Obituaries are published at no charge to local funeral homes. Once a week we share the most recent obituaries in a post like this, but you’ll find the full list of Lebanon County obituaries in the Obituaries section.

Christman’s Funeral Home

Kenneth R. “Junior” Krumbine (1930-2020)

Joan L. (Phillips) Reppert (1940-2020)

Peter J. Rousselle (1969-2020)

Melvin R. “Mel” Noll (1924-2020)

Jerry Lampkin (1957-2020)

C. Marie (Edwards) Frey (1924-2020)

Richard A. “Dutch” Daubert (1944-2020)

Vivian L. (Ditzler) Rich (1954-2020)

Emma Varela-Perez (1938-2020)

Clauser Funeral Home

Edith E. Martzall (1937-2020)

Mary E. Smith (1929-2020)

Grose Funeral Home

Pauline K. Moody (1927-2020)

Dorothy M. Boyer (1923-2020)

Phoebe A. Troutman (1929-2020)

Gheorghe Teglas (1972-2020)

Leon R. Brubaker (1932-2020)

Nellie T. Fitts (1933-2020)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Sharon Lynn Solie (1939-2020)

Gabriele F. Bragg (1961-2020)

Leah L. Reitz (1928-2020)

Frederick Rutter Hofnagle (1931-2020)

Catharine Carmany Barry (1935-2020)

Dale R. Elliott (1950-2020)

Ronald L. Riegel (1939-2020)

Bernard Eugene “Skip” Barr (1938-2020)

Mathias A. III, Jr. (1942-2020)

Earl Adam Wolfe, Sr. (1925-2020)

Dorothy M. Hershour (1931-2020)

M. Caroline Hostetter (1929-2020)

Kreamer & Lum Funeral Home

Laura H. Martin (1931-2020)

Harry L. Patrick (1952-2020)

Martha M. Schneck (1931-2020)

Elizabeth D. Seibert (1924-2020)

Gary Lee Whitman (1961-2020)

Irene H. Hurd (1954-2020)

Ryan Copenhaver (1968-2020)

Frank J. R. Vega (1961-2020)

Jay A. Izenour (1949-2020)

B. John Miller (1955-2020)

Rohland Funeral Home

Dorothy J. Balog (1925-2020)

Linda Paul (1948-2020)


Ronald M. “Mike” Speece (1967-2020)

Huong Helen (Nguyen) Tran (1956-2020)

Esther (Glessner) Harro Shuey (1926-2020)

Donald C. Smith (1935-2020)

Thompson Funeral Home

Irene I. Deitz (1942-2020)

Josephine A. Shambaugh (1945-2020)

Marion L. Kercher (1929-2020)

Arlene E. Kowal (1926-2020)

Janet T. Reing (1947-2020)

Joanne L. Kope (1950-2020)

Alfred A. Brandt (1944-2020)

Karl R. French, Jr. (1948-2020)

Susanne Marie Matula (1933-2020)

Joseph A. Mohl (1933-2020)

Stephen Michael Spangler (1956-2020)

Ana Delia Hernandez (1950-2020)

Linda L. Lauer (1951-2020)

Dallas D. Dowhower, III (1962-2020)

Eugenio Gonzalez (1932-2020)

Karlyn S. DeAngelo (1994-2020)

Wassil Snitzer (1931-2020)

David J. Groff (1930-2020)

Anna M. Carpenter (1927-2020)

Maria Quezada (1953-2020)

Obituaries published in partnership with local funeral homes. If you are interested in having a loved one’s obituary run for free on this website, please ask the funeral director to contact us at


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