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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

146 West Queen Street
Gary A. and Kathleen Masemore to Ryan C. Brower for $65,000.

50 North King Street
Elsie M. and Nelson L. Ebersole to Sherri E. and John Killinger for $1.

1355 Cedar Street
Michael John and Torrie Masteller to Michael John Masteller for $1.

239 North Lancaster Street
Gale L. and Walter H. Keller Jr. to Torrie N. Masteller for $87,150.

Bethel Township

112 Maple Drive
Keith V. and Noele A. Bowman to Kody D. and Amanda Showers for $260,000.

Cleona Borough

3640 Hill Church Road
Apex Realty to Tanner Wolfe for $134,900.

18 E. Maple St.
MPL Homebuyers to Erin N. Blackman for $232,500.

Cornwall Borough

1025 English Drive Unit 353
Nerita E. Groy to Kenneth C. and Eleanor M. Jones for $199,900.

150 Maple Lane
Linda D. Hudish to Richard and Jessica C. Satterfield for $450,000.

369 Boyd Street
Jared J. Kreiser and Courtney M. Conrad to Timothy T. Healy for $122,000.

1028 Grant Circle
Judith A. Rodgers to Stuart D. and Jennifer P. Kantmann for $320,000.

City of Lebanon

489 North 6th Street
Michael and Michelle Kleinfelter to Jacob Allen Coy for $110,000.

120 East Locust Street
Carol L. and Kerry J. Schofield to Amanda L. Blanco for $182,500.

1322 Elm Street
Chad Hurst to Ronnell Thomas for $133,000.

333 South Gannon Street
Gene and Ann Marie McCumber to Oakelly LLC for $26,000.

304 South 6th Street
Joseph and Anthea Deborah Sedra to Jose Edgardo Silvestry Rodriguez for $143,900.

420 Maple Street
Anthony C. Matters to Taylor L. Bunderman for $89,900.

28 Woodland Estates Unit 39
Thomas P. Mancuso to Judith A. Rodgers for $140,000.

911-913 Maple Street
Dwayne J. Frazier to Lizbeth Suarez Acevedo and Thalia L. Montanez for $62,000.

254 South 8th Street
Kathleen M. Minnich to Frank Tomecek Jr. for $43,000.

132 South 4th Street
Erin N. Blackman to Al Allen Santiago Tollinchi and Yadira Rodriguez Millan for $117,000.

222 Pershing Avenue
Nicole M. and David Alan Miller to Douglas C. Buttermore for $130,000.

261 South Partridge Street
Sukhwinder Singh to Joshua Ray Snader for $26,500.

603 Guilford Street
Kevin E. Long to Fernando Barrios for $30,000.

624 Guilford Street
David L. Long to Fernando Barrios for $40,000.

East Hanover Township

34 Main Street
Benjamin Mark and Tonya Marie Moyer to Sheldon and J. Marie Heisey for $125,000.

W of Lincoln School Road
Benjamin Mark and Tonya Marie Moyer to Sheldon and J. Marie Heisey for $15,000.

10581 Allentown Boulevard
Craiga A. Shaffer to Dennis L. and M. Joanne Wenger for $200,000.

55 Groff Road
Shirley R. Hoerner to Keith M. and SOnya Randall for $209,900.

Edward Rehrer Estate
Randall L. and Tracey Mohn to 30000 for $0.

10107 Jonestown Road
Robert L. and Rena F. Brunner to Tevis Real Estate for $646,550.

Jonestown Borough

302 Swatara Creek Drive
Jaime E. and Peter J. Hansson to Rachel S. and Brian D. Stephens for $239,900.

Jackson Township

45 Laurel Drive
Kellie A. Kreiser to Sebastian Barrett Kale for $133,400.

41 West Strack Drive
Larry J. and Naomi F. Burkholder to Carl Wright and Brenda L. Detweiler for $199,800.

46 Gable Drive
Adam Craig and Taryn Nicole Showalter to Jose Miguel Rodriguez Walker and Marie D. Liz Olivero Vega for $164,900.

Mount Gretna Borough

108 Lebanon Avenue
Doris F. Glick to Deborah Y. Simpson for $125,000.

Myerstown Borough

12 E. Center Avenue
Leanna and Jerren Habecker to Amanda Winter for $155,000.

North Cornwall Township

2160 Walnut Street
Thomas R. Brandt to Moharram Hassanein and Manal Abouheif for $140,000.

1910 Chestnut Street
Kim White Johnson to Jenna Gutierrez for $95,000.

406 Wilshire Drive
Evelyn M. Nye Estate to Josiah A. and Taylor R. Frankford for $185,000.

19 Creekside Dr.
Matthew and Alicia M. LaFrance to Odette Z. Muriel Ramos for $250,000.

2008 Penn Street Lots 475, 476, and 474
Anja J. and Ruthe E. Fackler to Anja Fackler for $1.

1932 Carlton Drive
Bernell and Roy M. Herr to Jaime E. Hansson for $117,900.

135 Club Terrace
Thomas A. Fields to Gerald A. O’Donnell for $429,900.

520 Byler Circle Unit 45
Builder Services Group and Kenneth Homes to Kevin E. Reuiz Lugo and Marielys Morales Gonzalez for $171,000.

427 Springwood Drive Unit 108
Builder Services Group Inc to Jill M. Weber for $172,165.

North Lebanon Township

9 Penny Lane
Howard F. and Brenda L. Waltermeyer to Scott H. and Tammy V. Waltermeyer for $10,000.

407 Orchird Circle
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Steven A. and Linda S. Collin for $75,400.

109 W. Brookefield Drive
Colleen K. Stevenson to Cliff M. Fuhrman for $189,900.

440 Orchird Circle
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc to Steven M. and Billie Sue Kissiner for $301,666.

836 Kimmerlings Road
Cameron B. Batz and Monica A. Kapp to Michael S. Warfield Jr. for $245,000.

1640 North 8th Avenue
Landmark Homes to Leonard and Elvane Shkreli for $362,300.

1802 Ashton Drive
Chad D. and Paula J. Wartluft to Miguel Alberto Ramirez and Yuengling Trinh for $220,000.

980 Harmony Hill Drive
Luis D. and Diana Hernandez to Sidney Izquierdo and Yoliann Nieves for $195,000.

205 East Kercher Avenue
MPL Home Buyers LLC to Kevin T. Centini and Nicole M. Nye for $237,000.

North Londonderry Township

1016 Grubb Road
David E. and Barbara A. Miller to Kelly and John Kennelly for $257,000.

107 Willow Lane
Michael S. and Katherine Hoover Rohrbach to Luke B. and Anastasiya P. Snavely for $334,000.

133 Oxford Road
Jingyi Zhu and Kun Lu to Anil Shrestha and Meena Ghimire for $285,000.

22 Valley Drive
Donald Richard and Rita R. Behrendt to Andrew James and Christina Ann Foutz for $224,900.

17 Valley Drive
Jeffrey L. and Hannah J. Mast to Michael P. and Amber N. LaFrance for $267,000.

Palmyra Borough

605 West Main Street
Dennis B. and Tricia M. Stoner to Robert M. Fanus for $125,000.

650 North Chestnut Street
Thomas J. O’Connor to Kristen and Robert Hovorka Jr. for $196,000.

760 W. Cherry Street
Christopher S. and Concetta M. Connell to Zachary G. Yeager for $173,000.

133 E. Maple Street
Voorhis C. and Mary B. Cantrell to Goldmine Realty for $124,000.

Gina and Timothy Mills
Jim Properties to 140500 for $0.

Richland Borough

35 West Main Street
Anna M. Lubas to Dalton D. Whitman and Krista N. Marderness for $170,000.

South Annville Township

775 South Lancaster Street Lot 55
Landmark Homes at Olde South Crossing to Nancy I Simpson for $345,289.

1210 Mt. Pleasant Road
Alan E. and Montana Love to Shawn R. and Angela M. Reigert for $164,000.

54 Beech Treet Court
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Sean Moore and Katelyn Foreman for $215,990.

312 Quittie Park Drive
Edwin S. and Laura Gunderson to Luke A. and Heather L. Leininger for $260,000.

South Lebanon Township

123 Fox Road
Jeffrey H. and Karen R. Zuck to Bradley J. and Esther Zuck for $1.

1241 King Street
Barbara J. Koehler to Fifth Avenue Auto Sales & Detailing for $65,000.

2020 Leinbaugh Ave
Timothy M. and Rebecca J. Landis to James Skipper for $137,000.

165 Cobblestone Drive
Gerald A. and Danielle O’Donnell to Scott J. and Jacklyn Woodson for $440,000.

710 South 2nd Street
Fay L. Boyd to Helena M. Zelinka for $155,000.

South Londonderry Township

1913 South Forge Road
Michael P. LaFrance to Dylan R. Showalter and Cora M. Hilsher for $178,000.

200 Kreider Road
Troy E. Daniels to Travis and Rebecca Finkenbinder for $325,000.

5593 Elizabethtown Road
Timothy R. and Patricia A. Kreiser to Timothy R. Kreiser for $1.

569 Springbrook Drive
River Bend Limited Partnership and Millfield Construction Co. to Jeffrey S. and Anne M. McSweeney for $391,314.

Swatara Township

27 Applewood Court
Sandra L. Bachman and Robert S. Buckmoyer to Jason Todd Myers and Jennifer Lynn Hoffmier for $257,000.

25 Blue Jay Lane
Harriet E. Peiffer to Nathan D. Rhoads for $165,000.

Union Township

70 Camp Meeting Road Lot 5
Kately R. and Scott A. Smith Jr. to Kaitlin Eisenhauer and Steven Deppert for $200,000.

532 Shepherd Street
Patrick S. Stevens to Jo Anne Meyer for $229,900.

West Cornwall Township

312 Tree View Lane
S Gerald Musser Builder to Stephen N. and Jill Bennett Weiss for $89,000.

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