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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township


28 Union Crest Drive Lot 31
Rickey M. and Amy M. Searcy to Jason M. and Chelsea Kraus for $320,000.

21 West Main Street
V. Carl Gacono Estate, Maryann G. Darok, Rebecca G. Harlan to Ebony & Ivory for $380,000.

345 West Queen Street Etc.
Joseph S. and Karen M. Viozzi to RVMoore LLC for $142,500.

141, 142, and 143 West Sheridan Avenue
Terrance P. Breidenstine Jr. to Bradley Wilson for $145,000.

16 West Summit Street
Edgar R. Teahl Jr. Estate, Fulton Bank to Marie Buys Houses, PA Deals for $81,000.

29 North Lancaster Street
Microwave Rental LLC to Tobias Rentals LLC for $132,500.

126 South Chestnut Street
Marlissa B. Boyd Estate, Khrista T. Dechert, Brandy A. Lannon to Brandon Hess for $37,658.

39, 40, and 41 East Main Street
Main Street Dwellings LLC to Jesse J. Hackman for $212,000.

Bethel Township

107 Hemlock Drive Lot 3
Jared M. Zombro to Christopher A. Egan Jr. for $119,900.

465 Greble Road Lot 7
Kyle S. and Danielle Dixon to Ryan J. and Gretchen Gavin for $245,000.

(UPI: 19-2329771-407008-0000) Lot 10
Miller and Spangler Inc. to Arlene C. G. Dundore, Pamela A. Miller for $40,000.

225 North Center Street Lot 5
Bruce D. Heagy to Karen L. Jones for $1.

City of Lebanon


374 North 9th Street
Nestor R. and Beatriz L. Garcia to Pierre Vereen for $85,000.

129 Mifflin Street
Revital Home Co. LLC to Edwin Santiago for $165,000.

107 Mifflin Street Lots 82 and 83
Mary L. Shutter to Luis N. Pacheco for $128,500.

518 East Lehman Street
Susie Y. Eames to Maria V. M. D. L. Rosa for $160,000.

404 Canal Street
Dawn Fradera to Marieliz R. Baldorioty for $92,500.

408 Lehman Street
Beth M. Ocasio to Roberto I. Cruz for $110,000.

423 Steitz Street
Douglas A., Cheri J., and Jennifer Wright to Sarah E. Stager for $143,500.

702 North 2nd Avenue
Virginia L. and Peter J. Davis to Albert J. Gonzalez, Cathy Caraballo for $69,900.

60 North 14th Street
Enid A. Rivera to Charter Property Solutions for $55,000.

106 Hill Street
Ronda L. Yingst Estate, Charles M. Vonada to Charles M. Vonada for $1.

1031 Lehman Street Etc.
Rodney H. Haldeman to Rehn Properties for $1,134,000.

58 Tiffany Lane Lot 58
Carlos E. Morales, Zuleika S. Ocasio to Zuleika Davila for $1.

964 Reber Street
Alan T. Etter Estate, Steven S. Etter to Christopher G. and Laura M. Birk for $220,000.

26 Lehman Street
Nora I. Rivera to Manuel and Martha Diaz for $72,500.

457 East Weidman Street
John Miller to Alexander IV Cruz for $101,900.

905 North Eighth Street Lot 11
Linda J. Moyer to Dawn Fradera for $120,000.

618 State Drive
Russell L. and Janet Derstine to Daryn and Anita Derstine for $1.

122 Maple Street
Richard L. Leedy Jr. to Edgardo Martinez for $99,900.

639 Walnut Street Quitclaim Deed
Carrington Mortgage Services to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $1.

505 North Gannon Street
Michael E. and Debra K. Smith to Melvin L. and Martha A. Beiler for $394,500.

219 Lehman Street
Barbara A. Swingholm, Robert P. Haldeman to David Woerner for $20,000.

250 East Cherry Street Part of Lots 65 to 71 Inclusive
Chris Martin to Richard Leedy Jr. for $129,900.

622 Maple Street
Glenfern McHurtchon to Michael Amato for $60,000.

710 Hill Street
Homes Homes Homes Inc. to Ty L. and Emily J. Lombardo for $115,100.

518 Willow Street
Julio A. Lopez, Denise Roche to Wells Fargo Bank for $2,167.

220 Mifflin Street
Ronald B. and Bonita L. Luciotti to Ronald B. and Bonita L. Luciotti for $1.

911 Kreider Street
Amy J. Page to Phillip A. and Katilyn J. Weaver for $105,000.

1552 Rita Lane Lots 5 and 6
Lorna K. Brooks Estate, George H. Brooks Jr. to Paul R. and Lisa A. Stennett for $296,000.

1220 Poplar Street Lots 18 and 18A
Trinity United Methodist Church of Lebanon to Javier Gonzalez, Neftali R. Rodriguez for $166,000.

521 Spring Street and 423 North Fourth Street
Terry Lerch to JEMS Ventures for $60,000.

920 Elizabeth Street
Guillermo Santiago to Guillermo and Marisol Santiago for $1.

481 New Street
Charles and Tiffany D. Yowler Jr. to MRI Properties for $40,000.

Cornwall Borough

804 Holly Lane Lot 163
James T. and Dorothy J. Bennetch to Timothy D. and Jessica W. Erb for $391,000.

122 Anthracite Lot 7
George P. Yocklovich Estate, Betty L. Yocklovich to Betty L. Yocklovich for $1.

334 Pamela Lane
Christopher G. and Laura M. Birk to Dana L. Pyles for $160,000.

1243 Mosaic Drive Unit 385
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Anthony P. and Diane P. Sutusky for $383,196.

60 Anthracite Road
Joan L. Bernhardt Estate, Rain Buck to Bryant D. Bernhardt, Christopher S. Stahley for $60,000.

110 Cedar Street Lot 44
Frederick Ruebman Jr. Estate, James Ruebman, Keith Mearig to Judah and Bethany Clapper for $155,000.

1047 English Drive Unit 364
Tracy L. Kauffman to Rebecca S. Einwechter for $209,000.

East Hanover Township


18 Bullfrog Road Lot 1 Etc.
Dean J. and James E. Kline to Ray L. and Louise E. Sensenig for $364,900.

9 Appalachian Drive
Michael E. Worm, Linda S. Stratton to Isaac Bicher, Kerry Buffenmeyer for $475,000.

3 Trout Lake Lane
David M. Ober to Justine M. and Michael P. Fetterhoff for $1.

N of Appalachian Drive
David M. Ober to Justine M. and Michael P. Fetterhoff for $1.

NS Allentown Boulevard
David Ober to Justine M. and Michael P. Fetterhoff for $1.

10576 Allentown Boulevard
Dennis L. and Karen F. Grubb to Erik A. and Mindy R. Harmon for $150,000.

SS Mountain Road
Vija K. Peirson to Cash M. Stables for $370,000.

10658 Jonestown Road
Richard L. Miller Sr. Estate to Bryan V. Morgan for $89,000.

Heidelberg Township

300 South Market Street
Carl J. and Linda M. Meyer to Robert J. and Amanda N. Bashore for $215,000.

1041 Schaeffer Road
Colby C. and Cabrielle J. Zartman to Colby C. and Cabrielle J. Zartman for $0.

650 Wedgewood Drive Lot 31
Jodi Hank to Joan R. and Craig A. Shoup for $210,000.

Jackson Township


47 Springhouse Drive Lot 59
Mabel Kimmey to Brian L. and Robin A. Kimmey for $1.

60 Hergelrode Drive
William H. and Janice A. Messerschmidt to William H., Janice A., and Edward D. Messerschmidt, Ann K. Lee, Dorothy R. Carroll for $1.

315 Yeagley Road
Jonathan H. and Molly J. Dubble to Jodi L. Hank for $187,900.

27 Arbor Drive Lot 14
Geraldine F. Rutter Estate, Lori Harvey to Marie A. Stickler for $156,500.

22 Norma Lane Lot 42
Charles A. and Elizabeth G. Staskiewicz to Candice E. and Dustin E. Todd for $275,000.

450 West Lincoln Avenue
Myerstown DPP V to DG Myerstown for $1,297,406.

42 Springhouse Drive Lot 114
Robert L. and Linda Y. Emondi to Randolph L. and Wendy A. Fisher for $162,000.

26 Scenic Drive Lot 280
Charles B. Halley, Carol H. Bancroft to Larry and Carolyn Meglathery Sr. for $161,500.

941 Houtztown Road
Steven W. Shepler Estate, Ann E. Shepler to Ann E. Shepler for $1.

3 Madeleine Drive Lot 24
Weber Properties to Edward T. and Donna F. Martel for $165,074.

790 Elm Street Lot 1
Leonard Z. Brubaker to Leonard Z. Brubaker Revocable Living Trust, Leonard Z. Brubaker for $1.

ES Royers Road
Leonard Z. Brubaker to Leonard Z. Brubaker Revocable Living Trust, Leonard Z. Brubaker for $1.

7 Lakeview Drive Lot 109
Pauline A. Bricker, Cheri A. Lesko, Steven S. Morinchin to for $170,000.

207 West McKinley Avenue Lot 121
Cheryl A. Buckingham to Robert E. Buckingham II for $1.

Millcreek Township

40 Newburg Drive Lot 112
James M. and Becky L. Hook, Christopher R. Martin to J. Mer Properties LLC for $140,000.

218 Sweetwater Lane Lot 528
James F. Dowling Estate, Theresa I. Dowling to Evelyn and Ramon L. Rivera Jr. for $199,900.

135 North Sheridan Road
Gress Family Limited Partnership, Timothy T. Engler to Benjamin Appel, Rachel Eyrich for $184,500.

Mt. Gretna Borough

116 Princeton Avenue Lot 10 Etc.
William C. Gifford III to Beverly G. Baker for $150,000.

112 Princeton Avenue Lot 8
Robin M. and Maria C. Rambo to Brian P. and Jannine K. Guarnero for $279,900.

Myerstown Borough

329 West Carpenter Avenue
Ivan M. and Lena M. Weaver Jr. to Ivan M. Weaver Revocable Living Trust, Lena Mae Weaver Revocable Living Trust, Ivan M. and Lena M. Weaver for $1.

106 Hoover Street
Leon J. Lutz Estate, Carl E. Lutz, Tina M. Meyer to Brent W. Schwalm for $170,000.

304 North College Street
Sara E. Vracarich Estate, Donna K. Zimmerman, Audrey J. Ferguson to Michael A. and Michelle M. Kleinfelter for $103,000.

9 East Jefferson Avenue
Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust 2018-3, Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Justin A. Martin for $90,250.

14 South College Street
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dale Albertelli to Rebecca Weixler for $68,025.

307 South Broad Street
Arthur R. Muzzy Jr. to Cameron and Marissa Smithgall for $166,000.

North Annville Township

2013 Yordys Bridge Road Lot 1 Etc.
Brent A. and Julia S. Kaylor to Brent A. and Julia S. Kaylor for $1.


North Cornwall Township

435 Springwood Drive Unit 112
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Kayla N. Fritz for $198,000.

260 Hillcrest Road Lot 12
Robert J. and Brenda L. Phillips to Robert J. and Brenda L. Phillips for $1.

445 Rocherty Road
Fannie S. and Fannie I. Hoke, Renee H. Sine to Barry and Colleen Zeiset for $205,000.

67 Creekside Drive Lot 50
Narrows Glen Inc. to Kaitlin M. Miller for $309,600.

425 Springwood Drive Unit 107
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Elissa Darkes for $195,330.

314 Ramblewood Lane Lot 94
Michael L. and Carrie W. Accardi, Leslie O. and Alix S. Roth to William R. Werner, Monica R. Cascarino for $318,750.

318 Catherine Court Lot 42
Daniel V. and Nicole M. Baker to Kristi L. and Abdiel Rodriguez for $324,000.

323 Bricker Lane Lot 5
Jonathan M. and Elizabeth A. Reddinger to Matthew R. and Nora E. McGovern for $215,000.

2 Walden Road Lot 48
Jilian G. and Joseph E. B. White to Barbara and Nancy J. Moyer for $540,000.

North Lebanon Township

804 Briar Rose Avenue Unit 122
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Michael W. and Barbara A. Silverman for $356,504.

840 Patmar Drive
Henry Klassen, Klassen Construction to John J. Pryor for $319,900.

2004 Weavertown Road Quitclaim Deed
Nicole L. High to Nicole L. High, Miguel A. Aponte for $10.

859 Jay Street Lot 79
Hennick Construction Inc. to Daniel and Angelina B. Mariscal Jr. for $251,900.

ES North 9th Street Lot 2
Estrubhar Properties to Daniel E. Martin for $30,000.

2501 Cumberland Street
Jo E. and Jon R. Litz to Autosuds West for $500,000.

1144 Garden Avenue Lot 23
Nathan J. and Ashley E. Hamblin to Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide Inc. for $234,900.

1144 Garden Avenue Lot 23
Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide Inc. to Sofia E. R. Aguirre, Michael M. B. Albitres for $234,900.

809 Poplar Lane
Virginia Roman to Sarika Soin for $130,000.

1029 Laurel Street Lot 57
William E. Dengler to Gary L. Shirk for $110,000.

1209 Horizon Boulevard Lot 28
Musaddiq N. and Sarah M. Nazeeri to Bryan K. and Jennifer N. Houser for $340,000.

605 Elizabeth Street
Josh and Keri Demichiel to Samuel L. Schaetzle for $101,400.

232 Gary Avenue Lot 70
Woodlea Development Corporation Inc. to Hennick Construction Inc. for $80,000.

2225 Weavertown Road
John R. and Mary E. Allwein to Gregory A. and Linda S. Derr for $305,000.

1823 Lake View Drive Lot 256 Quitclaim Deed
Hajra Sohail to Sadia Sohail for $1.


North Londonderry Township

722 South Lincoln Street Lots 9, 10, 11
Lisa A. Howard to Thomas E. Bender for $215,000.

880 Hetrick Avenue
Belinda D. Hepler to Tara L. Hepler, Seth Mirin for $1.

39 Auburn Drive Lot 160
Richard F. and Stynci L. Toth to Todd and Billie J. Wolfe for $445,000.

830 South Railroad Street
Jane D. Gurnee Estate, Elizabeth Darrach to Elizabeth Darrach for $1.

3 Apple Street Lots 35 and 36
John A. and Carolina M. Moore to John A. and Carolina M. Moore for $1.

905 Cambridge Court Plot 295
Connie L. Queden to NJN Commercial Realty for $144,300.

Palmyra Borough

414 East Cherry Street
Robert A. Wicker Jr., Kathleen M. Horn to Grace White for $175,000.

727 North Chestnut Street
Amy J. Loser to Nathan Lawson for $180,000.

102 West Orchard Drive Lot 11
Jonathan T. and Jill M. Regets to Jonathan T. and Jill M. Regets for $1.

317 North Railroad Street
Edward A. Stichler to Steven N. and Kathleen Gingrich for $45,000.

408 North Railroad Street
Vincenzo and Susan Lobello to Debra and Lisa M. Dinunzio for $120,000.

139 North College Street
Matthew L. and Marjorie A. Pickard to PNC Bank for $3,355.

953 East Oak Street Lot 51B
Luke D. Moyer to Jim Properties for $155,000.

356 South Windsor Avenue
Ryan M. and Catharine J. Weaber to Wallace and Catherine E. Rejrat for $349,000.


Richland Borough


10 Chestnut Street
Revital Home Co. to Matthew W. and Erin R. Bills for $68,000.

South Annville Township

545 Killinger Road
Daryl G. Reiff to South Annville Township for $1.

67 Beech Tree Court Lot 19
Jason M. and Jacqueline A. Blouch to Mark and Jessica A. Brullo for $275,000.

22 Blue Jay Way Lot 87
Todd and Billie J. Wolfe to Vladimir Carmona for $410,900.

708 Nottingham Way Lot 13
Patricia and Richard Opitz to Patricia A. and Gary D. Haas for $367,500.

(UPI: 29-2317298-344071-0000)
Douglas S. and Ruth L. Eiserman to Douglas S. and Ruth L. Eiserman for $1.

329 Diamond Drive Lot 2, 5, and 7
Douglas S. and Ruth L. Eiserman to Larry D., Linda J., and Larry S. Shifflet for $247,000.

South Lebanon Township

6 Foxchase Lane
Franklin F. and B. Jeanette Ail to Ail B. Jeanette Trust for $1.

189 Wheatstone Lane Lot 106
Matthew A. and Heather Tropp to Danielle R. Hargus for $180,000.

24 Flintville Road Lot 2 Etc.
M. Lloyd Burkholder Estate, Lloyd M. and Leon M. Burkholder to Leon M. and June G. Burkholder for $500,000.

63 Moravian Street
Roselio and Marinex Restituyo to Katherine S. and Christine A. Brown for $109,900.

45 Strathford Drive Lot 23
Dennis L. and Natalie A. Houser to Perry C. and Mary F. Umlauf for $489,000.

37 Southgate Drive Lot 19
Jonathan P. and Samijo A. Smith to Filiberto C. Gonzalez, Diana I. Ramirez for $303,000.

(UPI: 30-2342508-360201-0000)
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Bradley S. and Alyssa C. Clemens for $372,005.

South Londonderry Township

220 Lyndel Drive Lot 3
Bruce R. and Sharon L. Fredrickson to Matthew A. Haas, Betsy K. Renn for $476,000.

57 English Drive Lot 83
Colin N. and Kelly J. Carroll to BGRS Relocation Inc. for $315,000.

57 English Drive Lot 83
BGRS Relocation Inc. to Michael and Lisa H. Sitler for $315,000.

104 Glendon Drive
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Musser S. Gerald Builder to Charles W. Spiegel Sr., Jeanne E. Kandra for $456,982.

258 Lyndel Drive
Belinda D. Hepler to Brian D. and Deanna L. Bordelon for $1.

2890 Horseshoe Pike
Michael E. Hale Sr. to Zachary Fox for $219,000.

2471 South Forge Road
Carl R. and Kimberly H. Epler to Matthew C. Epler for $1.

1800 South Forge Road, 1820 South Forge Road Lots 1 and 2
James E. and Elizabeth W. Mark to Mark Property Management for $1.

138 Church Road
Frederick Ruebman Jr. Estate, James Ruebman, Keith Mearig to Noah J., Anna B., and John D. Fisher for $302,000.

2081 South Forge Road
Paul K. Miller Estate, Ann L. Paul to Thomas R. and Debra A. Clawser for $235,000.

112 Trillium Drive Lot 26 Block C
Shyamsunder B. and Kavita Sabat to Raheel and Huma H. Ahmed for $448,250.

115 Stanley Drive Lot 300
Rebecca Einwechter to AJ Home Solutions for $240,000.

114 Forest Circle Lot 46
Paul W. Hibshman Estate, Jill H. Rogers to Dylan Lucas for $110,000.

375 Springbrook Drive Lot 10
Scott A. and Andrea M. Moody to Matthew L. and Diana W. Hall for $330,000.

Swatara Township

42 Arrow Court Lot 24
Merle L. and Jane W. Martin to Stephen A. and Kanokpitchaya Cleveland Jr. for $159,900.

107 Pine Meadow Road Lot 1
James D. Rutter to James D. and Michelle D. Rutter for $1.

327 Lighthouse Drive Lot 33
Gary L. and Kathleen M. Boose to Amy and Kevin High for $145,000.

422 North Mill Street Lot 2
Glenn F. and Michelle E. Kline to Jeffrey and Aleah Fawver for $240,000.

105 Horst Drive Lot 1
Paul N. and Patricia A. Horst to Paul N., Patricia A., Jeremy P., Natalie E. Horst for $1.

335 Cindy Drive Lot 79
Jennifer J. Treese to Randall M. Shives Jr. for $157,600.

Union Township

2390 State Route 72 North
Peter J. and Michelle A. Teasdale to Devin Cantrell, Shelby Dove for $145,000.

186 Silvertown Road
Earman L. and Dianne G. Fulk to Ronald K. and Karen P. Pfister for $184,800.

West Cornwall Township

409 7th Street Lots 45, 47, and 33
John P. and Teresa T. Marks to Louis V. and Denise Laricci for $250,000.

51 West Main Street
John A. Ovates Jr. Estate, M. Nancy and William F. Deliberty to JVM Real Estate LLC for $225,000.

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