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A claim being made in ads on WLBR-Radio this week that Lebanon is a sanctuary county is false, according to the reelection campaign of Republican County Commissioner Bill Ames.

The statement by political action committee supporting another candidate stems from the action of a previous board of commissioners in 2008, when the county said it would no longer hold people indefinitely solely on the basis of a detainer from Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE). Although the county continued to cooperate with ICE, the action led the non-profit Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) to list Lebanon as a sanctuary county.

However, the current board of commissioners rescinded in 2017 the previous board’s action and announced last week that CIS has taken the county off the so-called sanctuary list.

“Lebanon County has always cooperated with federal authorities to keep our communities safe, and recent action to correct the record of a non-profit organization helps to make that clear,” said Mr. Ames.

“Those who say otherwise are either completely uninformed, woefully out of touch with reality, or deliberately dishonest,” said the commissioner.