Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

34 West High Street
Mary A. Johnson to JVM Real Estate LLC for $168,000.

203 West Sheridan Avenue
Marilyn E. Boeshore to Marilyn E. Boeshore for $1.

246 South White Oak Street
Kerry S. Yake to AMU Investments LLC for $100,000.

150 West Sheridan Avenue
Robert J. Wartluft Estate, Tammy L. Carder, Kenneth O. Wartluft to Russell J. Smith for $150,000.

106 Woodside Court
Mary M. Koones, Mary M. and Jonathan Garrett to Mary M. Garrett for $1.

23 South Lancaster Street
Frederick A. and Debra A. Hess to Zabby Rental Property LLC for $175,000.

19 West Church Street
Frederick A. Hess to Zabby Rental Property LLC for $175,000.

City of Lebanon

437 North 5th Street
E. Allen and Patricia E. Griffith, Eva Gonzalez to Eva Gonzalez for $74,500.

1402 Lehman Street
Jerry D. Schooley Estate, Jerrie Del Schooley Estate, Cindy L. Sisk to Donald E. Witmer for $60,000.

598 Blueberry Lane Lot 47 Phase 11
Nancy Freed to Helen M. and Jeffrey A. Legay for $250,000.

323 Cumberland Street
Earl H. Brinser Jr. to R & R Investment Properties LLC for $125,000.

527 Spruce Street
Christy L. Helms to Christy L. Helms for $1.

240 Chestnut Street
Monumental Property Endeavors LLC to Monumental Property Endeavors LLC for $1.

808 North Seventh Street
Eleanor Arnt Estate, Eleanor Ann Arnt Estate, Peter J. Arnt Jr. to Angela T. Arnt for $1.

814 North Seventh Street
Eleanor A. Arnt Estate, Eleanor Arnt Estate, Eleanor Ann Arnt Estate, Peter J. Art Jr. to Peter J. and Gloria A. Arnt Jr. for $1.

3 East Chestnut Street
Jose T. DeJesus, Jose T. De Jesus to StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $147,000.

364 North 14th Street
Jarrid Smith to Leon J. Stoltzfus for $135,000.

218 Lehman Street
Celenia C. D. L. Cruz to Rikka Banayat for $149,900.

581 Guilford Street Lot 24
Linda S. Pickett to Rumble Ponies LLC for $125,000.

613 South Sixth Street
Michael and Lois Graupp to Bryce E. Hains for $198,790.

642 Shirley Drive Lot 1
Hunter Creek Partners LLC to Dakisha A. Robinson for $299,900.

1323 Brandywine Street
Leroy E. Barthalow to Peaceful Homes LLC for $95,000.

379 North Partridge Street
Alexander R. Baker to Peaceful Homes LLC for $110,000.

1700 Oak Street
Celene M. Vidal to Celene M. Vidal, Wilfred E. and Linda B. Erb for $1.

645 North 6th Street
Greenwood Conservatory Trust to StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $27,987.

645 North 6th Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Tammy and Scott Waltermeyer for $80,000.

527 North 3rd Street
George T. Mease to Steigel LLC for $60,000.

5 East Maple Street
Kimberly Latshaw Trust, Dale Latshaw Trust, Dale L., Dale, Kimberly S., and Kimberly Latshaw to Steven M. King for $221,000.

1011 Walton Street
Benito Seguinot to Sarek Properties LLC for $67,000.

1012 North 10th Street
Rafael Zavala to Giberto Z. Velazquez, Giberto Z. Vekazquez for $1.

1120 Washington Street
Colleen M. Schriver to Benjamin J. and Chloe Ebling for $172,000.

1125 Mifflin Street
Gary L. and Nelson W. Royer to Amelia Nardo for $70,635.

719 Hill Street
Russell E. and Julia P. Satterfield to Russell E. and Julia P. Satterfield for $1.

131 Guilford Street
Zook Homes LLC to Jesse D. and Dorcas J. Weber for $100,000.

420 North 12th Street
Jeremy and Catherine S. Levengood to Star Four Holdings LLC for $1.

321 Taylor Street
Lerch Flippers LLC to Cody M. Kauffman, Jenicka Schmidt for $250,000.

513 Pershing Avenue
Patricia Ward to Terrance P. Breidenstine for $100,000.

55 East Cumberland Street
Gerald F. Hermann Estate, Nancy A. Hermann to RMRR Properties for $1.

360 North 13th Street
Peaceful Homes LLC to Sylmar Rentals LLC for $165,000.

Cleona Borough

3702 Hill Church Road
Betty J. Pfautz to Erik J. and Bridget A. Breen for $275,000.

14 Dogwood Lane Lot 40
William C. McClain, Jo Anne McClain, William C. Mc Clain, Jo Anne Mc Clain to Marshall L. Oberholtzer for $163,250.

320 South Garfield Street
Donald W. and Diana S. Glosser to Aric W. Glosser for $1.

34 East Penn Avenue
Suzanne M. Simpson to Myron and Janice McCurdy for $245,000.

Cornwall Borough

1027 Alden Way Unit 17
Gerald L. and Julianne L. Strickler to Julianne L. Strickler for $1.

SS Iron Valley Drive
Iron Valley Golf Club LLC to Iron Valley Recreation LLC for $1.

2560 Cornwall Road Lot 10
Elijah J. Arnold Estate, Karen M. A. Tice to Anastasia M. Heim for $181,000.

1218 Ash Lane Lot 328
Robert W. Fichthorn Estate, Dianne C. Fichthorn to Dianne C. Fichthorn for $1.

East Hanover Township

1834 Blacks Bridge Road
Edna I. Tyson Estate, Linda K. Spayde to Robert A. and Beverly A. Brandt for $120,000.

10 Main Street
Jocelyn M. Jernigan to J Shay Real Estate LLC for $1.

W Of Old Canal Drive
Douglas S., Nancy R., Charles D., and Joyce A. Dresch to Douglas S. and Nancy R. Dresch for $1.

1033 School House Road
Charles D. and Joyce A. Dresch to Charles D., Joyce A., and Heath D. Dresch for $1.

ES School House Road
Charles D. and Joyce A. Dresch to Charles D., Joyce A., and Heath D. Dresch for $1.

10196 Jonestown Road
Michael C. and Michael R. Hoffman to Michael R. Hoffman for $8,000.

710 Ono Road
Graby Family Trust, Rebecca J. Cover to Jay W. and Cheryl A. Reiff for $1,200,000.

18 Valley Drive
Joann E. Biever to Kenneth C. Stumpf III for $190,000.

10408 Allentown Boulevard
Justine M. and Michael P. Fetterhoff to Michael P. and Justine M. Fetterhoff, Lane A. Leitzel for $1.

18 Dead End Road
Selma A. Patrick to Selma A. Patrick Irrevocable Grantor Trust, Selma, Terry L., and Jeffrey L. Patrick, Cindy L. Anspach for $1.

Jackson Township

1231 Hilltop Road Lot 13
Gerald L. and Emily J. Horning, Emily J. Fox to Noah and Susan G. Sauder Jr. for $335,000.

49 Beverly Drive Lot 78
Matthew J. and Jenna L. Walsh to Tracey McBridge, Tracey Mc Bridge for $230,000.

7 Lantern Avenue Lot 70
Brian L. Ream to Melissa D. Shiner for $1.

218 West Franklin Avenue Lot 90
Lillian Jeanne Alexander Estate, Lillian J. Alexander Estate, Danny J. Alexander, Roxanne Felli to Revital Home CO LLC for $155,000.

35 East Strack Drive
Paul L. Dundore, Annette M. Taraschi to Paul L. Dundore, Annette M. Taraschi for $1.

3 Park View Drive
Lyn R. and Betty J. Schaeffer to L. Robert, Corey A., and Megan E. Schaeffer Jr. for $1.

Jonestown Borough

367 Swatara Creek Drive Lot T-133
Zachary Arnold to Brent Leedy for $205,000.

236 Rose Lane
Joe L. May Estate, Joe L. May Sr. Estate, Joe L. May Jr., Melodie E. Favinger to Joseph W. McCloskey, Joseph W. Mc Closkey for $337,000.

135 Creekview Drive Lot 211
Johnathan D. and Jessica L. Lehman to Deborah A. McCammon, Deborah A. Mc Cammon for $325,000.

Millcreek Township

329 Memorial Boulevard Lot 1
Vanessa J. Fox to Vanessa J. Fox for $1.

17 Evergreen Way Lot 327
Diane A. Moyer Estate, David W. Moyer to Kenneth L., Anna M., and John I. Tschudy for $275,000.

115 South Fort Zellers Road
Emma R. Stoltzfus to Christopher A. Peachey for $217,500.

29 Central Drive
Howard Floyd Anderson Estate, Howard F. Anderson Estate, Twilla J. Thompson to Marie Buys Houses LLC for $94,427.

Myerstown Borough

322 West Main Avenue
Karen M. and Douglas J. Callahan to Karen M. Callahan for $1.

North Annville Township

45 Horseshoe Boulevard Part of Lot 10
Denah M. and Charles H. Appelt to Jason Pfautz, Sara Bowman for $100,000.

560 Ono Road
Lincoln D., Treva J., and Austin M. Samuelson to Jennifer Yost for $120,000.

North Cornwall Township

2093 Acorn Drive
Roberta C. Stacer to Olivia Werner for $195,000.

439 Millbridge Drive Lot 11
Frank M. Stewart to Frank M. Stewart for $1.

565 West Locust Street Lot 132 Etc.
Debra A. Brungart to Taylor R. and Courtney L. B. Layman for $224,000.

314 Jasmine Drive
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Jaclyn M. Amey for $428,555.

19 Whitney Way
Jack N. and Donna B. Sees Jr. to Frederick Pietrangeli, Adrienne Petrisko for $750,000.

809 Rex Avenue Lot 40 and Part of Lot 39
Shane M. and Susan R. Kneasel to Heather Wissler for $285,000.

1655 Mill Road
Ronald M. and Norma J. Hipp to Ronald M. Hipp for $1.

1800 Fieldcrest Drive
Phillip D. and Rosemary A. Stieg to Gilbert D. McDonald III, Rebeca Lazar for $550,000.

403 West Locust Street Lot 33
Dolores M. Haffey Estate, Alyssa M. Van Houten, Aubrey L. Bowman to Patrick E. and Melanie A. German for $170,000.

2016 Acorn Drive Lot 100 Phase 1 Oak Hill Village Plan
Delux Um, Darathida Chey to Andrea H. Rodriguez, Miriam R. Olalde for $203,000.

North Lebanon Township

1212 East Lehman Street
Gerald J. Esser Sr. to Gerald J. Esser Sr., Marvine A. and Barry Esser for $1.

3631 Hill Church Road Lot 7
Hunter Creek Partners LLC to Bryan T. Nelligan, Elise S. Hoffa for $375,000.

115 West Brookfield Drive
Troy M. and Cara Shearer to Tomi Bolze for $280,000.

1235 North 8th Street
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to Shalani Colon for $250,000.

1153 Hunters Chase Lane Lot 95
Diane L. Nye to Todd A. and Amy E. Gardner for $425,000.

(UPI #27-2347537-375805-0000)
E. Jonathan Leffler to Randy L. Brandt for $1.

1561 North 7th Street
Zachery Reichert, Melanie Binkley to Zachery Reichert for $1.

WS Groy Avenue Lots 49, 50, 51, and 52
Thomas Stewart Sr. to Thomas and Barbara Stewart Jr. for $1.

1118 North 7th Street
Satoko Hariyama to Darrell R. Poole for $200,000.

420 East Kercher Avenue
Orchard View Farm LLC to Jubilee Ministries Inc. for $2,000,000.

North Londonderry Township

603 Pajabon Drive Lot 45
Carmelo Seguinot Living Trust, Seguinot Star Living Trust, Carmelo Seguinot to Carmelo Seguinot Living Trust, Carmelo Seguinot for $1.

ES Plaza Drive Lot 1
Ada N. and Lloyd M. Sensenig to NCG Holdings LTD for $1.

320 Hemlock Street Lot 7
Frank G., Francis G., and Crystl D. Schiavoni to Tara M. Davis, Johnny Mateo for $185,000.

109 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 141
Landmark Homes At The Pinnacle LLC to Donna Morgan for $532,200.

2 Grand Summit Drive Unit 8
Landmark Homes At The Pinnacle LLC to Glynn and Mary L. Stallard for $133,900.

15 Dianna Drive Lot 180 Plan of Lots for Old Forge Acres Inc.
Kathleen M. Talamonti, Harold OCarroll to THD LLC for $255,000.

1302 East Main Street Lot 150 Plan of Palmyra Plaza
Ronald E. Wilhelm Estate, Rita M. Wilhelm, Jack C. Force to Beer Cove Inc. for $775,000.

Palmyra Borough

205 West Cherry Street
BSRE Holdings LLC to Benjamin S. Miller for $110,000.

408 South Lincoln Street Lot 1
Flippers & Keepers LLC to Vinh T. Ly, Samnang S. Loeung for $87,000.

321 West Pine Street Lots 512, 511, 510, Part of Lot 509
Virginia E. Sarabok Estate, Virginia A. Sarabok to Virginia A. Sarabok for $1.

531 North Grant Street
Kevin Seiders, Shannon Orehek to Kevin Seiders for $153,595.

706 North Railroad Street Formerly Known As No 704
Shannon L. Ohl to Kathleen R. Monnier, Olivia K. M. Giansanti for $156,200.

Richland Borough

202 South Race Street
Frances S. Morris to Margaret A. Meck for $139,000.

South Annville Township

740 West Main Street
Eastern Land & Resources Company, MFS Inc. to DHL Supply Chain, DHL Supply Chain (USA), Exel Inc. for $100,000.

1310 Mt. Pleasant Road
S. Gerald and Karen M. Musser to Glendon J. and Rebecca B. Musser for $1.

Corrective Deed 633 Mount Wilson Road
Maria Perez to Ivette and Evelyn Guardiola for $1.

South Lebanon Township

28 Folmer Street
Scott E. and Deanna Davis to Narcisa A. and Lissette Bencosme for $160,000.

425 and 427 Rexmont Road
Damien Heisey to Damien and Bryan M. Heisey for $1.

1610 Fonderwhite Road
Eugene L. and Leann E. Barr to Philip J. Bomgardner, Trishia Dougherty for $500,000.

6 Foxchase Lane
B. Jeannette Ail Trust, Bradley J. Ail, Debra A. Kowalczyk to Jorge R. Abreu, Venecia Ramos for $290,000.

106 East Poplar Street
Harold B. and Denise P. Fravel III to Harold B. Fravel III for $1.

33 Folmer Street
Nicholas G. Kreiser to Jabez C. Kreiser, Sunshine S. Lewis for $120,000.

South Londonderry Township

651 Lawn Road
Robert D. and Stacey L. Margut to All In Realty LLC for $165,000.

1656 South Forge Road
Marie J. Nocket Estate, David Nocket to David W., Steven E., and Alan J. Nocket for $1.

26 Fieldcrest Drive Lot 9
James E. F. Bowen to James E. F. Bowen, Seth D. Lewis, Jacob R. Eisenhauer, Katherine A. Hartman for $1.

70 South Village Circle
Donald E. and Donna L. Hopple to Everett F. and Anne L. Vocature for $330,000.

155 Schoolhouse Road
Brandon W. and Elizabeth M. Ames to Lindiwe and Tsaurayi Deredza for $315,000.

113 Chicory Drive Lot 44
Mark A. Baker Estate, Zachary C. Baker to William O. Gauther, Sarah Narus for $318,400.

1317 Mount Wilson Road
Todd A. Lilly, Gerald J. Brinser to Gregory L. Palm for $75,000.

1593 Mount Wilson Road
Jannetta C. Klink to Stephen J. Mays for $160,000.

Swatara Township

198 Old State Road
Justin S. Myers to Rhett E. Kelly for $85,000.

1395 Jessica Drive Lot 17
Aaron B. Lane to Aaron B. and Shawn M. Lane for $1.

Part of 40 Little Mountain Road
Ronald E. Yordy to Ronald E. Yordy for $1.

Part of 40 Little Mountain Road
Ronald E. Yordy to Bruce A. and Susan K. Boltz for $1.

200 Little Mountain Road
Warren A. Kessler Jr. to Ryan J. and Renee A. Carpenter for $130,000.

18 Mountain Drive
Bradley G. and Stephanie A. Lutz to Robert I. and Cheyanne F. Strickler III for $1.

Union Township

634 Jonestown Road
Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Finance of America Structured Securities Acquisition, Trust 2019-HB1 to Wilmer J. Weaver for $140,100.

SS Lickdale Road
Joe L. May Estate, Joe L. May Sr. Estate, Joe L. May Jr., Melodie E. Favinger to Rosanna Marmolejos for $215,000.

West Cornwall Township

270 North Zinns Mill Road Lot 6
Brian M. Burkhart to Steven and Rachel Moyer for $565,000.

26-34 West Main Street and 38 West Main Street
Stephanie L. G. Harple, Dorothy A. Gernert to Stephanie L. Gernert for $195,000.

West Lebanon Township

1934 Church Street
Jarred S. and Katelyn E. Daski to Jarred S. Daski for $1.

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