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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

111 Woodside Court Lot 11
Robert M. and Sharon M. Lingle to Haylea Marie Kuhn for $182,500.

124 Woodside Court Lot 24
Aleksandr V. Frolov to Ian P. Byrne for $180,000.

532 East Maple Street
Patricia I. Brandt to Patricia I. and Martin L. Brandt for $1.

34 North King Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Lloyd Associates LLC for $160,000.

10 West Summit Street
Rose M. Beidler to Glenn G. Beidler Jr. for $1.

113 South King Street
Edward Z. and Hannah R. Hoover Jr. to Justin W. and Selena J. Adams for $187,300.

Bethel Township

47 Creek Drive Lot 52
Frank J. Osborne Estate, Louise V. Dalesandro to Louise V. Dalesandro for $1.

130 Short Road Lot 4
Loretta J. Rohrer, Robin Kleinfelter to Lavon R. and James D. Mast for $300,000.

120 Spruce Street Lot 147
Ray R. and Susan W. Stichler to Scott J. and Kathleen S. Sheroky for $60,000.

City of Lebanon

447 N 12th Street
Mikhail M and Yelena Pidgorodetskiy to Masters Hand Limited Liability Company for $1.

1107 Baldwin Street Lots 176 and 175
Keith A. and Amber S. Wolfe to Dale E. and Mary A. Gruber for $68,000.

122 North 9th Street
Ruben H. Rivera to Samuel R. and Benjamin S. Moyer for $125,000.

116 North 9th Street
Management and Associates to Samuel R. and Benjamin S. Moyer for $225,000.

504-506 North Seventh Street
R. Michael and Elizabeth A. Clews to J. Brian Krall for $73,000.

1003 Cathedral Street Lots 126, 127, 128, 129
Mikhail M. Pidgorodetsky to George Morgan for $18,500.

434 East Weidman Street
Shana L., Tammy J. and Michael E. Nye to Marie S. Simon for $83,000.

810 & 812 Cumberland Street
Hayes A. Clark IV to Randolph Williams for $150,000.

825 Scull Street
Harold E. Dice to Stonehedge Holdings for $40,000.

338 East Mifflin Street
Arthur and Judy L. Matz to Randolph WIlliams for $124,150.

30 North 5th Street Lot 7
Lebanon Valley Rental Properties to Randolph WIlliams for $50,000.

326 and 328 East Weidman Street and 325 and 327 East Scull Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to DAPAL for $300,000.

1645 Robin Road Lot 45
Rachel L. Neidlinger, Brandon Matthew Behney to Brandon Matthew and Rachel Behney for $1.

1129 Mifflin Street
Amos L. Zook to Ivan Lee and Sadie Ann Stoltzfus for $125,000.

751 Locust Street
Jayne L. Miller, Brady K. Umberger to Joshua B. and Lisa Hoes, Leigh Ann Hamlin for $122,999.

202 East Maple Street
Michael J. and Joann S. Webster to Jeffrey A. Trievel, Ashley N. Laity for $209,900.

531 Weidman Street
Teresa M. Angel and Michael N. Sherk to Theresa M. Angel Sherk for $1.

408 South Eleventh Street
Angela L. Light to Ann M. Dorazio for $166,500.

749 Mifflin Street
Lesley A. and David G. Vail to Maritza Rojas for $72,500.

821 Hill Street
Brett R. and Joan M. French to Elisa D. Evangelista for $148,000.

917 Elizabeth Street
MPL Homebuyers LLC to Edward L. P. Lopez for $99,000.

1017 Orchard Avenue
Exon D. and Odessa D. Sierra to Todd and Jennifer McConnell for $43,000.

246 South 10th Street
Gerald W. and Regina B. Putt to Brady Weaver for $63,000.

1544 Lafayette Street
Christopher R. Martin to Betty J. and Mark M. Shafer for $190,000.

423 North 5th Street
Persio and Nilsa Cruz to Zackery Mueller for $175,000.

1016 Mifflin Street
Dallas R. Noll to John J. Miller for $85,000.

223 Chestnut Street
Justin D. and Tarah Cave to Gerald Sutyak for $117,000.

423 New Street
Philip J. and Andrea J. Lerch to East Wind Properties, Lydia House LLC for $57,500.

26 North 5th Street
RMRR Properties, Rick L. and Monica L. Clay to Lady Whistle Town for $80,000.

427 North 6th Street Part of Lots 4 and 5
Donald L. and Pamela J. Derrer to Justin Hilton for $50,000.

314 North 11th Street
Marlin R. Greeninger to Osbaldo and Danil Pena for $40,000.

519 East Cumberland Street
Sweigart Investments to Jose M. O. F. Davila for $111,500.

Cleona Borough

(UPC# 11-2326117-369581-0000) NS East Pine Street
Francis P. and Janet E. Dienno to Steven P. and Sherry L. Dienno for $1.

220 South Christian Street Lot 64
Rosina F. Miller to Christopher P. and Leokadia M. Bower for $300,000.

237 South Center Street Lot 107
Robert B. Greer III to Greer Family Trust, Susan K. Greer, DJ Byrne for $1.

Cornwall Borough

(UPC# 12-2342233-348368-0000) Lot 14
Judith A. Sics to Raymond and Karen Krueger for $1.

(UPC# 12-2340832-349633-0000) Lot 1
Thomas E. and Mindy K. Schneck to J & G Property Solutions for $171,000.

(UPC# 12-2340284-349938-0000) Lot 201
Lawrence and Aaron R. Monaco to Angela F. Burian for $190,900.

(UPC# 12-2346020-343076-0000) Lots 47, 47A and 47B
Carol A. Fiorentino to Carol A. and Francis A. Fiorentino Jr. for $1.

1604 Bayberry Court Lot 316
Anthony M. Loser, Lauren H. Davis to Anthony M. Lozar, Lauren H. Davis for $1.

1217 Ash Lane Lot 354
Pravina B. Desai Living Trust, Bhasker C. and Pravina B. Desai, Derek P. Dissinger to Christopher T. Behney Jr. for $265,145.

1217 Ash Lane Lot 354
Christopher T. Behney Jr. to John Light for $265,145.

1222 Ash Lane Lot 326
Diane R. Brown to Charles E. and Karen M. Ratliff Jr. for $207,000.

East Hanover Township

15 Webster School Road
James M. and Lyndell M. Conrad to Stephen D. and Abbie M. Shireman for $575,000.

52 Mcgillstown Road
Kevin S. and Dawn M. Bedleyoung to Kevin S. Bedleyoung for $1.

50 Crooked Road
Michael A. Sechman to Michael A. and Stephanie M. Sechman for $1.

NS Sherks Church Road Lot 7
Keystone Service Systems Inc. to Linford R. Musser for $70,000.

NS Webster School Road Lots 10 and 11
Jennifer L. Rutter to Sanjay and Jayeshwee Patel for $152,000.

Heidelberg Township

SS Hostetter Lane
Robert L. Engle to Thomas E. and Doreen D. Weaber for $5,000.

234 Mountain Trail Road Lot 3 Etc.
Leon B. and Alta M. Zimmerman to TImothy P. and Karen J. Zham for $125,000.

123 Mastle Road – Corrective Deed
Karlin D. Lehman, Kayse B. Rutt to Karlin D. and Kayse B. Lehman for $0.

121 Valley View Road Lot 2
Andrew J. and Jessica R. Kline to Jay M. Zimmerman for $185,000.

Jackson Township

118 Arbor Drive Lot 415
Betty E. Wike, Robert L. Gruber Estate, Clarence W. Zimmerman, Terri Lee Groff, Cory S. Gruber to Roger and Bonita J. Koehler for $185,000.

7 South Butterfly Drive
Mai I Donough Estate, Kenneth R. and Jacqueline Scholl to Joseph Jon and Terri Lyn Dettery Jr. for $260,000.

223 West Franklin Avenue Lot 87
Jacqueline A. Gassert to Tyler Ray Shanaman for $155,000.

610 South Ramona Road
John B. and Sharon L. Kline to Jason B. and Megan L. Kline for $2,100,000.

1120 North College Street
Debra I. Marks Weihs to Joseph H. Marks for $1.

204 West Jackson Avenue
Susan and Kervin L. Stauffer to Pamela J. Strunk Family Trust, Vicki J. Strunk for $220,000.

70 Laurel Drive Lot 61
Erica Roland to Erica and Brandon Roland for $0.

202 Krall Road
John B. and Sharon L. Kline to John B. and Sharon L. Kline for $1.

51 Garloff Road Lot 5
Stanley E. and Lydia M. Sensenig to Josiah Sensenig for $211,500.

19 Bower Drive Lot 221 Block C
Arthur Kearney, Virginia Lamendola to Victor and Carol A. Moore for $203,000.

534 Kutztown Road
Klassen Construction, Loren D. and Courtney J. Nolt to Andrew M. and Courtney L. Brakey for $279,900.

330 Millardsville Road
Lloyd M. and Tina S. Oberholtzer to Javin L. and Rhonda K. Overholtzer for $2,300,000.

110 Creamery Street Lot 1
Graystone Group Inc. to Dieffenbach D. C. Properties, D. C. Dieffenbach Properties for $105,000.

Jonestown Borough

48 West Market Street
John C. and Caroline L. Jernigan to Jonestown Plaza for $420,000.

32 West Market Street
John D. Light to James A. and Lori A. Houser for $300,000.

182 Twin Creeks Drive Lot G24
Carly A. Fellin to Carly A. and Stephanie N. Fellin for $1.

208 West Market Street
William M. and Cara L. W. Carroll Jr. to Walter Matt LLC, Matt Walter LLC for $120,000.

37 South Lancaster Street Lot 90
Michele A. and Russell G. Zellers to I 360 Realty Com for $117,000.

Millcreek Township

108 North Sheridan Road
Evelyn M. Good to Amy and Tarek Awad for $1.

Corrective Deed Lot 25
John D. Sholly Estate and Eugene E. Sholly to Ryan K. Fisher for $230,000.

216 South Sheridan Road
Howard G. and Elaine E. Heckman Estate to Elaine E. Heckman for $1.

(UPC# 24-2394935-375052-0000) Lot 10
Sylvia L. Hoffman to Jeffrey S. and Melanie R. Zimmerman for $2,750,000.

32 Village Drive Lot 38
James and Lacey M. Martin to Lacey M. Martin for $1.

4 South Millbach Road
Jesse Estes to D & R Assets Management LLC for $5,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

214 Lancaster Avenue Lots 421, 422, 423, 424
Mary E. Collins to Robert O. Harding for $356,505.

Myerstown Borough

13 East Richland Avenue
Douglas S. Henning to Jarrod Fulton, Catherine Myers for $135,000.

113 East Mill Avenue
Roman A. and Rebecca A. Lehman to Michael J. Yiengst for $205,900.

213 East Main Avenue
Dustin M. Heisy to Tabitha L. Heisy for $40,000.

20 West Maple Avenue
Eric A. and V. Louise Bamberger to Brian K. Eisenhour for $107,000.

308 South College Street
Matthew Eric Lightner to Jonathan A. Stichler for $174,000.

338 West Main Avenue
Lawrence C. and Daniel O. Snyder Estate to Benjamin S. and Samuel R. Moyer for $151,650.

117 South Cherry Street
Jerome C. and Faye A. Chepulis to Kyle D. Wenger, Ethan R. Gregorzek for $80,000.

315 South Broad Street
Paul M. and Jolene S. Weaver to Reputable Streamline Properties for $95,000.

117 North Railroad Street
Mark M. Landis Jr., Mark M. Landis Sr., Tammy S. and E. Elaine Landis to Daniel M. and Ashly L. Landis for $1.

North Annville Township

670 Ono Road
Randall S. and Tyann M. Bailey to Randall S. Bailey for $1.

North Cornwall Township

1930 West Chestnut Street
Amanda L. and Lucus M. Fiddner to Khaled Elsayed, Naglaa Elbarbary for $159,000.

925 Tuck Street
Robert P. Yoklische Estate and Paul A. Lundberg to Bernell Herr, Krista Bicher for $190,000.

218 South 17th Street Lots 74, 75
Bradley Clark to Starrwar Properties LLC for $25,000.

115 Club Terrace Lot 3
John J. and Indrani Seddo to Seddo Irrevocable Grantor Trust, John J. and Indrani Seddo for $1.

1320 Cornwall Road
County of Lebanon to North Cornwall Township for $1.

734 Farmwood Lane Unit 90
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Hector L. Ruiz Rios, Sulianne Colon Morales for $177,060.

(UPC# 26-2340336-357225-0000) Lot 2
Byler Real Estate Holdings to B&O Ventures for $750,000.

728 Farmwood Lane Unit 93
Builder Services Group to Brett Barber, Leah J. Rutt for $177,060.

730 Farmwood Lane Unit 92
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Daniel Newbold for $177,060.

1707 Center Street
Teresa M. Angel and Michael N. Sherk to Theresa M. Angel Sherk for $1.

1717 Center Street
Teresa M. Angel and Michael N. Sherk to Michael N. Sherk for $1.

736 Farmwood Lane Unit 89
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to John J. Pachuilo, Janet L. King for $199,160.

726 Farmwood Lane Unit 94
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Jenna R. and Virginia A. Fazzino for $199,060.

845 Helen Drive Lots 33 and 34
Helen Drive Real Estate to WellSpan Properties Inc. for $4,150,000.

1722 Walnut Street
Kristine A. Kennedy to Paul S. Cron for $97,500.

North Lebanon Township

913 Kochenderfer Road
Jennifer L. and Eric B. FIller to Jennifer L. and Eric B. Filler for $1.

2425 Elias Avenue
Laura M. Kutz to Laura M. and Terrance Battle for $1.

1151 East Lehman Street
Robert F. Monk to Robert F. and Melanie L. Monk for $1.

702 East Maple Street Lots 6 and 7
Juan, Christine and Carolina Fonseca Jr. to George Russell Henry for $172,000.

(UPC# 27-2331690-384195-0000) Lot 5
Kevin J., Linda L., James L. and Kristie L. Waldron to Kevin J. and Linda L. Waldron for $1.

422 Ebenezer Road
Gwendolyn Ward, Rebecca Brough to Mark L. and Gwenda L. Weaver for $237,500.

180 Halfway DriveCorrective Deed
Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin Revocable Living Trust to Lester M. and Esther Z. Revocable Living Trust for $1.

175 Strack Drive
Thomas L. and Sharon Capper Moody Jr. to Jolin C. High for $272,000.

285 Strack Drive Lots 6, 7 and B
Elijah Grant Williard to Lloyd D. Halteman, Cari L. Mcneal for $330,000.

1398 Ridge Road Lot 15
Michael and Jessica Concepcion to Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore for $125,000.

3203 Tunnel Hill Road
Janet M. Fourman to Robert P. Fourman for $1.

2147 West Maple Street
Mary E. Zellers Estate, Richard A. Zellers to Santino E. Buonamici, Kara L. Bachert for $75,000.

6 Winchester Circle Lot 193
David V. and Cheri L. Bupp to Raymond and Amanda Gulliver for $255,000.

1156 Cedar Crest Drive Lot 84
William C. Ross, Jodie C., Morgan J., and Mason D. Laskey to Ray L. and Susan Z. Weaver for $279,500.

347 Ebenezer Road Lot 2
Adam J. and Samantha L. Fay to David M. Strack, Sharee L. Rodke for $220,000.

151 Mountville Drive
Linda F. Heilman to Kristen N. Bixler for $175,000.

(UPI #27-2336455-377076-0000)
Woodlea Development Inc. to Donald L. and Kelly J. Minnich for $50,000.

117 Mountville Drive
Keith S. and Tammy M. Carpenter to Keith S. Carpenter for $1.

25 Aspen Way Lot 17
Daniel A. C. Torres, Jessica K. Cabrera to Jessica K. Cabrera for $1.

1389 Sholly Avenue Lot 6
John J. Miller to Copperleaf for $187,000.

3210 Joyce Street, 3220 Joyce Street, 203 East Cumberland Street, 538 North T.
Harry G. and Shirley A. Bowman to Whispering Hope Enterprises LLC for $220,000.

5 East Brookfield Drive Lot 3
Jeffrey D. and Jenny Martin to Shon and Christine Shellehamer for $242,000.

1420 Sholly Avenue
Alyssa and Paul Chasarik to Tambra M. and Scott A. Hopple for $206,000.

1307 Old Hickory Lane Lot 23
Justin E. and Jodi L. Hill to James C. and Elizabeth L. Shuey for $250,500.

1200 Horizon Boulevard Lot 5
Earlene R. Smith, Heather M. Whitman to Dennis J. Snyder for $220,000.

North Londonderry Township

1088 South Green Street
James S. and Cecilia A. Schwartz to Douglas L. and Lori A. Corcoran for $197,000.

961 South Forge Road Lots 125, 126 and Part of Lots 124, 128
Rodney L. Shifflet to Samuel C. and Heather L. Yoder for $227,300.

930 South Green Street
Megan C. Williams to Jason Tyler and Maggie Lee Brandt for $235,000.

578 Sweetwater Drive Lot 13
Jamie and Julie Y. Pedraza Prado to Jamie and Julie Y. Pedraza for $1.

937 Fir Street Lot 31
Wendy A. Reisinger, Chad B. Hurley to Sean and Tammy Lynn Drasher for $301,000.

812 Buttonwood Street Lot 15
Thomas F. and Sherry L. Mettley to Thomas F. Mettley for $1.

1130 Maple Street Lot 110 Quit Claim Deed
Richard H. and Patricia A. Stoppi to Richard H. and Patricia A. Stoppi, Krystalyne M. Kaplan for $1.

238 Gravel Hill Road Etc.
Rodney A. and Deneen A. Seltzer to Eric L. Hoover, Breanna J. Maust for $450,000.

701 Leon Avenue Lots 7, 8, and 9
WHC Real Estate Inc. to WellSpan Properties Inc. for $460,000.

1035 South Prince St. Lot 37
Kenneth B. and Debra L. Wright to Justin Wright for $1.

602 Cambridge Court Plot 66
Jill M. Longchamp to Robert D. Becker for $176,500.

114 Spruce Court Building 12 Unit 7
Karen J. Smith to David and Tracey L. Sattazahn for $178,900.

488 Sweetwater Drive Lot 72
Richard M. and Linda L. Gillon to Deborah L. and Steven J. Brandt for $332,000.

Palmyra Borough

501 West Maple Street
Jolene T. Cramer to Barthel W. and Sandy Saintelia for $277,000.

122 East Poplar Street
Samantha E. Parker, Christopher G. McGrath to Samantha D. and Christopher G. McGrath for $1.

108 East Front Street
Curvin S. Wenger to Kircy Aleman for $149,900.

219 West Cherry Street
Patricia A. Custer to Malinda M. Rivera for $235,000.

126 North Lincoln Street Lots 78 and 79
Arthur D. and A. Daniel Hogg Jr., Victoria L. Lutz to East Wind Properties, Lydia House LLC for $188,000.

WS North Lincoln Street Lots 4 and 5
Sandra L. Engle to Kevin E. and Lorie A. Fuhrman for $50,000.

South Annville Township

1733 Bowman Street Etc.
Donald E. Bowman Estate, Bonnie K. Bowman to Bonnie K. and Thomas G. Bowman for $1.

351 Fieldstone Drive Lot 13
Jean P. A. and Danielle Ake to John R. and Rachel M. Rich III for $435,000.

South Lebanon Township

2304 South Lincoln Avenue
Brenda Smalls to Sara E. Smith, Beth E. Garrett, Jacob R. Frazier for $1.

2005 South Lincoln Avenue
Paul R. and Kathleen Raubertas to Joshua M. and Jacqueline A. Clark for $240,000.

(UPC# 30-2362357-338792-0000) West of Michters Road
Daniel A. and Linda A. Blouch Estate to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Game Commission for $1.

161 Valley View Place Lot 81
Charles R. and Christina L. Watson to Michael P. Graby for $439,900.

(UPC# 30-2340574-366486-0000) Lot 3 Etc.
Warren S. Taylor to Jazmin E. Figueroa, Francisco D. Pena Aguilera for $145,000.

18 Moravian Street
Lorraine M. Wolfe, Joy L. Deck to Thomas E. Wolfe, Laurie A. Kline for $1.

4 Clearview Drive Lot 65 Etc.
Lance R. and Crystal L. Lightner to Matthew Eric and Deanna Stephanie Lightner for $220,000.

729 South 3rd Avenue Lot 62 and Part of Lot 61
Christin M. and Sean J. Carrig to Christin M. and Sean J. Carrig for $1.

(UPI #30-2342264-360471-0000) Lot 71
Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Steven K. and Jennie L. Capwell for $496,990.

404 East Evergreen Road Lot 14
Jesse R. and Kristen K. Nolen to Kristen K. Nolen for $1.

224 South Sixth Avenue
Keith W. and Amy J. Donnachie to Kolin P. Kelly for $135,000.

15 Moravian Street
Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Rochely A. C. Espinal for $165,000.

2103 East Pennsylvania Avenue
Thomas E., Anthony, and Patricia L. Sinico to J & G Property Solutions for $35,000.

8 Keystone Drive Lot 6
George B. and Cheryl E. P. Cannon to Cornwall Childrens Center Inc. for $745,000.

1069 Horseshoe Circle Lot 60
Ann A. Light Estate, Ann A. Light Estate, Ellen Cooper to Kevin P. Miller for $235,000.

South Londonderry Township

2743 Horseshoe Pike
Laurel L. Shortell to RAU Property Group for $138,500.

646 Saddle Road Lot 76
TImothy and Marci Lynn Bortz to Zachary A. and Diane P. Munch for $465,500.

43 Harvest Mill Lane Unit 64
Michael S. and Trichia Kosher, Patricia Lafoe to Michael S. Kosher, Patricia Lafoe for $0.

(UPC# 31-2300607-344150-0000) Lot 126
Renee and Michael Neal Flasher to Thomas P. and Elizabeth Konen for $388,000.

1953 South Forge Road
Scott T. and Sharon A. Weaber to Ryan Showers for $155,000.

(UPC# 31-2292604-343054-0000) Lot 84
Scott and Joann Prushinski to William James and Deborah Ann Parker for $390,000.

East of Bell Road (UPI #31-2299281-340089-0000)
Ronald and D. Lorraine Royer to James V. and Courtney M. Fackler for $12,000.

Unit 200
Frederick J. Barrows to Dawn M. Cooley, Christine D. Valvo, Tiffany A. Musselman for $1.

151 Timber Lane Lot 154
Douglas E. and Jaunine Fouche to Jaunine Fouche for $1.

62 Fox Road Lot 2
Trever J. and Keely L. Blauch to Trever J. Blauch for $1.

5700 Gingrich Road
Deborah E. Risser to Jonathan S. Risser for $1.

Swatara Township

6 Willowcreek Avenue Unit 69
Robert W. and Meghan L. Gantz to Meghan L. Gantz for $1.

341 Lighhouse Drive Lot 38
Lisa M. Worley to Andrew J. and Whitney L. Kleinfelter for $150,000.

132 Lickdale Road
Virginia L. Kopp to Virginia L. Kopp, Pamela R. Bretz, Robert J. and Susan M. Harring for $1.

Unit 14
Woodcrest Developers, C & F Inc. to Charles E. and Virginia Rowland for $244,935.

Union Township

10669 Allentown Boulevard
Douglas A., Cheri J. and Jennifer M. Wright to Tillett Inc. for $185,000.

521 Jonestown Road
Sandra J. Graves to Cody C. Graves for $1.

2338 State Route 72
Jeffrey S. and Donna A. Myers to Michael P. and Cottie L. Macnamara Jr. for $256,000.

3355 State Route 72 Lot 1
Justin M. Brown, Samantha J. Atkins to Justin M. and Samantha J. Brown for $1.

West Cornwall Township

(UPC# 34-2335460-334404-0000) WS Lebanon Road
Thomas E. Meiskey to Joshua David Witmer for $75,000.

201 Riders Way Lot 35
Deanna F. Santiago to Kulwinder Kaur, Mandeep Singh Sihania for $163,000.

208 Sixth Street Lot 26
Richard P. Thorne, Paulette M. Aye to Gregory T. Warhola for $155,000.

292 Old Mine Road
Evonne C. Clark Estate, Kevin J. Brandon to Curtis B. Evans for $260,000.

West Lebanon Township

225 North 16th Street and 1617 Willow Street
Lebanon 225 Estates LLC to Willow PA LLC for $10.

2411 Mifflin Street Lot 5
Shirley M. Hoffa to Donna Innocent for $150,000.

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