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Bah humbug… Do you find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to saving for the holidays?
Don’t worry, Lebanon Federal Credit Union makes it easy to save with a convenient Holiday Club Account!

Once upon a time, Kris Jingle found that he didn’t have enough money to celebrate the holidays with his family. He was devastated and promised himself that the following year would be different.

As he was window shopping and thinking about a change he could make, he heard a faint bell ringing in the distance. As he got closer to the sound, he realized it was his friends from the Lebanon Federal Credit Union who were volunteering to ring the bell for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign.

He sparked up a conversation with his friends who worked at the Credit Union, and they convinced him to end his holiday stress by opening a Holiday Club for the following year. Kris was unsure, and did not know where to start, or even if he could save enough. They told him it would be easy, especially if he sets up an auto transfer from his paycheck right into his new Holiday Club.

He thought, why not? He wanted to get started right away and went straight into the Evergreen Rd Branch. He walked right in, spoke to a teller, set up an auto transfer from his payroll deposit into the new Holiday Club, signed the proper documents, and was on his way a few minutes later!

The following year, Kris had saved a total of $1,300 by saving $50 every two weeks from his pay. Kris was overjoyed, and he was able to comfortably celebrate the holidays with his friends and family!

Here are a few of the great benefits of a Holiday Club at LFCU:

  • Earn dividends
  • No minimum balance
  • No early withdrawal fee (most other financial institutions charge a fee for early withdrawal)
  • Set up automatic transfer into your Holiday Club

If you are already an LFCU Member and have Online Banking, you can open a Holiday Club on LFCU’s NetTeller Online Banking!

Log into NetTeller Online Banking

  • Click on the “Open Sub Account” on the menu bar
  • Select “Club Shares”
  • Click submit
  • From the Type List drop down, select “Holiday Club”

If you would like to set up an auto transfer into your Holiday Club, just head into a branch today! You can also setup recurring transfers on NetTeller Online Banking.