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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

147 Station Corner Drive Lot 36
Mary Jane Beazley Trust to Christa L. Aycock for $335,000.

403 West Queen Street
Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Kathryn M. Sullivan, Susie C. Lee for $190,000.

402 West Queen Street
Darlene H. Civitarese to Darlene H. and Anthony J. Civitarese for $1.

1402 East Main Street Lots 11 and 12
Duane E. Hess to Keller and Alicia Hess for $210,000.

351 West Main Street
Douglas A. and Jodi M. Etter to Douglas A. Etter for $1.

459-461 East Main Street
Matthew T. and Rebecca A. Drye to Randolph Williams for $255,000.

601 East Main Street
John A. Watson to Gregory A. Steckbeck for $175,000.

138 Station Corner Drive Lot 14
Eric R. and Megan A. Shur to Amanda Leigh and Lucas Mccain Fiddner for $335,000.

144 Woodside Court
Martin D. Waldensberger to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB2 for $4,932.

(UPI# 18-2317502-366997-0000) Lots 41, 42
William M. Prescott Sr. Estate, Barbara A. Bennett to Barbara A. and William F. Bennett Jr. for $1.

Bethel Township

(UPI#19-2321957-418311-0000) Lots 57, 58
Gregory A. Vaitl to Gregory A. Vaitl for $0.

NS Sherwin Williams Drive
Laura M Anspach Estate, Edward L. and Joseph A. Anspach, Jeanne A. Earnshaw to Palmyra Homes Inc. for $450,000.

114 Poplar Street
Joyce Myers to BAM Property Group for $392,500.

(UPI# 19-2334745-405913-0000) Lot 89
Christine A. Reedy, James W. Rhoades to Christine A. and James W. Rhoades for $1.

NS Valley Drive
Betty J. Walter to Steven L. and Stephanie L. Mulholland Jr. for $125,000.

126 Laurel Drive Lot 119
Bonita A. Koller to Robert Brian and Tammy Marie Houtz for $130,000.

(UPI# 19-2328827-421369-0000) Lot 78
J. Norman and Frances McMichael to Barry and Lori McMichael Fisher for $1.

City of Lebanon

423 North 6th Street
Curtis H. ZImmerman to Stellar Real Estate LLC for $128,000.

420 South Twelfth Street
Matthew J. and Megan E. Gilbert to Ashton and Valerie Martin for $138,000.

610 North 7th Avenue
Dane C. Warfield to Rosemary A. Reyes Martinez for $168,000.

364 North 4th Street
Leroy and Barbara D. Hartman to Franmy A. Reyes Garcia for $103,000.

506 North 7th Avenue – Corrective Deed
Ernest L. and Deborah A. Deaton to Ernest L. and Deborah A. Deaton for $1.

823 Mifflin Street
Amos G. Fisher to MSS Rentals LLC for $143,000.

616 Cornwall Road
Elizabeth B. Heiligman Estate, Fulton Bank to German Vazquez Ramirez Sr., Lusilbania Cabrera for $160,000.

122 North 10th Street
George Kenneth Shaak Sr. Estate, Adam Scott Auchey to Angel Rosario, Yiemy Gabriel, Miguel Rosario for $65,000.

14 Canal Street
Autumn Bechtold and Joshua Streiff to Conrad G. Burkholder for $110,400.

505 Canal Street
Betsy Francis to Betsy Francis, Lyle Bernard Williams for $1.

431 Lehman Street
Marvin W. Stoudt Estate, David Shoemaker to Rafael E. Ferrer, Clara L. DeFerrer for $79,000.

1011 North 8th Street – Fidcuciary Deed
Brock Landis Hower Estate, Scott W. Harman to David A. Lapp for $100,000.

1659 Oak Street Lot 142
Christopher J. and Frances M. Muhr to Dane Warfield, Maria Weaber for $244,500.

440 East Walnut Street
Aleksandr and Margarita Demidovich to Celines and Wilfredo Rodgriguez for $193,000.

319 Canal Street
Tiffany R. Menicheschi to Katie Ann Cooke for $155,000.

8 South 11th Street
Kenneth Rauch Sr. to Randolph Williams for $62,000.

447 East Weidman Street
Rene and Annette M. Perez to Ramon A. Merejo for $20,000.

131 South Cherry Street
Carlton B. and Megan I. Geesaman Jr. to Stonehedge Holdings for $41,000.

337 North 14th Street
Jorje L. and Rose M. Suarez Negron to Victor A. Reyes Martinez for $110,000.

445 East Cumberland Street
Clear Choice Holdings to 320 Northwood Property Solutions LLC for $315,000.

315 North 11th Street
Yaroslav S. Matsevich to Leybi Elianeth Santiago for $127,500.

936 East Mifflin Street Lot 2
Clemencia Maria Reyes to Yaleny Pena Batista for $91,000.

119 East Scull Street
Spence R. Dixon to Andy Liang for $58,000.

822 South 6th Street
Steven M. and Michael S. Bisking, Tanna L. Murphy to Matthew and Jessica Hess for $56,000.

Cleona Borough

207 West Walnut Street Parts of Lots 140A and 141
Paul Anthony Amoratis to Ciara Suggs for $252,000.

121 East Walnut Street
Patricia M. Brown to Patricia M. Wilt for $1.

Cornwall Borough

104 Park Street
Michael A. Reb to Linford B., Lynnette S. and Nathan A. Weaver for $177,000.

123 Iron Valley Drive Lot 28
Carl D. and Carol E. Scillia to Damon V. and Nicole R. Ronco for $699,900.

1004 Great Hall Drive Unit 271
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Carl D. and Carole E. Scillia for $345,883.

1217 Mosaic Drive Unit 398
Dennis Flickinger to Craig A. Hill, Michael D. Snider for $389,900.

1709 Hickory Drive Lot 194
Kevin M. and Linda D. Hunsecker to Kevin J. and Amy S. Keller for $360,000.

East Hanover Township

10496 Allentown Boulevard
Mark A. and Joan M. Sallada to Mark A. Sallada for $1.

10704 Jonestown Road
Kasey Lynn Arnold to Luciano and Kasey Lynn Schiano Dicola for $1.

78 Sherks Church Road Lot 3
Mervin L. and Terry L. Moyer Jr. to Mervin L., Terry L. and Chelsea L. Moyer Jr. for $1.

Heidelberg Township

(UPI#22-2375819-355654-0000) Lot 8
Michael T. Ginder to Matthew J. Moore, Jessica T. Pfautz for $270,000.

(UPI# 22-2372676-356071-0000) Lot 1
Zimmco Enterprises to Cherie Kay Properties LLC for $320,000.

Jackson Township

658 E. Lincoln Avenue
Clair G. and Erma G. Martin to Richard L. and Ann M. Kreiser for $5,000.

91 Deep Run Road Lot 7 Block A
Karie E. Umbenhauer to Jose Juan Tejada Espinoza, Lenny Tejada for $200,000.

649 S. Ramona Road
Mary K. and Elam G. Stoltzfus to John R. and Miriam F. Stoltzfus for $1.

7 Bayberry Court Lot 19
Bridget A. and Francis S. San Servino, Philip Mast to James and Deborah Puorro for $146,900.

494 West Lincoln Avenue
Marcie A. Jumper, Kristin K. Winters, Elaine L. Shutt to Sunny Cooper LLC for $235,000.

100 West Colonial Avenue Lot 80
John D. and Esther Castellani to Jade and Louis Biempica for $303,000.

53 Scenic Drive Lot 346 Block E
Dorothy M. Dvorocsik, Timothy T. Engler to Victor J. Tucci, Louise A. Batdorff for $209,000.

14 Greenbriar Drive Lot 431 Block G
Doris D. Stahl to Doris D. and Sandra L. Stahl for $1.

206 West Grant Avenue
Lorraine S. Ebling Estate, Lyn R. Schaeffer to Steven Pavenski for $170,000.

190 Gable Drive
Patrick T. Kreiser to Leroy W. Martin for $184,900.

305 Woleber Road Lot 1 Etc.
Harold B. Heilman Estate, Lisa A. Stohler to Rodney M. Breckbill for $92,000.

(UPI# 23-2358065-392741-0000) Lot 5
James M. and Malinda L. Peachey to Daryl Lee and Michele L. Grumbine for $470,000.

520 Stracks Dam Road Lot 3
Steven H. and Cynthia F. Horning to Eldon and Faith Miller for $250,000.

819 Hilltop Road
James L. and Heidi M. Weaver to Dash Management Group for $180,000.

Jonestown Borough

113 Creekview Drive Lot 203
Nathan W. Long to Evelin Miladys Reyes De La Cruz for $224,900.

Millcreek Township

22 Cottage Lane
Lucille T. Anderson Estate to Judith A. Waldron for $1.

22 Cottage Lane
Judith A. Waldron to Emily Elizabeth Chougule for $230,000.

5 Hillside Drive Lot 367
Walter B. and Irene Shirk to Mark E. and Leslie A. Mitstifer for $225,000.

8 Evergreen Way Lot 302
Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, John E. Eberly to Jenry and Flor Enith Arias Restrepo for $1.

60 North Sheridan Road Lot 19
Gary and Nancy C. Heurer to Thomas E. and Erin L. Price Jr. for $67,250.

East of Stricklerstown Road
Ruth M. Sonnen Estate, Malcom J. Sonnen to Paul M. and Malcom J. Sonnen for $1.

Myerstown Borough

802 Briar Rose Avenue Unit 123
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Kenneth J. and Kathryn M. Long for $326,679.

North Annville Township

344 Clear Spring Road
Wade A. and Jolene M. Grannas to Randy L. Courchaine, Rachyl L. Plasterer for $159,000.

North Cornwall Township

732 Farmwood Lane
Builder Services Group Inc, Kenneth Homes to Phillip H. Morlang for $177,060.

(UPI#26-2331580-359416-0000) Lot 62
3 Sons Properties LLC, Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC to Brendan and Greta Cawley for $125,000.

1801 Carlton Drive Lot A-6
Kenneth A. Pushnik Estate, Gary Rhine to Michael and Karen Gerhart for $145,000.

57 Creekside Drive Lot 45
Narrows Glen Inc. to Monica J. Bryant for $341,500.

ES Spangler Road
R. Michael Dorsch III to Dorsch Farm for $1.

705 Evergreen Road
Springwood Development Partners to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

920 Cross Creek Court
Douglas A. and Jodi M. Etter to Douglas A. Etter for $1.

505 West Walnut Street
Gary E Reist Estate, Darlene L. Mindler to Helene E. and Katelynn Reist for $1.

505 West Walnut Street
Helene E. and Katelynn Reist to Helene E. Reist for $1.

Units 131 to 142 Inclusive
Springwood Development Partners to Builder Servies Group Inc. for $431,057.

(UPI# 26-2341732-357754-0000) Units 131 thru 142 Inclusive
Springwood Development Partners to Builder Servies Group Inc. for $431,057.

North Lebanon Township

(UPI# 27-2347398-378058-0000)
Kneasel Farms LLC to James J. Cikovic for $310,000.

412 Orchard Circle Unit 154
Landmark Homs at Sweetbriar Inc. to Eugene W. and Susan R. Althouse for $379,500.

355 Snow Drive
Dennis J. and Linda L. Foote to Dennis J. and Linda L. Foote Irrevocable Trust for $1.

914 Maple Lane
Heriberto and Marie Pacheco to Joshua David and Samantha Lynn Koch for $199,900.

20 Aspen Way
Jason M. and Kate M. Davies to Jason M. Davies for $1.

845 Jay Street Lot 72
Edward A. Boehler to Donna L. Griffiths for $1.

(UPI# 27-2345367-382503-0000) Lot 6
Robert P. and Dianne M. Zimmerman to Robert P. Zimmerman for $1.

99 East Brookfield Drive Lot 44
Chelsea C. Sloss to James J. and Deborah L. Kucharski for $1.

1664 Grace Avenue
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Musser S. Gerald Builder to Steven S. and Janessa M. Shyda for $475,000.

44 Halfway Drive Lot 2 Etc.
Christopher R. Martin to Brandon Good for $98,000.

814 Briar Rose Avenue Unit 118
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Joel and Sandra Kotch for $398,579.

(UPI# 27-2350668-377361-0000) Lot 27
John W. Fake to Dhaka and Phalguna Bhandari for $395,900.

1508 Rolling Meadow Road Lot 110
Clement H. and Shirley J. Falk to Nancy A. and John C. Allen for $316,150.

1625 Heilmandale Road – Deed of Dedication
Heilmandale Road Owner to North Lebanon Township for $1.

929 Mt. Zion Road
Spruce Properties to Joel A. Roth for $265,000.

146 Ginger Court
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Roger and Dawn Pilotti for $308,304.

South of North 31st Street
Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation to Sherwin Williams Company for $1.

North Londonderry Township

1060 South Forge Road
Rachael M. Marsh to Rachael M Kennedy for $0.

755-757 South Railroad Street Lots 4,5 and 6
Kurt A. and Stefanie A. Yordy to GS Properties and Holdings for $193,000.

20 Limestone Lane Lot 127
Hope R. and Andrew B. Sorey to Forest Lai, Rensa Chen for $395,000.

432 Orchid Circle Unit 159
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Thomas and Daryl Jones for $310,916.

1370 Duke Street Lots 116, 117 and 118
Kenneth J. and Kathryn M. Long to Corey D. and Kayla Burns for $285,000.

ES Hoffer Road Lot 1
Carole A. Hess to Landmark Homes at Summer Layne for $4,232,000.

106 Killinger Road
Harry E. and Annette E. Buck to Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle for $4,336,288.

1335 Cambridge Court
Kerry Joseph Reigle Jr. to Koty D. McGowan, Ashley T. Minnig for $170,000.

(UPI# 28-2289658-353084-0000) Lot 110
Keith A. Kohr to Tyler J. and Cory S. Baker for $360,000.

1087 Snyer Road
Daniel D., Adrienne M., Donald L. and Pamela J. Derrer to Daniel L. and Adrienne M. Derrer for $1.

North of North Forge Road
Robert L. Huffman Estate, Dale G. and Daniel J. Huffman to Betty Jane, Dale G. and Daniel J. Huffman, Aleta F. Simpson for $1.

721 Cambridge Court
Carol Ann Fey to Carol Ann Thaler for $175,221.

Palmyra Borough

(UPI#16-2289287-359629-0000) Lot 108 & Part of Lot 109
Kimberly A. Shirk to Kimberly Ann Velasquez, Elmer Noe Velasquez Maldonado for $1.

945 E. Maple Street Lot 61B
Rudolph and Marcia S. Sharpe Jr. to Erin McGarrity for $152,000.

407 North Railroad Street
Tambra M. and Scott A. Hopple to Rebecca Jean Harrell for $163,500.

128-130 East Main Street Lot 7
Dalane Management LLC to SFRP for $450,000.

119 West Main Street
House Cash to David S. Martin for $185,000.

718 West Oak Street
Tara L. Stine to Tara L. and Justin William Smoot for $1.

217 South Harrison Street
David G. Pryal, Megan Sullivan to Oscar Fernando Varela Plaza for $179,950.

31 West Cherry Street – Corrective Deed
Chad E. Spangler to Palm Lutheran Church for $1.

31 West Cherry Street
Chad E. Spangler to Joseph J. Kenny for $200,000.

739 North Lincoln Street Parts of Lot 5A
Barbara Ann Dillen to Barbara Ann Bell for $1.

Richland Borough

1 Grape Aly
Nancy L. and William Henry Linton to Nancy L. Linton for $1.

117 East Main Street
Patricia B. Bender to Dash Management Group for $125,000.

309 West Linden Street Lot 4
Jeffrey S. Tittle to Gaspare W. Russo, Sydney R. Flory for $155,000.

South Annville Township

Unit 13 – Building 22
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Andrew J. Scurto for $268,990.

1733 Bowman Lane Etc. – Corrective Deed
Donald E. Bowman Estate, Bonnie K. Bowman to Bonnie K. and Thomas G. Bowman for $0.

60 Beech Tree Court Lot 51
Monica Cowart, Kevin Ellenwood to Jamie Reinhold for $306,500.

(UPI# 29-2314810-360567-0000) Unit 34
Ronald R. and Heidi Urich Jr. to Ronald R. and Heidi Urich Jr. for $1.

South Lebanon Township

518 East Cumberland Street
Capital Rules LLC to Pathway Real Estate Limited Liability Company for $66,000.

14 Klein Avenue
Austin J. and Emily Ebersole, Emily Yingst to Austin J. and Emily Ebersole for $1.

618 East Walnut Street
Anna M. Ilgenfritz to Hurst Rentals for $84,500.

(UPI# 30-2352500-353280-0000) Lot 35
Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation to Master Freeze and Distribution for $904,726.

1575 Cambridge Drive
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Panagiotis and Sharon L. Zoumas for $510,708.

2608 East Cumberland Street
Dennis and Linda Foote to Gabriel J. and Kelli L. Foote for $1.

Corrective Deed Lot 18
Igor and Luba Panov to Igor and Lioubov Panova for $1.

South Londonderry Township

2060 South Forge Road
Elaine E. WInters to Adam James and Samantha Lyn Fay for $250,000.

(UPI# 31-2306159-339863-0000) Lot 28
Alecxih Realty LLC to Christopher and Natasha Breen for $139,900.

176 N. Village Circle Unit #102
Andrew W. and Janis L. Welkie to Robert E. Beamenderfer for $229,100.

521 Brookwood Drive Unit 137
David B. Gorrell to Caitlyn Cannon and Jesse David Munson for $220,000.

422 Old Farm Road Lot 122
Robert A. and Saudia A. DeCarlo to Michael and Stephanie L. McKoin for $350,000.

501 Springbrook Drive Unit 1
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Judith A. Dooley for $389,750.

505 Springbrook Drive Unit 2
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Charles E. and Patricia M. Roland for $360,842.

2914 Horseshoe Pike
Josephine Mae Brown Estate, Barbara L. Latz to Robert M. Seward for $1.

2037 South Forge Road
James L. and Janelle M. Musser to Robert A. and Saudia A. Decarlo for $396,900.

(UPI# 31-2294108-346492-0000) Lot 37
BD Investment Group to Dalane Management for $1,200,000.

East of Schoolhouse Road – Corrective Deed of Dedication
Mark X. and John M. DiSanto to Township of South Londonderry for $1.

Swatara Township

2169 Quarry Road
Clarence V. Michael to Edward Zimmerman and Hannah Hoover Jr. for $580,000.

507 Darlington Avenue Unit 19
Woodcrest Developers to Betty Jean Bettinger for $331,000.

(UPI# 32-2322228-385011-0000) Lot 1
Isadore L. and Loretta R. Ollar to Dale R. Meyer Jr. for $220,000.

505 Darlington Avenue Lot 20
Woodcrest Developers to Faith and Corey Lex for $294,883.

Union Township

307 Awol Road
Samuel E. Webb Estate, Lucy A. Houle to Kevin J. Rivera for $255,200.

221 Green Point School Road
Franklin D. Bohr Estate, Linda Mease, Marla Rugel to Kevin R. Royer Sr., Kevin R. Royer Jr. for $154,000.

136 Fisher Avenue
Ethel K. Lambert to Debra A. Boyer for $1.

West Cornwall Township

165, 145, 125, 105, 181 Old Mine Road
Lamar L. Stutzman to Adam Alec LLC for $241,000.

181 Old Mine Road
Lamar L. Stutzman to Edward and Denise Bollard for $419,000.

145 Old Mine Road
Adam Alec LLC to Paul E. and Carol M. Williams for $120,000.

1102 Alden Way Unit 100
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Larry D. and Patricia Singer for $250,000.

(UPI# 34-2326403-335634-0000) Lots 80 and 81
Marietta Darden to Nathan J. and Anne C. Robinson for $286,000.

261 Horseshoe Pike Lot 1
Mays G. Kurtz Jr. Estate, Steve Kurtz, Susan K. Pierce to Melvin H. and Louella H. Horning for $234,000.

West Lebanon Township

2434 Mifflin Street Lot 264 and Part of Lot 263
Randy C. Gibson to Thomas R. Gibson III for $80,000.

ES North 25th Street
William P. Hartmann to Homes Fore Life LLC for $112,000.

2446 Guilford Street
David M. and Kelly N. Windle to Daniel J. Reppert, Terri Lynn Bossler for $103,000.

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