More than 15 first responders were honored at a banquet earlier this moth recognizing local volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

The banquet was held March 9 at LVC by Union Hose Company of Annville, Cleona Fire Company, and Union Water Works Fire Company.

Erin Rider of the Union Hose Fire Company received the President’s Award from Union Hose Fire Company president Ron Dowey, recognizing her service since 2011 as an EMT, firefighter, and current Board of Directors Recording Secretary.

A silent auction was held at the event that ended up raising more than $1,500 for Annville-Cleona High School Four Diamonds Mini-THON.

All three companies are actively recruiting new members. You can call Union Hose Company at (717) 867-4971, Cleona Fire Company at (717) 273-1171 or Union Water Works at (717) 867- 1481 for more information.

See all the awards below, along with the citations as provided in the release.

Union Hose Fire Company

Union Hose Fire Company fire chief Phillip Snavely and Deputy Chief Ernie Sholly presented the following awards.

Most Active Firefighter of the Year Award: Tyler Werkheiser

“Tyler has been with the department since 2017. He currently serves as a Firefighter/Driver and also holds the positions of Treasurer, Probationary Member Coordinator and Driver Training Coordinator. Tyler responded to 109 of 347 fire incidents.”

Firefighter of the Year Award: Ross Nye

“The job of fire fighters, rescue personnel and emergency medical personnel is typically a group effort that involves substantial teamwork. In most cases, any one member can be replaced by another member and our goal can still be accomplished. On a very rare occasion, one member’s contribution likely would not be able to be duplicated by another member. Even rarer is when that contribution involves a lifesaving rescue.

On April 7, 2018 at 8:58 a.m. firefighters and rescue personnel were dispatched to the intersection South Lancaster Street and West Queen Street in Annville Township to rescue an adult female that fell into an abandoned well. The victim was trapped approximately 30 feet down into the well. Although she was conscious, her injuries were unknown.

Luckily that day firefighter Ross Nye, who has the most rope and rigging knowledge and training in the department, was available. Over the past 9 years, Firefighter Nye has attended over 100 hours of specialized rope rescue training.

Many firefighters and rescue personnel assisted Firefighter Nye, but his knowledge and efforts were critical in setting up a vertical hauling system to rescue the victim. Nye not only ensure the rope operation was set-up properly, he also ensured it was done safely. I’m confident in saying that had Ross not been on scene that day, the rescue effort would have been delayed until additional qualified personnel arrived. Time is very critical in this type of rescue because of the possibility of oxygen deprivation and the possibility of internal injuries.

The victim was successfully rescued and spent a few days in a local hospital recovering from her injuries.

Firefighter Nye’s dedication to this specialized training certainly paid off on the morning of April 7th.

Firefighter Ross Nye is the Union Hose Company’s 2018 Fireman of the Year.”

Fire Prevention Award: Alicia Moyer

“Alicia has been a member of the department since 2013 and currently serves as a Lieutenant of the company. Alicia stepped in at short notice to serve as the Fire Prevention Coordinator for the company when needed.”

Probationary Firefighter of the Year Award: Andrew Hearsey

“Andrew has been a member of the department since June 2018 and is a senior at Annville/Cleona High School. He is currently working towards his EMT Certification.”

Most Active QRS (Quick Rescue Squad) Award: James Bohr

“Jim has been with the department since the early70’s. He has served many roles in the department in that time including fire chief. He is an EMT/ Firefighter. Jim responded to 104 of 255 medical calls. The combination of fire and EMS responses made Jim the most active responder in 2018.”

Lawrence Dodson (EMS) Award: Beth McAteer

“Beth has been a member of the department since the early 90’s. She serves as the QRS Captain and is an EMT/ Firefighter.”

John Shalk (Fundraiser) Award: Greg Clements

“Greg Clements is the Financial Secretary of the department. He has played a crucial part in preparing and securing grants for the company. This source of funding is critical for the financial stability of the Union Hose Company.”

Life Member Award: James Hoffman Jr.

“Slim has been an active member of the Union Hose Company since the early 1990’s. He has served the company as deputy fire chief, apparatus committee member and driver/firefighter. Slim still manages to find time to contribute to the needs of the Union Hose Company even as fire chief of the Union Water Works Fire Company.”

Union Water Works Fire Company

Union Water Works Fire Company Fire Chief James Hoffman presented the following awards.

Most Active Firefighter Award: Ammon Johnson

“Ammon joined the department in 1992. He currently serves as the Deputy Chief and has responded to 55 of the 92 calls received.”

Most Active Fire Police Award: Mike Wilt

Life Member Award: Marguerite Snavely

“Midge served the fire department for over 40 years as Treasurer, Carnival Coordinator and Ladies Auxiliary Member.”

Cleona Fire Company

Cleona Fire Company Fire Chief James Weikel presented the following awards.

Most Active Firefighter Award: Logan Day

“Logan has been a firefighter with the department since 2010. He responded to 132 calls in 2018. “

Fire Fighter of the Year Award: Bruce Kohr

“Bruce rejoined the department in 2014. He has proven to be versatile in the department as he served on the New Engine Committee, is a driver of all company apparatus, has responded to a high call volume, and a high number of training hours. He also played a paramount role in the training of the junior and probationary members.”

Joe Raudensky Award – Gary Reist

“This award was presented by Andrew and Glenn Raudensky in honor of their father; Joe Raudensky, for excellence in fire prevention and training. Gary was recognized posthumously: Gary’s daughter accepted the award. Gary served the Cleona Fire Department for many years at many levels including fire chief and most recently chief engineer. His input during training and fire prevention was always valuable.”

Probationary Firefighter of the Year Award: Camry Moyer

“Camry joined the department in 2018.”

Most Active Fire Police: Jim Westhaafer

“Jim is one of the most active fire police officers in Lebanon County. He responds to emergencies with all three departments.”


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