Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

120 South Spruce Street Lot 11
Mary B. Willman Estate, Kathleen M. Minnich to Aman Soin for $170,000.

36 North Railroad Street
Douglas A., Cheri J., and Jennifer M. Wright to Duong Properties for $178,000.

SS East Queen Street Lot 12
Mary B. Willman Estate, Kathleen M. Minnich to Aman Soin for $20,000.

Bethel Township

124 Elk Drive
Spring Valley Holdings to Rama Investment Properties for $142,000.

137 North Center Street
Wilmer J. Weaver to Juan F. and Berta Lobos for $72,000.

2549 South Pine Grove Street
Wilmer J. Weaver to Heidi Courneya for $240,000.

320 Long Road
Raymond M. and Thelma I. Martin to Mark L. and Holly R. Putt for $120,000.

City of Lebanon

1023 Lehman Street
Harry G. and Shirley A. Bowman to Glacier Investments for $65,000.

1030 East Mifflin Street
Todd A. and Victoria L. Rodkey to Jorge L. R. Marquez for $134,000.

1129 Mifflin Street
Harry G. and Shirley A. Bowman to Amos L. Lapp for $57,000.

1129 Mifflin Street Corrective Deed
Amos L. Lapp to Amos L. Zook for $1.

114 South 9th Street
Premier Home Solutions to Lion Secure Holdings for $99,900.

12 Canal Street
Starr War Properties LLC, StarrWar Properties LLC to Pedro B. Martinez for $150,000.

1217 Brandywine Street
Jose L. and Iris E. Lopez to Irvin A. and Janet M. Carrero for $1.

205 North 12th Street
Bienvenida Serrano to Kyle M. Martzall for $100,000.

257 South Partridge Street
Reputable Streamline Properties to Scott A. Moyer for $29,000.

28 Mifflin Street
Hilary M. Gilmore, Ryan W. C. Buchanan to Sheila M. G. Delgado for $113,000.

302 South 1st Street Lot 383
Michelle L. and Bret M. Winey to Jason M. and Angela J. Armold for $190,000.

305 New Street
Richard D. and Paula Harner Jr. to Richard D. and Paula Harner Jr., Travis J. and Justin M. Shaud for $1.

313 East Cumberland Street
Harshad Patel to Leventry Real Estate, Jal Investments for $46,000.

317 North 9th Avenue
Brian S. Martin to Jonathan D. and Judy A. Fake for $42,000.

319 Park Avenue
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Johanna Bueno for $127,000.

32 South 1st Avenue Lot 35
Oliver Q. Woelfling to Marielys Malave for $165,000.

321 Walnut Street Etc.
Marion L. and Thomas C. Blouch to 1360 Realty.Com, 1360 Realty Com for $43,000.

347 North 5th Street
Sylvia J. Betz to EH Company LLC for $50,000.

352 South 6th Street
Thomas S. and Joan M. Keefer to Bradley D. and Andrea M. Bowman for $110,000.

364 North 1st Street
Dab Associates to Daniel Maldonado for $87,000.

379, 380, and 381 North 8th Street
Krystyna Sarno to Starr War Properties LLC, StarrWar Properties LLC for $115,000.

414 East Pine Street
Eugene R. Lesher to Adele Tavella for $145,000.

444 North 11th Street
Isaac D. J. Gomez to Ana Y. D. D. Pena for $86,000.

454 East Weidman Street
Central Penn Group Limited to Stonehedge Holdings for $44,500.

49 Walton Street
David G. and Lesley A. Vail to Panda Real Estate for $41,300.

51 Walton Street
David G. and Lesley A. Vail to Panda Real Estate for $40,000.

518 Willow Street
Wells Fargo Bank, PHH Mortgage Corporation to Mark and Deborah Hurst for $39,500.

545 Canal Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Timothy J. and Rachel B. Turley for $165,000.

622 North Second Street
Sherri E. Killinger to Adam R. and Megan E. Burkhart for $42,500.

623 Maple Street
Shannon and Heather Nolt to Timber & Tyme Investments for $140,500.

625 South 15th Street
Allan D. Feldman to Peter S. Rummel for $200,000.

642 and 702 Quentin Road Etc.
Frederick Real Estate Inc. to AJLP for $900,000.

Cleona Borough

27 West Maple Street
Tyson W. Moyer to Robert M. and Sharon M. Lingle for $110,350.

412 East Maple Street
Arthur Lehman to Dylan M. Aponte, Myranda R. Marshall for $169,900.

7 West Penn Avenue
Louis A. Diangelis to Adam C. Grube for $190,000.

Cornwall Borough

1110 Alden Way Unit 96
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to David D. and Jane L. Holland for $262,211.

126 North Cornwall Road
Herbert S. and Miriam C. Nachbar to Lane W. Housner for $1.

613 Aspen Lane Lot 121
Donna L. Lefever Estate, Annie L. Wolgemuth to Robert M. and Rosina Billas for $325,000.

East Hanover Township

29 Race Horse Drive Lot 2
Linda Toth to Joseph J. and Denise R. Centini for $185,000.

44 Lincoln School Road
Marion Huffman to Warren P. Daugherty for $18,500.

50 Lincoln School Road
Theadore R. and Betty J. Huffman to Warren P. Daugherty for $112,000.

Heidelberg Township

138 Valley Road Lot 2
Keith R. and Leslie A. Weary to Jared M. and Britany L. Miller for $205,000.

2 Juliada Drive Lots 32 and 33
St. Mary and St. George Property Management to Desiree R. Martin for $282,000.

319 South Lancaster Avenue Lot 6
Kashif and Lisa E. Hussain, Timothy T. Engler to Thomas M. and Pamela S. Furlow for $286,000.

ES Michters Road
Ray K. Horst to Ray K. and Andrew J. Horst for $1.

Jackson Township

1009 Tulpehocken Road
Randal V. Kline to Justin M. Brubaker for $250,000.

319 Yeagley Road Quit Claim Deed
Anatoly and Anya Kudlanov to Anatoly Kudlanov for $1.

337 Yeagley Road Lot 2
Lynn R. and Sheri L. Fisher to Lynn R. and Sheri L. Fisher for $1.

39 Golf Road
Patricia S. A. W. and Frederick L. Shaak Sr., Jocelyn C., John H., and Ellen M. Whitmoyer to Ephraim L. and Annie L. Stoltzfus for $2,000,000.

444 Stracks Dam Road
Dale R. and Stacey L. Wolfe to Tracy Root for $180,000.

526 West Main Avenue
Herbert L. Brightbill, Judy F. Phillips to Henry L. and Susan M. Eberly for $150,000.

WS Kutztown Road Lot 4
Emanuel S. and Katie S. Kauffman to Aaron L. Fisher for $225,000.

Jonestown Borough

119 West Market Street
Frank H. and Deborah D. Kern to MRS KA for $295,000.

207 Rose Lane Lot 37
Samuel H. and Jan. L. Irwin to Samuel H. and Jan L. Irwin for $1.

Millcreek Township

9 Evergreen Way Lot 323
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Ruby S. and Rosendo Maldonado for $272,610.

NS Rod and Gun Road
Scott L. Bohler to Stanley R. and Nancy M. May for $79,900.

Mt. Gretna Borough

110 Brown Avenue Lots 227, 228, and 229
Larry F. Roush Estate, Stinson Stroup to Ernest C. and Mary E. Kiehne for $180,000.

407 Yale Avenue Lots 136, 135
George W. and Terri C. Zeigler to George W. Zeigler Living Trust, Terri C. Zeigler Living Trust, George W. and Terri C. Zeigler for $1.

Myerstown Borough

149 West Main Avenue
Adam B. and Kathy M. Heisey Jr. to Reputable Streamline Properties for $106,000.

304 South Railroad Street
Jared M. Miller to Erica L. Groves for $143,000.

305 East Main Avenue
Jane F. Bashore Estate, Deborah Davies, Laura Abbondi to Cobie J. Arnold for $190,000.

306 East Carpenter Avenue
Brock R. and Nicolle L. Gerhart to Nicholle L. Gerhart for $1.

416 South Railroad Street
Douglas N. and Gregg J. Bahney to Jordan L. Fancovic, Dustin A. Troutman for $160,000.

North Cornwall Township

208 White Oak Circle Lot 70
Joseph P. Bering to Cathy Solis for $329,000.

602 South 16th Street
Jennifer K. and Harth Moyer to Terri A. Harker for $405,000.

742 Farmwood Lane Unit 86
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Alabade Investments LLC for $176,060.

744 Farmwood Lane Unit 85
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Alabade Investments LLC for $176,060.

746 Farmwood Lane Unit 84
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Alabade Investments LLC for $176,060.

748 Farmwood Lane Unit 83
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Scott L. Zahar for $198,155.

North Lebanon Township

(UPI #27-2331568-380419-0000) Lot 114
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Gerald S. Musser Builder to Valmy A. S. Fuentes, Mayra E. N. Leandry for $286,823.

1143 Garden Avenue
John H. and Claire L. Steinrock to Jarrod D. and Valerie A. Schools for $272,500.

1444 North 7th Street
Blake M. Pyle, Courtney E. Ebling to Riehls Assets LLC for $159,000.

1511 Rolling Meadow Road Lot 115
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Gerald S. Musser Builder to Nathan W. and Courtney J. Long for $58,900.

1625 Helmandale Road
I. Hershey and Mary A. Bare to Heilmandale Road Owner for $19,500,000.

1634 North Eighth Avenue Lot 9 and Lot C
Donald L. Graves, Kamie M. Downen to CJD Group for $170,000.

5 East Brookfield Drive Lot 3
Wilma M. Rucco Estate, Toni T. Miller to Jeffrey D. and Jenny Martin for $169,000.

800 Maple Lane
Hunter G. Mellott to Hunter G. Mellott, Brittany Y. Gladfelter for $1.

828 Cedar Crest Drive Lot 59
Gensler & Associates to Kristen M. Speece for $239,000.

838 Prescott Drive Lot 1
PA Deals, Marie Buys Houses to Damien Cordero, Marissa L. Reed for $207,000.

877 Miller Street Quitclaim Deed
Edwin F. and Whitewolf Thorn to Edwin F. Thorn for $1.

North Londonderry Township

1100 South Green Street Lot 119 Section C
Richard J. Miller Estate, Angela M. Miller to DNB Investments for $183,000.

1114 East Maple Street Lot 106
Mary K. Winters Estate, Geri R. Bower, Grace A. Warner to James and Krista Kovalchick for $210,000.

1127 West Main Street
Stephen P. and Kimberly A. Zappasodi to Thecozyabode Company, Cozy Abode Company, Cozyabode Company for $207,000.

142 Lexington Drive Lot 62
Joseph B. and Kelly A. Arnold to Patricia A. and Patrick J. Flannery for $381,500.

142 Wheatstone Drive Confirmatory Deed
Graham A. and Lauren R. Zug to Graham A. and Lauren R. Zug for $1.

ES South Lingle Avenue
Wheatstone Homeowners Association to Graham A. and Lauren R. Zug for $10.

Palmyra Borough

215 West Cherry Street
Ashley Sullivan, Dalton Adams to Daniel S. Stoltzfus for $205,000.

222 East Cherry Street
Douglas A., Cheri J., and Jennifer M. Wright to Matthew D. and Cassandra L. Rodenbaugh for $167,000.

432 East Cherry Street
Patricia A. and Terry L. Cave to Heather M. Blauch, Joseph Eckenroth for $240,000.

834 East Cherry Street
William and Debra Bering Sr. to Mary A. Pfendler, Rachel R. Kishbaugh for $278,000.

89 West Pine Street
Charlene E. Martin to Ast Koppenhaver Family Trust, Lisanne E. Koppenhaver, Karin Ast for $250,000.

911 West Cherry Street Lot 2
Raymond and Kristen Granger to Kory Graff for $129,000.

987 East Maple Street Lot 65B
Alanna and Zakary Casey to Jim Properties for $144,900.

Richland Borough

119 East Main Street
ADHK LLC to Damian L. Williams for $163,000.

South Annville Township

(UPI #29-2312938-361085-0000) Lot 135
Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC, Gardel to James Sullivan, Jeanine Grady for $379,000.

(UPI #29-2312954-361845-0000)
Gardel to Meadows at Bachman Run Homeowners Association for $1.

(UPI #29-2313771-362323-0000) Lot 34
Gardel, Garman Builders at Bachman Run to John Nestro Jr., Roberta A. Gerhart for $437,665.

1452 South White Oak Street Lot 7
Barbara H. Zuck Estate, Barbara R. Zuck Estate, J. Norman Zuck to Corine E. Koser for $170,000.

1643 Horseshoe Pike
Ronald L. Barto to David and Mary L. Sollenberger for $170,000.

428 Fieldstone Drive Lot 19
Kevin R. and Colleen E. Kline to Neil and Dixie Burke for $365,000.

627 Old Mt. Gretna Road Lot 2
Donald L. and Debra A. Bowman to Donald L. and Debra A. Bowman for $1.

785 Bachman Road
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Wilson D. Strickler for $173,600.

885 Spruce Street Lots 23 and 24
Matthew and Krystal Rullo to South Annville Holdings for $300,000.

956 Royal Road
Karen R. Parker to Olivia and Brenda Owens for $185,000.

South Lebanon Township

(UPI #30-2342416-360416-0000)
Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to William E. Forster III, Kelly L. Scherer for $394,426.

(UPI #30-2342439-360001-0000)
Reading Road Corporation to Thomas and Kristin Sawyer Jr. for $435,493.

2010 Allegheny Avenue Lots 10 and 11 in Block H
FHG 92 to Charles A. Shutter Jr. for $155,000.

2013 Leslie Avenue Lots 21, 22, 23, and 24
Gerald A. and Danielle ODonnell to Judy L. Fansler for $135,000.

34 Jay Ann Drive Lot 66
Mary A. K. Fox to Lynnette M. Fox for $1.

427 Homestead Drive
Frank L. and Jessica M. Isenberg III to Jessica M. Isenberg for $1.

451 Olde Meadow Lane Lot 132
Sharon K. Yancey to Skyanne K. Yancey for $1.

47 Sunrise Drive Lot 84
Doris D. Barber to Terrence L. and Lorene K. R. Woodnorth for $322,000.

609 Richfield Road Lot 22
Ernest J. and Beverly A. Payne Jr. to Dale J. and Iryna V. Garner for $235,000.

South Londonderry Township

115 Stanley Drive Lot 300
AJ Home Solutions to John D. Light for $265,000.

116 Eckert Road
Paul E. and Carol A. Ceresini to Mario Ceresini for $1.

145 Lawn Road Lot A
Steven K. and William C. Hoffer to Aqua Properties LLC for $1.

5596 Elizabethtown Road
Lawn Fire Co. to Lawn Fire Co. for $1.

8 Manor Circle Lot 48 Block C
Justin J. and Cheri A. Brisson to Christina S. and William G. Mann for $359,500.

9 Chickadee Circle Lot 2
Kevin P. and Carie D. A. Burke to Korina S. and Mitchell Machtay for $505,000.

Swatara Township

250 Monroe Valley Drive Etc. Lots 35, 36, and 37
Louis and Michelle E. Shindel to Andrew M. and Michelle M. Stokrp for $300,000.

320 Long Road Unit 34 Deed of Dedication
Woodcrest Developers to Northern Lebanon County Authority for $0.

Union Township

425 Awol Road Etc.
Warren P. Daugherty to Warren P. Daugherty for $1.

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