Yesterday a man threatened the public with a knife-like weapon in the lobby of the Avon Walmart, located at 1355 E Lehman St, before he was arrested by police, as seen in videos going viral today on Facebook.

Update 10am: North Lebanon Township Police confirmed that there was an incident at Walmart and there will be charges filed, but would not release more information until arraignment.

Update December 13: A North Lebanon Township Police spokesperson said the matter is still pending and that they have not yet released any additional information about potential charges the man may face.

At least three videos of the incident were posted publicly to Facebook, the first by Briana Collins, and others by Alyssa Hoke and Brooke Walton. Collins’ video was posted yesterday and already has more than 65,000 views.

The man can be seen ranting in the video, asking onlookers if “anyone feels any type of way” towards him, and taunting the crowd with a curved handheld blade. It is not clear whether he was wearing the ugly Christmas sweater ironically.

At one point, the man can be seen shouting, “THE POLICE? BRING THEM HERE!” The police did arrive at the store, and subsequent footage shows that the as-yet-unidentified person quickly dropped the macho demeanor.

As the man is handled by police, a bystander can be heard remarking, “Who would have thought this would happen at our Walmart?”

Here is the publicly posted footage currently available.

This post will be updated when more details are released by authorities about the identity of the man and any charges he may face.


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  1. This man has serious issues. I feel bad for him. Hopefully he will get help and not just fined or thrown in jail. Do people have any compassion at all left, especially at this time of year? Or is everyone so caught up in the materialism of Christmas that they have forgotten about what we are supposed to be celebrating? Ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” If you’re not a Christian or don’t believe in Jesus, why are you celebrating Christmas? Call it Big Business Day and focus on all the stuff you need to buy for your materialistic friends and family so they won’t disappointed. At least you’ll be honest.

    1. You are correct, I hope this man gets medical help – There will probably be some kind of guilty verdict in this incident as well. I can’t believe the second video – the woman who shot the video and the woman she was talking to, were clearly not compassionate. It seems like she shot the video for her own fascination. It’s a shame the language she was using.