Obituaries are published at no charge to local funeral homes. Once a week we share the most recent obituaries in a post like this, but you’ll find the full list of Lebanon County obituaries in the Obituaries section.

Christman’s Funeral Home

Paul C. Weising (1947-2020)

Sandra L. “Sandy” (Billman) Haag (1953-2020)

Barbara E. “Barb” (Ratcliffe) Geary (1941-2020)

Lorraine H. (Hitz) Zuck (1940-2020)

Clauser Funeral Home

Elton R. Keener (1937-2020)

William Z. Fessler (1935-2020)

Emma F. (Glick) Zook (1922-2020)

Grose Funeral Home

Virginia Ann Miller (1948-2020)

Paul Walters, Jr. (1943-2020)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Sandra K. “Sandy” Hinkel (1957-2020)

Gladys M. (Good) Spesak (1925-2020)

Steven L. Bomberger (1956-2020)

Linda L. Farst (1941-2020)

Kreamer & Lum Funeral Home

Wayne Minardi (1947-2020)

Michelle L. Weidman (1977-2020)

John T. Zohner (1939-2020)

Rohland Funeral Home

Brian J. Dardis (1958-2020)

Richard P. Markey, Sr. (1925-2020)


Margaret J. Cardamone (1923-2020)

Barbara (Ambler) Noonan (1956-2020)

Norman A. Blouch (1938-2020)

Thompson Funeral Home

Doris M. “Baka” Chernick (1922-2020)

Harry C. Weise (1943-2020)

Obituaries published in partnership with local funeral homes. If you are interested in having a loved one’s obituary run for free on this website, please ask the funeral director to contact us at


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