Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

30 East Main Street
Ryan P. Carpenter to Unveil Salon for $229,261.

808 East Walnut Street Lot 33
Peter F. Poloney Estate to Deborah Fortna for $164,900.

1020 East Maple Street Lot 4
MRS KA to Carlos Mendoza Cortes and Layra E. Santiago Rodriguez for $162,000.

Bethel Township

684 Mountain Drive
William R. Miller to Edward M. and Raquel L. Daurelio for $5,000.

221 North Center Street Lot 3
Daniel M. and Patricia A. Glessner to Mariya Zakharov for $77,000.

929 Mountain Drive
David C. and Dawn Michele Marks (by Sheriff) to Millpond Properties for $116,000.

City of Lebanon

305 South Eighth Street
Deuce & Mike Properties to South White Oak LLC for $39,000.

25 Woodland Estates Unit 16
Maryln A. Campbell Estate to John R. and Mary E. Allwein for $169,000.

309 N Lincoln Ave
Lebanon Storage LLC to Axis Lebanon Storage LLC and Axis Drexel Hill Storage LLC for $2,575,000.

913 Church Street
E & C Investments to Antonio Reyes for $54,000.

1303 Brandywine Street
Janet M. Fortna to Glenndell Wornum for $48,900.

819 Church Street
Mark and Carmen Hammaker to Ramon Rodriguez Colon and Jessica Rosario Aguilera for $6,798.71.

224 Walnut Street
Philip and Erica Seig (by Sheriff) to Kutz Battle Properties for $60,800.

604 Canal Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Timothy J. and Rachel B. Turley for $1.

544 Jones Street
James W. and Sandra Blauch to John D. Light for $6,000.

220 South 15th Street Lots 53 to 57 inclusive
Edward R. and Marilyn L. Zimmerman to Lydia Perez and Luis Ernesto Abreu Jimenez for $125,000.

1011 Walton Street
Marcus O. and Horace Lee. Samuels to Benito Seguinot for $30,000.

435 North 12th Street
Walter J. and Stephanie Yakum to Gilberto Acosta Lopez and Providencia Acosta for $43,200.

20 South 11th Street
Daisy Bristol (by Tax Claim Bureau) to the City of Lebanon Land Bank for $3,079.33.

1130 Buttonwood street
Barbara A. Wiles (by Tax Claim Bureau) to the City of Lebanon Land Bank for $2,132.37.

124 N 4th Street
Jonathan L. and Jackie McCarthy to Wallhouse Properties for $54,000.

8843 Cornwall Ave AKA 843 Kreider St part of lots 19 & 20
Marilyn E. Weise to Patrick F. and Joy A. Riley for $80,000.

937-939 Willow Street
Frederick S. Wolf, Thomas P. Harlan, Wiley P. Parker, John H. Whitmoyer, Kevin M. Richards, Marc A. Hess, and Amy B. Leonard to Thomas P. Harlan, Wiley P. Parker, John H. Whitmoyer, Kevin M. Richards, Marc A. Hess, Amy B. Leonard, Roberta J. Santiago, and Heather A. Eggert for $1.

402 N 5th Street
Justo Pena Nunez Jr to Elizabeth Nunez for $1.

239 South Cherry Street
Christian and Autumn Krouse to Sherene Bankersingh for $86,500.

1123 Cornwall Road
Sherry L. Kaylor to Jerry G. Rivera Santiago for $159,400.

13 N 10th Street
Lebanon Valley Rental Properties LP to Meson Casas for $34,000.

1007 Cumberland Street
John C. Tobias Estate to Meson Casas for $85,000.

214 South 5th Street
Noah Starry to William Diaz Rivera and Aracelis Rivera Lopez for $99,900.

129 Mifflin Street
Paula E. Schaak to Revital Home Co LLC for $8,000.

Cleona Borough

15 South Lincoln Street
PNC Bank, National City Bank, and National City Mortgage Co. to EHCompany LLC for $128,000.

232 South Christian Street Lot 62
Kyle B. and Bethany J. Cover to Wesley T. Rockwell and Konisha J. Porta for $195,000.

409 West Penn Avenue
Harold L, Cheryle D., and Eric L. Bowman to Interstate Rental Management Group for $129,000.

Cornwall Borough

1048 Alden Way Unit 28
Anna Lueje and Ernest Wagner to Jeffrey E. and Julie A. Holt for $419,000.

361 Boyd Street
Joanna B. and Donna K. Fiorentino to Bradley B. Bucher for $75,000.

3403 Lebanon Road
Anthony and Marlene Weaver to Aqua Sky for $185,000.

East Hanover Township

19 Lincoln School Road
Jeffrey and Barbara Bohn to Martin Andrew Builder LLC for $250,000.

10708 Jonestown Road
Lawrence and Jean M. Richard to Jeremy M. and Jeffrey M. Richard for $1.

Heidelberg Township

660 Wedgewood Drive Lot 34
Craig A. and Cindy M. Brosey to Ellis Lee and Shirley S. Hostetter for $249,900.

225 Duquesne Drive Lot 23
Kevin J., Connie L., and Andrew J. Schrum to Andrew J. Schrum for $1.

106 Sinclair Road
Arlyn R. Martin to Arlyn R. and Lynell H. Martin for $1.

120 Duquesne Drive
Heath K. and Brenda H. Nell to Austin S. Hurst for $224,000.

1 Sportsman Lane
Betty J. and Eugene D. Davis Estates to Jerry A. Davis for $1.

Jackson Township

80 Laurel Drive Lot 66
Lori J. and Ann M. Waltman to Colin T. Wynne and Heather R. Wilcox for $140,000.

312 Yeagley Road Lot 7
Danny L. Bass Sr and Kim M. Bass to Harold Howard Hand III and Jennie Hand for $192,000.

10 West Strack Drive Lot 14
Ruthann M. Snoke to Terry J. Bergey for $195,000.

24 Lady Bug Drive
Michael P. and Christine D. Dunkle to Rick E. and Rebecca S. Dove for $8,265.

24 Lady Bug Lane
Rick E. and Rebecca S. Dove to Rick E. and Rebecca S. Dove for $1.

43 Wheatland Drive
Michael P. and Christine D. Dunkle to Michael P. and Christine D. Dunkle for $1.

132 Millardsville Road
Richard A. Dunlap II and Kathryn Ovalle to Justin T. Miller and Renee L. Yeich for $140,000.

300 King Street
Ramona Real Estate to Clair M. and Edna Mae High for $1.

145 Oaken Way
Jeremiah J. and Adrian Boyer to Devin and Rebecca Madonna for $350,000.

951 Houtztown Road
Samuel G. and Lavina A. Stoltzfus to Raymond B. and Fanny M. Zook for $360,000.

126 Arbor Drive Lot 411
Joseph J. Ragozino and Helen Conforti to Paul J. and Cathy J. Kashella for $170,000.

926 Halfway Drive Lot 16
Alpheus P. and Monica J. Fisher to James D. Mast for $150,000.

300 King Street
Clair M. and Edna Mae High to Fairlane Real Estate for $725,000.

255 Millardsville Road
Lincoln and Justina Martin to ABCO for $174,000.

11 Bayberry Court Lot 21
Stacie L. Price to Nickolus J. Smith for $140,000.

488 Weavertown Road
C & J Real Estate Associates to James D. Boyer Jr. for $199,900.

Jonestown Borough

129 Twin Creeks Drive Lot S-113
Harold E. and Jennifer Sue Smith to Jennifer Sue Smith for $1.

Palmyra Borough

107-109 South Forge Road
Chad and Stacy Hellenthal to Lucas Hellenthal and Kylie Corrigan for $1.

21 South Lingle Ave
Rick L. and Monica L. Clay to Silvana Drill for $90,000.

28 E Cedar Street
Douglas T. and Tammy R. Hogue to Douglas Hogue for $1.

214 W Maple St Lots 155 and 156
Cody B. Hurst to Karen T. Pearson for $156,900.

614 East Walnut Street Lot 243
Doyle R. Zechman Estate to Ian D. Zechman for $1.

221 North Penn Street
Aaron J. and Pamel S. Hutmaker to Nicholas B. Moran and Jean M. Weaver for $195,000.

11 Sandalwood Drive Lot 34
Anne M. Larson to Patricia Achimovich for $225,000.

959 East Pine Street Lot 17
Ryan Robert and Audrey Elise Jaxheimer to Arthur E. and Mallery E. Prough Jr for $295,000.

NS E Cherry Street
Jocelynn N. Gingrich (by Tax Claim Bureau) to Patricia A. and Herman W. Dundore for $10,000.

217 N Locust Street
Jewel L. Gravely to Jason C. Savary for $121,000.

Milllcreek Township

323 East Main Street
Dale R. and Linda F. Bentz to Jerry J. Wanner Jr. for $130,000.

610 State Route 419
Orpha M. Lewis to Kevin R. and Darlene M. Wise for $260,000.

315 Memorial Boulevard
Caleb J. Stoltzfoos and Dennis L. Weaver to Caleb J. and Michaela J. Stoltzfoos for $1.

Myerstown Borough

9 East Richland Avenue
Diane M. Brewer to Carl R. Lefever III for $174,900.

13 South Cherry Street
Panda Real Estate LLC to Ivon E. Mitchell for $139,900.

18 N. Railroad Street
Russell J. and Joanne L. Miller to Ray W. and Doris M. Anspach for $150,000.

North Annville Township

7101 Valley Glen Road
Eugene C. and Joyce M. Hostetter to Eugence C. Hostetter for $1.

2045 Boltz Lane
Donald T. Mock to Anthony and Karen Elizabeth Gabrielli

North Cornwall Township

504 Cleona Boulevard Lots 45, 46B, and part of Lot 46
Dean A. and Jodi L. Moyer to Tyler R. Wilbur for $179,900.

1906 Carlton Drive Unit C-4
William J. Hissner Jr to Kyle W. Hissner and Kylee McHugh for $90,000.

176 Furnace Drive
Allen D. and Kristie A. Boltz (by Tax Claim Bureau) to Patricia A. and Herman W. Dundore for $70,000.

331 Davis Lane Lot 41
Joseph D. and Rose Glant to Charles K. Yost for $205,000.

2031 Ranch Avenue Lot 22
Garrett E. Zimmer and Megan J. Zimmer to Garrett E. and Megan J. Zimmer.

506 Byler Circle Unit 52
Kenneth Homes and Builder Services Group Inc to Katie Mae Allison Miller for $175,750.

508 Byler Circle Unit 51
Kenneth Homes and Builder Services Group Inc to Lindsey E. and David M. Sauder for $175,000.

North Lebanon Township

1149 Harvest Drive Lot 81
Ronald E. and Marisol Howard to Keith A. and Janine L. Davis for $225,000.

1565 North 7th Street
Nelson R. and Sharon R. Burkholder to Kyle B. Cover for $135,000.

1133 East Old Cumberland Street
Starr Property Solutions LLC to Ana Lasanta for $65,000.

1819 Ashton Drive
Patricia A. Beard to Joseph D. and Rose S. Glant for $198,900.

940 Melody Lane
Devin M. and Rebecca L. Madonna to Francis D. Smiley Jr. for $218,450.

North Londonderry Township

20 Shady Lane Building 1 Unit 4
Robert A. and Linda M. Beamesderfer to Austin C. and Katherine S. Portolese for $180,9000.

989 Fir Street Lot 18
Donna S. Huffman to Tommy and Leah King for $279,900.

20 Pin Oak Street Lot 83
Thomas T. and Roberta S. Shipway to David E. and Barbara A. Miller for $248,000.

730 Leon Avenue
Leon K. Fry Estate to Gracepoint Evangelical Free Church Inc for $220,000.

120 Lindbergh Drive
Beth A. and Louis J. Rossi to Andrew J. Rossi for $1.

Richland Borough

307 Millbach Road
Anthony C. and Elizabeth R. Fiorini to Clarence Lavern and Anna Susan Zimmerman for $375,000.

South Annville Township

Lot 47 at Bachman Run
Gardel and Garman Builders at Bachman Run to Saran K. Gurung and Lila M. Tamang for $320,816.

81 Beech Tree Court Lot 26
Garman Builders at Mayapple to Laurie J. Andrews for $275,599.

South Lebanon Township

521 Margin Road
Jeremiah J. Zimmerman to Andrew D. and Janice D. Anderson for $272,000.

1238 East Old Cumberland Street
Anthony M. and Cherish F. Vazquez to Cherish F. Vazquez for $1.

1633 Cambridge Drive
Reading Road Corporation and Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Ryan D. and Emily N. Trees for $456,551.

909 Daniels Street
Dennis A. and Mary S. Dengler (by Sheriff) to Christopher R. Martin for $115,000.

2401 South Lincoln Avenue
Paul and Shannon Taggart to Robert P. and Barbara A. Wagaman Donough for $365,000.

1416 King Street
Heather M. Lesher to Alexander M. Brodzinski and Kristen N. Smith for $89,000.

425-427 Rexmont Road
Ronald M. and Catherine E. Heisey to Damien Heisey for $1.

373 Acorn Circle Lot 96
Frederick L. Wright IV and Jacqueline R. Wright to Frederick L. Wright IV for $1.

420 Crest Road
KDKS Properties and SKR Farm LLC to Jeremy L. and Roselle Kay Burkholder for $264,000.

1437 Ester Drive Lot 15
Thomas M. and Dawn M. Arnold to Harrison Yiengst for $162,000.

401 East Evergreen Road
Randy L. Courchaine to Corey Basselgia for $262,000.

South Londonderry Township

4 S Larkspur Drive
Fred E. and Laura E. Solt to Chandra P. Bhattarai and Lok M. Nepal for $275,000.

2725 Horseshoe Pike
Kevin H. Freedman to Jason A. and Wendy D. Durant for $295,000.

215 Fencepost Lane Lot 10
Ryan and Lauren M. McDaniel to Michael C. and Kristine L. Hazel for $226,600.

56 Lantern Lane Lot 25
Brian A. Petrouskie and Victoria Lynne Bowlsby Petrouskie to Brian A. Petrouskie and Victoria Lynne Bowlsby Petrouskie (no consideration recorded).

Swatara Township

441 Darlington Ave
Coastline Capital LLC to Christopher M. and Lindsey B. Benner for $182,000.

284 Cindy Drive Lot 106
Christopher S. Shuey (by Sheriff) to William and Debra Bering for $113,000.

469 South Lancaster Street
J. Edward Fortna III and Dulcy M. Fortna to Nicholas D. and Darlene E. Dyer for $340,000.

Union Township

300 Shepherd Street Lot 118
Keith L. and Leona J. Deibert to Jesse Hunter and Chauntel Lillian Duriez Mancuso for $223,000.

132 and 142 Bordnersville Road
Leonard and Rose Marie Swanger Revocable Living Trusts to Orin and Lisa Clark for $200,000.

West Cornwall Township

12 S Zinns Mill Road
Elizabeth Greiner to Frances E. McNamara for $134,900.

West Lebanon Township

2001 West Cumberland Street
Karoar II and Roar Inc to RE & AE LLC for $1.

2101 West Cumberland Street
RE & AE LLC to Karoar II for $1.


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