Compass Mark is a nonprofit organization with a mission to prevent addiction through education, skill-building, and community mobilization. Serving Lebanon County for nearly ten years, Compass Mark’s team of prevention specialists are committed to guiding ALL people toward healthy, fulfilling lives free from substance abuse, problem gambling, and other addictions.

This public health mission is vitally important during the current COVID-19 pandemic, as mental health and substance use concerns are rapidly increasing. Since March, alcohol sales have risen by more than 25%. Youth mental health diagnosis are growing, driven in part by increased social isolation and anxiety. Among adults, 13% are starting or increasing substance use to cope with stress, and the prevalence of depressive disorder is approximately 4x higher than just one year ago.

To help address these needs in the community, Compass Mark will be offering “Skills for Life” classes beginning in January for Lebanon County residents. Skills for Life is a group educational program that provides intervention for young people experimenting with alcohol or other drugs, and prevention for all populations of young people. The groups focus on problem areas including substance use and abuse, risky behaviors, and coping skills. Students will gain increased knowledge about the risks of substance use and abuse, healthy coping skills, and goal setting and decision-making skills.

The Skills for Life classes will begin in January and will be offered for two separate age groups: One for students 17 and younger and another group for students 18 and older. Classes will be held either virtually or at the Compass Mark office located at 126 A South 7th Street in Lebanon.

  • Classes for students 17 and under will be held from 5:30PM – 8:30PM on January 25th, Feb 1st, Feb 15th, and Feb 22nd. There will also be a parent night held from 6:00pm – 8:00pm on February 8th.
  • Classes for students 18 and over will be held from 5:30PM- 8:30PM on February 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th.

For more information about Skills for Life, or to refer a young adult to the program, please call Josh Mountz at 717-299-2831 x223. You can also visit Skills for Life – Compass Mark for more information.

In addition to Skills for Life, Compass Mark also offers a variety of other prevention services in Lebanon County through the support of the Commission on Drug & Alcohol Abuse. These include:

  • Addiction Resource Center: This program provides free and confidential assistance to help individuals navigate treatment and recovery options for themselves or a loved one. Also available is an online resource lending library, publication clearinghouse, and community education on a variety of addiction-related topics.
  • School-Based Prevention: These evidence-based programs are available to students in Grades K-12, and utilize proven strategies to build students’ knowledge and social emotional learning skills. Programs include LionsQuest, Positive Action, Project Toward No Drug Abuse, PATHS, We Know BETter, and Support for Students Exposed to Trauma.
  • Family Services Advocate: This program provides case management and supportive resources for children in Lebanon County impacted by parental incarceration.
  • Training & Professional Development: This includes specialized consultation and training programs for professionals and community members, including Student Assistance Program (SAP) trainings and professional development on addiction-related topics.

More information is available on the Compass Mark website at or by contacting:

Michelle R. Sweitzer Prevention Coordinator
Compass Mark
717-299-2831 x 239

Josh Mountz, Prevention Specialist
Compass Mark
717-926-2787 x 223