In loving memory of Robert Tishman….provider, protector, father, husband, uncle, grandfather, brother, and friend.

Robert “Bob” “Tish” Tishman, 74, of Ponte Vedra, FL passed away Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020. He was the husband of the late Christine “Tina” Marie Tishman, who was the love of his life.

Born Sept. 20, 1946, and raised in Manhattan and Queens, NY, he was the son of Abraham and Miriam (Wolf) Tishman.

He met Tina at the 1964 World’s Fair in the Biergarten. His pickup line “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” and her response, “Yes, you deliver mail to my office.” He had no clue that they really did know each other. Shortly after they were married, Robert was drafted into the Army in the ’60s where he served as Computer Systems Operator.

Robert continued his career in computer security and consulted for many well-known organizations including IBM, Ford Aerospace, the Pentagon, NSA, Lockheed, and Northrup Grumman. He was most proud of his role at the Central Intelligence Agency that spanned over 20 years and frequently would joke when asked about his profession, “I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.” Early in his career, they relocated to PA, NJ, CA, CO, and finally in the ’80s to Maryland, where the family lived for over 25 years. Extremely community-minded, he was active in local organizations such as the Jaycees, Boy Scouts, and Toastmasters.

He told many stories about growing up in New York. Some of his favorites included how, as a little boy, he used to fish for coins in the storm drain with a string and bubble gum, how he used to hang out at grandpa’s five and dime, his love for going out for egg cremes or White Castle hamburgers, and frequent outings to the local Jewish Deli for knishes and hard salami sandwiches.

His imagination was BIG and he loved to tell stories. Always thinking of new inventions, he was always busy solving a need in the world that had yet to be invented. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he was thinking about the next business idea. Most recently, his ideas included a self-cleaning mask dispenser and, always thinking of his late wife, a prescreening blood marker for the early detection of Pancreatic Cancer. With his witty sense of humor, he would get people to smile. He constantly would sing catchy tunes, and make-up rhymes and ad-lib poems.

He enjoyed various adventures throughout his life that took him all over the world with the family, including many road trips in the U.S., Caribbean, Europe, Israel, and Morocco. In his later years, Robert and Tina continued to travel to other countries, enjoying quality cruises, entertainment, and accommodations. His favorite was the cruise to St. Petersburg. They could not wait until retirement to use Robert’s more than 1 million points to travel to China and Asia. Alas, it was not to be. Although he loved to travel, he also enjoyed his fair share of downtime, where he would listen to the Golden Oldies, shop, or watch TV. Some of his favorites included Judge Judy, Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, Shark Tank, Animal Channel, or a good ol’ adventure flick! He frequently met with friends to play Pinochle or Bunco or planned group trips to Atlantic City. He loved food and eating out and if given the opportunity, would eat out every night. Italian and steakhouses were his favorite. He also thoroughly enjoyed his many collections some of which included coins, mugs, and stamps.

Robert enjoyed celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, and Thanksgiving. His favorite holiday was Halloween, as he loved all the elaborate spooky decorations and dressing up to hand out candy. Standing 6’4”, he made the perfect Frankenstein in the local community haunted house put on by the Jaycees. For Cheryl and Franks Halloween wedding, Robert dressed up as a king with a crown, a cape, and a scepter. He carried Tina’s ashes down the aisle so that she was there for the wedding.

To his family, he was the Siri before there was a Siri. He had the textbook answers to questions you would have to look up in the Encyclopedia. His family would always lean in to listen to his interesting perspective on science’s great unknowns like UFO’s, how big is the Universe? How did life begin? Is there life in another universe?

He was proud of his grandsons and was always thinking of hobbies and experiences he could share with them. Most recently, he set up and built an elaborate train set for them to enjoy and build upon over the years.

At times, he came across as hardheaded, difficult, and opinionated. Definitely a family characteristic across all Tishmans’. However, the people closest to him knew that, underneath the façade, he was a very kindhearted, generous, and loving person. He *always* had others’ best interests at heart and was the first to support those in need. With a deep love for his family, he put his children first and exposed them to different experiences and opportunities. Carrying on the strong Tishman work ethic, he provided for his family. His home and heart were always open to friends and family.

He leaves behind his daughter, Cheryl Malovic, and son-in-law, Frank, his son, Richard Tishman, his sister, Rena Tishman, his grandsons: Elijah Abraham Tishman and the newest grandson, Alexander Michael Malovic, and Laverne “Pussyrat” Tishman, his beloved cat.

Robert Tishman touched the lives of everyone that surrounded him, and he is very missed.

Many thanks to all who provided him love, support, and compassion in his time of need.

Services will be set for a later date at Arlington National Cemetery. He will be laid to rest with his late wife and best friend; may they have many more adventures together.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in tribute to Robert Tishman online to the Chisuk Emuna Congregation meaning “Strengthen Faith” please visit to give and send an acknowledgment note to