Obituaries are published at no charge to local funeral homes. Once a week we share the most recent obituaries in a post like this, but you’ll find the full list of Lebanon County obituaries in the Obituaries section.

Christman’s Funeral Home

Justin L. Uhler (1979-2021)

Darla M. Raub (1977-2021)

Howard C. “Lightning” Chaney (1931-2020)

Luther S. “Lou” Emerich (1949-2021)

Grose Funeral Home

Victoria Ann Griffe (1952-2021)

Terry L. Troutman (1951-2021)

James H. Frederick (1936-2021)

Helen A. Louser (1919-2021)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Marion P. Donnachie (1928-2021)

Marilyn E. Mease (1931-2020)

Loretta B. Miller (1935-2021)

Charles L. Behrens, Sr. (1943-2021)

Nancy L. Sanger (1932-2021)

Gary L. McClain (1957-2021)

Jeanne N. Dabich (1922-2021)

Jean Evelyn Pistone (1931-2021)

Richard J. Boyer (1927-2021)

Sally Ann Carl (1962-2021)

Randall L. “Randy” Rothermel (1950-2021)

Kreamer & Lum Funeral Home

Marie J. Batz (1937-2021)

Ethel Mae Koch (1924-2020)

Edward C. Miller (1953-2021)

Jean V. Boltz (1931-2021)

Karen E. Robinson (1939-2021)

Gertrude M. “Trudy” Trautman (1927-2021)

Earl R. Cessna (1947-2021)

Peter M. Heisey (1945-2021)

Richelle J. Kushmanick (1947-2021)

Donald W. “Don” Blyler, Jr. (1944-2021)

Rohland Funeral Home

Arlean G. Watson (1923-2020)

Lynn D. Smith (1952-2020)

Andy D. Folsom (1989-2020)


David M. Richards (1934-2021)

James H. Graeff (1938-2021)

Gary Lee Kinsey (1952-2021)

Thompson Funeral Home

Carol L. Shutter (1941-2021)

Carol S. Greish (1963-2021)

Lyle N. Willman (1941-2020)

Joan S. Briody (1931-2020)

Bonnie A. Dalessio (1957-2021)

Funeral Home

Amelia R. Galbraith (1925-2021)

Linda J. Gladfelter (1947-2021)

Obituaries published in partnership with local funeral homes. If you are interested in having a loved one’s obituary run for free on this website, please ask the funeral director to contact us at


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