Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Bethel Township

107 East Main Street
Miller And Spangler Inc. to Steven M. Franzone Sr. for $162,000.

639 Greble Road
Gordon W. and Kelsey Bross to Brenda D. Weaver for $125,000.

NS Snow Drive
Jeffrey D. Peiffer to Andrew Gebhard for $35,000.

138 North Mechanic Street
David E. Miller Jr. to Luthy Real Estate LLC for $140,000.

City of Lebanon

313 Weidman Street
Daulton Bohr to Terry D. Lewis for $85,000.

1116 Elm Street
Adam S. Rocker, Kristin Harrison to Stephanie Nonamaker for $195,000.

819 Hill Street
Nicholas M. Yantz to Daulton Bohr, Herbert J. Bohr Jr. for $155,000.

1038 Guilford Street
Starrwar Properties LLC to Vanny and Lee Nhim for $135,000.

732-734 Cumberland Street
Patrick Riley to Joy A., Patrick, and Edward T. Riley for $1.

531-533 Cumberland Street
Richard H. and Akiko Carlson to Robert J. Carlson for $1.

531-533 Cumberland Street
Robert J. Carlson to WSB Properties LLC for $277,500.

825 Scull Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to 716 Walnut Street LLC for $74,000.

590 Reinoehl Street
BSRE Holdings LLC to Luthy Real Estate LLC for $28,000.

704 Walnut Street
Christopher R. Martin to Carrie H. Stefanow for $125,900.

497 New Street
Joyce A. Butera Estate, Steven M. and Courtney Butera, Brianna L. Frazier to Tracy Valenzuela for $85,000.

340 East Mifflin Street
Aaron H. and Willow S. Donnachie to Maria Figueroa, Jose W. Lora for $206,000.

360 North 13th Street
Keith T. Coyne to Peaceful Homes LLC for $90,000.

1215 Willow Street
Christine Maxwell to Peaceful Homes LLC for $75,000.

362 North 13th Street
Keith T. Coyne to Peaceful Homes LLC for $70,000.

21 South 7th Street and 15 South 7th Street
Wilfredo S. and Lucinda M. Ramos to Iglesia Cristiana Un Nuevo Comienzo Inc., Church Iglesia Cristiana Un Nuevo Comienzo Inc. for $250,000.

819 Walnut Street
Debra V. Tropasso to Starrwar Properties LLC for $65,000.

506 Chestnut Street
Jonathon W. Darkes to Lydia Zeigler for $175,501.

811 and 813 Quentin Road
Kenneth D. Sheldon to NGW Properties LLC for $250,000.

823 Lehman Street
Frank D. Tomecek Jr., Xiomarie A. Tomecek to Wilson C. Castillo for $145,000.

228 South 10th Street
Abdeslam Bouhach to Peaceful Homes LLC for $125,000.

1009 Chestnut Street
PDK Developers Inc. to Sunrise Assets LLC for $790,000.

326 Federal Street
G Huffman Properties, Huffman G Properties to Maricel Gil for $110,000.

439 North 6th Street
William Eisenhauer to Trinidad G. Defernandez for $145,000.

Cleona Borough

16 West Walnut Street
Raymond and Lois Hurst to Adam S. Rocker, Kirstin D. Harrison for $292,500.

50 Morningside Avenue
Curt M. Sattazahn Estate, Carin M. Schrum to Arlin and Lynelle Strickler for $180,000.

Cornwall Borough

513 Hemlock Lane
Jillian L. Brooks, Jared A. Reed to James C. and Sarah Z. Mathis for $460,000.

112 Hillside Street
Tyler P. Clark, Jenna M. Marx to Alexander J. Hartman, Baylee E. Madilia for $232,000.

200 Rexmont Road
Cornwall Properties II to Cornwall Properties LLC for $200,000.

1064 Percy Lane Unit 147
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Donald D. and Karen L. Munford for $366,514.

East Hanover Township

21 Valley Drive
Irene Wilson Lindsay Estate, Irene W. Lindsay Estate, Ralph M. Lindsay to Kenneth C. Stumpf IV, Shayna P. Stumpf for $290,000.

16 Sherks Church Road
Elizabeth A. Rohrer to Andrew T. Manbeck for $225,000.

63 Appalachian Drive
Ethel W. Lippert Estate, Ethel G. Lippert Estate, Kene L. Lippert to Beth Childs, Felix Ruiz for $101,000.

22 Coon Creek Road
Linford R. and Audrey R. Snyder to Derrick J. and Samantha N. Horst for $2,544,000.

48 Crooked Road
Karen J. Armpriester, Brenda S. Hunter, Joan L. Parker, Doris E. Mohr to Kevin and Shen Kreiser for $850,000.

Heidelberg Township

430 North Market Street
Benuel S. Fisher Revocable Living Trust, Mary S. Fisher Revocable Living Trust, Benuel S. and Mary S. Fisher to Leroy K. and Ruth E. Fisher for $1.

ES North Market Street
Benuel S. and Mary S. Fisher to Leroy K. and Ruth E. Fisher for $1.

223 Sheep Hill Road
Zimmerman Masonry to Zimmco Enterprises for $1.

244 Sheep Hill Road
Melissa M., Craig N., and Navin L. Herr to David L. and Rhonda M. Martin for $256,000.

WS North Market Street
Linda S. Martin to Daniel E. and Lori E. Martin for $300,000.

208 Mountain Trail Road
Adam G. Burkholder Estate, Galen M. Martin to Yvonne S. Martin for $1.

519 Albright Road
Michael L. Hartman Estate, Michelle L. Winey to Gary L. and Wendy R. Martin for $461,000.

Jackson Township

492 Houtztown Road
Sergey S. and Dina Myltsec to Timothy R. and Katherine A. Bonesteel for $275,000.

595 Stracks Dam Road Lot 1
Leonard H. and Violet G. Martin to Nathan R. and Lydia J. Martin for $650,000.

50 West Rosebud Road Lot 17 Block B
Jay E. and Brenda Lentz to Robert H. D. Carhart, Allison L. Shuey for $330,000.

3 South Butterfly Drive
Paul H. and Tammy L. Kline to Kline Family Living Trust, Paul H. and Tammy L. Kline for $0.

24 Arbor Drive
Paul V. Kelly Jr., Paula R. Kelly to Frank E. and Sue A. Weisgerber for $209,900.

297 West Lincoln Avenue
Charles H. Kinloch III, Charles M. Schwab to Lincoln Ventures LLC for $1.

40 Gable Drive Lot 103
Vera W. Ginder Estate, Linda M. Shenk, Ann L. Graybill to John E. and Linda M. Shenk for $188,000.

531 West Main Avenue
Erik Lehman to Clayton Wolfe for $205,000.

Jonestown Borough

25 North Mill Street
Mary J. Hauer to Trey A. Hauer for $179,000.

16 Williamsburg Drive
Donald L. and Dawn S. Raiger to Delmas L. and Lois Z. Burkholder for $195,000.

Millcreek Township

206 West Park Street
Richard A. Engle Estate, David G. Engle, Debra L. Tice to Tyler W. Sensenig for $225,000.

ES Furnace Road
Glenn E. Wolgemuth Estate, Bonita J., John H., and Loren L. Wolgemuth to Wolgemuth Properties LLC for $1.

Myerstown Borough

125 North Railroad Street
Mary H. Peiffer Estate, Ethan L. Peiffer to Greta Peiffer for $120,000.

27 East Main Avenue
Keith J., Beverly R., and Reni Weixler to Travis and Erin Brubaker for $189,900.

719 South Railroad Street
Clifford N. Heistand to Joshua S. and Lauren M. Plank for $250,000.

345 West Carpenter Avenue
Scott Gingrich to Middle Creek Properties LLC for $240,000.

15 South College Street
Stacy Shutter to Robert A. Hartz Jr., Penny J. Kunkelman for $190,000.

North Annville Township

1780 Blacks Bridge Road
Durrell E. Ruth Revocable Living Trust, Brenda M. Ruth Revocable Living Trust, Kathleen and Ronald Martin, Darrell E. and Brenda M. Ruth to Brandon S. and Amanda M. Gricks for $202,000.

445 Hostetter Lane
Dale E. Hostetter to Ronald G. and Brenda M. Wolfe for $1.

North Cornwall Township

418 Little Pond Lane
Bedilu Woldaregay to Andrew Agee for $345,000.

300 Reist Road
Donald E. Velkley to Wade A. and Olivia M. Latz for $650,000.

WS Norman Drive Lot 37
David L. Stanilla, Thomas I. Siegel, Stanilla & Siegel Real Estate to Orchard BJK Company LLC for $260,000.

WS Norman Drive Lot 37
Orchard BJK Company LLC to Lebanon Medical Building Associates LLC for $1.

North Lebanon Township

848 Kimmerlings Road
Jennifer Richmond to David A. Boland for $215,000.

1827 Martin Drive
Brian K. Eisenhour to Dinary R. Betancourt, Pedro S. Morales for $301,900.

81 East Brookfield Drive Lot 37
Joshua J. Herman to Enver Estrella for $250,000.

942 Snapdragon Court Unit 37
Andrew E. and Kathy A. Chaet to Timothy J. and Lynnette M. Harsh for $340,000.

148 Ginger Court
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Milton and Terri Rushow for $458,722.

1001 North 8th Avenue
William E. Kale to William E. and Jocelyn O. Kale for $1.

955 Harmony Hill Drive
Joseph F. and Magdalena Abeleda to Cynthia G. Diaz, Jonathan J. P. Nunez for $220,000.

26 Grubb Avenue Part of Lot 2
Cody R. Bashore to Jonathan E. Herman for $220,000.

North Londonderry Township

1444 Old Forge Road
Mery J. Gerhart Family Trust, Rebecca A. Fogle, Paul J. Gerhart to Michael and Emily Perry for $299,500.

79 Cottonwood Court Lot 140
Jeffrey A. and Marcia K. Leto to Lan Nguyen, My Trinh for $443,000.

103 Grand Summit Drive Unit 36
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Thomas A. and Lousie M. DiMartile, Thomas A. and Lousie M. Di Martile for $567,131.

770 Plaza Drive
Ada N. and Lloyd M. Sensenig, Haven of Rest to Haven of Rest for $170,000.

1578 South Forge Road
Henry O. Drake to Karin M. Harchuska, James E. Wickeneiser for $210,000.

(UPI #28-2300880-356432-0000)
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Andrew J. and Linda K. Pavone for $135,500.

46 Blackberry Lane
John J. and Carol Nolen to Sherry L. Mettley for $415,000.

29 Hickory Street Lot 68
Barry L. and Joanne T. Gebhard to Gebhard Family Irrevocable Trust, Brent L. Gebhard, Jody L. Emery for $1.

400 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 47
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to David and Sara H. Marcus for $144,000.

31 Oxford Road Lot 164
John A. Madilia, Kendra R. Mase to Lee and Alicia M. Schlossberg for $615,000.

Palmyra Borough

952 East Walnut Street
Jay H. Uhler Estate, Michael G. Uhler, Michelle C. Hollis to Nang S. Dong for $200,000.

243 West Main Street
Kathleen M. Bradley to Mary W. Kamau for $145,000.

434 North Railroad Street
Jon R. Youtz to Jon R. and Stephanie T. Youtz for $1.

100-102 East Maple Street, 36 North Chestnut Street, 38 North Chestnut Street
Earl J. Gibson, Earl J. Gibson Sr. to Earl J. Gibson Jr. for $1.

111 West Cherry Street, 507 North Chestnut Street, 738 West Chestnut Street
Earl J. Gibson Sr., Earl Gibson Sr., Earl J. Gibson Jr., Earl Gibson Jr. to Earl J. Gibson Jr. for $1.

Richland Borough

4 Flbert Alley
Levi K. Stoltzfus to Jeffrey Eachus for $295,000.

201 Poplar Street
Jacob P. and Felicia Koons to Jacob P. Koons for $1.

201 Poplar Street
Jacob P. Koons to Kyle Brubaker for $190,000.

South Annville Township

600 Fieldstone Drive
Robert G. and Mary A. Wertz to Gabriel T. and Lauren N. Wertz for $1.

329 and 353 Diamond Drive
Larry D., Linda J., and Larry S. Shifflet to Linda J., Larry D., and Larry S. Shifflet for $1.

W of South Mount Pleasant Road
Scott J. Seltzer to Edward A. and Kristen R. Richard for $35,000.

800 White Oak Street
Lloyd W. Longenecker to Ryegate Properties LLC for $250,000.

999 Clearview Lane
Jason F. and Michelle C. Gage to Maynard M. and Lorraine M. Wise for $451,000.

303 Ridge Road Lot 53
Jason C. and Ashley M. Hawbaker to Christopher and Pamela J. Pierce for $345,000.

South Lebanon Township

807 East Evergreen Road
Lawrence H. Roller Revocable Trust, Peter C. Roller to Lawrence H. Roller Family Trust, Peter C. Roller for $1.

860 East Old Cumberland Street Lot 1
Count of Lebanon Commissioners to BT Lebanon County LLC for $770,000.

555 Rexmont Road
Philip W. Showers Sr. Estate, Philip Wayne Showers Sr. Estate, Philma Walden to Jonathan D. and Rebekah M. Sanger for $450,000.

310 Rexmont Road Lot 3
Joseph G. Gochenauer III, Danielle L. Gochenauer to Danielle L. Gochenauer for $1.

79 Parkside Drive
Jessica M. Spitler to Salvatore Starro Jr., Mary S. Starro for $240,000.

S of Obie Road
Grace A. Reesor Estate, Lori A. Feola to Lori A. Feola for $1.

S of Obie Road
Grace A. Reesor Estate, Lori A. Feola to Lori A. Feola for $1.

E of South Mountain Lane
William E. Kale to William E. and Jocelyn O. Kale for $1.

1103 South 1st Avenue Lot 12
Rolland E. and Emily L. Laughlin to Select Home Buyers LLC for $168,000.

13 Palm Lane Lot 171
Patricia A. Roeske to Sopheap Khatt, Channa Seng for $272,000.

(UPI #30-2341910-359463-0000) Lot 81
Strathford Meadows LLC, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Christopher W. Vidal for $468,713.

16 Boxwood Drive
Caryl C. Large to Caryl Cathleen Large Irrevocable Trust, Melinda C. Guinard for $1.

729 South Fourth Avenue Lot 97
Joyce M. Shoemaker, Frederic B. Shoemaker Jr. to Craig E. Hasson for $176,000.

404 Edgewood Drive Lot 68
Sarah C. Spangler to Heather E. Mill for $236,000.

230 Hazel Court Lot 43
Francesco and Rosanne L. Favaloro to Shane Viola for $390,000.

South Londonderry Township

219 South Village Circle
Benjamin T. Caporaletti to Randall and Deborah Baruh for $265,000.

212 Valley Road
Marvin L. Herr Trust, Joan A. Herr Trust, Marvin L. and Joan A. Herr to Barry L. Drumheller, Joan E. Kimsey for $425,000.

31 Springhaven Court
Judy A. Haase Estate, Sandra L. Gasowski to Karen J. Hess for $1.

113 Glendon Drive
Richard M. and Nancy E. Kantola, Richard M. Kantola Living Trust to Nancy E. Kantola Living Trust, Richard M. and Nancy E. Kantola for $1.

Swatara Township

ES State Route 72
I360 Realty Com LLC, I360 Realty.Com LLC to Shane White for $3,700.

230 Swatara Circle
Melanie A. Schaeffer to Donald L. Raiger for $374,900.

1784 Quarry Road
Alexandra Vasta to Cody and Destiny Bashore for $324,000.

26 Leeper Lane
Mitch D. and Cassandra L. Anderson to Mitch D. and Cassandra L. Anderson for $1.

Union Township

536 Hemlock Hill Lane
Stacy L. Kline, Barbara A. Smith to Megan E. Horney for $5,685.

292 Fort Swatara Road
Jason G. Propst Jr., Bonita M. Propst to Todd M. Propst for $1.

West Cornwall Township

51 Markwood Avenue
Michael R. Fortna to DM Management LLC for $410,000.

112 Scenic Ridge Boulevard
Edward J. and Terri D. Kane to Bikram S. and Sukhjeet K. Kamboj for $417,500.

34 Birch Avenue
Courtney and Elyse Ewing to Brook Forest LLC for $1.

1085 Alden Way
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Kevin R. and Stephanie E. Neyer for $413,600.

West Lebanon Township

343 North 20th Street
Harold E. Dice to Wilmer L. and Rosene S. Martin for $125,000.

2426 Mifflin Street
Harold E. Dice to Carig E. Hasson for $121,000.

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