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It always begins the same way. Suddenly a loved one is gone.

The planning process follows, starting with your inevitable question, “What do I do next?”

Yet, each incident is different. Because each loss is so personal.

This is the time in your life you look for the experienced and steady hand of help.

We are blessed to be there for you, drawing on the know-how surrounding times of loss and grieving, dating back to 1941, when Christman’s Funeral Home opened its doors.

In our experience, we consider the most emotional situations involve the loss of a loved one, a generation or two younger. The loss is so sudden and unexpected, that the need for emotional support is at a peak.

Older people are the least prepared to lose a child or grandchild. It “always happens to someone else, doesn’t it?” But none of us can know when God chooses to beckon someone home.

We assume special responsibly in cases like this.

The process begins with patient listening, and then exploring ways to be as supportive as we can be. It’s our job to direct a service with a combination of care, sensitivity and leadership. Our goal is always to orchestrate the Perfect Farewell for the people who depend on us at a very trying time.

We live to do this.