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Mr. Meuser must be feeling the heat over his inane defense of his attack on the voters of Pennsylvania when he voted to void our votes this past November. He is now trying to hide behind the constitution and legal precedent. He goes on at length about how it is the purview of state legislatures to determine how their states shall conduct elections. I don’t recall anyone challenging that constitutionally mandated rule. Everyone accepts that. Going on at length about that is simply an attempt to deflect.

What happened was a pandemic that made it difficult for many to vote. Indeed, voting in person was not an option for many. Voting by mail was instituted to alleviate this problem. Then came the sabotaging of the Postal Service that threatened the viability of voting by mail. Faced with these challenges, voting officials made adjustments so that voters could cast their votes and have their voices be heard.

Mr. Meuser begins his letter by saying that voting is “. . . that most basic right as citizens . . . .” One would think he would go on to commend election officials for making the adjustments that made it possible for as many voters as possible to exercise their right to cast a vote. But, no, he goes on about “. . . that no matter the magnitude of the crisis the law must be followed” and “the will of state legislatures” and “the authority of state legislatures . . . is absolute.” Not a word about our “most basic right.”

He states that pending court cases are not an attempt to overturn the election. Well, of course not, because that’s not going to happen. But what was his vote to ask the Electoral College to throw out the votes of Pennsylvanians if not an attempt to overturn the election? As stated, he’s trying to deflect our attention from this latter fact with legalistic diversions. Won’t work, Mr. Meuser. You are a seditionist and should resign.

Thomas Fields
South Londonderry Twp.

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This article was unintentionally filed under Congressman Dan Meuser’s name for a period of time. However the letter was always correctly signed as being from Thomas Fields of South Londonderry Township. LebTown sincerely regrets the error.


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