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When in public where I may encounter others, I wear a mask. I wear a mask because health experts around the world advise us it is one of the best and simplest means we have to combat this deadly disease, COVID-19, that threatens us. It is a medical response to a public health threat.

I wear a mask not because it is shown to better protect me but because it can protect others including those most vulnerable to this illness: front-line workers, those older than 65, those with compromised immune systems, those who have not had the privilege of continuing health care, and now, it is shown, even children who can possibly suffer a catastrophic inflammatory response if infected.

I wear a mask because I want to be a kind and loving person. I wear a mask because I care about my community.

I wear a mask to protect even our elected officials who have decided a political response is the proper reaction to a medical crisis. Perhaps they have good motives but by continuing to flout the best medical advice, by not wearing masks in public, by not keeping social distance, they appear only ignorant and selfish and may even place their constituents in danger.

I wear a mask for you. Please wear a mask for me and for all of us.

Annville resident Carolyn Scott is a retired teacher.

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