Here are the most recent food safety violations in Lebanon County, as documented by Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture.

Inspections are taken as a “snapshot” of the day and time, and should not necessarily be taken as overall indicators of an establishment’s cleanliness. Violations are often corrected prior to the inspector leaving the site. Restaurants were found to be in compliance unless otherwise noted.

Southeast Elementary School Cafeteria

October 31 | 499 E. Pershing Ave., Lebanon, PA 17042

5 – 204.11 Handwashing Sinks-Location and Placement
The only handwashing sink is located in the corner of a room used for storage and an office. This sink is behind a cold storage unit; it is not convenient and easily accessible. Handwashing sinks shall be located: To allow convenient use by employees in food preparation, food dispensing, and warewashing areas.

Harding Elementary School Cafeteria

October 31 | 622 Chestnut St., Lebanon, PA 17042

6 – 501.11 Repairing-Premises, Structures, Attachments & Fixtures-Methods
There is a small amount of peeling paint on the ceiling in front of the walk-in cooler. In the same area, there are openings in the ceiling where pipe hangers were installed; the openings were not closed properly.

Bella Lebanon Pizza

October 31 | 701 Lehman St, Lebanon, PA 17046

4 – 302.14 Sanitizing Solutions, Testing Devices
Food facility acquired sanitizer test strips after 10/4/19 out of compliance inspection, but has not used available sanitizer test strips to determine sanitizer concentration as evidenced by strips being in a bag in the back room with other supplies purchased after previous inspection.

3 – 501.17 Ready-to-Eat, Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food, Date Marking
Potentially hazardous ready-to-eat food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 48 hours, located in the walk-in cooler, is not being date marked.

4 – 101.19 Materials for Surfaces that are Nonfood-Contact Surfaces
Several shelves in the facility are lined with cardboard. These shelves have non-food contact surfaces exposed to splash, spillage, or other food soiling; cardboard in not a cleanable impervious surface. Note: cardboard was removed from several shelves noted on the previous inspection.

Northwest Elementary Cafeteria

November 4 | 1315 Old Forge Road, Lebanon, PA 17046

4 – 601.11(A) Equipment, Food Contact Surfaces, Nonfood Contact Surfaces and Utensils
The deflector plate in the ice machine, a food contact surface, was observed to have black residue and was not clean to sight and touch.

4 – 601.11(B-C) Equipment, Food-Contact Surfaces, Nonfood Contact Surfaces, and Utensils
Observed stainless steel hood filters over the steam kettles and ovens with an accumulation of dust on non-food contact surfaces.

Dollar Tree #4232

November 4 | 109 Northside Commons, Palmyra, PA 17078

5 – 202.12 Handwashing Sinks, Installation
Handwash sinks located in both restrooms have self-closing faucets that do not provide water for 15 seconds without reactivation.

6 – 501.12 Cleaning, Frequency and Restrictions
Observed food debris on the floor under employee break area table.

Allen Theatre and Back Stage Cafe

November 5 | 36 E. Main St, Annville, PA 17003

3 – 502.12 Reduced Oxygen Packaging, Criteria
Observed sliced deli meats & cheeses prepared using reduced oxygen packaging without the required written procedures and HACCP plan.

On Fire Youth Ministries

November 6 \ 17 W. Main St., Myerstown, PA 17067

6 – 501.14 Cleaning Ventilation Systems, Nuisance and Discharge Prohibition
Return air vents of fume hood dusty.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries #1477

November 6 | 201 Rocherty Road, Lebanon, PA 17042

2 – 501.11 Clean-up of vomiting and diarrheal events
Facility does not have written procedures available for employees to follow when responding to an event involving vomitus or fecal matter discharge onto surfaces within the facility.

4 – 501.11 Good Repair & Proper Adjustment-Equipment
Loose caulking observed on the underside of the hood canopy & wall at the three compartment sink.

2 – 402.11 Effectiveness-Hair Restraints
Food employee with a beard observed in kitchen, not wearing a required beard restraint.

Dollar Tree #3071

November 6 | 1201 Quentin Rd., Lebanon, PA 17042

4 – 501.11 Good Repair & Proper Adjustment-Equipment
COOLER #1 Observed white coating missing/chipped, exposing rust on some interior wire shelves.

Hornings Market

September 7 | 905 S College St, Myerstown, PA 17067

3 – 101.11 Safe, Unadulterated & Honestly Presented
Severely dented, swollen, distressed canned items observed on display shelves and intended for use or sale in the food facility.

Golden China

November 7 | 925 Cumberland St., Lebanon, PA 17042

3 – 501.19 Time as a Public Health Control
A pan of flour held at room temperature that is being used for dredging raw meat is being discarded one time per day instead of one time per four hours.

6 – 501.111 Controlling Pests
Potential rodent harborage areas inside the food facility observed in the food prep area due to observing a small amount of rodent droppings on a shelf beneath equipment.

6 – 301.11 Handwashing Cleanser, Availability
Paper towel dispenser empty at the handwash sink in the food prep area. Corrected.

G. S. Courtyard Café

November 7 | 424 Walnut St., Lebanon, PA 17042

4 – 903.11 (A)(C) Single-Service & Single-Use Articles, Storing
Observed clean food equipment in cafe area, stored wet in a manner that does not allow for draining and/or air drying (wet nesting).

3 – 302.11 Packaged and Unpackaged Food-Separation, Packaging & Segregation
Shell eggs were stored above grilled steaks and other ready to eat foods one refrigeration unit. Corrected.


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