A reader-submitted video captured the loud boom and flash witnessed across Central Pennsylvania on New Year’s Eve.

The time on the camera fits the previously established timing of the incident, shortly before 9:30pm on New Year’s Eve. We have sent a followup email to our tipster trying to confirm the location of the video, and will update this post as soon as we hear back.

Update 9:30am: The video was shot off Narrows Drive bear Union Canal Elementary School.

Update 8:40 am: State RepresentativeRuss Diamond points out on Facebook that the flash in the video is likely sound-activated lights caused by the noise.

As reported yesterday, regional meteorologists believe that confirmed lightning strikes in the area of southeastern Pennsylvania could have generated thunder booms that traveled further than normal due to atmospheric conditions at the time.

Penn State meteorologist Steve Seman shared a map that shows the New Year’s Eve strikes, although none appear that close to Lebanon County.

The Storm Team at WGAL 8 has also endorsed this explanation of events, posting a Facebook message with a recording of the station’s doppler imagery from that same period.

ABC 27 also reported on the occurrence last night.

Do you also have video showing the boom and flash? Please send it to us at tips@leb.town.


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  1. 11:40 pm 1/5/2019 a boom was heard in plainfield pa. at 12:05 am another boom was heard in plainfield pa shaking the house and rattling the windows, woke me up from a dead sleep. i got up looked outside and saw nothing. the boom mystery continues.