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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

564 East Maple Street
Jolynne K. Strobel to Renee L. Hunter for $145,000.

Bethel Township

109 Spruce Avenue
Andrew T. and Cathy W. Stewart to Clinton D. Bretzius, Alyssa M. Boger for $485,000.

158 Airport Road
Hector N. and Jescenia Marrero to Anthony Spangler, Erin Barton for $335,000.

124 North Mechanic Street
Clarence C. Latshaw, Jr., Joyce A. Holland to Joyce A. Holland for $1.

137 Lions Drive
Robert C. and Sharon A. Campbell to Seth W. and Molley T. Trovinger for $384,000.

124 North Mechanic Street
Joyce A. Holland to Andrea K. H. Ferdinand for $1.

171 Johnson Lane Etc. Lebanon County Etc.
Wilmer J. Weaver to Stauffer Rentals LLC for $108,780.

1344 Greble Road
Wilmer L. Lantz to Noah Baum for $215,000.

165 North Mechanic Street
Brian K. and Michelle Thierwechter to Richard A. Pomeroy III, Florence Martin for $219,000.

City of Lebanon

320 Chestnut Street
Jean L. Knott, Frederick L. Bender, Jr. to Nabil Yagoubi, Elsie Gomez for $30,000.

498 East Mifflin Street
Sotheara By, Sokly Chhov to Hector N. Marrero for $181,000.

361 North 8th Street
Stan Nolt to Reyna B. R. Perez for $140,000.

125 Guilford Street
Alicia and Stephanie Lamberson to Terrance P. Breidenstine, Jr. for $95,000.

524 Spruce Street
Flippers & Keepers LLC to Eli E. and Anna S. Blank for $271,000.

251 East Maple Street Lots 26, 27, 28, and 29
Luis Lopez to Miranda Trust Development LLC for $120,000.

816-1/2 Lehman Street
Anthony J. Stoltzfus to Janette Stauffer for $58,000.

335 North 14th Street
Sonia Martinez to Richard G. Pina Pina for $125,000.

1627 Elm Street Lot 19
David K. Drummond to Carisa A. Carpenter for $219,000.

348 North 10th Street and 933 Church Street
Camo Enterprises LLC to Keith T. Coyne for $170,000.

211 Chestnut Street
Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Samerica LLC for $62,000.

211 Chestnut Street
Lawrence J. and Lynda C. Loeper to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $46,000.

750 Lehman Street
Michael S. and Diana L. Brandt to Windy Knoll Rentals LLC for $120,000.

436 East Weidman Street
Stanley Z. Nolt to Odeliza C. Rodriguez for $93,250.

1131 Hauck Street Lot 1
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC, S. Gerald Musser Builder LLC to Lynn A. Naftzinger for $433,900.

747 Church Street
Terrance P. Breidenstine, Jr. to Maria M. V. Bautista for $135,000.

32 South 12th Street
Thomas O. Morrow to Karen L. Allen for $82,000.

1115 Walnut Street
Dennis C. and Carol J. Dieffenbach to Randel J. S. Eusebio for $125,000.

Cleona Borough

18 South Wilson Street
Mayar, Samir, and Azza Abouheif to Mayar Abouheif for $10.

114 North Center Street
Michael S. and Diana L. Brandt to JDJ Rentals LLC for $210,000.

37 Willow Avenue
Douglas A. and Lindsay Knepp to Denver Holdings LLC for $250,000.

Cornwall Borough

(UPI #12-2335755-343072-0000) Unit Number 381
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Ronald A. and Lea M. Collins for $323,610.

4 Palmer Street Lot 37
Steven M. and Charity C. Pavlesich to Logan Dierksheide for $195,000.

327 Rexmont Road
Robert A. and Gabrielle D. Kale to Gabrielle D. and Jeffrey L. Yingst, Jr. for $1.

331 Rexmont Road Lot 5
Kim C. Lu, Ryan T. ODonnell to Michael Hamara, Martha, Paulette, and Dean Cross for $265,000.

335 Rexmont Road
Michael A. Tribioli, Susan L. Craig to Susan L. Craig for $1.

204 Karinch Street
Norman E. and Else Fenn III to Daniel Finnegan, Cora Smith for $450,000.

117 Julia Lane Lot 32
Randler & Bolinder Real Estate LLC to Dallas L. Miller, Emma M. Ehrenzeller for $192,000.

108 Forge Drive
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC to Carole A. Cummings, Courtney J. Prokop for $502,061.

East Hanover Township

104-106 Racehorse Drive and 110 Racehorse Drive
Henry J. Arnold, Jr. Estate, Sandra A. Podjed to Carol Acres LLC for $280,000.

N of Mountain Road
Douglas Scipioni, Shane Hartranft to Jordan Waybright for $8,000.

Heidelberg Township

SS Wingenroth Lane
Parco Inc. to Brandon and Jacquelyn Karmilowicz for $71,000.

972 Schaeffer Road
E. Lavern and Frances M. Martin to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

1720 Heidelberg Avenue
Annabelle Seiverling, Susan K. Valerio, Brenda F. Morrow to Landmark Homes at 897 Inc. for $375,000.

1603 Stiegel Pike
Matthew S. and Sylvia L. Lapp to Wanda L. Himmelberger for $198,000.

1 Burkhardt Lane Lot A
Jarvis K. Sensenig Estate, William L. and Mary J. Sensenig to Austin and Amber Zimmerman for $535,000.

Jackson Township

12 Apple Creek Lane Lot 28
R. Sue Kosh to Robert J. and Lisa A. Simpson for $570,000.

141 Flanagan Road
Glenn R. and Lori F. Martin to Glenn R., Lori F., Wilson G., and Andrea J. Martin for $1,000,000.

494 West Lincoln Avenue
Sunny Cooper LLC to 494 West Lincoln LLC for $545,000.

116 Country Lane
Peter A. and Lisa A. Ercoli to Peter A. Ercoli for $10.

21 Norma Lane
Michal B. and Tammy Moszcienski to Kerry J. and Desiree C. Lodish, Jr. for $449,900.

33 Krall Road
Rachael and Justin Stephano to Dawson R. and Michele R. High for $475,000.

1258 Hilltop Road Lot 1
Austin J. and Amber R. Zimmerman to Michael and Karen Garman for $470,000.

Jonestown Borough

107 Twin Creeks Drive
Sardar A. Sekandari to Raghu N. Nepal, Chandra P. Kafley for $305,000.

Millcreek Township

48 East Main Street
Lamar Martin to Paul L. Mogel, Jr. for $125,000.

206 Sweetwater Lane
Kerri L. Moyer, Kyle P. Weidman to Jillian R. Palm for $315,000.

54 North Sheridan Road
Wyatt J. Witenski to Cheyenne N. and Robert L. Doughty for $137,000.

108 North Sheridan Road
Amy and Tarek Awad to Teresa M. Lathan for $148,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

308 Lafayette Avenue
Charlotte L. Boehret to Annamarie Lapp for $400,000.

Myerstown Borough

12 South Cherry Street
Jeremy M. and Tabitha L. Krick to Julia C. Lattarulo, Kenneth T. Harbester for $160,900.

206 West Main Avenue
Bruce R. and Beverly A. Hardy to Bruce R. Hardy for $1.

213 South Cherry Street
Johnnie L. and Ada I. Neidig to Donald M. and Kelli M. Martzall III for $179,900.

18 East Muth Avenue
Mary N. Murphy, Emad R. Mady to Edward R. Buros, Janet M. Rivera for $162,000.

323 South Broad Street
Vincent R. Brubaker to Jason Bender for $165,000.

500 South Railroad Street
Marian L. Berger Estate, Danielle M. Weaver to Weston K. Shirk for $107,000.

North Annville Township

7070 Bates Drive
Wayne T. Bates, Sr. to Wayne T. and Janet L. Bates, Sr. for $1.

4505 Hill Church Road
Ann K. Monteith to J. Stephen Bauman Revocable Trust, Joann S. Bauman Revocable Trust, J. Stephen and Joann S. Bauman for $700,000.

North Cornwall Township

1726 Center Street
Holly L. Kline to Holly L. and Eric D. Kline for $1.

430 Wilshire Drive
Dechone and Marcus Samuels to Corey A. Koons for $270,000.

201 Weymouth Drive Lot 1
Milan and Lisa M. Vracarich to Darren Elshennawy, Eman E. Shahat for $260,000.

1005 Glenwood Lane Lot 257
Ronald W. and Robi L. Rodrique to Farah J. and Fauzan M. Ahmed for $585,000.

North Lebanon Township

239 East Kercher Avenue
Richard Bouchette, John K. Harvey Estate to Derek R. Martin for $308,000.

805 Garden Avenue
Kenneth R. Fake to Pedro and Arelys Cintron for $215,000.

1219 East Old Cumberland Street
Pearl F. and Gary L. Thome to Dominique Damon for $120,000.

704 Wynnwood Drive
Sean Finkbiner, Katelyn Williams to Paul D. Peffley for $235,000.

285 Strack Drive Lots 6, 7, and B
Lloyd D. Halteman, Cari L. McNeal to Cari L. and Taylor McNeal, Lloyd D. Halteman for $1.

840 Skyline Drive
William E. Leiss Estate, Mary J. Leiss to Sheldon A. Moyer for $307,317.

819 North 24th Street
Ronald R. Livering to Kevin J. Livering for $1.

818 North 24th Street
Ronald R. Livering to Kevin J. Livering for $1.

1519 Sholly Avenue Lot 82
Zachary A. Krise to Matthew Nieberding, Sarah Hunt for $335,000.

725 East Kercher Avenue Lots 1 and 2
Martin Acres LLC to Leon M. and Edith S. Martin for $1.

1122 East Lehman Street
Mary Brown, Keith A. McCarthy to Whitaker Property Group LLC for $150,000.

1106 Woodlea Avenue
MCN Holdings LLC to Francis J. Sly for $329,900.

North Londonderry Township

679 Hetrick Avenue
Nathan S. and Maryn L. Forney to Stephen T. and Laurie A. Scialabba for $381,000.

13 Rye Lane
Aaron J. and Lisa A. Filter to Lisa A. Filter for $1.

1531 Cambridge Court
G & G Family Limited Partnership to Paul R. and Margaret S. Statler for $200,500.

29 Wickerberry Lane Lot 116
David W. and Jacquelyn S. Palmer, Sr. to David W. Palmer, Sr. for $1.

881 South Railroad Street
Roy O. Warlow to Travis R. and Julia R. Warlow for $218,000.

66 Shady Lane Unit 5
Phillip Barnett to Felicia L. Accorsi for $222,000.

960 East Fir Street
Nancy J. Grattan Estate, Roger P. Grattan to Roger P. Grattan for $1.

808 West Elm Street
Jeffrey D. and Helen M. Remington to Janaw Htingnan for $410,000.

Palmyra Borough

200 West Pine Street
Howard Horner, Jr., Mary L. Hoerner, Dianne L. Farst to James E. Miller for $250,000.

842 East Broad Street
Lester Longenecker, Jr. to Laurie Garman for $1.

901 East Main Street
Cedar Palmyra LLC to Palmyra MZL LLC for $1.

30, 31, and 32 North Locust Street
Frederick M. Strupp Estate, Frederick M. Strupp II to Angela R. Early for $170,000.

325 East Broad Street Lot 17
John J. Clark to Legacy Cash Offer LLC for $1.

827 East Elm Street
Gloria S. Kettering Estate, Thomas J. Kettering, Cynthia A. Frantz to Christian Kettering for $195,000.

514 West Main Street
Jeremy A. Hunsberger to Daniel R. and Julie B. Haulman for $225,000.

320 West Main Street
Michael J. and Connie L. Mrakovich to Michael J. and Nathan J. Mrakovich for $1.

418 South Railroad Street
Debra K. Boltz to Carl D. and Joan M. Boltz for $1.

Corrective Deed – (UPI #16-2292467-358727-0000)
Eric P. and Beth A. E. Hoy to Beth A. E. and Eric P. Hoy for $1.

South Annville Township

921 Forney Lane
Mark L. and Duane S. Copenhaver to Colton A. and Breanne E. Long for $200,000.

600 South White Oak Street
Edward and Wendy M. Zepeda to Hazel M. Diaz for $335,000.

423 Mayapple Drive Unit 100
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Jose G. Rivera, Jessica L. Moyer for $339,000.

South Lebanon Township

421 Meadowview Drive Lot 123
Louis F. and Jennifer S. Oliveri to Louis F. Oliveri for $1.

1559 Cambridge Drive
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Ryan T. ODonnell, Kim C. Lu for $519,000.

32 Folmer Street
David A. Kreiser to Richard A. Kreiser for $1.

1515 King Street
Samuel G. Musser to Samuel G. Musser Revocable Living Trust, Samuel G. Musser for $1.

250 South 15th Avenue
Samuel G. Musser to Samuel G. Musser Revocable Living Trust, Samuel G. Musser for $1.

810 South 14th Avenue
Samuel G. Musser to Samuel G. Musser Revocable Living Trust, Samuel G. Musser for $1.

721 Prescott Road
Eli K. and Fannie G. Smoker to Leah L. and Jonathan B. Smoker for $200,000.

389 Acorn Circle Lot 88
Erin L. and Michael A. Shaffer to Adam C. Molinaro, Courtney R. Liberatore for $220,000.

205 Adam Drive
Dash Management Group LLC to Nicholas P. and Madalynne A. Behm for $325,000.

137 Palm Lane Lot 57
Samantha A. Haak, Edgardo E. Nieves to Fernando L. B. Silva for $205,000.

South Londonderry Township

NS Timber Bridge Lane
Michelle I. T. Orsi, Pascale S. Fagerstrom, Elisabeth I. Boyd Estate to Pascale S. Fagerstrom for $1.

110 Northside Commons
Cedar Campbelltown LLC to Northside MZL LLC for $1.

229 Fox Road
Kelly and Carl Franzetti to Carl Franzetti for $0.

2400 South Forge Road
Suzanne M. Burgio to Joel L. and Kaylene B. Wise for $875,000.

7 Roseland Avenue
Caleb S. and Samantha M. Appleby to Caleb S. Applby for $1.

30 Behrens Drive Lot 1
Diego F. S. Villalba, Colleen Silva to Keegan J. and Jessalyn Franks for $400,000.

711 Center Drive Lot 33 and Part of Lot 11
James D. and Janet M. Geesaman to Lance and Barbara Milburn for $227,000.

5661 Gingrich Road
Pleasant Acres Real Estate LP to Wilmer S. and Lorraine H. Reiff for $1,427,391.

Swatara Township

212 Swatara Circle
Brittany A. Herr to Sharon L. Packer for $250,000.

430 South Lancaster Street
Terry L. Connatser to Craig Kreiser for $12,000.

570 Lickdale Road Lot 1
Mahlon K. Weaver Estate, Jesse K. Weaver to Wilmer J. and Theresa D. Weaver for $171,000.

174 Old State Road
Gerald J. and Dorothy E. Hochberg to Datra LLC for $160,000.

211 Werner Road Lot 6
Michael K. and Kelly A. Loy to Andrew D. Loy for $1.

244 Greble Road
Terry L. and Patricia A. Cave to Samuel B. and Samantha N. Reichert for $250,000.

Union Township

528 Jonestown Road
Brenda R. Hartman to Brenda R. Hartman for $1.

528 Jonestown Road
Brenda R. Hartman to Brenda R. Hartman for $1.

55 Fisher Avenue
Today Group LLC to Cameron B. Batz, Monica A. Kapp for $475,000.

194 Ridge Road
Jan M. Neidig Estate, Jan Marie Neidig Estate, Brian K. Neidig to David M. Matterness for $134,000.

ES Natures Lane
Kyle A. and Tamara J. Boltz to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for $17,414.

N of Lickdale Road
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to Kyle A. and Tamara J. Boltz for $104,559.

27 Plymouth Drive
Marcus D. Elshaug, Glanzair Properties LLC to Erick R. Quinsley for $235,000.

18 Lambs Lane
Mitchel J. and Amanda J. Carl to National Residential Nominee Services Inc. for $275,000.

18 Lambs Lane
National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Daniel B. Deatrich for $275,000.

582 Jonestown Road
Lester N. and Marlene B. Hurst to Joel P. Nieves, Ana Perez for $249,900.

West Cornwall Township

22 North Zinns Mill Road
Lori A. Gernert to Dale L. and Kelly Harnish for $203,000.

435 South Butler Road and 445 South Butler Road
Michael W. and Shannon M. Pedrick to Michael W. and Shannon M. Pedrick for $1.

709 3rd Street Etc.
Elliot V. Nagle Trust, Joan G. Nagle Trust, Emily K. Nagle to Emily K. Nagle for $1.

709 3rd Street
Green Nagle Realty Trust, Jack C. Green, Emily K. Nagle to Green Nagle Realty Trust, Jack C. Green, Emily K. Nagle for $1.

West Lebanon Township

2425 Guilford Street Lot 119 and Lot 120
Samuel L. and Angela M. Breidenstine to Patrick J. Sewell, Cheyenne B. Perigo for $78,000.

2225 Church Street
Ronald Livering to Kurtis R. Livering for $1.

2436 Guilford Street
Herman and Patricia Dundore to Spencer J. and Marissa R. Shultz for $175,000.

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