LebTown seeks common ground through our reporting, regardless of the topic. Here’s what that means for our journalism.

This editorial follows up my previous ones about LebTown’s core value, optimize for trust, and our related values, seek truth and report it and make the extra call. These editorials come as part of LebTown’s Countywide Campaign, an ambitious effort to reach 1,000 active members by the time our fifth birthday rolls around later this month.

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In my editorial explaining seek truth and report it, I discussed how LebTown aims to avoid both the view from nowhere and the trend towards polarization seen in much of the media. One of the ways we avoid the pitfalls present at either end of the objectivity spectrum is by having a clear understanding of our goal, which is to provide a common set of facts for our community.

Another tactic we use to avoid these pitfalls is actively seeking common ground throughout our reporting process. In the same vein as eschewing the trend towards polarization, LebTown journalists should search for common ground in whatever we’re exploring.

Sometimes this might be common ground between two sides of an issue; other times it might be homing into some aspect of day-to-day life that you, our readers, will understand intuitively. This value can also be embedded in our language choices and a preference for simple, accessible phrasing wherever possible.

Another way we seek common ground is by remembering to “Start with Why” and keep in mind the base themes of human experience which LebTown seeks to reflect – stories that foster a sense of place and identity by lifting up role models, highlighting those who are struggling, applauding triumphs, facing down issues.

Solutions journalism is intertwined with this concept, as it allows us to report our way towards a community-wide mutual understanding and (if we’re lucky) traction towards solving issues where they arise.

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Next week, I will continue this editorial series by talking about another of LebTown’s values: Champion local. With feedback, suggestions, or ideas, you can reach me using the contact form at the bottom of this article or by shooting an email to editor@lebtown.com.

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Davis Shaver is the publisher of LebTown. He grew up in Lebanon and currently lives outside of Hershey, PA, US.


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