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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

109 North Railroad Street
Joseph C. and Joann F. Zimmerman, Julie A. Clapsaddle to Fetterman Family Rentals LLC for $198,000.

21 West Church Street
Donna K. and David Strause to Lloyd Associates LLC for $138,000.

1050 East Main Street
Bradley A. and Hannah M. Barninger to Scott E. Davis for $310,000.

Bethel Township

2915 South Pine Grove Street
William and Debra Bering Sr. to John D. Arrowood Sr., Kimberly R. Hoke for $355,000.

WS Union Road
Larry A., Phyllis M., Trinelle H. Wyles, Michelle W. Herbert to John J. and Themla J. Halteman for $252,000.

2357 Mt. Zion Road
Joann M. Jandrositz to Joann M. Jandrositz Revocable Living Trust, Joann M. Jandrositz for $10.

241 Blue Mountain Road
Randall M. and Diana R. Fischer to Bell & Evans Realty II LLC for $2,500,000.

City of Lebanon

118 South Eighth Street
Christopher Houck to Ethan P. and Diane J. Hollingshead for $185,000.

433 Spruce Street
George Hanna to Aaron Z. Lantz for $160,000.

1113 Cumberland Street
Select Home Buyers LLC to Thalia C. T. Espinal for $180,000.

47 Walton Street
Snyder Family Trust, Lois D. Snyder to 708 Walnut Street Re 1 LLC for $82,500.

318 South 10th Street
Michael E. and Debra K. Smith to Jesse S. Zook for $86,200.

158 South Hanover Street
Michael L. Zentz to Roberto J. Valentin for $50,000.

128 South 8th Street
Matthew J. Eisenhauer, Edward T. Riley to Felipe Rodriguez for $140,000.

439 New Street
Linda J. Barker to Kevin Barker for $55,000.

436 Walnut Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to EHCompany LLC for $93,000.

436 Walnut Street
Betty L. Morgan Estate, Betty Louise Morgan Estate, Thomas E. Morgan to StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $70,000.

205 Hathaway Park
Robert E. Harnish Estate, Gary V. Nolan to Eleanor and Pierre Maeder for $335,000.

1226 Brandywine Street
Earline M. Moyer Estate, Stephen P. Moyer to Croix LLC for $85,400.

607 Guilford Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Peaceful Homes LLC for $170,000.

810 North 8th Street
Michael and Joann S. Webster to M2LC Investments LLC for $1.

330 Chestnut Street
Geraldine F. Blouch to Enrique Requena II for $74,500.

593 Guilford Street
Brandon L. Field to Roberto J. Valentin for $90,200.

541 North Tenth Street
Kyle D. Wenger to Elmer J. Smucker for $125,000.

934 Hauck Street
Michaela A. Connors, Joshua Eckert to Kelvin M. Morales for $229,900.

334 Pershing Avenue
Elsie Zimmerman to Neal J. and Lois E. Eckert for $100,000.

606 Canal Street
Kevin A. Stellar to Orlando Q. Rivera, Mileysa E. T. Rodriguez for $135,000.

117 East Weidman Street
Jeffrey M. Boyer Estate, Jeffrey Michael Boyer Estate, Gwen L. and James D. Boyer Jr. to Christinzio Real Estate Services LLC for $30,000.

121 Canal Street
Howard F. Wood to Kaleni Holding LLC, More Group Holdings LLC for $80,000.

717-719 North 9th Street
Loretta Martin, Linda and Bruce A. Lutz Sr. to R Legacy LLC, Legacy R LLC for $240,000.

127 East Spring Street and 321 East Cumberland Street
Dorcas R. Weaver to Rey and Ana Lasanta, Northeast Trucks LLC for $150,000.

Cleona Borough

21 North Lincoln Street
Dorian G. and James M. Shreve to Andrew J. Stewart for $250,000.

31 Rosemont Avenue Lots 21, 22, 23, and Part of Lots 20 and 24
Catherine L. Keller, David R. Bukowski to Catherine L. Keller for $1.

58 Morningside Avenue
Frank C. and Traci M. Auman Jr. to Mikayla Shuey for $196,200.

Cornwall Borough

107 Lackawanna Drive
Delvin and Pamela E. George Jr. to FHG92 LLC for $291,500.

1204 Ash Lane
Glenn W. Reber to Shawn T. Simpson, Lachrisha M. Diffenderfer for $338,000.

125 North Cornwall Road East
Joseph P. and Lois L. Robinson to Robinson Family Trust, Joseph P. and Lois Robinson for $1.

219 Burd Coleman Road
Carl D. and Anne S. Hoover to Hoover Family Irrevocable Trust, Carl D. and Anne S. Hoover for $1.

1273 Ash Lane Lot 264
Francis X. and Sherrie L. Ryan to Alejandro Rivera Jr., Kenneth Krukowski, JTWROS for $550,000.

East Hanover Township

10 Cramer Lane
Robert A. and Judith A. Cramer to Daniel A. Cramer for $1.

5 Bullfrog Road
Robert M. and Ashley K. Taylor to 5 Bullfrog Road LLC for $1,850,000.

1078 Gravel Hill Road
Keystone Service Systems Inc. to Keystone Service Systems Inc. for $1.

Heidelberg Township

1711 Schaeffer Road
Darren L. Zimmerman to Lavern E. and Frances M. Martin for $475,000.

144 Gravel Hill Road
Jeffrey L. Schoenberger to Linda C. Holt, Avis L. Malcom Jr. for $73,000.

1810 Prescott Road
Richard C. and Carol J. Kreider to Brian J. and Jill M. Kreider for $1.

Jackson Township

203 North Locust Street
Mel J. and Robin E. Hemperly to AJ Homegenix LLC for $115,000.

864 Tulpehocken Road
David A. Morris to Eric S. Martin for $142,000.

424 West Main Avenue
Reputable Streamline Properties LLC to Christopher A. Rank Jr. for $140,000.

872 North College Street
Patty A. and David T. Sweigert, Scott P. Mentzer to David T. Sweigert for $1.

97 Quarry Drive
Ronald A. and Karen S. Stamm to Curtis and Annagie G. Wanner for $175,000.

14 Lakeview Drive
John L. Martino, Donna L. Bixby to John L. and Steven J. Martino, Donna L. Bixby for $1.

33 Firefly Drive Lot 39
Mildred A. Weaver to Chad J. and Nicole M. Kuhne for $280,000.

1520 Prescott Road
Richard C. and Carol J. Kreider to Brian J. and Jill M. Kreider for $1.

2121 Birch Road
Richard C. and Carol J. Kreider to Jodi K. Dresch for $1.

Millcreek Township

111 Treeline Drive
Travis C. and Brittany N. Sowers to Lawernce M. and Rachelle J. Barcello for $330,000.

318 West Main Street
Hazel M. and Dale A. Bashore to SBC Properties LLC for $135,000.

7 Hogeland Road Lot 1
William C. and Daniel K. Hogeland to Daniel K. and Debra K. Hogeland for $1.

5 Hogeland Road Lot 2
William C. and Daniel K. Hogeland to William C. and Marie A. Hogeland for $1.

113 South Fort Zellers Road
Jane P. Munger to Jane P. Munger for $1.

7 Hillside Drive Lot 368
Matthew S. and Jessica L. Templin to Heather A. Davis, Christopher S. Young for $336,000.

North Cornwall Township

1831 Carlton Drive Lot A-9
Clark L. Sillik, Sharon L. Romig to John Miller for $195,000.

1519 Miller Street
Carol B. and Andrew J. Farley to Andrew M. Ebersole for $82,900.

2165 Walnut Street Lot 2165
Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $1.

129 Millview Court
Mabel H. Martin to NCG Holdings LTD for $1.

131 Millview Court
Mabel H. Martin to NCG Holdings LTD for $1.

133 Millview Court
Mabel H. Martin to NCG Holdings LTD for $1.

135 Millview Court
Mabel H. Martin to NCG Holdings LTD for $1.

213 Gardenia Lane Lot 30
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Lewis A. and Ethel M. Parks for $572,770.

705 Evergreen Road
Springwood Development Partners LP to Trail Side Homeowners Association Inc. for $1.

North Lebanon Township

1813 Woodridge Court
Gary V. and Susan E. Rusen to Rusen Family Irrevocable Trust, Gary E. and Susan E. Rusen for $1.

901 Lantern Drive
Frank and Mary A. Gallagher to Walter C. and Patricia A. Wengel Jr. for $349,000.

745 North Fourth Avenue
Michael J., Joann S., Mark D., and Michael R. Webster to M2NL Investments LLC for $1.

335 East Maple Street Lots 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10
Michael J., Joann S., Mark D., and Michael R. Webster to M2NL Investments LLC for $1.

815 North Third Avenue
Billy Shumate to Dana J. and Debra L. Stoudt for $259,900.

843 Walnut Crest Drive Lot 39
Evelyn J. Shaud to Evelyn J. Shaud for $1.

128 West Brookfield Drive Lot 165
Dustin W. Noland to Geury A. Munoz for $310,000.

1206 Horizon Boulevard
Michael C. and Lucinda D. Klahr to Nicholas A. and Miranda D. Stickler for $425,000.

1735 Kenbrook Road Lot 1
Dianne M. Arnold to Dianne M. Arnold for $1.

2024 Water Street
Jamie L. Smith to Millpond Properties LLC for $168,500.

936 Snapdragon Court Unit 34
Kenneth Krukowski, Alejandro Rivera Jr. to Francis X. and Sherrie L. Ryan for $384,900.

1840 Martin Drive Lot 20
Keith A. Roach, Jared J. Watson to Ditzler Logan Trust, Charlyne Holder for $245,000.

North Londonderry Township

856 Hoffer Road Lot 1
Garry R. Long Estate, Michelle R. Speece, Ryan C. Long to Millpond Properties LLC for $172,500.

37 Early Lane Lot 70
Michael K. Brandt, Wendy J. Cain to Erin R. Huffman for $340,000.

616 Sunset Boulevard Unit 52
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Ronak and Shivani R. Patel for $157,500.

108 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 39
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Michael E. and Kelli G. Craft Jr. for $554,800.

77 Oxford Road Lot 143
Chatham Creek LLC to Chandra L. Subedi for $647,231.

Palmyra Borough

20 Sycamore Lane
Kevin L. Biddle to Legacy Cash Offer LLC for $165,000.

156 North Harrison Street
Stephanie and OzzieJeanPierre Torres to Crestline Rentals LLC for $445,000.

97 Cortland Xing Lot 29
Jeffery and Rachel E. M. White to Amanda M. Ringenbach, Aaron T. Frishkorn for $337,500.

Richland Borough

14 Chestnut Street
Richard R. Wetzel Estate, Carol A. Sloan to Tyler P. Gruber, Tammy L. Myers for $183,150.

708 East Linden Street
Marlin M. Zimmerman to Eugene Z. and Linda R. Horst for $370,000.

South Annville Township

2339 Horseshoe Pike
Lloyd M. and Ada N. Sensenig to Orchard View Farm LLC for $1.

(UPI #29-2311601-362932-0000) Unit 64 Building #5 Mayapple Woods
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Tracy Sinopoli for $312,990.

South Lebanon Township

1446 Esther Drive Lot 29
Nicholas A. and Miranda Stickler to Brett N. Emmick for $275,000.

1926 Leslie Avenue
Joyce M. Geissinger to Christian N. and Katelyn E. Scott for $150,350.

2017 Leslie Avenue
Curtis A. Wanner to Shirley J. G. V. Gelvez for $80,000.

25 Folmer Street
Scott Davis to Nichole V. Penrow for $160,000.

(UPI #30-2342219-359477-0000) Lot 124
Strathford Meadows LLC, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Mike and Jennifer Wickenheiser for $665,243.

521 South 14th Avenue
Shirley A. and Gordon R. Hains Sr. to Samuel R. Musser Revocable Living Trust for $945,000.

20 Sunrise Drive
Richard H. Nicholas Jr. to Taylor Blankenbiller for $350,000.

620 Park Avenue
James R. Maier Estate, Kim A. Bodnar to Charles Brown for $172,000.

546 East Walnut Street
James L. and Karen L. McClearen Jr., James L. and Karen L. Mc Clearan Jr. to Luke S. McClearen, Luke S. Mc Clearen, Claire E. Long for $160,000.

40 Hickory Boulevard Lot 173
Chad J. and Nicole M. Kuhne to Nicholas M. and Erin Nowack, Cynthia A. P. Davis for $312,000.

2017 Leslie Avenue Lots 25 and 26
Shirley J. G. V. Gelvez to Shirley J. V. Gelvez for $1.

2200 South 5th Avenue
Elmer L. Lantz to Reuben L. Lantz for $100,000.

1409 Prescott Road
Richard C. and Carol Kreider to Brian J. and Jill M. Kreider for $1.

South Londonderry Township

N of S Forge Road
Edward Rehrer Estate, Loria K. Smith to Robert L. Brubaker Jr., Andrea, Nicholas R., and Hunter C. Brubaker for $40,500.

2731 Horseshoe Pike
Matthew Brian Day Estate, Carmen C. C. Martin to Soe Than for $325,000.

101 Schoolhouse Road
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to S S Fisher Real Estate LLC for $230,000.

N of S Forge Road
John L. and Doris E. Teahl to Robert L. Brubaker Jr., Andrea R., Hunter C., and Nicholas R. Brubaker for $90,000.

2789-2791 Horseshoe Pike
H. Dewey and Lisa A. Perkins to Saintelia Properties LLC for $179,000.

Swatara Township

35 Middle Avenue
Marie A. Lee to Edward P. Lee for $1.

203 East Hazel Street
William C. Schlegel, Phylis L. Ream to Joseph P. and Crystal L. Kimmel for $156,000.

399 South Lancaster Street
David G. Seitz to Cole A. Kline for $235,000.

528 Darlington Avenue Lot 16
Ryan R. and Amy E. Troup to Amy E. Troup for $1.

Union Township

10 Chapel Drive Lot 1
John E. and Edna R. Rupp Jr. to Susan T. and Brian N. Mann for $1.

109 Davids Court Lot 7
James A. and Suzanne M. Derr, Carol J. Prokop to Jarrod M. and Deborah R. Derr for $1.

West Cornwall Township

311 1st Street Lots 36 and 38 Etc.
Justin D. and Sara L. Williams to Billie and Melora Hartman for $363,000.

54 South Zinns Mill Road
Michael E. and Emily D. Perry to Jerren L. Martin for $273,000.

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