Lane Unit 128
Robert E. Smith to Robert and Linda J. Todd for $290,000.

(UPI #12-2337789-344974-0000) Unit 145
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Dennis C. and Patricia A. Batz for $398,938.

1028 English Drive Unit 329
Bryan J. Howell to Francis C. and Deborah E. Nevill for $265,000.

141 Forge Drive Lot 29
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC to David L. and Stephanie L. Fegley Jr. for $130,400.

1010 Percy Lane Unit 120
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Phillip R. and Maryann M. Palanzo for $567,025.

East Hanover Township

10486 Allentown Boulevard
Justin A. and Brooke M. Soulier to Justin A. and Brooke M. Soulier for $1.

61 Race Horse Drive Lots 5 and 6
Shane M. and Angela M. Fisher to Shane M. and Angela M. Fisher for $1.

5 Lincoln School Road
Jared Fittery to Sheldon R. Heisey for $150,000.

W Of Lincoln School Road
Jared Fittery to Chad Shuey for $15,000.

26 Buck Lane
Donna M. Jaworski to Scott A. Stouffer for $372,000.

3 Lincoln School Road
Jared Fittery to Sheldon R. Heisey for $1.

61 Appalachian Drive
Barbara Y. Smith to Rodney Weaver for $120,000.

61 Race Horse Drive Lots 5 and 6
Shane M. and Angela M. Fisher to Shane M. and Angela M. Fisher for $1.

10664 Jonestown Road Lot 3
Larry E. Weller Estate, Jodi L. Eckenroth to Zakariah and Marangelie Diffendall for $290,000.

18-20 Main Street
Diane S. F. Petrozziello to J Shay Rentals LLC, Shay J Rentals LLC for $100,000.

10669 Jonestown Road
H4 Homes LLC to Zook Rentals LLC for $1,475,000.

Jackson Township

771 Kutztown Road
Peggy M. Confair to Elmer and Anna M. Zimmerman for $650,000.

214 West McKinley Avenue
Clarence L. Marks Jr. Estate, William P. Marks to John W. Fake for $250,000.

91 Deep Run Road
Jose J. T. Espinoza, Lenny Tejada to Jody Hostetter for $310,900.

590 Stracks Dam Road
Nancy L. Boyer to David L. Boyer for $1.

364 Royers Road
Dennis M. and Jamie L. Horn Jr. to Michael B. and Jared A. Harnish for $100,000.

499 Houtztown Road
Leola Leasing Company to Myerstown Real Estate LLC for $2,063,000.

77 Arbor Drive
Robert J. Dash, Betty B. Christi to Jay E. and Brenda Lentz for $225,500.

470 Kutztown Road
J. Cleon Long to Kenneth C. and Karen J. Sandoe for $750,000.

73 Laurel Drive
Michael A. Nix to Delmas L. and Lois Z. Burkholder for $180,000.

26 South Jonathan Drive Lot 1
David R. Patrick to Justin D. Patrick for $1.

26 South Jonathan Drive Lot 3
David R. Patrick to David R. Patrick, Linda R. Bailey for $1.

10 Thorndale Drive
Nancy J. Crim Estate, Ryan C. and Alisa J. M. Crim to Bryan J. Howell for $225,000.

428 West Main Avenue Lot 3
Eva L. Mitchell to Robert E. and Sharon A. Siegrist Jr. for $152,000.

12 Ladybug Lane Lot 164
Dori Noonan to Jonathan Morgan for $380,000.

Jonestown Borough

316 Swatara Creek Drive
Scott M. Pinkard, Amanda L. Meixell to Scott M. Pinkard for $45,000.

37 South Lancaster Street Lot 90
Jessica Owens to John C. and Nicole R. Jernigan Jr. for $200,000.

336 Swatara Creek Drive
Ronald J. Ferrance Jr. to Delmas L. and Lois Z. Burkholder for $210,000.

Millcreek Township

63 West Main Street
Kathryn M. and Lisa A. Zerbe to Dallas Noll for $79,000.

116 North Ash Road
Lowell D. Hartzell to Anh Holdings LLC for $905,000.

145 Sweetwater Lane
Christopher M. and Rhonda L. Becker to Kyle J. Althouse, Shawna L. Clay for $310,100.

Myerstown Borough

41 East Main Avenue
Lucas E. Frable, Ashley N. Layser to Victoria Martin for $179,900.

309 South Railroad Street
Joshua King to Smita Real Estate LP for $145,000.

228 East Main Avenue
Kathleen M. Hoke Estate, Michelle A. Heffner to Kenneth R and Robert P. Hoke Jr. for $1.

14 East Carpenter Avenue
Sandra K. Young Estate, Travis Young to Revital Home Co LLC for $20,000.

16 East Carpenter Avenue
Travis M. Young to Revital Home Co LLC for $20,000.

14 East Carpenter Avenue and 16 East Carpenter Avenue
Revital Home Co LLC to Jared Fittery for $100,000.

320 South Broad Street
Harold E. and Marilyn C. Conners to Darren Zimmerman for $65,000.

North Annville Township

155 Clear Spring Road
Charles R. Steckbeck Estate, Colleen Steckbeck to Steckbeck Apartments Family Partnership for $1.

North Cornwall Township

2140 Colebrook Road
Ammon Henry Boyd Jr. Estate, Ammon H. Boyd Estate, Denise L. Brandt, Scott M. Boyd to Beck Creek LLC for $230,000.

828 Byler Circle
Frank and Susan Pologruto to LMC Investments LLC for $252,000.

870 Tuck Street
Tuck Associates LP, GHB Partners LLC to Kit Property Management for $110,000.

118 Farmstead Circle
Samuel I. Lape Revocable Trust, Samuel Thompson Lape to Gwen L. Bunch for $398,000.

(UPI #26-2340484-357262-0000) – Corrective Deed
Springwood Development Partners LP to Springwood Development Partners LP for $1.

840 Tudor Lane
Helen D. Beard Living Trust, Helen Dorothy Beard Living Trust, Richard K. Myhren to Ronald and Linda Winters for $489,000.

806 Byler Circle Unit 139
John Stieber, Gamze Gurbuz to John A. Stieber Living Trust, Gamze Gurbuz Living Trust, John Stieber, Gamze Gurbuz for $1.

1930 Colebrook Road Lot 1
Dennis L. and Rebecca S. Frey to Leslie R. and Gloria H. Frey for $275,000.

117 Farmstead Circle Lot 19
Gwen L. Bunch to Matthew E. Wolfe, Melissa Sauer for $420,000.

2017 Greystone Drive Lot 128 Oak Hill Village Phase 2
Melissa Sauer to Jehn Properties LLC for $202,500.

842 Byler Circle Unit 121
Seth E. Miller to Jennifer M. Lee for $239,900.

421 Bricker Lane Lot 17
Stephen T. and Denise S. Rooff to Jason and Lauren Randall for $280,000.

North Lebanon Township

3226 Tunnel Hill Road Lot 2
Anthony D. and Tina M. Kolovani to Nicholas and Carisa L. Manza for $320,000.

916 Kochenderfer Road Lot 196
Gail M. Rohland to William M. Hackman for $245,000.

102 North 11th Avenue
Pamela J. Segura to Ephrem A. Turner for $165,000.

2154 Cloverfield Drive
Theodore M. and Ann K. Pinca to Ann K. Pinca for $1.

195 Strack Drive
Arlin R. Weik Estate, Arlin Weik Estate, Deborah A. Weik to David L. Boyer for $221,000.

1980 Jay Street
Timothy L. and Mardell A. Heisey to Timothy L. Heisey for $1.

801 Briar Rose Avenue
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Dennis R. Leaper for $421,900.

101 Roberts Circle
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Melvin H. and Alma Z. Weaver for $245,000.

103 and 105 Roberts Circle
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Jared W. and Carla R. Weaver for $480,000.

2053 Meadowfield Drive Lot 43
Larry Smith to Larry B. Smith Irrevocable Trust, Stefanie Holler for $1.

North Londonderry Township

14 Early Lane
Gladys V. Taylor Estate, Richard D. Roberts to Richard D. and Eleanor L. Roberts for $1.

1272 South Prince Street
David W. and Sandra L. Muma, Tracey A. Bender to Tyler W. Bender for $1.

2 Shady Lane Unit 1
Ann L. Martin to John McGovern, Faline Villapando for $218,000.

818 West Elm Street
Ranga L. and Sumitra Humagain to Kimberly and Brett Loughley for $370,000.

10 Dogwood Drive
Jean Evelyn Donovan Estate, Jean E. Donovan Estate, Pauline J. Vahedi to Marlin J. and Melissa H. Lerch Jr. for $289,500.

330 Oak Lane Lot 142
Phillip R. and Maryann M. Palanzo to Carl and Colleen Mangold for $530,000.

1307 Mill Pond Way Lot 26
Gary E. Teter to Carly E. Davis for $260,000.

8 Hetrick Court Lot 81
Ross Herr Jr. Revocable Living Trust, Margaret K. Herr Revocable Living Trust, Joyce L. Reitz, Robert E. and James M. Herr to Allen and Cynthia Goldthwait for $375,900.

Palmyra Borough

959 East Oak Street Lot 51 East
Wesley Funk to Kyle G. Rowley for $190,000.

232 North Railroad Street
Adam P. and Lauren E. Bomberger to Lauren E. Bomberger for $1.

325 East Broad Street Lot 17
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to Douglas E. and Cheryl L. Kresge for $196,200.

106 North Harrison Street
Todd M. Burns to Christina N. Frye for $250,000.

South Annville Township

14 Behney Drive
Jason E. and Amy B. Houston to William P. and Jenny Corrigan for $365,000.

701 Jeffsu Lane – Corrective Deed
Garman Builders at Wynfield LLC to Mark W. and Ann R. Kendall for $1.

795 Spruce Street
Dawn M. Breidigan to South Annville Holdings LLC for $271,209.

583 South White Oak Street
Gardel LLC to South Annville Township, Township of South Annville for $1.

103 Ridge Road Lot 6
John B. Santoni to John B. and Shelly Santoni for $1.

South Lebanon Township

201 South 15th Avenue
Anthony and Maria Paliometrios to Milagros C. Sainz for $3,000.

1003 Smith Avenue
Dustin Hollinger to Heather Eggert for $282,500.

1501 East Chestnut Street
Bonita M. Knapp to Brayden H. Fry for $180,000.

1613 Fonderwhite Road
Fannie S. King Estate, David Stoltzfus, Isaac King, Ivan Lapp to Jonathan L. and Katie K. Esh for $210,000.

2484 East Cumberland Street
84SLB1 LLC to Pierce Hardy Limited Partnership for $10.

1032 South 5th Avenue
Siobhan A. Pucillo to Juke and Bobs Dream LLC for $310,000.

18 Moravian Street
Thomas E. and Kristen M. Wolfe, Laurie A. and William Kline to Thomas E. and Kristen M. Wolfe for $41,000.

48 South 5th Avenue Lot 5
Jason N. Randall to Nathaniel J. Honberger for $191,300.

WS South Lincoln Avenue Lot 17
Strathford Meadows LLC, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to David E. and Denise M. Schlorff for $559,561.

South Londonderry Township

2086 South Forge Road Lot 15 and Lot 16
Samantha K. Pickel to Philip J. and Claudia Masi for $420,000.

68 North Village Circle Unit 83
Joseph S. Butch to Jose A. R. Salazar, Claudia E. F. Bonilla for $262,000.

557 Spring Brook Drive
Warren L. and Terry C. Lewis Jr. to Patrick and Rebecca Burke for $440,000.

172 North Village Circle Unit 101
Christopher D. and Jenna G. Spinogatti to Timothy A. Mee for $252,000.

435 Graystone Court Lot 96
Donald E. Firestone Estate, Kimberly Arndt to Meakara and Sorphorn Chheang for $345,000.

215 Goldfinch Drive Lot 66
Anthony B. and Maureen E. Crum to Bala R. Ghimirey, Hari M. and Jai N. Kadariya for $370,000.

35 Woodridge Drive Lot 20
Carol J. Nye to Jason S. and Brittney N. Gardner for $200,000.

Swatara Township

262 East Chestnut Street
Steven J. and Jenna L. Maurer to Jeffrey A. Walmer for $289,500.

387 Mountville Drive
Randy J. and Jessica C. Roth to Truman Henne for $205,000.

125 Mountain Drive
Jeffrey L. and Susan M. Werner to Christopher L. and Kathleen M. Werner for $1.

2085 State Route 72
E & M Associates LLC to William and Mollie Bering Jr. for $69,000.

27 Sweetbriar Lane
Jesse A. and Aurimar Schulze to Spruce Land Services LLC for $410,000.

27 Sweetbriar Lane Lot 14
Spruce Land Services LLC to Alexander Egbert, Kimberly Gardyasz for $410,000.

WS State Route 72
E & M Associates LLC to Morgan Rentals LLC for $11,350.

376 Mountville Drive Lot 2
E & M Associates LLC to Morgan Rentals LLC for $513,650.

152 Lighthouse Drive
Erin L. Griffe to Arlin R. and Janelle H. Fox for $193,000.

West Cornwall Township

170 Riders Way Lot 62
Gregory R. and Linda B. Seidel to Richard L. Young Jr. for $187,500.

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