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When it’s a stress-reliever.

It’s no accident that you see fish tanks in the waiting room at doctors’ offices. The visual beauty of seeing coral, rocks, aquatic greenery, and of course the calming effect of a collection of tropical fish swimming around provide a sense of relief to the waiting patients.

This phenomenon is called aquarium therapy. It is growing in popularity. And yes, you can find a beautifully presented fish tank at Christman’s Funeral Home.

There are many occasions when a service includes family members of all ages, including the children. The fish tank not only provides a calming atmosphere, but it becomes a “baby-sitter” for the children as well. Children tend to have shorter attention spans than the adults in the family. The fish tank provides, for lack of a better word, entertainment, for long periods of time.

An article I read on-line also suggests that the presence of a fish tank provides a break from our technology-focused lives, and connects us to nature. The article states “Numerous studies suggest getting close to nature can help you feel more relaxed and improve your mood. Aquariums help bring the outdoors in. From a fish swimming back and forth to the sound of bubbling water – a fish tank takes you on a trip to the great outdoors without having to leave your home.”

Our mission with every client we serve, is to work with them, to do what is necessary to create “the Perfect Farewell.” The decision to add the fish tank to our environment is one we are happy we made. It does what it is intended to do.

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