Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

126 North Railroad Street
Anna L. Skamangas to Scott R. and Margaret L. Groy for $135,000.

869 East Queen Street Lot 5
Jodi L. Moyer to Jodi L. Moyer, Randall D. Birch for $10.

329 West Main Street
Arlene R. Zellers to Mextaly Group LLC for $165,000.

231 North Concord Street
Jonathan D. and Judy A. Fake to Christopher D. and Rachel Martin for $92,000.

403 East Maple Street
John R. and Arlena A. Myers, Jr. to Warren M. and Kelly E. Gramm for $331,000.

1324 East Main Street
Larry L. and Shirlene A. Leininger to Harlan H. Reager, Jr. for $1.

140 West Main Street
Angela Cali Estate, Salvatore and Paolina Cali to Paolina Cali, Pietro and Giovanni Russo for $1.

114 East Main Street
James and Anne Ficchinei to Walter Zdazinsky for $177,000.

234 East Main Street
Corinne W. Bulley to Joshua S. Bulley for $198,000.

935 East Maple Street Lot 3
Rebecca Greenstein, Lance M. Valentine to Can B. and Basak Yuce for $286,000.

640 East Main Street
Debra S. Enfield to George E. and Tracy A. Clayton, III for $231,000.

Bethel Township

128 Blue Mountain View Drive Lot 17
Dawn M. Bucher, Jeffrey A. and Denise K. Snyder to Dawn M. Bucher for $1.

120 Second Street
Mollie Warren Revocable Living Trust, Mildred A. Webber, Mollie C. Spooner to Mildred A. Webber, Mollie C. Spooner, Beverly J. Balentine for $1.

447 Chestnut Hill Road
Samuel L. and Katie A. ODonnell to Gene and Liliya Strelkov for $295,000.

125 Hamlin Road
Paul E. and Marcene L. Sanger, Jr. to JMG Partners 2021 LP for $42,500.

City of Lebanon

49 North 12th Street
Donald L. and Sandra A. Podjed to Lebanon Rescue Mission Inc. for $300,000.

312 North Fifth Street
Mary E. Steele to James R. Armstrong, III for $85,000.

408 North 2nd Street
Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Andrew and Caitlyn Johnson for $159,995.

720 East Mifflin Street
BP Real Estate Investment Group LP to Johnny and Gina R. Snow for $255,000.

221 East Chestnut Street
Theodore W. Thompson to Shawntei S. and Elroy Ortiz for $225,000.

1415 Poplar Street
Marie Buys Houses LLC to Nathaniel and Saralyn Y. Mendoza for $180,000.

808 Guilford Street
John L. King, Jr. to Kevin J. C. Vega, Lisandra C. O. Cintron for $212,000.

688 Cherry Street
Thomas P. and Toni M. E. Roarabaugh to Thomas P. and Toni M. E. Roarabaugh for $1.

260 South 8th Street
Wendy Wills to Frank & Stein Construction LLC for $150,000.

42 Woodland Estate
Grace and E. Michael Latessa to Yvonne M. and Michael J. Kuhn for $140,000.

927 Cumberland Street
Premier Estate Co. LLC to John R. and Miriam F. Stoltzfus for $340,000.

407 North 9th Street
Gerald Bashore to Milton Cruz for $84,000.

237 Cumberland Street
Keith W. and Amy J. Donnachie to Katty O. S. Vasquez for $176,000.

535, 536, and 537 Lehman Street
Terry R. Lerch to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $140,000.

409 East Elm Street
Magdalena Torres, Jose O. Laviena to Legacy Cash Offer LLC for $107,000.

425 Guilford Street Lot 4
Benancio E. and Luisa Acevedo to Bambi S. Treier for $106,000.

538 Lehman Street
Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Roxanne OConnell for $164,995.

1125 Chestnut Street
Mohamed and El M. Boudriss to Otacilio Vicente for $175,000.

1111 Lehman Street
Revital Home Co. LLC to Irwin G. Wesley for $85,000.

230 East Maple Street
Natalie K. and Andrey Yudenko to Lauren C. Woods for $192,000.

817 Walnut Street
Jamaal and Roycee Calloway to Daniel G. and Freda Y. Beachy for $130,000.

338 South 6th Street
Jeilyn M. P. Garcia, Tomas Ogando to Tomas Ogando, Jr. for $1.

624 Elm Street
Tomas A. Ogando, Jr. to Tomas Ogando, Jr. for $1.

1116 Cathedral Street
Holly J. Stuller to Holly J. Kristovensky, Patrick J. Whalen for $1.

928 East Lehman Street
Laura Ruiz to William R. Ortiz for $185,000.

705 Walnut Street and 705.5 Walnut Street
Robert G. and Yolanda Muentes to Omar Suarez for $190,000.

932 Cumberland Street
Kelly F. Rogers to Tobias Rentals LLC for $250,000.

544 Spruce Street
Wanda R. Rodriguez to Angel M. Rodriguez for $130,000.

364 North Eleventh Street
Santos Sanchez Estate, Santos Sanchez Rivera Estate, Yaniza Sanchez, Erica Calderon to Wilfredo Santiago, Janera Sanchez for $64,000.

329 South 8th Street
Wilfredo S. Rivera to Juan E. G. Gil, Kelly R. M. D. Jesus for $209,000.

597 Blueberry Lane Lot 3
Diane L. Martin to Diane L. Martin Revocable Living Trust, Diane L. Martin for $1.

Cleona Borough

22 Willow Avenue
Shate V. Santos, Israel A. Rivera to Israel A. Rivera for $1.

224 South Mill Street
Janice M. Eby to Jason B. Eby for $1.

109 North Center Street
Bruce E. and Rita M. Heffelfinger to NGW Properties LLC for $155,000.

Cornwall Borough

364 Granite Street Lot 74
Rachel Briody, Kathleen B. Roberts to Rachel Briody for $1.

100 Dohner Street Lot 2
Mary C. Garrett to Susan M. Weiss, Michael J., Timothy A., and Jonathan E. Garrett for $1.

1016 Riverstone Circle Unit 376
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Michael and Carol M. Lutchko for $322,385.

620 Aspen Lane
John R. and Kathy L. Fitz to Philip and Claire Hess for $403,000.

277 Alden Place
Cherie J. Bolinger to Donald W. and Norma Thiel for $236,200.

156 Forge Drive
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC to Letizia Babcock for $131,000.

1010 Riverstone Circle
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Charles and Patricia Mastandrea for $334,922.

East Hanover Township

10145 Jonestown Road
Harry R. and Dixie Grubb to Richard M. and Donald L. Grubb for $1.

54 Lincoln School Road Lot 2
Louise A. Rhoad Estate, Louise Rhoad Estate, Louise Rhoad to Lori and Ronald Frey for $68,000.

34 Lincoln School Road
Jeffrey S. Wenger to Emily R. and Jeffrey S. Wenger for $1.

Heidelberg Township

2487 Heidelberg Avenue
Clifford S. Wike Estate, Clifford S. Weik Estate, Trish A. Mills to Cloyd L. Martin for $253,000.

320 Albright Road
Karl H. and Nancy L. Koch to Dennis R. and Anita M. Zimmerman for $1,480,000.

12 A Juliada Drive Lot 40
Jonathan R. and Ruth M. Davis to Mitchell P. Davis, Marjory R. Kauffman for $1.

128 Michters Road
Dorothy L. Spurigo Estate, Laura T. Spurigo to Jeremy D. Martin, Rebecca J. Zimmerman for $266,000.

Jackson Township

25 Springhouse Drive
Hasaun and Barbara Grigger to Hasaun Grigger, Nahla Alidelnar for $1.

40 Laurel Drive Lot 51
Michael J. and Marie L. Nuzzolillo to Michele Lessing for $181,017.

490 East Main Avenue
Paul R. Shenk Estate, Galen M. Martin to Edwin Shenk, Glenda Sensenig, Sheila Burkholder, Edith Troyer, Melissa Schreiber for $1.

490 East Main Avenue
Edwin and Joanne Shenk, Glenda and Steven E. Sensenig, Sheila and J. Andrew Burkholder, Melissa and Andrew P. Schreiber, Edith and Wendell Troyer to Wendall J. and Edith Troyer for $192,000.

139 Oaken Way Lot 16
Eric S. and Alysha M. Burkholder to Aliaksei Apet for $430,000.

178 Gable Drive
Lisa A. Moyer to Grace E. High for $205,000.

6 Northgate Avenue Lot 28
Louise and Maureen Garrigan to Lisa A. Moyer for $268,000.

516 East Rosebud Road
Miriam Loose, Cynthia L. Mann to Adam and Emily Rudderow for $225,000.

Jonestown Borough

300 West Market Street
John M. and Kathleen T. Travers to Travers Family Trust, John M. and Kathleen T. Travers for $10.

19 South Lancaster Street
Brian J. Coleman to Rehn Properties LLC for $100,000.

28 South Lancaster Street
Swatara Holdings LLC to Gabrielina Gonzales, Euris R. C. Javier for $203,000.

Millcreek Township

213 South Fort Zellers Road
Derek L. and Samantha J. Nolt to Derek L. and Samantha J. Nolt for $1.

142 West Main Street Lot 2
Joseph Lawlor to Heatherlynn M. David for $10.

Myerstown Borough

324 South College Street
Troy R. Herzer, Warren L. and Shari Weaver to Damian Fisher for $162,900.

118 West Park Avenue
Candace N. Miller to Michael J. and Marie Nuzzolillo for $292,000.

217 East Carpenter Avenue Lot 4
David P. Weidman to Charles R. and Heidi J. Kline for $170,000.

19 Bahney Avenue
Kristie M. Poiron to Tyler J. Ebling for $155,000.

222 West Bahney Avenue
Pablo J. A. Curbelo to James and Alexsandra Chobert for $275,000.

302 East Main Avenue
Robert S. and Jean Y. Green to Jean Y. Green for $1.

North Annville Township

717 West Main Street
John E. Hertzog to Jeremy K. and Kristina A. Mase for $160,000.

5700 School Creek Lane
Brent M. McFeaters to Brent M. McFeaters, Hang N. Lai for $1.

North Cornwall Township

2440 West Cumberland Street
Lebanon Enterprises LLC to 2440 West Cumberland Street LLC for $3,250,000.

1620 Chestnut Street, Etc.
Frederick E. May Estate, Douglas F. May to Michael L. Amato for $295,000.

808 Rex Avenue
Frederick E. May Estate, Douglas F. May to David Varela, Adam P. Whitmore for $174,000.

47 Oak Knoll Circle Lot 49
Evan L. and Karen E. Cooper to John McCann for $452,824.

538 Waterside Circle
Clair H. and Betsy J. Weaver to James L. and Cynthia Kilmer for $315,000.

250 Kathy Court
Kody A. Reigle to Arthur J. Arnold, Jr., Carol E. Liguori for $304,500.

525 Byler Circle Unit 31
Jessica L. Hainley to James M. and Samantha J. Matters for $255,000.

1731 Center Street
Henry J. Arnold, Jr. Estate, Sandra A. Podjed to Cole Erb, Brooklyn M. Hollinger for $175,000.

26 Oak Knoll Circle
Reid W. and Elizabeth T. Habecker to Derek B. and Mindy E. Wentling for $399,900.

WS Mill Road Lot 1
Eight E Limited Partnership to Brian R. and Mabel E. Nolt for $1,450,000.

North Lebanon Township

1910 Water Street
Donald J. and Mary E. Fisher to Bruce D. and Bret A. Fisher for $1.

19 Winchester Circle Lot 187
John D. and Tara E. Blauch, III to Tara E. Blauch for $1.

2520 Emma Road Lot 6
Enrico and Luisa Malvone to David F. Zinda for $310,000.

775 Prescott Drive Lot 19
Luis T. Morales Estate, Melissa A. Morales to Justin and Amanda Oxenreider for $331,000.

121 Ginger Court Unit 183
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Louis and Colleen Silva for $94,800.

1147 East Lehman Street
Nicholas Harchuska to Odalis B. D. J. D. Pena for $150,000.

North Londonderry Township

1110 Cambridge Court
Carol J. Schilling to Daniel and Claire E. Cleary for $250,000.

634 West Pine Street
Richard L., Laurel A., and Joshua Kulp to Richard L. Kulp for $1.

194 Spruce Court
Lisa M. Black to Matthew Keller, Heather Agentovich for $217,000.

16 Villa Lane
Meghan M. and Joshua C. Myers to Mark T. and Carole R. Watson for $331,200.

470 Sweetwater Drive Lot 120
John P. and Nadine L. Rossi to Madap Sharma, Jyoti Baral for $500,000.

624 West Pine Street Part of Lot 13 and Part of Lot 14
Estyle K. and Mildred N. Huffman to Jack T. Huffman for $1.

135 Auburn Drive Lot 186
Calvin W. and Cynthia A. Dubrock to Jared and Heather Reed for $550,000.

1505 Cambridge Court
Carol N. Ross Estate, Denise E. Ross to Vincenzo and Laureen Bonaddio for $265,000.

313 Lewis Road Lot 2
Reuben M. and Mallory A. Ziegler to Mantle Investments LLC for $525,000.

881 South Harrison Street
Devon J. Lawrence, Allura A. Alonso to Allura A. Alonso for $1.

300 West Elm Street
Brenda R. Ponich, Matthew W. and Aja Knouse to Brenda R. Ponich for $1.

38 Charlston Drive
BGRS Relocation Inc. to Lax and Tila Timsina for $500,000.

1554 South Forge Road
Eugene A. Green to Robert J. Nowland for $185,000.

1335 Cambridge Court Plot 245
Koty D. McGowan, Ashley T. Minnig to Ashley T. Minnig for $1.

Palmyra Borough

702 West Main Street
Edward D. and Kathleen B. Jocham to Eric Ziegler for $327,500.

433 West Main Street
Margaret M. Myers Estate, Mary P. Huber to Dharmendrakumar Patel for $180,000.

521 Rear North Chestnut Street Lots 63 and 64
Leonard M. and Andrea M. Redcay to Catherine Germann for $275,000.

631 West Walnut Street
Gregory W. and Sheila A. Hoover to Luke Ehler, Wanni Lin for $237,000.

108 North Railroad Street
Michael C. and Laurel J. Black to Laurel J. Black for $1.

210 South Grant Street
Laura L. Gingrich Estate, Steven D. Gingrich to Steven D. Gingrich for $1.

36, 42, and 50 North Railroad Street
JOBI LLP to MRI Properties LLC for $1,000,000.

984 East Walnut Street Lot 11
Steven V. and Gloria Mann to Enid McMillan for $311,900.

126 South Center Street Lot 80 and Part of Lot 81
Amber Weaber, Zacharry Mellinger to Amber Weaber for $1.

317 North College Street
Karen T. Pearson to Fancave LLC for $1.

108 North Railroad Street
Laurel J. Black to Laurel J. Black, Justin A. and Matthew J. Boltz for $1.

Richland Borough

123 East Main Street
Gloria L. Wise to Brent L. Martin for $195,000.

South Annville Township

NS Royal Road
Eli T. Baker to Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC for $128,900.

(UPI #29-2314014-361894-0000) Lot 67
Pine Hill Lebanon LLC, Gardel LLC to Phillip Barnett, Ana Duque for $525,755.

582 Nottingham Way
Pine Hill Lebanon LLC, Gardel LLC to Emilio F. Rios for $490,000.

145 Horseshoe Drive Lot 6
Paul H. Leeper to Anthony Troxell, Jessica A. Muldoon for $150,000.

418 Mayapple Woods Unit 65 Building 5
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Leslie S. Zackey, Jr. for $341,990.

9 Behney Drive Lot 22
Jonathan J. and Talia M. Sawich to Troy and Robin Morgan for $525,550.

710 West Main Street
Ursel Randolph Adkins Estate, Ursel R. Adkins Estate, Debra E. Mrakovich to John E. and Kimberly D. Hertzog for $300,000.

580 Mount Pleasant Road
Thomas B. Carmany to Aconite Group LLC for $950,000.

661 Mount Wilson Road
Todd M., Susan M., Harry L., and Darlene M. Fies to Luke D. and Kiersten Fies for $1.

South Lebanon Township

817 South 3rd Street
Henry J. Arnold, Jr. Estate, Sandra A. Podjed to Adam J. Knox, Alaina E. Wolfe for $148,000.

NS Lebanon Valley Parkway
Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation to GMZ LLC for $1.

26 Lebanon Valley Parkway
GMZ LLC to GMZ LLC for $1.

74 Parkside Drive
Kelly L. Snyder to Montacer Elfatihi for $247,000.

12 Southfield Road Lot 47
Crystal K. and Angela R. Neidig to Chhali M. Bhandari, Lila Bhattarai for $391,000.

217 Acorn Circle Lot 136
Teresa Davis to Lucas G. and Kori R. Gienow for $212,000.

ES Margin Road
Carl A. and Rachel H. Martin, Pilgrim Mennonite Conference to Lyndon and Sharon Risser for $270,000.

74 Parkside Drive Unit 13
Montacer Elfatihi to Montacer Elfatihi, Rajaa E. Oumami for $1.

3 Moravian Street
Roberto S. Millan to Amos L. Zook for $110,000.

224 South 6th Avenue
Kolin P. Kelly to Kelmy S. Castro for $148,000.

550 East High Street
Matthew D. Montano to Matthew R. and Mallery N. Buchmoyer for $290,000.

500 Klein Avenue
Luke Fies, Kiersten Billingham to Rulberth S. B . Arce for $285,000.

305 Acorn Circle
Milton Marinkov Estate, Aundrea Marinkov to Mohamed K. A. Elsaady, Randa Elmahrouk for $190,000.

South Londonderry Township

840 Lawn Road
William C. and Judith E. Fromm to Fromm Family Living Trust, Judith E. and William C. Fromm for $1.

101 Alpen Drive
Elisabeth I. Boyd Estate, Michelle I. T. Orsi, Pascale S. Fagerstrom to Hans J. and Jennifer Hinssen for $689,000.

364 Coachman Lane Lot 128
Dale R. and Rosemary A. Kreider to Kellie L. Kreider for $1.

51 North Village Circle Unit 129
Denny D. and Rebecca M. Dresch to Paula M. and Ricky L. Bugg, Sr. for $250,000.

79 Harvest Mill Lane
Steven and Joana Powell to Janet D. Wood for $261,107.

2261 South Forge Road Lot 1
Eric Hershberger to Jason P. Burkholder for $34,000.

268 South Village Circle Unit 187
Dennis F. Grumbine to Carly R. Grumbine for $1.

52 Carriage Road
Beverly J. Williard, Christine E. Lentz to James L. and Donna M. Rama for $345,000.

2820 Horseshoe Pike and 2822 Horseshoe Pike
HSSH LLC to Nicole M. and Francisco J. Cordero for $1.

2822 Horseshoe Pike
Francisco J. and Nicole M. Cordero to Aaron J. Ayala for $143,000.

Swatara Township

268 South Mill Street, 270 South Mill Street, 272 South Mill Street, 274 South Mill Street
Henry J. Arnold, Jr. Estate, Sandra A. Podjed to Donald J. and Sandra A. Pojed for $1.

2041 Kenbrook Road
Michael J. and Eleanor M. ODonnell to Samuel L. and Katie A. Stoltzfus for $600,000.

218 Troy Avenue
Scott F. Starleper, Pollyanna M. Nye to Andrew M. and Hunter L. Luch for $300,000.

202 Irene Drive Lot 30
Amy L. Randolph to Mark and Betsy Bartal for $277,500.

390 South Lancaster Street
Jason M. Horst to Nicholas Tribioli for $235,000.

294 Mountville Drive Lot 1
Dennis B. and Kim M. Bender to Kim M. Bender for $1.

Union Township

2845 State Route 72
William D. Orr, Jr. Estate, Glenn E. Orr to WM Orr Real Estate LLC, Orr WM Real Estate LLC for $300,000.

2900 State Route 72
John H. and Susan A. Lehman to Jeryl A. and Sharita F. Lehman for $750,000.

203 Fort Swatara Road
Andrea R. Weikel to Thomas Lazarski, Casey Dengler for $308,000.

2950 State Route 72
John H. and Susan A. Lehman to John H. and Susan A. Lehman for $1.

2090 State Route 72 Lot 2
John H. and Susan A. Lehman to John H. and Susan A. Lehman for $1.

West Cornwall Township

51 North Lebanon Street
Michael E. and Barbara J. Keller to Devin Heim, Kyle Brown for $190,000.

204 Edwards Avenue Lots 2 and 4
Donna L. Zebley to Andrew M. and Ellen R. Berfond for $279,900.

43 Locust Lane
Charles Walker to Kyle M. Ganse, Kristen N. Wraback for $270,000.

209 7th Street Lot 25
Julie A. and Christopher S. Reese to Darren Hitz for $192,500.

West Lebanon Township

305 North 24th Street
Dylan Schwartz, Kathleen C. Mandola to Frank Stevens International LLC for $1.

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