Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

313 East Main Street
Huggins J. Allie to Huggins J. and Tawanna M. Allie for $1.

764 East Maple Street Lots 42, 43, and 44
Nancy L. and Michael P. Mariani to Justin N. ODell, Leah C. Hollowell for $185,000.

Bethel Township

132 East Main Street
Hannah Boyanowski, Jordan S. Andino to Jordan S. and Hannah Andino for $1.

1348 Greble Road
Robert L. and Tiffany J. Kupp Jr. to Robert L. Kupp Jr. for $1.

269 South Center Street
Gary A. Shirk to Peter and Christine G. Klassen for $100,000.

City of Lebanon

1131 Walnut Street
Robert A. Nunez to Reputable Streamline Properties for $32,500.

129 South 2nd Street
Rick L. and Monica L. Clay, RMRR Properties to Alexandra A. Stehman, Mary E. Bateman for $120,000.

1317 Lehman Street
Edgardo M. Millan, Odalys M. Crespo to Odalys M. Crespo for $1.

1553 Elm Street
James R. and Wendi J. Donmoyer Jr. to Gabrielle E. Donmoyer for $110,000.

1597 Berry Drive Lot 20
Judith A. Dourte, Jared M. Daubert to Shirley A. Hoffa for $190,000.

21 North Sixth Street
Benito J. and Maria M. Seguinot to Janet D. Heiser for $72,000.

214 Chestnut Street
Patricia O. Cassel to William R. Hartlieb Jr. for $113,300.

225 East Cumberland Street
Linda A. Fox to CY Properties for $55,000.

264 South 6th Street
Pauline Modica to Lady Whistle Town for $1.

311 South 11th Street Lot 18
Steven S. and Erin E. Bates to John V. Deraco for $145,000.

312 Taylor Street Lots 16, 17, and Part of Lot 18
Harry A. Weaver Estate, Kayce J. Doris to Harry Weaver III for $110,000.

333 North 11th Street
MPL Homebuyers LLC to Nabil Ayar for $110,000.

36 North 12th Street
Andrew D. Wingle, Scott M. Patrick to for $0.

411 North 10th Street
Gazelle Investments Inc. to Richard R. Gan for $4,522.

416 North 4th Street
MPL Homebuyers LLC to Ashley L. Shyda, David L. Centini Jr. for $95,000.

434 North Seventh Street
Jeffrey A. and Tammy M. Marks to Edwin A. Oquendo, Sarai S. Maymi for $89,900.

436 East Lehman Street Lot 269 and 270
Harry W. and Michelle Ward to ARY 786 LLC for $285,000.

439 Chestnut Street
Chestnut Street Partners to StarrWar Properties, Starr War Properties for $75,000.

600, 602, 604 North 10th Street and 931 Guilford Street
Preston C. and Danielle M. Gingrich to Eric J. Patches for $106,000.

938 Chestnut Street
Wilmer and Elaine Martin to Premier Home Solutions for $80,000.

Cleona Borough

102 East Penn Avenue Lots 44 and 45
Edward R., Mary M., and Desiree Morasco to Tony J. and Jennifer R. Troiano for $270,000.

103 West Chestnut Street
Kathryn P. Sattazahn Estate, James R. Sattazahn to Edward A. Toyer, Kristine Koontz for $194,000.

210 West Walnut Street
Debra M. Connelly to Paxson Hayes for $135,000.

7 West Penn Avenue Etc. Corrective Deed
Louis A. Diangelis to Adam C. Grube for $1.

Cornwall Borough

1032 Bell Tower Drive Unit 454
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Kevin A. Rupp, Kimberly J. Watson for $280,874.

1228 Ash Lane
Jeanette L. and Alan McTegart to Alan McTegart for $1.

1305 Douglas Fir Cove Lot 346
Joseph D. and Patricia V. Harris to Paul L. and C. Maria Dicroce for $431,000.

539 Hemlock Lane Lot 23
Jeffrey S. and Kimberly K. Smith, Brandon Arnold to Patricia Richardson for $311,000.

East Hanover Township

16 Lions Lane
Justin M. and Danielle Stehr to Justin M. and Danielle Stehr for $1.

664 West Main Street Etc.
Ray M. and Ruth A. Funck to Ruth A. Funck for $1.

WS Crooked Road
James J. Cikovic to Kevin and Shen Kreiser for $325,000.

Heidelberg Township

124 Woodcock Drive
Bradley and Susan Roberts to Thomas J. and Denise A. Livingston for $5,000.

124 Woodcock Drive Lot 3
Bradley and Susan Roberts to Bradley and Susan Roberts for $1.

150 Sinclair Road
Doris E. Binkley to Rodney S. and Jerrita L. Burkholder for $275,000.

Jackson Township

120 Country Lane Lot 24
Jeffrey J. and Jennifer L. Rosengrant to Kyle D. Rosengrant for $380,000.

16 Scenic Drive Lot 275 Block B
Stanley J. Lienti Estate, Robert S. Lienti to William R. and Rosanne M. ODonnell for $175,000.

18 Beverly Drive Lot 60
Michael L. Anderson to Donald R. and Julia M. Musser for $172,500.

31 Wheatland Drive Lot 21
Wayne E. Darkes Jr. to Benjamin K. Pantzer for $250,000.

34 Arbor Drive Lot 208 Block C
Donald A. and Mary J. McKeon Sr. to Brian D. and Kathryn L. Klinger for $215,000.

4 Arbor Drive
Sylvia L. Hoffman to Sylvia L. and Eugene R. Hoffman Jr. for $1.

4 Trego Drive Lot 35
Larry E. and Wanda M. Rabold to Derek M. and Trisha K. Rabold for $1.

41 Arbor Drive Lot 21 Block B
Doris K. Towers, Marybeth Jensen to Phillip G. Hays for $185,000.

422 Golf Road Lot 45
Clyde Z. Martin to Clyde Z. and Rosene J. Martin for $1.

64 Eisenhauer Road Lot 5
Clifford J. and Rocinda K. Nolt to Kyler Martin for $206,000.

71 Gable Drive Lot 29
Christina E. and Eric L. Andrews to Hilltop Investment Properties for $175,000.

75 East Rosebud Road
Marjorie A. Wright, Elisabeth A. Ross to Derek R. Martin for $95,000.

Jonestown Borough

117 South Lancaster Street
Lloyd R. and Ann L. Ritchie to Ritchie Family Revocable Living Trust, Lloyd R. and Ann L. Ritchie for $1.

25 North King Street
Twila I. Gerberich Estate, Joyce I. Winters to Kristi Weierbach for $85,000.

36 South Walnut Street
Jeffrey Schott to Jose A. R. Garcia for $130,000.

Millcreek Township

10 Garden Drive Lot 247
Natalya Queen to Shelby P. Umbenhauer, Kyle Becker for $267,000.

101 East Main Street
Solomon Street to Patrick and Carolyn Yordy for $130,000.

145 Richland Road Lots 16 and 17
Leon H. Horning Revocable Living Trust, Edna L. Horning Revocable Living Trust, Leon H. and Edna L. Horning to Nathan R. Rutt for $275,000.

18 Treeline Drive Lot 125
Yevgeniy V. and Marina Shcherbakov to Jesus T. Hernandez for $310,000.

2 Sites Street
Gerald G. and Barbara L. Zerr to Jason and Michele L. Angstadt for $30,000.

310, 311, and 312 West Park Street
Dale Weyandt to Jason J. and Mandy S. Ulrich for $65,000.

320 West Main Street Corrective Deed
Stephanie B. Sheidy to Stephanie B. Sheidy, Stacy L. Sloat for $1.

713 State Route 419
Andrea P. Ayala to Daniel J. Fillman for $130,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

210 Brown Avenue Lots 260, 261, and 262
Ronald D. and Rosa J. Serota to Brian R. Zeigler for $275,000.

Myerstown Borough

355 West Carpenter Avenue
Jacob J. and Hannah M. Walmer to Kyle D. Wenger for $100,000.

North Annville Township

1732 Thompson Avenue
Northwest Bank to Central PA Express LLC for $85,000.

805 North State Route 934
Ella M. Klepper to Jessica K. Merante for $176,900.

WS Thompson Avenue
James M. and Clyde B. Meyer to Clyde B., Carolyn L., Michael D., and Rodney S. Meyer for $1.

North Cornwall Township

125 South Mill Street
Brian K. Eisenhour to Annalisa G. Artale, Nicholas A. Manuel for $239,900.

1501 Quentin Road
1501 Quentin Road to 1501 and 1501A Quentin Road for $2,978,431.

201 South Mill Street
Dash Management Group to Robert E. and Carole A. Bean Sr. for $244,900.

2100 and 2102 Walnut Street
Gary T. and Lucinda A. Matthew to Donald L. and Sandra A. Podjed for $90,000.

234 South 22nd Street
Mildred M. Whitman Estate, Warren E. and Dale G. Whitman Jr. to Warren E. Whitman Jr. for $1.

2370 West Oak Street Lot 8
Michael K. and Cyja Kelly to Skye C. Allsop, Victoria A. Long for $947,500.

244 Weymouth Drive Lot 50
Nicholas Lewis, Theresa Simaska to Nicholas Lewis, Theresa Simaska for $0.

273 South 23rd Street Lot 8
Leon J. Skillman Estate, Amy J. Skillman to Amy J. Skillman for $1.

7 Greystone Crossing Lot 116
Jeremy D. Pochatko to Lucas B. and Limi R. Ndaro, Elisha P. Kitula for $325,000.

738 Farmwood Lane Unit 88
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Lori Shanko, Susan Carlson for $198,710.

740 Farmwood Lane Unit 87
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Jennifer Valencia, Giovanni R. Rodriguez for $176,060.

North Lebanon Township

10 Primrose Lane
Jerry W. and Sharon F. Shaak to Steven and Susan Alger for $315,000.

1001 Cider Lane Lot 1
Dawn E. Rueppel to Shane J. and Melissa K. Garland for $334,900.

1120 Baldwin Street
Melissa M. Sellers to Josie G. Martinez for $155,000.

1518 Rolling Meadow Road Lot 124
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Gerald S. Musser Builder to Joseph A. and Lauren A. Crowe for $306,331.

1525 Sholly Avenue
Agnes Finkle to Melissa A. Swyers for $1.

2408 Long Lane Lot 3
Dawn M. Heffner Estate, Dale P. and Jason M. Heffner to Dale R. and Betty J. M. Derr for $184,900.

827 Garden Avenue Lot 8
Eleanor E. Myers Estate, Lee A. Hanner, Susan A. Schwartz, Jane A. Kohr to Marco Benitez for $171,000.

884 Richard Drive Lot 15
Alexander N. Ginnetto Jr. Estate, Gary Hoke to Castle Stone for $136,500.

903 Lantern Drive Lot 2
Michael T. and Trudy M. Gates to Donald A. and Mary Jo McKeon Sr. for $220,000.

932 Maple Lane Fiduciary Deed
Arthur M. Keller Jr. Estate, Kristin M. McLerran to Nolmin Enterprises LLC for $230,000.

NS Hill Church Road Lot 7
Larry P. and Kathleen M. Minnich to Hunter Creek Partners for $53,900.

North Londonderry Township

70 Millstone Drive Lot 260
Tyler L. and Jenna K. Douglas to Tyler L. and Jenna K. Douglas for $1.

703 Cambridge Court Plot 36
Jeffrey S. Hoch to Roxanne Hoch for $150,000.

722 Cambridge Court Plot 55
Jeremy B. and Emily Miller to Christi M. and Brian K. Patrick for $164,800.

Palmyra Borough

119 West Main Street
Gregory J. Kaiser Sr. to House Cash for $120,000.

208 West Walnut Street
Millard S. and Barbara A. Stephens to Bruce R. and Penny L. Hummel for $225,000.

243 West Walnut Street Lots 290, 291, and Part of Lots 289 and 292
Crystal A. Fausnacht to Crystal A. Fausnacht for $1.

32 Sandalwood Drive Lot 12
Elizabeth M. McCall to Alan E. and Connie M. Fake for $210,000.

410 West Main Street
Sandra K. and Alexander E. Valencia Jr. to Andrew D. Bell, Tamara S. Gillette for $168,500.

430 West Maple Street Lots 128 and 129
Brian K. and Christi M. Patrick to Jesse and Taylor Patrick for $155,000.

439 North Chestnut Street
WIlliam G. Mead, Dorothy Greeninger to Dorothy Greeninger for $1.

984 East Maple Street
Richard K. Maxwell Estate, Scott Little to Jasmine A. Araiza for $135,000.

Richland Borough

105 East Main Street
Dolores J. Peters to Lori A. Peters for $1.

South Annville Township

(UPI #29-2312268-363072-0000) Unit 12 Building 22
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Nicole Sauder for $229,234.

(UPI #29-2313857-361618-0000) Lot 74
Gardel, Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC to David and Michele Szkolnicki for $428,890.

(UPI #29-2313940-361281-0000) Corrective Deed
Youthearith Sokhan, Laklita Sor to Gardell, Pine Hill at Lebanon for $1.

(UPI #29-2314137-361669-0000) Lot 65
Gardel, Garman Builders at Bachman Run to Kendall and Christopher C. Gardepe for $395,109.

22 Finch Drive Lot 92
Naba and Yashoda Mainali to Stephen G. Sharp for $375,000.

39 Blue Jay Way Lot 46
Benjamin and Christy Mootz to Michael D. and Marcella A. Long for $389,900.

679 Fieldstone Drive Lot 91
Eric and Sarah Jorzik to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC for $385,000.

679 Fieldstone Drive Lot 91
Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Binita and Sangita Tamang for $385,000.

South Lebanon Township

(UPI #30-2341311-360943-0000)
Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC, Reading Road Corporation to James L. and Karen M. Geib for $493,017.

112 Linda Way Lot 20
Narrows Glen Inc. to Alexander and Darlene K. Toscano for $485,816.

120 Homestead Drive Lot 14
John H. and Cheryl L. Schaeffer to Luke A. and Marsha A. Marchant for $395,000.

138 Wheatstone Lane Lot 100 Quit Claim Deed
Sarah E. Salvo to Sarah E. and Thomas V. Salvo IV for $1.

148 Wheatstone Lane Lot 98
Tony J. and Jennifer R. Troiano to Brittany Jefferson for $187,000.

1710 South 5th Avenue Lot 1
Diane L. Vogel to Mary E. Collins, Sharon R. Kodosky for $259,900.

2024 State Drive
Mildred M. Whitman Estate, Warren E. and Dale G. Whitman Jr. to Eric D. Whitman for $1.

2321, 2325, and 2331 South Lincoln Avenue
Mildred M. Whitman Estate, Warren E. and Dale G. Whitman Jr. to Dale G. and Christine Y. Whitman for $1.

544, 528, and 550 East Cumberland Street
Casim Inc. George E. Christianson to Coldtree Real Estate for $369,000.

9 Rutherford Circle
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Thomas R. and Christina M. Deose for $407,773.

South Londonderry Township

(UPI #31-2295911-347520-0000) Unit 228
Henry S. Weber Jr. Estate, John C. Weber, James N. Clymer, Fred C. Raffensperger Jr., Springbrook Farms Inc., Pusey & Raffensperger Builders Inc. to Steven L. and Laurie J. Wolfe for $60,550.

141 Schoolhouse Road Lot 3
Thomas S. and Julie L. Ditmer to Thomas S. Ditmer for $1.

2764 Horseshoe Pike
Healing Tree International Inc. to 2MK Holdings for $720,000.

46 Palmyra Road Lot 1
Palmyra Road Property LLC to Philip D. and Marissa R. Miller for $226,000.

550 Royal Road Lot 30
Joseph J. and Susan Kishel to Kinzi L. Blair for $450,000.

SS Lawn Road Lot 2
John D. R. Christman, Anthony J. Balshy to Christine M. Pierce for $200,000.

Swatara Township

(UPI #32-2325110-398670-0000) Lot 17
Huntilar Corporation to Jose A. R. Frias, Grace M. Matias for $262,371.

123 Lighthouse Drive Lot 61
John C. and Caroline L. Jernigan Sr. to Shauna Hoyer, Richie Hernandez for $164,000.

200 East Hazel Street Lot 28
Scott M. Patrick to Lori A. Poorman for $201,000.

5 East Behney Street Lot 5
Timothy L. and Donna M. Boltz to Boltz Family Revocable Living Trust, Timothy L. and Donna M. Boltz for $1.

516 Darlington Avenue Lot 10
Huntilar Corporation to Gary E. Sutton for $192,578.

8 Spruce Lane
Patricia Binner to Charles P. and Tara L. Kern III for $1.

West Cornwall Township

1 East Park Avenue
John R. and Alice Cooper to James R. Cooper for $1.

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