Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

226 E. Main St.
Donna K. Custer to Annville Free Library Association for $1.

Bethel Township

2619 South Pine Grove Street
Blas A. Vargas to Anya M. Krystopher D. Romero for $180,000.

26 Althouse Lane
David R. and Kathy M. Alspaugh to Michael H. and Katrina S. Oberholtzer for $68,000.

25 Horizon Drive Lot 116
Harris G. P. Construction to Henry Klassen for $40,000.

490 Myer Drive
Kathleen Margaret Krankowski to Linda J. Moyer for $104,000.

City of Lebanon

630 & 638 Union St.
Jose Heredia to Alicia C. Harris for $68,000.

226 S 6th Street Etc
Marathon Realty Group to David M. Kaley for $245,000.

369 North 5th Street
Philip J. Lerch Sr. and Andrea J. Lerch to Gayatri MAA LLC for $52,500.

558 Church Street
Mark R. Hammaker to Richard D. Harner Jr. and Paula Harner for $10,000.

1505 Poplar Street
Joann M. Loser Estate to Katherine M. Morrison for $80,000.

706 Harding Street
Jeffrey R. Lerch to Mark T. Berkheimer for $128,000.

230 East Weidman Street
Bryan A. Ziegler to Bradley R. and Rhoda M. Bollinger for $57,000.

626 Walton Street Etc
Marathon Realty Group to Starr War Properties for $48,000.

339 N. 11th St.
Kevin Gilmore to Steven Marko for $30,000.

344 North 9th Street
Fausto G. Pena to Justo Pena for $1.

131 East Maple Street
Michael J. and Joann S. Webster and Gary S. and Catherine L. Brensinger to Brandy A. Hulick for $120,000.

919 Elizabeth Street
Bertha E. Dechert to Marcus Omar and Horace Lee Samuels for $45,000.

1103 Walnut Street
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Haydee Rivera for $50,000.

601 South Third Avenue Lot 6
Galen L. Boyd Estate to Brian L. and Amy M. Boyd for $100,000.

233 South Tenth Street
Howard F. Wood to Zuleyca Gutierrez for $119,900.

27 South 6th Street
Luis M. and Eileen M. Mojica to Lonnie D. Heilman Jr. for $90,000.

1114 Guilford Street
MPL Home Buyers LLC to Valerie Faulckes for $79,900.

208 Chestnut Street
Ray L. Sensenig to Linford and Janae Horst for $65,000.

724-726 Cumberland Street
Seven Twenty Four Cumberland LLC to JWJ Solutions for $110,000.

225 North 10th Street
Susan Anne Lipensky to Monarch NV LLC for $900,000.

319 South 6th Street
Maritza Lopez to High Level Investment for $134,000.

1031 and 1033 Lehman Street
Harry G. and Shirley A. Bowman to Rodney H. Haldeman for $45,000.

312 Park Avenue
Marauder Properties to Hali Rhoads for $115,000.

Cleona Borough

133-137 W. Penn Avenue
Lebanon Valley Insurance Company to Dimatteo Plaza Limited Partnership for $400,000.

37 Morningside Avenue Lots 118, 119, and 120
Michael J. Grochala (by Sheriff) to Millpond Properties for $107,000.

304 E. Maple Street
Melvin P. and Tamatha J. Finkey to U.S. Bank National Association for $1.

Cornwall Borough

408 Granite Street Lot 69
Debra L. and James U. Todd Jr. to Allison M. and Scott A. Trowell for $349,000.

2536 Cornwall Road Lot A-11 Block NL
Alecia M. Oakley Wire to Andrew S. and Elizabeth Getch for $165,900.

1241 Ash Lane Lot 307
David P. Frank and Megan E. Hart to Paul T. and Jessica Lynn Laspino for $389,000.

126 North Cornwall Road
Charles D. Hostetter to Kyle D. Wenger for $80,000.

East Hanover Township

732 Ono Rd.
John H. and Nancy J. Frey to Nevin M. and Jessica Ines Frey for $1.

Heidelberg Township

1460 Heidelberg Avenue
Lynn R. and Diane E. Wenger to Lynn R. and Diane E. Wenger for $1.

Jackson Township

2 Mayfly Court Lot 162

Westley Seaver to Timothy Scott for $225,000.

10 Fernwood Drive Lot 99
Janet L. Fuschini to Ed Bradley and Lavenia Gail Carman for $195,000.

211 West Franklin Avenue Lot 97
Thomas L. Brown to Joshua L. Murray for $190,000.

363 North Locust Street Lot 4
Trent E. Dohner to Jeremiah Boyer for $184,500.

11 Rosemont Drive Lot 305
Anna Mae J. Derhammer to Philip E. Ocker Sr. and Judy A. Ocker for $130,000.

713 Elm Street
Walter M. and Arlene H. Horst to Delvin R. Zimmerman for $104,000.

658 E. Lincoln Avenue Lot 2
Elam Z. and Sara Ann Stoltzfus to Ann M. and Richard L. Kreiser for $289,900.

ES Weavertown Road
Janet M. Zimmerman to Lamar M. and Bonita Z. Weaver for $775,000.

36 Martin Road Lot 10
Donald R. Haak Jr. to Joan E. and Donald R. Haaak Jr. for $1.

Jonestown Borough

127 West Market Street Lot 55
Samuel D. and Ann M. Denson to Michelle M. and Paul E. Sanger III for $1.

Palmyra Borough

650 East Birch Street Part of Lot 332
Zachary M. and Bonnie M. Daminger and Bonnie M. Gray to Bonnie M. and Zachary M. Daminger for $1.

101 N. Grant St.
LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Alesix Espinoza for $70,000.

242 North Lincoln Street
Helen Chambers Trust to Brenda F. and Edward J. Chambers for $1.

240 North Lincoln Street
Helen Chambers Trust to Brenda F. and Edward J. Chambers for $1.

97 Cortland Crossing Lot 29
Weaver H. R. Building Systems to Jeffrey and Rachel Elizabeth Mungie White for $230,262.

133 & 135 E. Cherry Street Lot A
Anna S. Kelley to DLG Homes for $248,000.

946-950 E. Oak St. Lot 34
Lawrence E. and Gale J. Peters to Gale J. Peters for $1.

Milllcreek Township

122 West Main Street
Jeffrey D. Dieffenbach to Landon T. Hurst for $121,700.

346 East Main Street
Marceline Warner to Marceline, Robert J., and Sandra L. Warner for $1.

15 West Main Street
Gregory Fritsch to Cynthia H. Reedy for $114,000.

28 Central Drive Lot 226
Joan E. Haak to Joan E. Haak and Donald E. Haak Jr. for $1.

Myerstown Borough

15 South Cherry Street
David H. Nguyen to Panda Real Estate for $61,500.

300 South Cherry Street
Peggy L. Schoener to Jeffrey D. and Jenny M. Martin for $65,500.

North Cornwall Township

165 Club Terrace Lot 31
Jean Luc C. Urbain and Suzanne M. Quirk to Carl B. and Lee Ann Hoffner for $490,000.

502 Byler Circle Unit 54
Builder Services Group Inc and Kenneth Homes to Penny L. Adams Smith for $191,500.

504 Byler Circle Unit 53
Builder Services Group Inc and Kenneth Homes to Dean R. Packard Howey and Caitlin M. Packard Howey for $167,900.

1616 Center Street
Kristen M. Shenk and Dennis Shenk Jr. to Kathy Lynne Eisenhauer for $129,900.

428 Wilshire Drive Lot 82
Lori A. and Donald Weaver to Dennis E. Shenk Jr. and Kristen Shenk for $167,900.

840 Norman Drive Lot 28
Madhukar, Minaxi, Mehul M., and Megha P. Patel to Madhukar, Minaxi, Mehul M., and Megha P. Patel for $1.

63 Creekside Drive Lot 48
Narrows Glen Inc. to Daniel A. Ehrgood and Constanza M. Russo Ehrgood for $281,500.

1699 Quentin Road
Daniel A. Ehrgood and Constanza M. Russo Ehrgood to Alaina M. Smith and Benjamin G. Ehrgood for $160,000.

201 South Mill Street
Navy Federal Credit Union to Dash Management Group for $97,440.

517 Byler Circle
Builder Services Group Inc. and Kenneth Homes to Julia R. Lange for $169,445.

North Lebanon Township

901 Laurel Street, Lot 2
Dorothy J Minnich to Estrubhar Properties LLC for $225,000.

925 Sweetbay Lane Unit 14
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc to James Melnic for $279,700.

199 East Kercher Avenue
Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae, and Crown Title Corporation to Viktor A. Zaitsev for $74,000.

1664 Heilmandale Road
Adam E. Miller to Adam E. Miller and Jacklyn Kate Miller for $1.

670 Prescott Drive Lot 8
Roxanne S. Carpenter to Edward P. and Michelle N. Lawlor for $330,000.

North Londonderry Township

21 August Drive Lot 10
Ed Davis and Melisa E. Cooper Davis to Christopher W. and Melissa D. Wolf for $373,900.

57 Hickory St.
Lucille A. Russo Estate to Howard and Mary Ann Pfeiffer for $235,000.

11 Oxford Road Lot 169
Chatham Creek to Erik C. and Patricia L. Nostrand for $428,975.

159 Oxford Road Lot 120
Vuth S. and Mary Eng to Vuth S, Mary, Matthew P., and Davy Eng for $1.

1330 Mill Pond Way Lot 8
William D. Eby Jr. and Shannon L. Eby to Jeffrey T. and Stephanie Gatano for $317,000.

956 Fir Street Lot 9
Derek R. and Erin D. Yingst to Derek R. Yingst for $1.

Richland Borough

107 East Main Street
Patrick A. Schott to Dash Management Group for $78,000.

15 Chestnut Street
Steven S. and Stephenie R. Kline to Steven S. and Stephanie R. Kline for $1.

South Annville Township

316 Reigerts Lane Lot 1
Arnetta Kercher Estate to Thomas E. Kercher for $1.

658 Fieldstone Drive Lot 77
David F. and Kelly Zinda to Tila and Bidhya Bastola for $295,000.

NS Church Rd.
Michael A. and Tracy Scanlin to Walter E. Pae Jr. and Laurie C. Pae for $200,000.

Lot 55 at Bachman Run
Garman Builders at Bachman Run and Gardel to Gregory and Anita Brinkman for $369,160.

South Lebanon Township

810 South 1st Avenue Lot 25
Jonathan M. and Sarah S. Wyse to Benjamin R. Harris for $155,000.

600 Fox Ridge Lane Lot 24
Edward P. and Michelle N. Lawlor to Aaron L. and Jooyeon L. Thrasher for $173,000.

1365 Metro Drive Lot 64
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Alisha A. Gerhart and Conor J. Bawiec for $180,000.

19 Norfolk Lane Lot 85
Benjamin R. and Alicia C. Harris to Lindsay and Brock C. Lichtenfels for $270,000.

1 Moravian Street
Marathon Realty Group LLC to Starr War Properties for $66,000.

605 South Lincoln Avenue
Jody L. Runkel/Lerch to Jody L. Runkel for $1.

1152 King Street
Marvin R. Wengert to South Lebanon Township for $30,000.

350 Vine Street Lot 1
Harry Good to Goods Company for $600,000.

22 Foxchase Lane Lot 11
Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Assocation to Rodney L. and Ada M. Martin for $229,900.

150 Palm Lane Lot 67
Millpond Properties LLC to Samantha J. Moore for $168,000.

280 Crimson Ct.
Matthew D. and Melissa A. Wentzel to Nicholas J. and Cynthia Kennen.

South Londonderry Township

180 Woodridge Drive Lot 14
Nathan C. and Ashley F. Reitz to David and Susanne L. Brown for $291,000.

106 Royal Road Lot 94
Kenneth A. Martin Sr. and Mary Jo Martin to Stephen M. Taschek Jr. and Nicole M. Taschek for $290,000.

486 Old Farm Road Lot 130
Robert L. and Grace A. Genereux and Denita Marshall Tiberie for $205,000.

249 Lyndel Dr.
Carsten Management to Zachary R. Barkman and Jessica M. Good for $240,000.

339 Gold Finch Drive Lot 79
Rodney D. Donmoyer to Lynn C. Fidler Living Trust for $79,400.

614 Springbrook Drive Unit 40
River Bend Limited Partnership and Millfield Construction Co. to Charles M. and Kristiann Wasson for $371,700.

2 Carriage Rd.
John T. Kiscadden to Brien R. and Mary Theresa Caldwell for $257,000.

Swatara Township

2100 Quarry Road
Jeraldine C. Light and Marian J. and David K. Meily to Jeraldine C. Light and Marian J. and David K. Meily for $1.

62 Mowery Road
Kevin J. and Triana Powell to Daniel M. Altfather for $214,900.

300 Cindy Drive Lot 144
Jodi Lee Fike Estate to Charles I. Sardina for $146,900.

1835 & 1837 Grace Avenue
Dennis E. Heck Estate to Kevin E. Heck for $1.

1829 Grace Avenue
Dennis E. Heck Estate to Kyle C. Heck for $1.

Plot 4 (10-2335763-374426-0000)
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Gareth L. Fisher for $60,000.

2117 Route 72
Robert L. Boyer to Gary R. Wagner Jr. and Amy J. Wagner for $148,000.

Union Township

16 Lion Lane Lot 78
Richard A. Poole and Stephanie L. Poole to Nicholas Wagner and Savanna Getz for $185,000.

West Cornwall Township

1077 Alden Way Unit 56
Cornwall Associates LP and Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc to Betty Jean and Ronald M. Barr for $304,822.

147 Scenic Ridge Boulevard Lot 29
Gerald S. and Karen M. Musser to Alfred J. and Judith A. Fields for $84,000.

321 Tree View Lane Lot 36
Gerald S. and Karen M. Musser to William P. and Ellen V. O’Keefe for $89,000.

206 Edwards Ave. Lots 6, 8, and 10
Gail Lois Wdimer/Gail Babic to Gail Lois Widmer for $1.

West Lebanon Township

2101 West Cumberland Street
RE & AE LLC to RE & AE LLC for $1.

2001 West Cumberland Street


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