This post is paid advertising by Bill Ames for Lebanon County Commissioner.

Returning a Republican majority to the Lebanon County Commissioners office will ensure continued superior performance of county government, according to Bill Ames, a GOP candidate seeking reelection in the Nov. 5 general election.

“Over the past eight years, Republican leadership was responsible for establishing a stronger, safer, smarter county government,” said Ames, a businessman and former educator.

“Losing the majority to the two Democrat candidates would mean relinquishing our financially strong county to a liberal agenda that has undermined law and order and economic prosperity in many parts of our nation,” said Ames. “Democrat-ruled communities unfortunately have become known for disrespect for the law, unsafe streets, shameful treatment of the homeless and bankrupt treasuries.”

“Lebanon County is a great place to live. Part of keeping it that way — and making the county even better — is to continue the Republican majority in the three-member County Commissioners office.”

Ames itemized the Republican agenda as follows:

Make Lebanon County Stronger

  • Citizens will continue to benefit from the county’s Standard & Poor’s “A” bond rating.
  • Responsibly funded pensions will ensure economic security in the future for employees and taxpayers.
  • A prudent budget surplus will protect against the unexpected.

Make Lebanon County Safer

  • A modern 911 center will be established in a cooperative arrangement with other counties to save money.
  • The county prison system will continue to strive for fewer repeat offenders and a lower inmate population through our Day Reporting Center.
  • Professionals trained in health care and counseling will assure good care of inmates and minimize liability for taxpayers .
  • Inmates and employees will be kept secure and safe with a new computerized video monitoring system inside the prison.
  • Permanent identity badges will be provided to all first-responders to assure quick and certain identification of critical personnel in emergencies.

Make Lebanon County Smarter

  • Lebanon Valley Rails to Trails will be completed as a continuous north-south linear park.
  • The thriving Lebanon Valley Expo Center will continue its many activities, including the Lebanon Area Fair.
  • Veterans Affairs office is providing ID cards for veterans to facilitate their receipt of benefits from agencies and businesses.

“While I proudly embrace conservative Republican principles in governing, I am committed to serving all citizens irrespective of party loyalties,” said Ames.