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Dr. Calvin ‘Doc’ Clements, Democratic candidate for PA Senate 48 is challenging his opponent to join him in fighting inflation. “ Inflation is crushing the budgets of families in the 48th,” Clements says. In a district where the median salary for a full time job is $55,000, wages are just making ends meet for a family of four”, he continued.

“A larger driver of inflation is a General Assembly that essentially works part-time but receives a full-time taxpayer salary and benefits. This doesn’t even include the $11,000 in raises approved by the Legislature!”

Clements pledges to voters that he will not take the salary increases and retirement packages. “ I will propose legislation to rollback the raises and end all unfunded pensions which are highly inflationary.”

Clements invites his opponent Chris Gebhard to join him in making these pledges to voters of the 48th District and help stem inflation. Although, in order for this to occur Gebhard will have to be willing to engage the voters in the district. Clements states, I am willing to to debate my opponent on this and any other issue in the 48th”

ABOUT CALVIN: Calvin is the former owner and CEO of Central Pennsylvania Veterinary Associates, a multiple location veterinary medical service provider. He is married to his wife, Carla, for 48 years. He is the father of three and grandfather of five. In his retirement from full-time veterinary practice, he tends a beef herd and horses on his South Londonderry Township farm. He is a pilot, provide volunteer veterinary medical care for a rescue, volunteer at the Caring Cupboard in Palmyra and President of Palmyra Rotary.