Here are the most recent food safety violations in Lebanon County, as documented by Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture.

Inspections are taken as a “snapshot” of the day and time, and should not necessarily be taken as overall indicators of an establishment’s cleanliness. Violations are often corrected prior to the inspector leaving the site. Restaurants were found to be in compliance unless otherwise noted.

Soprano’s Pizza

October 13, 2020 | 50 Lynmar Ave., Campbelltown, PA 17010

3 – 203.12 Shellstock, Maintaining Identification
Shellstock tags are not maintained for 90 days from the date the container is emptied.

3 – 501.19 Time as a Public Health Control
Time in lieu of temperature being used in the food facility to control ready to eat potentially hazardous foods without written procedures or documentation to verify disposition of food.

4 – 101.19 Materials for Surfaces that are Nonfood-Contact Surfaces
Raw wood is used as a shelve liner under panini press.

Redner’s Warehouse MKT #60

October 13, 2020 | 110 Northside Dr., Palmyra, PA 17078

3 – 101.11 Safe, Unadulterated & Honestly Presented
8 containers of liquid formula are offered for sale past their expiration date of 10/10/2020.

Northside Elementary School

October 14, 2020 | 301 E. Spruce St., Palmyra, PA 17078

3 – 305.14 Food Preparation
Ceiling tiles are missing or damaged in ware washing room.

Latin American Supermarket

Found to be out of compliance.

October 14, 2020 | 429 N. 9th St., Lebanon, PA 17046

4 – 601.11(A) Equipment, Food Contact Surfaces, Nonfood Contact Surfaces and Utensils
Foam meat trays in the meat packing area had raw meat residue on the side of the trays. Discarded. The meat grinder in the meat cutting area and a probe thermometer, both food contact surfaces, were observed to have food residue and was not clean to sight and touch. Thermometer was discarded.

6 – 501.111 Controlling Pests
Observed an excessive number of flies in the meat room at the time of the inspection.

3 – 501.17 Ready-to-Eat, Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food, Date Marking
Deli meats, commercially processed ready to eat food, located in the deli, and held more than 48 hours, is not being marked with the date they were opened. Also packages of fresh meat are not dated and there is no system to know how long fresh meat is in the display case.

6 – 301.11 Handwashing Cleanser, Availability
Paper towel dispenser is missing from the handwash sink in the meat department area. A roll of paper towels was placed by the sink during the inspection.

3 – 305.11 Food Storage, Preventing Contamination from the Premises
New white foam food trays were stored directly on the floor in the meat packing room. Corrected.

4 – 602.13 Nonfood-Contact Surfaces
Sliding door handles of the deli case and the area beneath a grill, both non-food contact surfaces, are not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil.

6 – 202.11 Light Bulbs, Protective Shielding
Protective shielding beneath the lights in the meat packing area is cracked and broken.

6 – 303.11 Intensity-Lighting
The light intensity in the meat cutting / meat packing area is not at least 50 foot candles. This item was on the 8/31/20 report.

6 – 501.11 Repairing-Premises, Structures, Attachments & Fixtures-Methods
Old unused equipment stored in meat area and the rear storage areas, should be removed from food facility. A few items from the meat area were removed to be discarded. Water leak by the freezer has damaged the floor. This item was on 6/19/20 report and 8/31/20 report. There is a water leak in the fresh meat case which is being caught in a metal pan.

7 – 208.11 Storage-First Aid Supplies
Personal items such as prescription medicine, lip balm and food items are stored in the meat packing area. Items were discarded.

The Franklin House

October 14, 2020 |101 N. Market St., Schaefferstown, PA 17088

4 – 602.13 Nonfood-Contact Surfaces
Non-food contact surfaces, shelves and equipment handles, not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil.


October 14, 2020 | 2957 Rte. 22, Fredericksburg, PA 17026

4 – 602.13 Nonfood-Contact Surfaces
Non-food contact surfaces along back wall not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil.

4 – 903.11 (A-B)(D) Equipment, Utensils and Linens, Storing
Observed clean food equipment and/or utensils in rear area, stored wet in a manner that does not allow for draining and/or air drying (wet nesting).

Trattoria Fratelli

October 15, 2020 | 502 E. Lehman St., Lebanon, PA 17046

6 – 501.11 Repairing-Premises, Structures, Attachments & Fixtures-Methods
One electrical junction box in the basement is missing the cover.

4 – 203.12 Accuracy of Temperature Measuring Devices for Ambient Air and Water
Thermometer for measuring ambient air temperature in the walk-in cooler was not accurate.

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