Goodwill Keystone Area recently announced that it has opened up several new jobs to accommodate a large influx of donations.

The organization, which runs 40 thrift stores across 22 counties in southeastern and south-central Pennsylvania, made this announcement via an August 20 press release.

Just two days before this announcement, Goodwill posted on its website that collection of donations throughout its service territory would be suspended until September 15. The organization needed to do so because its donation centers had reached capacity. 

“Our community has been incredibly generous over the past few months bringing us donations and they continue to pour in,” said Rick Hill, the president and CEO of Goodwill Keystone Area, in the August 20 press release. “It’s a good problem to have in one sense because the large quantity and quality of donations can be sold to help fund our mission of providing critical job­training programs and services for people with disabilities and other barriers to independence,” Hill said.

This large amount of donations has allowed Goodwill to create new job opportunities in its processing department. These jobs will involve sorting through and processing the various items that people have donated to Goodwill. 

There are currently almost 100 Goodwill job openings at locations throughout Goodwill Keystone Area’s territory. Both full- and part-time positions are available with a variety of shift times and the opportunity for flexible schedules.

Those who may be interested in these job opportunities are encouraged to view the listings and apply at

These new positions will both help the organization sort and process their current inventory and provide employment opportunities to many Pennsylvanians.

Although Goodwill is currently not accepting donations, Hill encourages people in the community to donate more goods after September 15. People can also support Goodwill by shopping at some of their stores. To find a nearby store, visit the Goodwill website.


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