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Jeff Trickett, CEO of Lebanon Federal Credit Union, celebrated 25 years of service to LFCU on Thursday, October 28, 2021. His 25 years of service to LFCU does not compare to his service he gave to the US Army. He served active duty in the US Army for four years after graduating from Lock Haven University. He was stationed in Europe for most of his time in the service.

The military holds a special place in Trickett’s heart because his father also served in the US Army for 22 years. He actively served in both the Second World War and the Korean War.

It has become Trickett’s mission at Lebanon FCU to give back to our Military and First Responders.

As a thank you for serving our county, Lebanon FCU has been offering a special discount for our Military and First Responders of Lebanon County.

Military and First Responders receive a loan discount of 0.25% on Vehicle, RV, Fixed Rate Mortgages and Signature Loans.*

In addition to the LFCU’s Military Discount, every year LFCU holds a troop collection, usually during the month of May in honor of Memorial Day. Items are collected by members and sent out to Lebanon troops who are stationed overseas. LFCU has been doing this collection for over seven years.

* Members cannot combine Military and First Responder discount. Must have been honorably discharged. First Responders must be currently employed in their profession.
Military Discount includes Active Duty, Reserve, Guard and Veteran.
First Responder Discount includes Police, Fire and EMT.