Past Calling: this is a phrase—not so much used anymore—to describe a former occupation that one had. It is also the name of a monthly feature brought to you jointly by LebTown and the Lebanon County Historical Society.

In each installment of this feature the Society will share a different historic photo, document, or object from its collection. We welcome you, the reader, to examine, investigate, and share anything you know or discover about the object or document in question.

Last time on Past Calling…

A photograph of a football team dated to 1913. The initials on the football itself (lower center) indicate these young men played for Lebanon High School. (Full resolution)

To those who wrote to us about the identities of men and boys on the 1913 Lebanon High School football team photo, thank you for your information. To share with you what we knew and what we have learned:

Dr. James U. Todd, with a dentistry practice on Cornwall Road, was particularly helpful in supplying on two individuals. The player in the far right front corner, Earl H. Albert, Todd’s grandfather, had also been a dentist. Another front row player, the student third from the right, was Grant Hobart (“Hoby”) Light.

Both boys attended and graduated from University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine on football scholarships! Both also returned to Lebanon to practice dentistry.

“Hoby Light” is one of just seven individuals whose names are written on the back of the photograph. The other hand-written names are: “Adam Wilder” (back row, center), “Daniel Walters” (back row, 8th from left), “Peter Gamber” (back row, last person on right), “William Paul Yingst” (middle row, 2nd from left end), “Smokey Milberry” (middle row, 4th from left end), and “Mack Patscke” (7th from left).

Lebanon Daily Newspaper accounts from 1913 and 1914 identify the derby-wearing Wilder as head coach. Milberry, whom we believe to have been David E. Milberry (1898-1977) from Fourteenth Street in the City, was one of the younger players on the 1913 team. He appeared in subsequent years’ rosters through 1916 as right guard and center.

This month’s artifact

Four mules, three men, two women, two children, one horse, and one dog amid a field. In the distance, a distinct barn can be seen. (Full resolution)

For this new month’s Past Calling artifact, we are moving out of town and into the countryside. This photograph is identified as a product of the Harpel Studio. Perhaps someone can identify the precise farm or the barn in the background? What are these folks doing and what equipment do they have? Share your thoughts and comments and we’ll tell you what we’ve found out in the next installment!

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