The newly renovated Fine Wine & Good Spirits at the east end of town has been open for a few weeks now following its brief closure and relocation this winter.

LebTown visited recently to check out what the 5,600 SF store at the Promenade looks like following the extensive renovation, which began in January when the store was closed and all product was removed. A temporary Fine Wine & Good Spirits location was available nearby (paywall) for the duration of the renovation.

The store was stripped down completely, with a contractor helping to finish the teardown after Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) staff had removed everything they could. A PLCB spokesperson said it took an additional couple months to finish restocking everything at the highly-inventoried store.

The PLCB renovated its North Cornwall Township store in 2014.

The goal of the renovation was to increase product selection and availability. The PLCB replaced everything from ceiling tiles to floor tiles in the renovation. The goal is to make the store more customer friendly and more appealing to browse and find products.

To date, about half of the state’s approximately 600 stores systemwide have been renovated in a similar process to the one used at the Promenade.

A PLCB spokesperson said that a process involving demographics, growth areas, real estate, and consumer shopping trends is used to determine where to locate and redevelop stores.

The store is the second PLCB location in Lebanon County to feature a Pennsylvania Lottery kiosk. The first is at the store in Palmyra.

Fine Wine & Good Spirits is located at 102 North 8th Avenue. Find store hours and more details on the PLCB website.

Photos by Will Trostel.


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  1. These new remodeled stores in reality have LESS items per square foot than the old stores. Time to end the jobs program called the PLCB and let the free market rule. Better prices, better selection, and no unqualified liquor board filled with political hacks deciding what the entire state is allowed to buy.

  2. Fair point! In our defense, that wasn’t really the point of the article, we just wanted to show how the store was nicer than it was before. But your points are heard and we would be interested in running a column if you were ever inclined. Thank you for reading!

  3. It’s way past time to get Pennsylvania out of both the retail and wholesale liquor business. Prices are far too high, selection is pitiful, even in their largest stores, and consumers can’t go to other outlets nearby to improve selection or pricing. Plus, union clerks are poorly informed about their inventory and generally don’t care.

    Driving one state over in any direction solves most/all those problems, and lower prices pay for the gas to get there.