Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

1417 E. Main Street Lot 1
Music II Inc. to Bowers Maintenance LLC for $490,000.

960 E. Queen Street
Nancy A. Hiles Estate to Michael E. and James K. Hiles for $1.

467 East Main Street
Sharon A. Hanley to Paul E. and Carol A. Ceresini for $118,000.

Bethel Township

16 Pine Avenue Lot 31
Earl M. Yordy Jr. and Soodchai S. Yordy to Dominick and Chanine Yordy for $175,000.

City of Lebanon

319 East Cumberland Street
Maritza Lopez to High Level Investment for $60,000.

318 East Cumberland Street
Roger A. and Malinda A. Bomberger to Roger A. and Malinda A. Bomberger for $1.

230 East Maple Street Lot 12 and part of Lot 11
Matthew D. and Natalie R. Duvall to Sheldon and Jennifer I. Habecker for $125,000.

547 Spruce Street
Harry G. and Shirley A. Bowman to Reputable Streamline Properties for $150,000.

908-910 Cumberland Street
Daniel L. and Aislynn R. Moyer to Starrwarr Properties for $100,000.

639 Walnut Street
Antonia Sosa (By Sheriff) to Carrington Mortgage Services for $2,872.

122 Cumberland Street
George J. Pitt Estate to Phisanu Sripramot and Suchittra Daly for $125,000.

1108 N 7th Street Lots 92 and 93
Joseph O. and Stacey L. Morales to Robert Reedinger for $146,900.

601 & 603 North 9th Street
Intkhab and Naureen Jaffri to Trent L. Stauffer for $108,640.

1260 Colebrook Road Lot 4 and part of Lot 5
Jere L. Koser to Jere L. and Judy K. Koser for $1.

542 South 12th Street Lots 50, 48, and part of Lot 46
Matthew J. Breidenstine to John Cikovic III and Ashley M. Cikovic for $174,900.

24 East Maple Street
Elizabeth R. Spangler to George E. and Linda L. Miller for $20,000.

247 South 9th Street
Michael S. and Helen R. Meiser to Matthew Paul Marakowski for $77,500.

310 South 10th Street
Denise Stegman Kimmel to Jeffrey B. Shott for $62,000.

234 East Birch Street
Curt Outman to Triple M Construction LLC for $30,000.

246 South Quince Street
Scott A. Smith to Pauline Modica for $57,000.

17 East Pershing Avenue
John E. and Cathy L. Gable to John E. Gable for $1.

522 North 7th Street
Kenneth J. and Sandra J. Wolfe to BMWW Properties Inc for $12,500.

1353 Monument Street
Eleanor M. Seiler Estate to John J. Miller for $23,000.

611 Raspberry Lane Lot 35
Elzalena M. Ditzler and Scott M. McConnell to Michael E. and Bonnie L. Bowman for $188,000.

423 North 6th Avenue
Todd R. and Constance W. Breitner to Kristin A. Weatherholtz for $1.

417 North Second Street
Terry R. Lerch to Julia R. Ferretti and Anthony A. Riehl for $75,000.

Cleona Borough

232 West Chestnut Street Lot 130 and part of lot 129
Kathleen J. Rhine to Russell E. Fornwalt Jr. for $135,000.

28 Willow Avenue Lots 91, 92, and part of Lots 90 and 93
John J. Miller to Kelly M. Gerhart and Chester W. Gerhart Jr. for $161,000.

Cold Spring Township

N of Suedberg Road
George E. Christianson to George E. Christianson for $1.

Cornwall Borough

1039 Bell Tower Drive Unit 427
Cornwall Associates LP and Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Timothy P. and Rexanne E. Goss for $286,871.

Heidelberg Township

1121 Schaeffer Road Lot 1
David and Barbara R. Cox to Robert B. and Erica N. Cox for $58,853.

1121 Schaeffer Road Lot 1
David and Barbara R. Cox to Robert B. and Erica N. Cox for $58,853.

NS Barry Lane
Grant E. and Darla J. Huddle to Sally V. and Harry B. Pennypacker for $35,000.

WS Michters Road
Timothy H. Johnson Estate to Michael T. Johnson for $0.

441 Sheep Hill Road
ADwayne L. and Lois A. Alspaugh to Kevin M. Martin for $259,000.

Jackson Township

400 West Lincoln Avenue
Howard G. and Colletta J. Horst and the Pilgrim Mennonite Conference to Marjorie Ann Nolt for $800,000.

600 Mayflower Drive Lot 49
Mary N. Murphy to Mary N. Murphy and Mary Ann Myers for $1.

459 East Main Avenue
Constance P. Cormack to Hilary C. Rentschler for $225,000.

WS Flanagan Road
Glenn R. and Lori F. Martin to Wilson G. and Andrea J. Martin for $396,840.

101 S. Ramona Road
South Ramona 100 Real Estate to South Ramona 100 Real Estate for $1.

102 S. Ramona Road
South Ramona 100 Real Estate to South Ramona 100 Real Estate for $1.

103 S. Ramona Road
South Ramona 100 Real Estate to South Ramona 100 Real Estate for $1.

Palmyra Borough

946 East Maple Street Lot 53D
Scott C. and Debra L. Wagner to Gregory P. and Mary Jane Spahr for $150,000.

23 West Broad Street
WF Property Management LLC to Luz B. Feliciano Marrero for $135,000.

28 North Grant Street Lot 30
Tori J. Bechtel to Tynea A. Holloman for $143,000.

915 East Maple Street
Xiang Wu Zhang Estate to Min Xia Zheng for $1.

333 East Oak Street
Jordan and Victoria Mummau to Zachary S. and Anne T. Hoover for $215,000.

201 West Orchard Drive Lot 8
Neal A. and Frances M. Horst to Ronald C. and Sokhoeun N. Fallon for $255,000.

750 W. Cherry Street
Gretchen R. Van Scyoc Estate to Barbara Frazer Reed for $1.

408 North Railroad Street
R9 Holdings LLC to Vincenzo and Susan Lobello for $90,000.

Milllcreek Township

19 Central Drive
Brittany E. Heffelfinger and Robert J. Snyder to Jacob and Crystal Lincoln for $212,000.

205 Edgemont Lane Lot 349
Peter B. Shirk and Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust to Deanna, Joseph, and Tina Kunder for $190,100.

2-4 West Main Street
Charles K. and Joy F. Dana to Stateside Enterprise for $210,580.

Mt. Gretna Borough

401 Lancaster Avenue Lots 308, 309, and 310
Richard S. and Ann C. Reimel to Joshua and Amy M. Haines for $240,000.

222 Harvard Avenue Lots 70, 71, 95
Mitchell L. and Marthalee T. Brod to Mitchell L. Brod Irrevocable Trust and Marthalee T. Brod Irrevocable Trust for $1.

Myerstown Borough

10 East Bahney Avenue
John T. and Steven E. Nixon to Adrian Boyer for $133,500.

18 East Carpenter Avenue
Kenneth J. and Trudy L. Hibshman to David R. and Michelle Ann Hammer for $120,000.

North Cornwall Township

495 Rocherty Road
John M. Dundore to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

223 South 16th Street
Tye Boehler Estate to Brittany S. Knight for $1.

416 Wilshire Drive Lot 76
Joan Z. and Joel D. Maulfair to Michael S. and Angela S. Funk for $100,000.

North Annville Township

1733 Russell Road
Jeanette C. Kettering to Glenn L. and Carol L. Heagy for $1.

370 Syner Road Lot 4
Larry A. and Mary Ann Tompkins to Mary Ann Tompkins for $1.

1780 Blacks Bridge Road
Merle Ruth to Kathleen Martin, the Durrell E. Ruth Revocable Living Trust, and the Brenda M. Ruth Revocable Living Trust for $1.

755 Palmyra Bellegrove Road
Tom P. and Julie A. Tshudy to Tom P. Tshudy for $1.

North Lebanon Township

970 Jay Street
Mary E. King to Kelly L. and John Stumpf for $170,250.

419 Gary Avenue
South White Oak to Rosa Irizarry Lugo for $155,000.

113 Mountville Drive
Michael C. Johnson to Ellen K. Broz and Steven M. Rogers for $100,000.

2070 Weavertown Road
Geraldine D. Strickler Estate to Fidel Martinez for $10,000.

1823 Martin Drive Lot 37
Margo L. Flocken to Armando, Angela, Salvatore, and Antonella Martino for $152,000.

1121 Cedar Crest Drive Lot 63
Sandra L. Innocent to Sandra L., Scott C., and Kimberly A. Innocent for $1.

799 Patmar Drive
Henry Klassen to Matthew D. and Mindy A. Tillinger for $265,000.

North Londonderry Township

208 Eisenhower Road
RobertA. Hoffman to Michael S. Behm for $163,000.

120 West Elm Drive
Kathleen M. Petrofes Estate to Tori J. Bechtel and Daniel C. Ellis for $205,000.

842 South Grant Street
Mickey T. Rapp to Nelson L. Ziegler for $25,000.

222 Cambridge Court Lots 27 & 28
Anthony R. Cecere Living Trust to Angela Cali for $125,000.

Richland Borough

800 E. Linden Street
Dale A. and Sharon E. Brubaker to Marbo Enterprise for $149,000.

South Annville Township

720 Fairview Drive Lot 2
Laurie J. and Craig M. Andrews to Shawndae K. Sharp for $250,000.

Lot 61
Gardel and Garman Builders at Bachman Run LLC to Janelle A. and Joseph A. Scerbo for $369,185.

764 South Lancaster Street Lot 63
Landmark Homes at Olde South Crossing to Hari P. Timsina for $301,987.

South Lebanon Township

2005 Leslie Avenue Lot A
Jonestown Bank & Trust Co to Virginia Rosales Barajas and Maria Pagan for $130,000.

41 Crestview Drive Lot 1
James C. Christman to Robert G. Smith for $350,000.

329 Acorn Circle Lot 107
Francisco Marcelino to Jason Eby and Amber Royles for $157,000.

135 Ashford Drive
Jeffrey E. and Julia A. Holt to Catherine M. Fitzgibbons for $336,000.

345 Poplar Street
Cynthia L. Saylor to Robert L. and Cynthia L. Saylor for $1.

545 East High Street part of Lots 74 and 75
Evelyn K. Moyer to Gary J. Moyer for $1.

601 E. Evergreen Road Lot 41
Umberger Family Trust to Vinette G. Umberger for $1.

1923 Leinbaugh Avenue Lots 31, 32, 33, and 34
Kevin T. Albert Sr. to Brooke Goodman for $130,000.

112 East Poplar Street Lot 4
Mildred Dhuperior and Samuel Velez to Mildred Dhuperior and Samuel Velez for $1.

20 Moravian Street
Geraldine A. Bensing and Mary M. Mease to Geraldine and Mary. Mease for $1.

South Londonderry Township

204 Kreider Road
Troy E. Daniels to Travis and Rebecca Finkenbinder for $366,000.

5518 Elizabethtown Road Lot 2
Darwin R. Longenecker Estate to Jennifer L. Dietrich and Kenneth M. Phayre for $169,000.

223 Kreider Road Lot 3
Copenhaver Builders and C&S Construction LLC to Matthew and Ashley Grams for $109,900.

423 Springbrook Drive
Wells Fargo Bank to David Neil Bomberger for $198,999.

201 Bell Road
Leroy C. and Mary Ann Kapp to Leroy C. and Mary Ann Kapp for $1.

236 Royal Road
Troy K. Campbell to John Mance for $290,000.

112 Glendon Drive Lot 8
Mt. Pleasant Ventures and Gerald S. Musser Builder to Robert M. and Barbara A. Noonan for $132,900.

Swatara Township

1829 Grace Avenue Lots 11 to 15, 26 to 32 inclusive
Kyle C. and Tamah M. Heck to Kyle C. and Tamah M. Heck for $1.

141 Stoner Road
Hennick Construction Inc. to Lester M. Putt for $100,000.

Union Township

5 Batz Lane
Travis R. and Clifford R. Berger to Travis R. and Holly Berger for $1.

3299 State Route 72
Frederick S. and Harry E. Otto to Nathan A. and Melissa A. Dove for $280,000.

68 Racehorse Drive
Phyllis E. Monger to Brian L. Royer and Denise R. Delp for $1.

8 Mayflower Drive Lot 103
Nicholas D. and Darlene E. Dyer to Kenneth Ray Brown Jr. and Jennifer Leigh Brown for $255,000.

West Cornwall Township

204 Birch Avenue Lots 93, 94, 95, 96, 105, 106, 107, and 108
David H. and Susan O. Wood to David H. and Susan O. Wood for $1.

151 Scenic Ridge Boulevard Lot 30
Gerald S. Musser to Sarah E. Souder for $302,680.

135 Scenic Ridge Boulevard Lot 26
Gerald S. Musser to David R. and Joan M. Hains for $89,000.

West Lebanon Township

507 North 22nd Street
Dennis E. and Jeanne H. Martin to Luthy Real Estate for $1.


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