Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

34 Union Crest Drive Lot 30
Shirley J. Long to Jessica F. and Brendan N. McCoy for $300,000.

105 West Sheridan Avenue
Ruth E. Litz Estate, Jon R. Litz to Scott R. and Margaret L. Groy for $70,000.

19 West Church Street
Ronald K. and Karen A. Pfister to Frederick A. Hess for $110,000.

147 West Sheridan Avenue
Warren Dunyan Jr. to JVM Real Estate for $110,000.

308 West Queen Street
Charles W. and Elsabeth A. Sando Jr. to Michael A. and Aimee Schmitt for $91,000.

Bethel Township

9 Vista Drive Lot 16
Elizabeth A. Zimmerman to Ricky L. and Teri A. Light for $239,900.

110 Deer Drive Lot 28
Patricia L. Horn to Randy L. and Jessica L. Rogers for $195,000.

12 Locust Avenue Lot 21
Galen E. and Nancy A. Frantz to Harold L. Keeney for $185,000.

1604 Mount Zion Road
Jane K. Spengler to Zion Gosherts United Church of Christ for $170,000.

ES Fredericksburg Road
LV Logistics CTR to Bell & Evans Realty II for $4,000,000.

181 Nolt Lane
Paul L. and Ruth L. Nolt to Joshua S. and Nancy G. Nolt for $1,500,000.

City of Lebanon

1522 Washington Street
Richard H. Heverling Jr. Estate, Renee M. Heverling to Lorenzo J. Brown, Robyn D. Jones for $116,000.

129 South 2nd Street
Jonathan D. Seip, Trudy K. Kreider, Fernando Vaughn to RMRR Properties for $55,000.

201 Worden Street Lot 2
Nicole M. Rivera, Jonathan Sanchez to Lancaster Area Habitat For Humanity Inc. for $4,644.

425 North 11th Avenue
Todd A. and Victoria L. Rodkey to Gemiqua Benjamin for $151,410.

302 South 9th Street
El M. Bellali to Manuel A. V. Laguer for $90,000.

333 South 1st Avenue Lot 380 etc.
Joan M. and Randall R. Moyer to David A. and Mary J. Jones for $182,000.

919 Elizabeth Street
Marcus O. and Horace L. Samuels to Gumercindo M. Cabral, Pilar S. Pacheco for $86,500.

422 North 7th Street
Carlton B. Geesaman Jr., Carlton G. Geesaman Jr., Megan I. Geesaman to Reputable Streamline Properties for $28,000.

40 Cumberland Street
Lersy and Nathali Calzado Sr. to Lncalzado LLC for $1,000.

748 Guilford Street
Frederick R., Michael J., and Thomas E. Folmer, Janet L. Keener to Frederick R. and Shirley J. Folmer for $1.

203 East Maple Street
Reputable Streamline Properties to Jenny C. Severino for $184,000.

529 East Cumberland Street
David G. and Lesley A. Vail to Lydia House LLC for $48,500.

58 East Pershing Avenue Lot 4 Section “A”
Lindsay K. Dreese to Rebecca A. Fortner, Katiusca M. Abreu for $190,000.

207 East Grant Street Lots 418 and 419
Jenna C. and Nicholas W. Conrad to Jean C. Rivera for $149,600.

701 Cumberland Street Lot A etc.
Aidans Real Estate Investments to Jerome Lee Properties LLC for $1,400,000.

493 New Street
Ruben Santos to Christopher R. Martin for $21,500.

530 Spruce Street
Miranda Trust Development to Miguel A. Rosario for $119,900.

320 Lehman Street
Starrwar Properties LLC to Henry V. D. V. D. L. Cruz for $119,900.

1255 Bittner Boulevard Lot 5
Timothy A. and Patricia M. Siegrist to Samuel K. and Malinda S. Glick for $765,000.

1657 Oak Street
Adam J. Breault, Un H. K. Kim to David W. Yanosik for $239,900.

515 Locust Street and 521 Locust Street
Rodrigo R. Hernandez, Yolanda C. Delrio to Angel J. S. Rojas, Amarly A. G. Martinez for $165,000.

Cleona Borough

13 Dogwood Lane Lot 7
Jose M. P. Otero, Kayla Perez to Diogenes Z. and Nicole Z. Gaitan for $118,000.

221 East Walnut Street Lot 3 and Part of Lot 4
Richard J. and Joan G. Tice to Matthew R. and Tricia M. Zechman for $190,000.

16 Walnut Mill Lane Lot 75
Douglas A. and Amy J. Hartman to Steven Keefer for $128,000.

266 South Christian Street Lot 57
James A. Sanders Estate, Beau R. Sanders to Robert and Amanda Frye Jr. for $200,000.

24 South Wilson Street Lots 78 and 79
Lloyd W. Gerberich Jr. to LLoyd W. and Karen L. Gerberich Jr. for $1.

Cornwall Borough

509 Hemlock Lane Lot 8
Dennis L. and Jeany M. Herr to Trevor W. and Kathryn E. Daddis for $278,500.

1027 Northgate Drive Unit 38
Cornwall Associates LP to Thomas W. and Carol A. VanKirk for $85,000.

633 Aspen Lane Lot 111
Patricia J. Voorhees to Patricia J. Voorhees, Jay F. Furlong for $1.

162 Norway Lane Lot 26
Benjamin R. Weaver to Nichole A. and Matthew D. Werner for $252,000.

313 Pamela Lane Lot 80
Suzanne Miller to Brian G. and Janice M. Koontz for $173,000.

East Hanover Township

3 Tower Lane, 5 Tower Lane, 19 Appalachian Drive, 21 Appalachian Drive, Lots 1 and 2
Douglas J. and Sherry L. Prough to Elizabeth Y. Bates for $599,000.

North of Mountain Road
William L. and Rosemary Trusky to Brian K. Trusky for $1.

Heidelberg Township

204 North Prospect Hill Drive Lot 21
Michael J. and Sherrill K. Silecchia to Marleen Amand, Thomas Rivel for $267,503.

305 South Lancaster Avenue Lot 2
Andrew and Kendall Fox to Jeremy S. Martin for $175,000.

2175 Stiegel Pike Lot 1
Levi A. King to Levi A. and Mattie S. King for $1.

2505 South 5th Avenue Lot 1 Block B
Michael G. Blantz to Matthew R. and Rebecca J. Blantz for $150,000.

202 Sheep Hill Road
Lamar N. and Alejandra M. Martin to Lamar N. and Alejandra M. Martin for $0.

Jackson Township

42 Wheatland Drive Lot 52
Vicki L. White to Nicholas Hertzog, Shannan Truscott for $225,000.

7 Greenbriar Drive Lot 451
Claudia L. Evans to Vicki L. White for $132,900.

527 West Main Avenue
Darin H. Martin to Corey A. Kaighn for $187,500.

52 Laurel Drive Lot 57
Paul L. Mazzenga to Gloria Disla for $125,000.

1 Mayflay Court Lot 98
Bryan K. and Katie E. Walmer to Jimmy Thelusca, Ashley Grace for $239,687.

109 Arbor Drive
Paul W. and Ann E. Steel to Edward M. and Gloria A. Boardman for $195,000.

637 Weavertown Road Lot 2
Joel L. and Karen L. Zimmerman to Jesse L. and Juanita D. Sauder for $250,000.

25 Scenic Drive Lot 265
Esther S. Youd Estate, Mary A. Hoover, Dorcas Breckbill to Leigh Beamesderfer for $155,000.

23 Thorndale Drive Lot 44
John W. Wissinger to David B. and Rosemarie A. Klahr for $158,900.

Jonestown Borough

212 Rose Lane Lot 8
Andrea Y. George to Andrea Y. Shetterly for $0.

352 South Mill Street etc.
Borough of Jonestown, Jonestown Borough to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

307 Swatara Creek Drive Lot 184
Brendan N. and Jessica F. McCoy to Zachary J. and Jennifer R. Cassel for $240,000.

Millcreek Township

256 Memorial Boulevard
Fay L. Horst Estate, David H. Horst to Robert R. and Gail M. Bardsley for $185,000.

23 Evergreen Way Lot 328
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Jesus M. Z. Suarez, Sol M. Lopez for $209,806.

45 Edgemont Lane Lot 159
Mary M. Gleason to Kylie Heath for $220,000.

309 South Sheridan Road Lots 1 and 2 etc.
Geraldine F. Bashore to David L. Mullin Jr. for $180,000.

138 Cocalico Road Lot 1
Ben The Builder to James A. and Desiree N. Sclesky Jr. for $383,700.

ES Stricklerstown Road
Dale M. and Anna M. Good to TLS Holding for $367,000.

15 Evergreen Way Lot 326
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Ashley Carlson for $221,195.

Myerstown Borough

313 South Broad Street
Amber N. and Nicholas D. Wolf, Deborah J. Stager to Gabriel E. F. Perez for $123,000.

North Annville Township

1360 North State Route 934
Matthew R. and Alaina E. Keller to Matthew R. and Alaina E. Keller for $1.

404 Kauffman Road
Dale J. and Kimberly A. Brickley to Brian Sell for $236,000.

344 Kauffman Road Lot 1
Lucille M. Vallen to Kirk A. and Leslie M. Goodling for $260,000.

North Cornwall Township

408 Bricker Lane Lots 12 and 14
Margaret A. Doughty to Heather M. and Daniel H. Tupper for $185,000.

433 Lori Ann Court Lot 11
Michael F. and Lorraine Greer to John Mingle, Caroline Storm for $682,000.

502 Cleona Boulevard Lot 44
Bryan K. Houser to Jennifer C. Lovett for $215,000.

804 Hearthside Lane Lot 195
Jonathan C. and Dana M. Wurm to N. P. Dodge Jr., N. P. Dodge III, National Equity Inc. Trust for $424,900.

804 Hearthside Lane Lot 195
N. P. Dodge Jr., National Equity Inc. Trust to Ryan B. and Nadine Finn for $424,900.

125 South Mill Street
LSF10 Master Participation Trust to Brian K. Eisenhour for $109,900.

2245 Nancy Lee Avenue Lot 59
Kathryn G. Reesor to Kathryn K. and Michael P. Shelby for $295,000.

430 Wilshire Drive
Pierre Vereen to Dechone and Marcus Samuels for $180,000.

159 South 21st Street Lot 161
Lisa A. Miller to Constance M. Fullenlove for $145,000.

223 South 16th Street
Brittany S. Knight to Lonnie D. Heilman Jr. for $50,000.

610 Pondside Lane Lot 154
Alfred J. and Judith A. Fields to Adam S. Breece, Shireen M. Blair for $277,000.

206 White Oak Circle Lot 69
Kristen M. and Brian Sweeney to Allan J. and Kathryn L. Donato for $345,500.

1880 Creek Run Lane Lot 18
Judith M. Kurtz to Peter R. Parpagene Jr., Sara L. Olson for $435,000.

SS Creek Run Lane Lot 7
Judith M. Kurtz to Peter R. Parpagene Jr., Sara L. Olson for $1.

255 Village Drive
Rocherty United Methodist Church to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

72 Creekside Drive Lot 101
Narrows Glen Inc. to Kristie A. and Naul T. Walter for $65,900.

2040 Ranch Avenue
James H. and Amy K. Rittle to Frank J. Rittle for $175,000.

North Lebanon Township

1137 Garden Avenue Lot 10
Heidi A. Ohl to Hayden and Jessica Wampler for $239,900.

1154 Hunters Chase Lane Lot 92
Eric A. and Stacey L. Boyle to Jose A. Gonzalez Jr. for $325,000.

185 Narrows Drive
Ruth S. Gettle to William J. Gettle for $1.

907 East Canal Street Lot 32
Eugene M. and Sherry L. Peters Jr. to Andrea L. Whitley, Mitchell P. Aponick for $205,250.

1719 North 7th Street
Lebanon County Realty to Ryan M. Bugg for $168,000.

2175 Weavertown Road
Bette J. VanWinkle Estate, Larisa L. VanWinkle to Eric VanWinkle for $1.

2816 Tunnel Hill Road
Nelson P. and Janice J. Heagy to Jose A. G. Sarraga, Jennifer M. Vera for $145,000.

1124 Kochenderfer Road Lot 16
Dianne L. and David R. Keefer to David A. Rakow Jr. for $185,000.

1460 Old Hickory Lane Lot 7 Corrective Deed
Cynthia E. and Michael Mangano to Central Penn Capital Management for $108,000.

3260 Joyce Street Lot 1
Michael Fortna to Wilmer S. and Lorraine Reiff for $115,500.

820 Shore Landing Drive Lot 102
Kelly S. Hayes, Colleen Cordial to Paul A. and Darlene C. Sutcliffe Jr. for $275,000.

1520 Sandhill Road Lot 104
Arden A. and Tina M. Snook Sr. to Tyler J. Snook for $0.

942 Snapdragon Court Unit 37
Randall S., Konstantina, and Steven Brandes to Andrew and Kathy A. Chaet for $269,900.

809 Oak Lane Lot 809
JTA Consulting Group to Jose J. C. Hernandez for $100,000.

804 Patmar Drive
Kristen E. and William H. English to Kristen E. English for $1.

North Londonderry Township

1301 Cambridge Court
Nancy K. Madsen to Jason P. Brant for $168,000.

930 Park Drive Lot 12
Allen E. and Brenda M. Pharmer to Pharmer Family Trust, Allen E. and Brenda M. Pharmer for $1.

124 Killinger Road
Elvin R. and Barbara M. Wagner to David A. Wagner, Nancy L. Strickler for $1.

2 Carson Lane
Sherri Lynn Farms Inc. to Ronald A. and Penelope M. Falkowski for $730,000.

212 Barrington Court
Douglas L. and Rebecca F. Spahr to Benjamin J. and Kristin E. Lindsay for $161,000.

ES Hoffer Road Lot 1
Hess Family Living Trust, Carole A. Hess to Carole A. Hess for $1.

Plot 301 (UPI #28-2287894-351087-0000)
Stephen L. and Krystin A. B. Scrignoli to Dustin L. Hostetter for $164,900.

112 Coventry Court Plot 33
Jeffrey S. Wilkerson to Paul and Tammy Friendshuh for $145,000.

182 Spruce Court Building 9 Unit 5
Vicki L. Dorson to Candace Galbraith for $169,900.

38 Oxford Road Lot 38
Chidozie and Cybill Oragwu to Mahoussi N. Aholoukpe for $439,053.

165 Pickwick Circle Lot 54
Bruce K. Vernet Jr. to Bruce K. and Crystal Vernet Jr. for $1.

Palmyra Borough

726 West Oak Street
Daniel M. Fetterhoff, Megan E. Magyar to Rebekah and Timothy Templin for $155,000.

218 North Railroad Street
Allen E. and Brenda M. Pharmer to Pharmer Family Trust, Allen E. and Brenda M. Pharmer for $1.

548 North Chestnut Street Lots 114 and 115
Andrew J. Rossi to Dennis S. Berry for $210,000.

313 West Main Street
Michelle L. Francis to Abigail M. Farst for $155,000.

329 East Cherry Street
Jocelynn N. Gingrich to Millpond Properties for $86,000.

204 North Railroad Street Lot 1
Tatum J. Morrow to Meagan G. Mills, Dustin J. Hoepfer for $104,000.

210 West Maple Street
Crystal L. Gordon to Crystal L. and Scott Karinch for $1.

7 Sycamore Lane Lot 70
Adam Miller to Stephen A. and Laura A. Smith for $240,000.

605 North Lincoln Street Lots 23 and 24
Michael S. Bare to Dennis F. and Karen L. Wolgemuth for $219,900.

915 East Maple Street Lot 94 and Part of Lot 95
Xiang Wu Zhang Estate, Minxia Zheng to Minxia Zheng for $1.

Richland Borough

134 East Main Street
Stanley W. and Geraldine A. Smith to Stanley W. Smith Jr. for $1.

103 Poplar Street Lot 55
Leroy S. and Donna A. Strauss to Travis C. and Stacy A. White for $143,000.

South Annville Township

440 Fieldstone Drive Lot 21
Joseph L. Martin to David W. and Kimberly M. Galvin for $320,000.

4 Ironwood Drive Lot 101
Douglas D. and Judy Miller to Jesse J. and Stacey O. Freeman for $225,000.

100 Reigerts Lane
Jane B. Long Estate, Jane S. Long Estate, Dale E. Long to Lisa Thompson, Nancy J. Donnachie for $225,000.

625 Horseshoe Trail Drive Lot 33
Alan C. and Victoria Funck to Tanna L. and Sean M. Sullivan for $379,900.

16 Blue Jay Way Unit 90
Marcella A. Sorber to Neil A. and Nanette Palumbo for $315,000.

430 Reigerts Lane Lot 3 etc.
Raymond R. Curanzy III to Raymond Curanzy Living Trust, Michelle Curanzy Living Trust, Raymond R. and Michelle Curanzy Jr. for $1.

South Lebanon Township

624 Renova Avenue Lot 90
Dennis J. McCabe to Kyle E. and Michele E. Siegfried for $160,000.

42 South 5th Avenue
David A. and.Mary J. Jones to Kemuel R. Cosme, Julissanet R. Cruz for $130,000.

2 Fox Run Road Lot 8
David A. Luciotti, Michelle D. Baker to David A. and Michelle D. Luciotti for $1.

917 South 3rd Street Lot 10
Marilyn S. Hartman Estate, Marilyn L. Hartman Estate, Larry B. and Jeffrey L. Hartman to Hayley N. Pfautz for $144,900.

321 Acorn Circle Lot 109
Amanda Farese, Alberto Reyes to Will E. M. Montilla, Amy S. Mejia for $167,500.

701 East Walnut Street Lot 6
Hebron Hose Company No. 1 to South Lebanon Fire Company No. 1 for $1.

603 Henry Houck Lane
Hayden J. Wampler to Larry J. and Carol A. Hunt for $155,000.

630 South 14th Avenue
Marie V. Ditzler, Marie V. Saul to Stacy J. Binder, Emily G. Fair for $1.

19 Horst Avenue
Arlene A. Fancovic Estate, Anthony J. Fitzgibbons to Angela R. and Mitchell A. Elmer for $178,000.

1712 South 5th Avenue Lot 2
Eric S. Shank to Mary E. Collins for $155,000.

811 South 3rd Street Lot 9
Jennifer A. Sheridan to Nancy I. M. Cornier for $135,000.

1711 South 5th Avenue
Wilson Z. Shirk to Gary S. and Rita M. Garson for $196,000.

1514 King Street
Dennis M. and Jennifer L. Echternach Jr. to Dennis M. Echternach Jr. for $1.

South Londonderry Township

806 Center Drive, NS Center Drive, Lot 123 etc.
Timothy S. and Carol L. Yingst to Timothy S. and Carol L. Yingst for $1.

100 Louwill Lane
Brian S. Bixler to Konner Manwiller for $114,000.

355 Timber Road Lot 116
Janice L. Kehler Estate, Mary J. Haines to Mary J. Haines for $1.

2824 Horseshoe Pike
Nicole M. and Francisco J. Cordero to HSSH LLC for $525,000.

1618 Mount Wilson Road
Pamela K. Hermany to Taylor Gill, Gabrielle Knowles for $138,500.

672 Saddle Road Lot 74
Kelli C. Carbajal, Stephen Murdock to Sirva Relocation Properties LLC for $420,000.

672 Saddle Road Lot 74
Sirva Relocation Properties LLC to Christopher and Amber Herr for $420,000.

3 South Thistledown Drive Lot 12
Erikka A. and Timothy S. Trotter to Kerry I. Lucas for $318,000.

344 Coachman Lane Lot 123
Alexis Alicea to Matthew and Jennifer R. Skirzenski for $335,000.

106 Bell Road
Rachel L. Adams Estate, John B. Adams to Ben M. and Denise L. Adams III for $145,000.

Unit 168 (UPI #31-2295469-347914-0000)
Springbrook Farms Inc., Brookwood Drive Associates, E. G. Stoltzfus Homes to Cecilia A., Ernest F., and Virginia A. Richardsen for $321,512.

188 Fox Road Lot 33
Damien J. and Rachel Gresko to Takehiko and Noriko Dohi for $410,000.

2827 Horseshoe Pike
Home Source Properties, John M. and Kirsten R. Staz III to 2827 Horseshoe Pike Trust, Scott R. Smith for $0.

285 Bridle Avenue Lot 21
Paul S., Christine, and Mary M. Dubendorf to Khina and Madhu S. Siwakoti for $430,000.

564 Springbrook Drive Unit 47
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Frederick W. and Betty J. Adams Jr. for $318,677.

Swatara Township

2274 Quarry Road
Robert M., Elizabeth, and John C. Daubert to Anthony M. Norton for $177,000.

SS Monroe Valley Drive
Robert L. Kleinfelter to Thomas L. Adams for $65,000.

16 Township Line Drive Lot 26
Ashley N. and Tanner M. Herr to Tanner M. and Ashley N. Herr for $0.

307 East Chestnut Street Lot 10
Michael D. and Lori A. Landis to Michael J. and Louise M. Kelliher Jr. for $1.

ES Old Route 22
Glenn M. and Connie L. Landis to Michael D. and Lori A. Landis for $1.

27 Troy Avenue
Ferdinand J. Sammer Estate, Cindy J. Sammer to Cindy J. Sammer for $1.

Union Township

51 Green Point School Road
Thomas F. Leibel to Justin M. and Shayla L. Kimmel for $1.

409 Awol Road
Joseph and Janet M. Boyer to David G. Moyer for $1.

367 Awol Road
David G. Moyer to Joseph and Janet M. Boyer for $1.

6 Penny Lane
Isadore and Loretta Ollar to Joseph L. Roberts, Deeanna T. Wessner for $126,000.

204 Shepherd Street Lot 126
Brent and Ashley Beckner to Kyle R. Lynn, Deborah A. RIfflard for $220,000.

West Cornwall Township

29 North Lebanon Street
Dustin E. and Molly E. Finefrock to Dustin E. and Molly E. Finefrock for $1.

229 Old Mine Road
Jeffrey S. and Ayla C. Lazorcik to Jeffrey S. and Ayla C. Lazorcik for $1.

201 2nd Street Lot 20
Robert E. and Jamie S. Carney to Scott T. and Barbara T. Shreve for $146,000.

West Lebanon Township

2416 Guilford Street
Darren L. and Joslyn Habecker to Omar X. O. Feliberty for $110,000.

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