Lebanon County has experienced quite a bit of change over the past few decades. Once home to a number of factories, mills, and many more farms, we have seen a good number of those companies close their doors, leaving behind unused buildings and property.

More recently, newer businesses have seen the value in these once vibrant properties. Their good bones and character have become appealing to modern consumers, but some wonder about the costs involved in making old properties new again.

That’s where Steckbeck Engineering & Surveying, Inc., steps in. Since opening our doors in 1990 we have believed in the value, “Preserve, Restore, Remodel, Reuse” whenever possible for our clients. And we practice what we preach – our office is located in a beautifully restored barn that was built in 1888.

From a cost perspective, reusing a previously-developed lot can save you in development costs, provide tax incentives, and make for an easier zoning process than utilizing a new lot. These types of projects are also more sustainable as they can allow the new owners the use of the old materials included with the lot.

SESI has worked on a number of these types of projects in Lebanon County, including Warehouse 435, Quentin Grove, offices in the old Valley Beach Bathhouse, Kreider Commons Apartments, Snitz Creek Brewery in Lebanon, Conestoga Log Cabins, and Whole Plants. If you have a property or a project in mind, give us a call to see what we can do for you.