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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

215 South 1st Avenue Lots 20 and 21
Shannon Y., John J., and Norma J. Brandt to Matthew K. Miller, Rayanne R. Hawk for $190,200.

Bethel Township

1517 Mount Zion Road
Shawn M. and Troy Custer to Jerry R. and Jennifer L. Snyder for $330,000.

1559 Mount Zion Road
James F. and Jacqueline E. Funk to James F. Funk for $1.

3061 Route NO 22
George L. and Connie N. Troutman to James P. and Carol A. Steffy Sr. for $120,000.

Beach Run Apartments Confirmatory Deed
Molly Pitcher Associates to Molly Pitcher Associates for $1.

117 Melanie Drive Lot 11
Nathan D. Shea, Peri R. Zeck to Pamela A. and David A. Miller for $207,000.

City of Lebanon

1007 Federal Street
Jonas F. and Barbie L. Lapp to Hari OM Enterprises Inc. for $45,000.

600 South 2nd Avenue
John J. and Gail L. Garrett, Thomas J. Bressler to Kimberly A. Weitzel, Gregory A. Heuyard for $120,000.

427 Cumberland Street
John J. and Gail L. Garrett, Thomas J. Bressler to Wenger Investment Group for $270,000.

301 Weidman Street
Michael T. Ginder to Abner K. and Lydia L. Lantz for $65,000.

714 Walnut Street
Jeffrey L. Peiffer to MPL Homebuyers LLC for $12,000.

237 Cumberland Street
Ryley A. Smith to Kieth W. and Amy J. Donnachie for $127,000.

128 Mifflin Street
Philip R. Herbstreit to Starrwar Properties for $84,000.

208 Pershing Avenue
Brandon R. and Jessica L. Engle to Richard K. Nolt for $66,000.

28 South 10th Street, 526 North 3rd Street, 157 Weidman Street
Richard L. and Robin L. Hayes to Lonnie D. Heilman Jr. for $255,000.

118 Maple Street
Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $1.

323 Hornet Street, 333 Hornet Street, 520 Chapel Street
Randy D. and Emma J. Geist to Starrwar Properties LLC for $47,500.

517 North 10th Street
Souad Houisnate to Adalberto Rodriguez for $54,900.

1105 Mifflin Street
Wilbert R. Hivner Estate, David R. Hivner to David R. and Kim M. Hivner for $1.

1262 Willow Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Aaron H. Donnachie for $1.

602 Canal Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Rachel and Timothy Turley for $1.

328 North 5th Street
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, ServiceLink to Alex Ryabukha for $34,900.

446 New Street
Juan M. and Juana Sandoval to Jose S. Guevara, Obdulia Rocha for $1.

122 4th Avenue
Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to David Drummond for $58,000.

830 East Mifflin Street
Diane E. Reichard to Imalay R. Torres for $120,000.

355 North 5th Street
Champion Mortgage Company, Nationstar Mortgage to Santos N. S. Bautista for $50,000.

717 East Lehman Street
Jerry and Stacey Coleman II to Francisco J. Vazquez III for $155,000.

1603 Berry Drive Lot 18
Maryann Gomez Estate, James M. Fick to Earl L. and Cordelia I. Schucker Sr. for $149,500.

134 Cumberland Street Corrective Deed
Brian V. and Yamillenie V. Quintana to Brian V. and Yamillenie V. Quintana for $1.

28 Guilford Street
Starr Property Solutions LLC to Eucaris C. Zapata for $116,000.

363 North 10th Street
H A W Investments to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $50,000.

362 North Harrison Street
H A W Investments to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $40,000.

429 North Gannon Street
Angel L. Bermudez to U S Bank Trust National Association for $2,024.

923 Hauck Street Lot 1
Kevin M. Goshert to Stephanie J. Guinn for $114,900.

618 Maple Street Lot 2
Samuel R. and Brandi L. Pennypacker to Nidhi Soin for $15,000.

761 Locust Street
Michael A. and Susan K. Kleinfelter to Terry L. Hitz Jr. for $1.

434 North 6th Street
Donald L. and Carol A. Stoltz to Yaira M. Ramos for $875,000.

928 Lehman Street
Milciades and Lucy Mendez to Oswaldo I. and Edith A. Gamarra for $50,000.

1001 North 9th Street
Jason D. Barb to Noraima V. Perez for $132,000.

313 South 2nd Street
Korie B. and Lisa Dechert to Miranda L. Hollinger for $90,000.

(UPI: #05-2337982-372245-0000)
Kenneth L. Shearer to Neishmaliz V. Landrau for $90,000.

709 South 12th Street
David A. and Audrey G. Rakow Jr. to Lisa M. and Korie B. Dechert for $239,900.

347 North 14th Street
Ramon F. Ballester Estate, Maryann Ballester to Ana G. A. and Francisco A. G. Nunez for $12,300.

538 North 9th Street
Harry G. and Shirley A. Bowman to George Hanna for $72,500.

618 Cornwall Road
Trang T. Phan to Lee and Vanny Nhim for $450,000.

Cleona Borough

203 West Chestnut Street Lot 84A and Part of Lot 84
Shirley A. Brown to William and Mollie Bering Jr. for $138,900.

Cornwall Borough

368 Rexmont Rd.
Matthew E. and Shana M. Stauffer to Weston L. Martin for $185,000.

100 Fairway Circle Lot 32
Wendy A. and Barry N. Walter to Kyle M. and Katelyn VanWinkle for $419,000.

202 Spring Hill Lane Lot 68
Andrew F. and Kimberly A. Kramer to Andrew F. and Kimberley A. Kramer for $1.

261 Rexmont Road Lot 15
Kathleen Y. Cohrs to RW Marketing Limited Liability Company for $100,000.

353 Rexmont Road
Gareth Fisher to Derrick S. and Torey R. Smith for $183,400.

206 Burd Coleman Road Lot 16 Block I
Steven J. Padilione to Joseph M. Padilione for $136,000.

105 Rexmont Road
Aubrey R. and Samantha J. Hanford to Robert S. and Ashley A. Hardy III for $269,000.

East Hanover Township

10 Cramers Lane
Robert A. and Judith A. Cramer to Heagy Acres for $200,000.

47, 48, and 49 Main Street
Jeffrey P. Mumma to Jonestown Bank & Trust Company for $6,183.

21 Blacksmith Lane
Brian R., Scott A. and Cynthia L. Miller to Brian R. and Scott A. Miller for $1.

Heidelberg Township

2133 West Oak Street
Wilmington Trust to Jeremiah J. Zimmerman for $96,000.

323 South Lancaster Avenue Lot 7
Eugene K., Daniel E., and Linda S. Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Dustyn S. and Lori A. Miller for $279,000.

Jackson Township

18 Ladybug Lane Lot 167
Andrew A. and Xochitl Meyer to Keith D. Lear for $250,000.

174 Gable Drive Lot 135
Katherine A. Harris Estate, Edward A. Harris Jr. to Edward A. Harris Jr. for $1.

4 Harvest Drive
Katherine A. Harris Estate, Edward A. Harris Jr. to Edward A. Harris Jr. for $1.

25 Arbor Drive Lot 13
Phyllis Daddio to Frank H. and Bonnie L. Werner for $164,900.

458 West Main Avenue
James C. and Suzan M. Bitner to Sarah G. Morin for $125,000.

5 Mantis Court Lot 3
Richard K. and Ruth M. Harmon to Wesley J. and Sharon H. Harpold for $292,000.

Jonestown Borough

300 West Market Street
Pennymac Loan Services to Rockin G Property Group LLC for $105,000.

132 Creek View Drive Quitclaim Deed
Brendan L. Mummart to Brendan L. and Colleen M. Mummart for $1.

Millcreek Township

117 West Main Street
Lawrence L. Kahl Estate, Norman A. Kahl, Marie M. Shomgard to John T. Burke Jr. for $1.

681 Stricklerstown Road
Jared F. Fittery to Brendon and Charlene Wenger for $182,000.

319 West Main Street Lot 3
Derek S. and Shannan M. Good to John B. Goodison for $169,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

204 Lebanon Avenue Lots 95 and 96
Esther M. Jackson to Adam H. Garner for $270,000.

104 Princeton Avenue
John B. and Susan E. Hoyt to Donald J. Showers for $400,000.

Myerstown Borough

102 South College Street
Cherie L. Gichner to Cherie L. Eveler for $1.

6 West Washington Avenue
Melvin Morales, Robin A. Nagy to Alexander S. Radke for $135,000.

111 South Locust Street
David S. and Annamarie Behm to Dalton A. Koch, Emily D. Sheaffer for $174,900.

117 West Washington Avenue
Bradley P. and Jessica G. Polynone to Alexandria J. Nertavich, Joshua E. High for $181,900.

14 South College Street
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $1.

North Annville Township

WS North Weaber Street
Todd A. and Beth A. Lightner to Linden R. and Tammy S. Bates for $130,000.

495 North Weaber Street
Linden R. and Tammy S. Bates to Todd A. and Beth A. Lightner for $332,000.

1712 Blacks Bridge Road
Deborah M. Shifflett to U S Bank Trust National Association for $3,442.

North Cornwall Township

182 Furnace Court
Fred L., Rick J., and Marci J. Longenecker to Nathan A. Vogel, Danielle S. Johnson for $110,000.

917 Meadowood Circle Lot 204
Mary R. Adams to Kevin and Nicole Grier for $465,000.

327 South 23rd Street Lot 48A
Brandon M. and Sherri L. Shirk to Karlie M. Downin, Mercedee L. DeGroat for $183,000.

2075 Greystone Drive Lot 119
Troon Properties to Christopher M. Jordan IRA, Equity Trust Company, Christopher M. Jordan for $130,000.

1912 Chestnut Street
Suzanne and Jose R. C. Flores to Margaret L. and Scott R. Groy for $70,000.

100 Village Drive
Nelson R. and Rosene E. Siegrist to Bruce M. and Beverly P. Bollinger for $999,950.

400 Spangler Road
Nelson R. and Rosene E. Siegrist to Makin Bacon Farm for $876,575.

400 Spangler Road
Makin Bacon Farm to Makin Bacon Farm for $1.

14 Wheatland Circle Lot 35
Richard J. and Katie A. Roof to Iryna Hepburn for $475,000.

325 Springwood Drive Unit 55
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Kaddi C. Dillon for $195,760.

113 South 17th Street
El M. Boudriss to Christopher K. Kreider, Abigail M. Watson for $1.

413 Millbridge Drive Lot 32
Michael J. Kennedy to Tyler and Lindsay Dreese for $371,000.

North Lebanon Township

745 Mechanic Street Lot 2
Teresa A. Weaber to Lucas and Sarah Henry for $1.

114 Cedar Lane Lot 12
Nelson L. and Elsie M. Ebersole to Earnest A. and Sarah Fullwood for $225,000.

604 Pine Street
Ruth A. Kugler Estate, Melody A. Hoelzle to Joseph J. Hoelzle for $79,900.

2909 Tunnel Hill Road
Marie Buys Houses, PA Deals to Karen M. Masser for $179,950.

240 Heffelfinger Road
Dale E. and Mary A. Gruber to Andrew J. and Regina A. Hoover for $280,000.

3002 Tunnel Hill Road
Matthew D. and Jennifer L. Creter to Matthew D. and Jennifer L. Creter for $1.

760 North 32nd Street
Christine K. Leininger to Wesley and Kristy Landis for $125,000.

810 North 8th Avenue Lot 1
Thomas E. Light Jr. Estate, Barbara J. Light to Jacob Kaighn for $168,000.

809 Oak Lane Lot 809
Chrstine R. Yiengst, Amy Lopez to JTA Consulting Group for $75,000.

1509 Jay Street Lot 1
Barry J. and Lois J. Arnold to Daniel B., Nathan J., Thomas E., and Matthew L. Arnold, Dorcus R. Bishop for $1.

834 Prescott Drive
Moses G. and Sarah Lapp Sr. to L Brothers Six for $1.

987 Miller Street Lot 50
Linda J. Overdier to Ben The Builder for $52,000.

North Londonderry Township

185 Pickwick Circle Lot 86
Jasmine Price to Joshua and Jasmine Weber for $1.

ES Gravel Hill Rd., 101 Eisenhower Rd.
William E. and Sylvia A. Larson to William E. and Sylvia A. Larson for $1.

230 Oxford Road Lot 50
Jay and Michelle D. Risser Jr. to Jay and Michelle D. Risser Jr. for $1.

1344 South Queen Street a.k.a. 1344 Queen Street Lot 23
Brian H. Sell to Rick Ginder, Beth A. Shade for $190,000.

114 Willow Lane Lot 133
Janet L. Ewing Revocable Living Trust, Janet L. Ewing to Michael S. and Katherine A. H. Rohrbach for $405,000.

305 Barrington Court Lot 138
David L. and Cynthia Caffo to 1132 Sharp Road for $137,000.

230 Parliament Drive Lot 66
Steven and Gina M. Barnak to Andrew B. and Elizabeth Creamer for $404,000.

222 Sweetwater Drive
Douglas A. and Lauren P. Swanson to Anthony A. and Sara B. Czuchnicki for $400,000.

628 East Cypress Street
Amy Hewitt to Sovannath Torng for $285,000.

33 Waterford Lane Lot 107
Kendall B. Neu to Kendall B. and Katherine Neu for $1.

Palmyra Borough

725 West Oak Street Lot 36 and Part of Lots 35 and 37
Kevin and Jill Halbleib to BD Investment Group for $115,000.

322 East Cherry Street
Heather C. and Jared S. Zimmerman to Kristina Ortiz for $140,000.

214 West Maple Street Lots 155 and 156
Karen T. Pearson to Joseph D. and Kim M. Grubb for $165,000.

917 East Oak Street Lot 56E
Arthur, Michael, and Kimberly A. Matarazzo to Taylor and Margaret Perkins for $160,500.

South Annville Township

550 Fieldstone Drive Lot 56
Gardel, Garman Builders at Bachman Run to Steven L. and Kristin Z. Dropkin for $339,900.

Lot 45 (UPI: 29-2311978-362829-0000)
Garman Builders at Mayapple to Elaina N. Wanamaker for $269,921.

622 Louser Road
Daniel R. and Julie B. Haulman to Michael J. and Kimberly A. Matarazzo for $235,000.

833 Old Mount Gretna Road Lots 9 and 10
Samuel F. and Carol L. Light III to Clifton F. Brignola III for $285,000.

South Lebanon Township

625 South Second Street Lots 42 and 43
Gary T. and Heidi C. Good to Rachel Delany for $170,000.

28 Oxford Drive Lot 16
Kathe R. Morrissey to David P. Adams for $229,900.

11 Endress Road
Janet B. Harter Estate, Janet D. Hartner Estate, Jonelle J. Eshbach to Raphael A. and Lisa V. Ingaglio for $230,000.

418 Larkspur Lane Lot 27 ETC
Earl L. and Cordelia I. Schucker to Kimberlee A. Fleming for $201,000.

1914 Allegheny Avenue Lots 11 and 12
Dallas R. Noll to Tyler Wharton for $124,900.

1800 Birch Road
Alta G. and Mark A. Patches, John M. Zimmerman to Mark A. Patches, Nancy A. Dennis, Sandra A. Hartman for $1.

1800 Birch Road
Mark A. Patches, Nancy A. Dennis, Sandra A. Hartman to Jesse R. and Doris J. Ruppert for $2,650,000.

131 Monticello Drive Lot 72
George and Sharon Schimpf to Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC for $94,508.

601 East Evergreen Road Lot 41
Vinette G. Umberger Estate, Logan B. and Judson D. Umberger to Paul and Karen Miskinis for $225,000.

1215 South 5th Avenue
Alta G. Patches Estate, Mark A. Patches, John M. Zimmerman to Mark A. Patches, Nancy A. Dennis, Sandra A. Hartman for $1.

WS Fonderwhite Road
Alta G. Patches Estate, Mark A. Patches, John M. Zimmerman to Mark A. Patches, Nancy A. Dennis, Sandra A. Hartman for $1.

605 Schaeffer Road
Bonita Martin to Nelson R. and Rosene Siegrist for $2,320,000.

1215 South 5th Avenue
Mark A. Patches, Nancy A. Dennis, Sandra A. Hartman to Mark A. and Stephanie L. Patches for $1.

WS Fonderwhite Road
Mark A. Patches, Nancy A. Dennis, Sandra A. Hartman to Mark A. and Stephanie L. Patches for $1.

1007 State Drive
Robert S. Hardy III to Zachary K. Jones, Angel I. Fritz for $130,000.

26 Folmer Street
Gary A. and Robin J. Hitz to Bryce Painter for $140,000.

1318 East Old Cumberland Street
Jason S. and Julie Bowman to Juan C. Calderon for $119,900.

South Londonderry Township

1599 Mount Wilson Road Lot 22
Michael H. and Tami L. Herrmann to Michael H. and Tami L. Herrmann for $2.

601 Saddle Road Lot 58
Dustin L. and Erica S. Hostetter to Richard W. and Hillary N. Moser for $425,000.

1001 Beech Street Lot 1
Michele M. Lilly, Richard A. and Kirsten M. Mattis to Joel W. and Michele M. Knott for $1.

102 Deer Lane
Thomas M. and Kendra B. Shirey to Robert L. and Andrea R. Brubaker Jr. for $600,000.

220 Lyndel Drive Lot 3 Fiduciary Deed
Mary Warner Revocable Trust, Mary Warner Trust, Bruce R. and Sharon L. Fredrickson to Mary Warner Revocable Trust, Mary Warner Trust, Bruce R. and Sharon L. Fredrickson for $1.

176 North Village Circle Unit 102
Melissa K. Melhorn to Andrew V. and Janis L. Welkie for $209,000.

Swatara Township

13 Plum Lane Quitclaim Deed
Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Charles L. Brown for $49,500.

2145 Quarry Road
Wayne D. and Judie A. Steiner to Seth M. and Carolyn M. Reifsnyder for $295,000.

86 Old Jonestown Road Lot 1
Todd A. and Beth A. Lightner to Mark A. and Laura E. Thompson for $350,000.

4 Eve Avenue Lot 14
Arlene C. G. and Richard R. Dundore to Michael J. Chernich for $150,000.

6 Greble Road
John P. Spotts to Tyler M. Walborn for $90,000.

2229 Kenbrook Road
Harold E. Bender to Harold E. Bender for $1.

Union Township

310 Shepherd Street Lot 113
Lou A. Weierbach to Lou A. Rittle for $10.

158 Pine Tree Road
Russell D. Fake Estate, Veronica and Larry Hitz to Veronica and Larry Hitz for $1.

42 Green Point School Road
Jesse Dowhower, Casey Sipe to Jesse Dowhower for $1.

327 Shepherd Street Lot 31
Velarmino Maldonado to Thomas S. Leganza for $200,000.

545 Shepherd Street Lot 58
Matthew L. and Ana L P. Knouff to Keith I. Foundling for $251,000.

West Cornwall Township

112 Second Street Lots 1 and 3
Thomas L. and Pauletta F. Engleman Jr. to Thomas S. and Christy S. Wanamaker for $165,000.

48 North Cornwall Road Lot 2
John C. and Margaret A. Beard to Gary W. Morinchin for $205,000.

401 6th Street Lots 29 and 39
Sandra L. Brown to Andrew K. and Kimberley Kramer for $167,000.

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