Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

30 South Lancaster Street
Marian F. Heffner to Derek Scott Yoder and Courtney Brooke Arndt for $185,000.

316 West Queen Street
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Stoner & Phillips General Construction for $55,000.

316 West Sheridan Avenue
Tony A. and Susan Paden to Felicia A. and Trevor A. Smith for $190,000.

Bethel Township

1433 Shirksville Road Lot 3
Edith N. Martin to Jason A. and Angela Joy Fields for $250,000.

1668 Mt. Zion Road
Gay S. Sanders and Randy L. and Roger Y. Grumbine to Paul E. and Clara R. Field for $250,000.

659 Greble Road
Jacob R. Light to Noah R. Light for $230,000.

26 Horizon Drive Lot 96
Kody D. and Amanda M. Showers to Heather and Cory Wagner for $200,000.

Cornwall Borough

219 Karinch Street, Lot 212
Christopher and Alicia Halinar to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. for $236,250.

219 Karinch Street, Lot 212
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Cathy A. and Thomas S. Clements for $236,250.

222 South Center Street Lot 129
Mary Ann B. Caro to Jeanette M. Cassel for $120,000.

126 N. Cornwall Road
Kyle D. Wenger to Herbert S. and Miriam C. Nachbar for $105,000.

Frederick C. Laurenzo to Paul Teiken for $15,000.

Paul Teiken to Paul Teiken for $1.

45 Valley View Drive
Frederick C. Laurenzo to Frederick C. Laurenzo for $1.

1140 Alden Way, Unit 81
Robert L. and Katherine L. Campbell to Gary Lee and Beth Anne Miller for $245,000.

105 Lackawanna Drive Lot 7
Lee H. and Cheryl A. Umberger to Terry L. and Kristy L. Ludwig for $295,000.

6 Dogwood Lane Lot 44
Promise Land to Thomas E. and Nenita A. Elliott for $117,500.

City of Lebanon

439 North 3rd Avenue
George A. Pushkar Jr. and Kellie A. Pushkar to Michael L. Boltz for $75,000.

624 East Lehman Street
Terry Brown to Ronald L. and Alena C. Ratcliffe for $132,000.

207 South Second Street
Iron Stone Group to Myah E. Parker for $139,900.

711 North 8th Street
John F. and Kathleen K. Arnold to Cameron J. Deter for $20,000.

642 Shirley Drive Lots 57, 58, and 59
Jim A. and Cynthia L. Goshert to Nancy Maggio for $22,000.

117 Mifflin Street
Jose M. Marquez to Christopher R. Martin for $49,000.

468 North Fourth Street
Barbara S. Keish to Daniel G. and Freda Y. Beachy for $48,400.

270 East Lehman Street
Gettle Smith Partnership to Michael J. and Karen Smith for $125,000.

117 North Tenth Street
Donald L. and Carol L. Stoltz to KZ Investments for $65,000.

516 North Tenth Street
Iqbal and Esmyrna Lall to Adam Chadwick for $44,000.

847 Maple Street
Intrain to Alicia LaFrance for $224,000.

124 Lehman Street, Part of Lots 128 & 129
Scott D. Hartman Jr. and Heather M. Hartman to Rachelle A. Bretz for $1.

1038 Guilford Street
Debra A. Wengert and Henry Killian Contracting LLC to Starrwar Properties LLC for $25,500.

320-322 Federal Street
Flippers and Keepers LLC to Alex L. Clinton for $80,000.

303 North 5th Avenue
Timothy M. and Angela Wright to Nolmin Enterprises for $90,000.

734 N. Hanover Street
Anibal Velez and Marina Bonilla Hernandez to Anibal Velazquez for $1.

616 Poplar Street
Melissa J. Koch to Elizabeth A. Good for $134,900.

112 N. 12th Street
Jonathan D. and Judy A. Fake to Luis A. Matos Torres for $83,000.

714 Ehrhorn Street
Michael S. Warfield Jr. and Debra Ann Warfield to Carolyn A. Ravel Pereyra for $110,000.

110 East Maple Street
DDST Irrevocable Trust to Kelly S. and Linda S. Dunlap for $62,500.

333 South Gannon Street
Ann Marie and Gene Allen McCumber to Oakelly LLC for $100,000.

54 Tiffany Lane Lot 45
Odette Z. Ramos Gonzalez to Abdellah Lehbel for $109,900.

East Hanover rTownship

10182 Jonestown Road
Ruth D. and John A. VanNewhyzen to John A. VanNewhyzen for $1.

566 Mill Road
Central Penn Capital Mangement LLC to Tracy W. and Edna M. Vannoy for $230,000.

1902 Blackbridge Road, Lot 6 etc
David L. and Anita Erdman to Nathan G. and Tamee L. Erdman for $1.

Heidelberg Township

105 S. Market Street, Lot A
Erma E. Davidson Estate to Taylor Burt for $180,000.

Jonestown Borough

122 Twin Creeks Drive Lot G-194
Robin A. Greenwood to Jonathan M. and Nicole V. Simniskis for $192,000.

Jackson Township

1100 Hilltop Road Lots 19 & 20
John K. and Kay K. Feaser to Wendall A. Petre for $120,000.

Lot 5 (23-2359793-389006-0000)
Cornerstone Woodworks to Marie H., Reeda L., Martha M., and Marion M. Sadler for $69,500.

421 Hilltop Road Lot 15
Barbara S. Stoudt Trust to Jonathon and Amy Dundore for $190,900.

41 Rosemont Drive
Anthony J. and Lynn M. Volpe to Chery Leigh Chamberlin Trust for $175,000.

3 Lakeview Drive, Lot 3
Nancy W. Ingham to Joseph A. and Linda Edwards for $154,900.

128 Krall Road Lot 2
Robert M. and Jennifer L. Stonerook to Andrea Jean Crudden and Chad and Diane Martin for $345,500.

711 Elmt Street
Reputable Streamline Properties to Steven W. Dresch for $139,900.

209 West McKinley Avenue Lot 119
Nathan J. Greenawalt to Terry L. Katzaman for $232,900.

102 Arbor Drive Lot 423 Block G
Raymond E. and Angela J. Towle Revocable Living Trust to John W. Wissinger and Kathleen M. Taylor for $175,000.

6 Apple Creek Lane Lot 25
Bradley D. and Emily Reppert to Krysta Anna Connolly for $350,000.

Myerstown Borough

231 East Main Avenue
Peter J. and Andrea L. LaBarbera to Peter J. LaBarbera for $0.

720 South Railroad Street
Debra L. Snow and David and Dorothy Trickett to Donald C. and Marsha A. Graby for $66,500.

Millcreek Township

8 Cocalico Road
Sheldon Dean and Maria Beth Zimmerman to Aaron J and Robin Myer for $237,000.

133 Treeline Drive Lot 253
Terry L. and Renee A. Katzaman to Timothy Dennis and Kayla J. Good for $209,900.

285 West Texter Mission Road
Matthew R. Martin to Taryn Nicole and Adam Craig Showalter for $395,000.

317 West Main Street Lot 2
Robbie L. Miller to Alex Gerber for $169,000.

302 Stricklerstown Road
Curtis J. and Donna Achey to Jason W. and Donna M. Schies for $60,000.

24 Evergreen Way Lot 310
Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust to David and Kelly Sarabok for $274,764.

North Cornwall Township

64 Creekside Drive Lot 99
Narrows Glen Inc to Ryan M. and Jennifer Arnold for $335,635.

1700 Colebrook Road Lot 1
MPL Homebuyers LLC to Paul A. and Kathleen M. Roberts for $242,500.

519 Byler Circle Unit 28
Builder Services Group Inc to Andrew Nieves for $171,445.

1851 Creek Run Lane Lot 6
Judith M. and S. Bruce Kurtz to Scott and Kandythe Zdep for $74,900.

1532 Wheatfield Lane Lot 32
Ryan M. and Ashley E. Britt to Michael Althouse Jr. and Alysha Firestone for $290,000.

144 Millview Court Lot 144
Mennonite Foundation Inc. and Everence Foundation to Justin Kimmet for $84,000.

139 Village Court
Matthew Boyer to Jennifer Jones for $1.

North Londonderry Township

1010 Weavertown Road, Lot 9
Debra A. Deck/Mann and Gary L. Deck to Gary L. and Debra A. Deck for $1.

1101 Harvest Drive
Thomas and Anna P. Chianetta to Margarita Kosko for $1.

Lots 4, 5, and 12 (28-2289346-366629-0000)
Michael G. and Donna M. Jambrosic to Haven Homes and Renovations Inc. for $225,000.

201 Plaza Drive Lot 14
Howard F. and Justine C. Wood to Drew Tillotson for $165,000.

1460 Old Hickory Lane Lot 7
Cynthia and Michael Mangano to Central Penn Capital Management for $108,000.

1838 Martin Drive Lot 21
Stephen M. and Laura J. Smith to Gary W. and Julia B. Lefever for $182,500.

1121 Cedar Crest Drive Lot 63
Sandra L, Scott C., and Kimberly A. Innocent to Natasha J. and James S. Miller for $1,749,000.

2101 Water Street Lots 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12
Carol F. Artz Estate to Timothy W. and Brenda A. Jones for $151,500.

Palmyra Borough

417 West Oak Street, Part of Lots 196, 197, & 198
Benjamin H. and Esther G. Kreider to Kendra Lacy and Kenneth L. Jurell for $130,000.

972 E. Oak Street, Lot 41
David G. and Elaine A. Thompson to Benjamin S. Miller for $450,000.

46 East Main Street
Daryl J. and Eleanor K. Gerber to 46 East Main for $319,217.

320 South Forge Road Lot 196
John F. Huzvar IV and Maryann V. Huzar to Win Kyaw and Fun Na Tjhau for $185,000.

552 North Chestnut STreet Lot 116
Stephen M. Taschek Jr. and Nicole M. Taschek to Victor R. and Pamela S. Crawn for $198,000.

947 E. Oak Street Lot 52D
Daniel C. and Kathryn B. Zipf to Peter and Amy Zipf for $145,000.

304 W. Cherry Street
Perry and Justin M. Smith to David A. and Staci L. Wenger for $210,000.

Richland Borough

106 Oak Street
Elvin Dean Nolt to Timothy G. Heagy and Caitlin Marie and Ryan G. Fox for $190,000.

South Annville Township

311 Quittie Park Drive Lot 49
Dennis and Sylvia Stellmach to Dennis and Sylvia Stellmach for $198,990.

533 Horseshoe Trail Drive Lot 4
Frank S. Hoffman Jr Estate to Frank S Hoffman III for $1.

1597 Horseshoe Pike
David and Mary L. Sollenberger to Courtney E. Dove and Austin G. Stevens for $231,900.

South Londonderry Township

1609 South 5th Avenue
Matthew D. and Dana A. Rogers to George A. Pushkar III and Kellie A. Pushkar for $255,000.

649 Saddle Road Lot 52
Thierry and Tracy Marin Martinod to Brian J. Kulko and Donna K. Petraitis for $415,000.

709 Hockley Drive
Michael Thomas Ginder to Juan C. Suarez Batista and Angela M. Romero for $179,500.

22 Gentry Drive
Shaileshkumar B and Truptiben S. Patel to Chester R. and Jane A. Kearney for $182,500.

1039 Horeshoe Circle Lot 65
Daniel L. and Aislynn R. Moyer to Jason Hope for $254,000.

37 Wheatland Court Unit 204
Robert and Elizabeth Volinskie to Christopher, Cindylou F., and Ruth N. Connell for $261,500.

10 Manor Drive Lot 42
Terry L and Kristy L. Ludwig to Matthew A. Saunders for $285,000.

21 Mine Road Lot 4
George F. Eisenhauer Estate to Ellen M. Whitmoyer for $133,000.

1050 Horseshoe Circle, Lot 75
Chad D. and Tina M. Smaltz to Vito and Maria C. Amato for $215,000.

16 Folmer Street
Brian K. Eisenhour to Michael A. and Clara Salvador for $139,900.

Swatara Township

67 Wildflower Circle, Lot 111
Melanie and Edgar Cubias to Stephen M. and Laura J. Smith for $260,000.

1830 Grace Avenue Lot 5
Dianne L. Vogel to Canepa and Vogel Revocable Trust for $1.

8 Broad Street
Robert T. Blanshine Estate to Michael Boltz and Aimee Harmon for $80,510.

13 Plum Lane
Maynard D. and Jeremy Binegar and Donna Moyer to Freedom Mortgage Corporation for $2,921.

Union Township

38 Gold Mine Road
Albert C. Reinbold to George A., Marlin E., and Dean A. Reinbold for $1.

139 Ridge Road
David W. and Grace E. Yavoich to Robb and Denise Faller for $62,000.

West Cornwall Township

210 Boehm Avenue Lots 8 & 10
Elaine O’Neal to Elaine and Ricki F. O’Neal for $90,000.

334 Old Mine Road
Kathleen Marie and David M. Dommel to Robert M. and Allison M. Cuthie for $350,000.

511 Second Street Lots 57, 60, 5, 3
John W. Barton to Barton Family Trust for $0.

202 6th Street Lot 20 & Part of Lot 22
Julie Sitch to John S. and Theodore J. Wuori for $179,900.

West Lebanon Township

351 North 20th Street
William E Dickerson III, Karen M. Dickerson, Jessica Dickerson, and William J. Dickerson to Olde Mill Holdings for $90,000.

Please note that due to coronavirus-related disruption in our editorial workflow, we haven’t yet processed real estate transfers from March 1 to March 15. We hope to publish these in addendum later this week.


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