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For our veterans who have been honorably discharged, there are benefits that you are eligible for provided by the government that will help loved ones.

It is the job and duty of the funeral homes to offer and organize these offerings if the family requests it. From traditional to cremation, you, as a veteran, and your spouse will have the option to be buried at a national cemetery that covers the cost of opening and closing of the grave, the grave liner, and headstone. Additionally, the national cemetery offers military honors and the folding and presenting of the flag to a family member.

If you already own plot and/or want to be buried at a private cemetery, no worries! Grave markers and a flag dedicated to your headstone are provided if they served during war time. Your funeral director will contact the funeral honor guard represented by the branch the deceased served, and his or her local VFW to do the playing of Taps.

Depending on where you live and what years you served you might be eligible for death benefits including allowances from local or state governments. If you are not in a time crunch, free death certificates are available through the state.

A Presidential Memorial Certificate must be requested if it is wanted by the family. This is an engraved paper certificate signed by the current president and honors the memory of the deceased veteran.

Each county is different in what they cover, and how much they give for allowance to help cover funeral costs. Benefits can also increase if they are in a VA hospital.

COVID-19 restrictions may limit some of the normal services. Be sure and discuss this with the funeral director at the beginning of the process.

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