This post is paid advertising by Chrisland Engineering.

Chrisland Engineering, a consulting engineering firm which specializes in land planning, municipal consulting, structural engineering, and delegated design services, has now added surveying to its list of services with the acquisition of Matthew & Hockley Associates.

“Chrisland Engineering is excited to add Matthew & Hockley Associates to our growing family. Matthew & Hockley Associates has been serving the Lebanon community for 75 years and we look forward to continuing to offer experienced surveying and engineering services to Lebanon and surrounding counties.”

Joshua T. Weaber, P.E. – President

Chrisland Engineering was started in 2017 and provides a wide range of land planning services tailored to their clients’ needs. A few of their services include: subdivision and land development plans; Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plans; and Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plans. They also provide several other related services such as: water and sewer service planning; environmental permitting; driveway permitting; grading plans; landscaping plans; stormwater management; and flood studies.

With the addition of Matthew & Hockley Associates, Chrisland Engineering will now be able to offer topographical surveys, property surveys, flood insurance elevation studies, construction stakeout, and on-lot sewage disposal design. The acquisition will allow Chrisland Engineering to offer its clients a full range of land development services from expert staff.